9 of the Best Cooking Games for Kids

Games are an integral part of childhood. From traditional board games to smartphone apps, if your kids are bored, always explore the latest games, as there is sure to be something that appeals. But with so many fun cooking games to choose from, it can be a tough call.

Many kids enjoy baking and playing with food. Toddlers love to play with pretend kitchens and food-themed toys; older children enjoy baking cakes and biscuits. If your kids like cooking and playing games, it is easy to combine the two with cooking games.

Cooking games come in all shapes and sizes. You can download cooking games for smartphones and tablets, or check out the latest video games for games consoles. There are also many other very cool games with a cookery theme if you are in love with traditional games for children.

We think cooking games are a fun twist on a much-loved theme, so here are nine of the best for kids of all ages.

9 Fun Cooking Games Your Kids Will Love

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1. Barbecue Party Game

Barbecue Party Game

The Barbecue Party Game from Goliath Games is a super fun game for kids aged four and above. The premise of the game is simple: you have to place as much food on the BBQ grill as you can – before it flies off again! The BBQ grill is very ticklish, so it has a habit of jumping and knocking the food off. Kids draw cards to find out what food items they have to place on the grill. The first player to get three food items on the grill wins.


2. Cookin’ Cookies Card Game

Cookin’ Cookies Card Game

Card games have kept kids entertained for decades and the Cookin’ Cookies card game is no exception. The aim of the game is to create the perfect cookie. Kids use smackin’ spoons to collect ingredients and prepare a winning cookie. The game includes ingredient cards, recipe cards, and instructions on how to play. Kids aged 4 years and above will love to play this cooking game, but be careful not to pick up a rotten egg!


3. Cooking Mama – Nintendo DS

Cooking Mama – Nintendo DS

The Cooking Mama game for Nintendo DS is tremendous fun for kids who want to learn how to cook. Children can create up to 79 real food dishes or play around with different recipes to prepare meals that are more advanced. The Nintendo’s stylus becomes a handy kitchen tool for slicing, chopping, mashing, grating and anything else required. Kids can even cool down a hot dish by blowing into the DS microphone. The Cooking Mama game is suitable for up to four players.


4. Wooden Magnetic Fishing and Cooking Game by Pericross

Wooden Magnetic Fishing and Cooking Game by Pericross

This wooden magnetic fishing and cooking game is a creative way to teach toddlers hand-eye coordination skills and fine motor development. The game is made from wood. None of the pieces is small enough to be a choking hazard to babies and young children. Children can catch fish, chop them up and practice baking their food. The playset contains seven wooden fish, a fishing pole and some simple kitchen equipment. It is a little bit different, so if you love traditional toys with a cooking theme, this one is for you.


5. Dora the Explorer: Dora’s Cooking Club for Nintendo DS

Dora the Explorer Cooking Club for Nintendo DS

Dora the Explorer is a much loved children’s character, so if your kids are Dora the Explorer fans, they will adore the cooking themed Dora’s Cooking Club for Nintendo DS. Like many other cooking games for Nintendo DS, Dora’s Cooking Club is ideal for pre-school girls and boys. Children can pretend to prepare their favorite meals, including pizza, fruit fiestas and enchiladas. The game teaches math, shapes, patterns, counting and measurement skills. Parents can use Dora’s Cooking Club to monitor their child’s progress in these key areas.


6. Little Big World Children’s Food Play Set Cooking Game

Little Big World Children’s Food Play Set Cooking Game

The Little Big World Children’s Food Play Set is one of several cooking games designed to teach children the benefits of eating a healthy diet. The set contains more than 45 pieces of pretend play food, so children can have fun with imaginary play scenarios, including shopping for food at the market, planning meals in the kitchen, and cooking tasty dishes. The set includes a grocery basket, fruit and vegetables, food boxes and cans.


7. Handstand Kids Chinese Cooking Kit

Handstand Kids Chinese Cooking Kit

Do your kids love to eat Chinese food? If so, this kit is the perfect addition to your kitchen or classroom. The Handstand Kids Chinese Cooking Kit teaches kids how to prepare delicious Chinese recipes. The recipes are graded according to difficulty and the instructions are translated into Mandarin phonetics, so your child can learn how to speak Mandarin Chinese as well as pick up useful cooking skills. The kit is suitable for kids aged 4 to 12, but adult supervision is required.


8. Memory Challenge Game: Cooking Edition

Memory Challenge Game - Cooking Edition

The Memory Challenge Game: Cooking Edition is perfect if you are looking for cooking games where adults and kids can play. The game includes 96 meal cards. There are also 12 ‘Now You’re Cooking’ directive cards and 6 double-sided dinner plate cards to add an additional strategy element. The aim of the game is to match your favorite foods, but you have to remember where you saw them! Younger kids will learn how to name foods along the way.


9. Family Dinner Set by Little Treasures

Family Dinner Set by Little Treasures

If you are looking for educational toddler-friendly cooking games, this one is hard to beat. The Little Treasures Family Dinner Set is an educational game for toddlers and preschoolers. Kids can cook a meal and learn new words at the same time thanks to handy vocabulary flash cards, balls with painted letters and a cooking pot with spoons. The Family Dinner set is a great way to encourage imaginative play whilst building your child’s vocabulary. The set is made from top quality materials; it should provide many years of happy playtime.


Educational toys do not have to be boring, so get cooking today!


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