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Bean bag chairs need refilling from time to time, especially your kid’s favorite bean bag that’s continuously in use. Why not opt for a bean bag cover from the beginning instead of a bulky bean bag chair? It is the perfect storage solution for your child’s numerous stuffed animals or storage for blankets, clothes, or towels. Alternatively, fill it with your preferred bean bag filling as soft or supportive as you want. 

We researched and found the best bean bag covers for you, including a unicorn theme cover, an outsized bean bag cover for naps, a perfect cover for a gaming bean bag chair, lounging, or reading. 

What To Look For In Bean Bag Covers

When shopping for the best bean bag for your kid’s bedroom, nursery, playroom, or lounge, you need to consider a few details unique to bean bag covers. The great thing about the bean bag chair cover (no filler) is you can stuff it with any soft item. However, the fabric, shape, size, and a few other features will determine the best cover for your house.

Bean bag cover materials should be high quality and durable to withstand some abuse; kids throw bean bags on the floor and push or pull them to the desired spot. The fabric should also clean easily. Can you spot clean the cover? Is the bean bag cover machine-washable, or will it shrink if you tumble dry it? 

Many bean bag covers come in many color options; some may seem like risky color combinations but could be the statement you were looking for in that room. Most manufacturers state that the fabric color doesn’t fade; a faded bean bag chair cover gives the room a shabby, worn look.

Bean bag chair covers have a zipper closure that should be safe for kids. It is usually hidden under fabric to prevent injuries or scratching the floor surface. Make sure the zipper or closure stays closed; you don’t want to spill the filling on your carpet or floor.

Bean bag chairs come in different sizes to accommodate different ages. Do you want a bean bag chair cover for the entire family, a teenager’s room, or for your toddler’s bedroom? Filled, the bean bag chair for younger kids should be accessible without them needing parents’ assistance to climb on and off the bean bag chair. 

Although a round shape is the most common bean bag chair, you can also find a log, triangle, square, and sled-shaped bean bag cover. The shape depends on the purpose of the bean bag. If you want to relax and read, a log or sled shape could be a better option than a chair or traditional circular bean bag cover shape. 

Top Bean Bag Covers Only – Compared

Best Bean Bag Chair Covers Reviewed

Best Traditional Bean Bag Cover For Kids Room: Kisoy Bean Bag Chair Cover

The Kisoy Bean Bag Chair Cover is a traditional bean bag cover with the classic corduroy fabric, ideal for your kid’s room or playroom. The cozy, fade-proof, wear-resistant bean bag cover can hold up to 100L stuffed animals or other soft fillings. 

The soft premium corduroy material is soft to the touch, environmentally friendly, and skin-friendly; it is the ultimate comfort bean bag for kids. The bean bag cover will last a long time, its sturdy material and double layer can withstand kids’ usage, it is stain-resistant for accidental spillage, and the color doesn’t fade. Kids have a choice of eight color options ranging from a dark bean bag chair to a sunny yellow bean bag cover. When dirty, remove the machine washable cover and pop it into your washing machine. 

An extra-large ABS zipper with a lock ensures safety and sturdiness; easy to unzip and stuff the bean bag cover but sturdy so that it doesn’t open and spill the content while in use. The hidden zipper won’t injure your children or scratch the floor. 

A bean bag chair handle helps conveniently move the stuffed cover from one room to another; kids tend to drag or pull objects rather than pick them up. If your child’s stuffed animals are more than what’s needed for the small, corduroy bean bag chair, there is a larger size that measures 45 x 36-inches and holds 300L filling. The large size is perfect bean bag chairs for adults playing video games or watching sports.  

Best Bean Bag Cover For Oversized Bean Bag Chairs: Wudaxian Bean Bag Chair Giant Foam Cover

The Wudaxian Bean Bag – Big Sofa Chair Cover is the best-oversized bean bag cover for dorm, play, game, or living rooms. This giant bean bag chair cover is large enough to feature as a  dorm chair sofa for a college student’s dorm room, bachelor’s pad, teens bean bag chair, or any room where you have floor space and need extra storage. 

Made from premium velvet fabric, the bean bag cover is soft to the touch, machine-washable for easy cleaning, and the large size makes you want to snuggle for a relaxing experience. The cover feature three sizes, 4 feet, 5 feet, and 6 feet by 3 feet, making it perfect for using it as a sofa or chair-bed. The high-quality velvety fur fabric doesn’t irritate the skin, the color doesn’t fade, and the manufacturer claims the material doesn’t shed fur. With double-stitched seams, the bean bag cover is durable. 

The giant bean bag chair cover features an extra-long hidden zipper situated at the bottom of the bean bag chair. It won’t scratch the floor surfaces when pushed or pulled across the floor, and the long zipper makes filling the cover easier. Recommended fillings are eco-friendly 3-5 diameter EPS beans, sponge foam, or PP cotton. You can also fill the giant bean bag chair cover with stuffed animals or use it to store clothes, towels, pillows, or blankets. 

Best Bean Bag Cover Styles For Kids: Wekapo Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair Cover

The Wekapo Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair Cover is a storage solution for kids who love stuffed animals and soft toys. With a variety of styles, patterns, and colors, kids will be delighted with the bean bag cover as their favorite seat. 

The bean bag cover is 38-inches in diameter and can hold up to 100 different-sized stuffed animals. It is the perfect bean bag chair for reading or relaxing when filled. Made from 100% cotton canvas, the reinforced seams are top stitched, giving the cover a stylish look. 

A carry handle at the top of the cover effortlessly pulls the bean bag chair across the room. The 48-inch long YKK zipper with double pull head unzips easily for little hands to fill the bag cover with all their favorite plush toys. 

The comfortable bean bag chairs double as the solution for a tidy room and home for all the stuffed animals. Parents can also fill the cover with 100L beans or pillows, towels, or out-of-season clothes. The bean bag cover is an excellent gift to use as storage, a great addition for room decoration, and as a piece of furniture in your kid’s room.  

Best Bean Bag Chairs Cover For Storage: Luckboy Kids Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Cover

The sky blue and star design Luckboy Kids Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Cover is an excellent pick for kids with giant stuffed bears and toys. The cover can hold at least 30 large stuffed animals, 45 medium-sized, or 100 small plush toys. Putting toys away is easy and fun with this cover. 

When filled with toys, the 100% soft faux fur bean bag cover makes a colorful bean bag chair that is so soft to the touch you want to sleep on it. The floor pouf works well to store other household items like towels, sheets, blankets, and quilts. 

A portable, 3.5 inches handle, comfortable for adult or little hands to grab and drag, the stuffed animal storage, bean bag chair for adults or kids to the opposite side of the room. Double stitching ensures durability, preventing tearing and the double-end zipper opens on two sides for easy stuffing. The star design and blue fur colors are excellent picks for a child’s bedroom. 

Beast Bean Bag Cover For Unicorn Fans: Icosy Kids Bean Bag Chair Cover

The squared-shaped Icosy Kids Bean Bag Chair Cover, with its unicorn design, is the perfect bean bag cover for a child’s bedroom and unicorn fans. The 3D unicorn horn, ears, and cute printed face will delight any child. 

When filled with your kid’s favorite plush toys, the cover forms a square-shaped bean bag chair, the perfect size for your child. The 24 x 24 x 19.6 inches cover can store more than 90 stuffed animals or other soft items. 

Made from a soft, thick fleece, the bean bag cover is smooth against your child’s skin, is stretchy to accommodate all the stuffed toys, and is high-quality for durability. The breathable soft micro-fiber cover features a hidden zipper closure concealed with a layer of cloth and a durable handle for dragging the bean bag chair.  

Best Sled Shaped Bean Bag Cover For Christmas Theme: Nobildonna Christmas Bean Bag Chair Cover

The Christmas-themed Nobildonna Christmas Bean Bag Chair Cover is the perfect bean bag cover for the holiday season. There are eight other print colors and designs for those who like the sled shape for the rest of the year, including pebbles, stars, rainbows, and geometric lines.

Kids, teens, and adults relax on this interesting shaped bean bag cover, and 50 inches in length makes it the ideal bean bag chair for a nap for younger ones. The Nobildonna stuffed cover shape creates a back and headrest for comfort when reading, watching movies, or playing games. With 50 x 35 x 35 inches in dimensions, the bean bag cover holds over 110 toys (or 250 L memory foam or beans) and filled transforms into sturdy but soft seating.  

Decorative and fun, the bean bag cover is the perfect storage solution to declutter a room or for kids to relax. It is an ideal gift for all family members, and the durable soft canvas fabric with reinforced seams, carry handle, and the hidden zipper will last for a couple of Christmas and holiday seasons.  

Best Bean Bag Cover For Log Shape: Yogibo Max Replacement Bean Bag Cover

The unique log-shaped Yogibo  Max Replacement Bean Bag Cover features a variety of colors for different tastes, decors, and rooms in the house. The assortment of color options includes pastels, bright colors, and bright rainbow colors. 

The Yogibo brand has manufactured creative bean bags and comfy furniture since 2009; these log-shape bean bag covers are no exception to the creativity shown by this company. Specially designed for the Yogibo Max bean bag, the covers feature a fun color selection to brighten any room. Those who enjoy variety can now have different covers for the same bean bag furniture. 

The fabric is machine washable made from cotton, spandex, and poly blend; the cover features a zipper for easy removal and replacement. The replacement cover is excellent for a Yogibo Max kid-sized bean bag chair or adult bean bag chair.

Great For Refilling Your Bean Bag: Big Joe Bean Refill 100L 2 Pack

The Big Joe Bean Refill features two 100L packs of polystyrene beans for refilling the bean bag chair cover. The bean bag insert filling works well for refilling your old one and making it as new as the day you bought the bean bag. Polystyrene beans are an excellent alternative if you don’t want to use stuffed animals, towels, or clothes for filling the bean bag chair cover.   

These high-quality bean bag beans are also used for packing materials, arts and crafts, and gifts you want to protect from damage and breakage before reaching their destination. 

Which of these bean bag covers will decorate your child’s bedroom and be the new home for their plush toys? 

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