It’s not often that you come away from an online poll, quiz or survey with a sense of awe and wonder. In fact, it’s not often that you come away from these experiences with any other sensation than relief that it’s over. Well, Typeform takes a completely fresh approach to asking questions online and puts user experience and engagement at the forefront. Optimized to look stunning on all devices (desktop and mobile), Typeform is well worth exploring as your go-to tool for polling, quizzing, surveying and engaging students, staff and parents… Or anyone, come to think of it.

Pricing: Free / Pro
Compatibility: Browser
Access: Email signup
Privacy: Customizable (privacy policy)


A Quick Look



In Practice

1. On-Device Quiz and Assessment

While Typeform is not a dedicated assessment platform, it is the perfect place to put together a short quiz, test or poll. You can style and design your questions in hundreds of innovative and fun ways as well as embed images and video to make your test informative as well as evaluative. Where Typeform really becomes powerful though is in 1:1 classrooms. Students can access questions on their own device and the responsive interface of Typeform ensures that buttons are easy to tap, fields are simple to fill and the experience is rich, gameful and engaging.

2. Connect to Google Spreadsheet

With a Typeform account you can review the results of every form you have created in the application, but you can also have Typeform pass results into a Google Spreadsheet. This can be extremely useful if you already use Google Sheets but it also offers a lot more portability in your data for printing, exporting or simply collating for later use.

3. Student led research and surveys

If you are comfortable with your students using their email to signup to Typeform, the tool can be of great value in many different areas of study. Typeform can be used for research to poll or survey opinions and feedback. While it is easy to deliver forms digitally using social media or email, one more interactive way is to take advantage of the mobile interface and have students poll attendees in person using devices at school events or in public.

4. A better contact form

Contact forms are generally a pretty bland communication channel for parents or your school community to get in touch. However, Typeform gives you the opportunity to put a little fun into function. Try linking your blog, newsletter or school site to a more engaging Typeform contact form, where you can use use logical operations to ensure you get all the information you need.

5. Digital Storytelling

This is a really neat idea form educator Anne Casey where she had her students create ‘choose your own adventure’ stories using Typeform. This works perfectly with the simple creation process as well as the ability to easily add all sorts of media and question types. An excellent exercise in both storytelling and logical thinking.


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Feature image adapted from images courtesy of www.typeform.com.

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