11 of the Best Bean Bags for Play, Fun and Relaxation

Bean bags big and small can be used for all sorts of things. You can make bean bags out of cheap off cuts of fabric and fill them with rice, lentils or pasta, or you can look for some online. Either way, bean bags are super appealing to kids of all ages and a fun accessory for games and sports. Larger bean bags are just as much fun – kids can relax on a soft beanbag and read a book, do homework or play a game on their tablet. Yes, you can’t go too far wrong with a bean bag or two!

Small bean bags teach kids all kinds of useful skills. Throwing a bean bag helps with coordination, self-control, and working with others. Unlike hard catching balls, bean bags are soft and won’t hurt the other person, so kids can learn to catch without risk of injury. There are many fun games you can play with bean bags, so if you would like to add a few to your child’s toy chest, here are our recommendations.

Bean Bags for Active Kids

Weather Resistant Cornhole Bags
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Big Joe Original Bean Bag Chair
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Educational Insights Colors Bean Bags
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Shapes Bean Bags from Educational Insights
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Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Camo Chameleon Bean Bag Toss
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Educational Insights Number Bean Bags
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Fun Express Canvas Bean Bag Toss Game
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Alphabet Bean Bag Set from Educational Insights
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Free Donkey Sports Cornhole Bags – Pack of 8
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1. Weather Resistant Cornhole Bags

Weather Resistant Cornhole Bags

This set of eight cornhole bags from SC Cornhole Games are made from a weather resistant, 12 ounce durable duck canvas. The bean bags are ideal for all types of active play on any surface and are available in any color combination you like. Filled with recycled plastic pellets, so they are weather and critter resistant, the bags also come with a one year guarantee, so you have peace of mind that should anything go wrong with your bean bags, they will be replaced free of charge.


2. Big Joe Original Bean Bag Chair


Teenagers and older kids will love the Big Joe Original Bean Bag Chair. This is a super soft and comfortable beanbag chair. It is stain resistant, water resistant, and easy to clean with a damp cloth. The seams are double stitched and there are double zippers for added strength and durability. The bean bag is filled with UltimaX beans, so it molds to your shape perfectly, rather than the other way round. This is the perfect lazy chair for a gaming session or binge watching your favorite Netflix shows. The chair is available in assorted colors. 

3. Educational Insights Colors Bean Bags


This set of ten cool bean bags from Educational Insights is a great tool for teaching color recognition. There are ten colored bags in the set: red, blue, yellow, orange, green, brown, purple, black, white and gray. The bean bags are small enough for little hands and each one is embroidered with its color, which will help kids learn the color words.


4. GoSports Junior Size Cornhole Game Set


Bean bag games are tremendous fun for kids of all ages. You can set up a game in minutes, and the game accessories take up very little storage space when not in use. The cornhole game set from GoSports comes with two boards, six bean bags and a set of easy-follow-rules. Kids have to toss their bags onto the board for one point, or through the hole for three points. It’s a fun indoor or outdoor game for everyone!


5. Shapes Bean Bags from Educational Insights


What better way to teach your child the basic shapes than with a fun set of shaped bean bags? This educational set of eight shape bean bags from Educational Insights helps little ones learn basic shapes and colors. Each bean bag is a different shape and color and is also embroidered with the name of the shape word. Throw the bags and encourage your child to name the shape. The set comes with an activity guide and a handy storage bag.


6. Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Camo Chameleon Bean Bag Toss


The Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Camo Chameleon beanbag tossing game is a double sided beanbag game for kids. There are two challenging ways to play the game, so your kids can look forward to many hours of fun. The set comes with eight bean bags in a bright and cheerful design. Use the game to encourage number recognition, counting skills, and hand-eye coordination.


7. Educational Insights Number Bean Bags


If your kids are struggling to recall their numbers, here is a fun tool to teach them numbers up to 20. This set of 20 number bean bags from Educational Insights reinforces early math kinesthetically. Each bag has a number between one and 20 on the side, together with the word on the reverse. The bags are even color coded to help children recognize odd and even numbers. Use the bean bags in counting games, and to help them with simple addition and subtraction.


8. Fun Express Canvas Bean Bag Toss Game


Bean bag tossing games are perfect for parties or family fun days at home, indoors or out in the yard. This bean bag tossing game from Fun Express comes with a canvas game board with netted target holes and a nylon rope to hang it up with, plus three bean bags. You can fix the game board to a tree, a wall, or create a simple stand using PVC poles. The game is ideal for younger kids.


9. Alphabet Bean Bag Set from Educational Insights


Teaching kids the alphabet has never been so easy. The Alphabet bean bag set from Educational Insights features 26 soft, easy to catch bean bags embroidered with each letter of the alphabet. Research has proven that active play helps to reinforce the basics, so use the activity guide and start playing some fun alphabet games with your child. The bags are made from felt, soft in the hand, and fully washable.


10. Free Donkey Sports Cornhole Bags – Pack of 8

This set of eight bean bags is made from tough duck canvas and filled with 15-16 ounce whole kernel corn feed. Choose from any combination of colors.


11. Big Joe Classic Beanbag Chair

Big Joe Classic Beanbag Chair

Bean bags are just as much fun when you sit on them and a bean bag chair is perfect for kids of all ages!

When adding some bean bags to your toy cupboard, look for bags made from durable, weather resistant materials, as these will last longer.


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, whiteafrican.

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