11 Bath Games and Toys For Fun And Educational Bath Time

If your little one doesn’t enjoy the bath, bath time can be challenging. Bath games and toys are a great way to make bath time a fun and positive experience. Many bath games even offer educational value – little ones can learn and have fun, all while getting clean in the tub. There is an enormous selection of bath games and toys on the market, and there are a few things to consider when selecting a toy for your child.

First of all, bath toys and games should be made of safe materials and designed for use in the bath. Ideally, they are easy to clean and offer little opportunity for mold mold and mildew. Interactive bath games offer learning opportunities and can improve children’s motor skills, language skills, counting, teach basic scientific concepts, and more. Most of all, they should be engaging and fun!

Best Bath Games And Toys

Tolo Toys Funtime Fishing
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Hoops for the Tub
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Bathtime Fun Purple Octopus Hoopla
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Boon Pipes Water Pipes Bath Toy
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Rain Cloud Tub Toy
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Ferry Boat with Mini Cars Bathtub Toy
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Musical Duck Race
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1. Tolo Toys Funtime Fishing

Tolo Toys Funtime Fishing - bath games

The Tolo Toys Funtime Fishing game helps develop dexterity and coordination while making bath time fun and easy. Kids use the reel to catch three fish with a magnetic worm. The fun fish blow bubbles and your child will enjoy reeling them in with the fishing rod. Use this game to teach children about water, challenge their motor skills and hand-eye coordination, and to develop language associated with fish, fishing, bubbles, water, and more.

2. Hoops for the Tub

ALEX Toys Rub a Dub Hoops for the Tub - bath games

Your child will love to shoot hoops and squeeze the squirters with the  ALEX Toys Rub a Dub Hoops for the Tub bath game. The basketball net attaches to any smooth surface in on the tub with suction cups. Aiming for the basket improves hand-eye coordination and learning to shoot teaches patience and perseverance. The balls are perfectly sized for little hands and it won’t take long for little ones to realize that the colorful balls also shoot water when squeezed. The balls are made of materials free of toxins and are safe for toddlers.

3. Interactive Frog Bath Toy

Interactive Frog Bath Toy for Toddlers - bath games

The Interactive Frog Bath Toy for Toddlers is a simple and fun toy that will keep your child entertained through bath time while helping to develop fine motor skills. The cool frog attaches to the tub using extra strong suction cups. Your child then used the cups to pour water over Froggy’s head. Pouring the water makes the wheels and bowtie spin and water pour out of Froggy’s mouth to engage and entertain your toddler. Froggy and accessories are made from safe materials and this toy comes with a no questions asked lifetime warranty.

4. Bathtime Fun Purple Octopus Hoopla

Nuby Bathtime Fun Bath Toys, Octopus Hoopla, Purple - bath toys

Reviewers love the Nuby Bathtime Fun Purple Octopus Hoopla because it’s fun to play with and won’t mold like some other bath games. The fun and colorful octopus floats on top of the water and little ones can toss or place the three rings over the character’s tentacles. The Purple Octopus Hoopla is BPA free and helps your child to develop hand-eye coordination.

5. Bath Letters And Numbers With Bath Toys Organizer

Bath Letters And Numbers With Bath Toys Organizer by Freddie and Sebbie - bath games

Made from safe and environmentally friendly materials, Bath Letters And Numbers With Bath Toys Organizer by Freddie and Sebbie are 100% BPA free, phthalate free, and lead free. Your child can practice spelling, the alphabet, counting, and more, all during bath time! The foam letters and numbers float in water and they are designed to be long lasting and durable. The convenient mesh storage bag attaches to the bath or shower wall with suction cups and keeps all of foam toys in one place.

6. Submarine Spray Station

Submarine Spray Station - Battery Operated Water Pump With Hand Shower And More - bath games

Bath games like the Submarine Spray Station are great for keeping your child entertained during bath time. The battery operated water circulation pumping system attaches to the tub and water is drawn through the submarine to the diver shower head. Using the flow from the shower head, children can direct the water in to the two funnels, creating a cool chain reaction and illustrating cause and effect. The shower head is great for washing, too!

7. Boon Pipes Water Pipes Bath Toy

Boon Pipes Water Pipes Bath Toy - bath games

The Boon Pipes Water Pipes Bath Toy is lots of fun for the bath. Put the five individually shaped pipes together in various configurations or use them individually. The pipes suction to the bath wall and water is poured through them. Use more than one set and your little maker can use his or her imagination for an even bigger pipe system.

8. Rain Cloud Tub Toy

Moluk Plui Rain Cloud Tub Toy - bath games

Teach scientific concepts during bath time with the Moluk Plui Rain Cloud Tub Toy. It illustrates the water cycle and allows your child to create rain and then stop it with the touch of a finger. This bath game helps develop motor skills, understanding of cause and effect, and stimulates curiosity, imagination, and the senses. Made from high quality materials, the cloud toy an be opened by parents for easy cleaning- no mold and mildew to worry about.

9. Ferry Boat with Mini Cars Bathtub Toy

Green Toys Ferry Boat with Mini Cars Bathtub Toy - bath games

Green Toys specializes in making eco-friendly toys and bath games like the Green Toys Ferry Boat with Mini Cars Bathtub Toy. Teach your children that recycling and caring about the environment is fun. BPA and phthalate free, made from 100% recycled plastic in the USA, and completely dishwasher safe, this entertaining  bath toy will keep your little one busy in the bath. The floating ferry boat has a cargo area and slide out ramp for the included cars or other bath tub toys. Great for the pool or the beach, too!

10. Musical Duck Race

Musical Duck Race with Auto Fountain, Water Pump, and 4 Racing Ducks - bath games

The Musical Duck Race with Auto Fountain, Water Pump, and 4 Racing Ducks bath toy offers lots of fun ways to play in the tub. Colorful and interactive, watch the four ducks race around the fountain as music and sound effects play. (Bonus: there is a mute button for quiet bath time.) A battery powered pump draws water up in to the fountain, creating a track for the ducks. Each duck has its own water effect. Interactive play with games like this one helps to develop motor and sensory skills as well as introduce basic scientific concepts.

11. Whale of a Time

ALEX Toys Rub a Dub Whale of a Time - math games

The ALEX Toys Rub a Dub Whale of a Time bath game includes several colorful and stackable cups, each with a different function. Scoop water and watch the cups spin, spray, or twirl. The suction cup whale attaches to the tub wall and provides a place to stack all of the pieces. Even stacking up and putting away this bath toy is fun!


Bath games make bath time both fun and educational. Share your favorite bath games with us in the comments below!


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, frielp.

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