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The best cribs for newborns and babies are the ones that fit comfortably into the parents’ lifestyle…and looks good in the nursery. Buying a baby crib is an unforgettable experience that many parents remember for a lifetime. It should be a fun, enjoyable occasion. With all the varieties and options available, selecting the right one from all the cribs may be a daunting experience.

We have put together a list of the best cribs to help parents select the perfect crib for their little one. 

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Best Cribs for Toddlers and Babies

The Stockcraft Tuscany 4-in-1 Convertible Crib is overall one of the best convertible baby cribs. The crib is designed to last for years, from the newborn sleeping in the nursery to your teen’s bedroom. It is made from solid wood and wood products that are sturdy and durable. The convertible baby crib converts effortlessly to keep up with the growing child. It transforms along with your child from the crib, toddler bed, daybed, and finally to a full-sized bed for your teenager.

With three mattress adjustment levels, the crib grows with the baby. Set the best toddler mattress height as the baby grows with the highest height for the newborn and slowly moving the mattress to a lower position. When your child is taller than 35 inches, the baby crib converts to a toddler bed. With the mattress at the lowest position, your toddler should be able to climb in and out of bed with ease. A toddler rail may prevent your toddler from falling out of bed.  Safety guardrails are sold separately for the toddler bed.

When your child outgrows the toddler stage but isn’t ready for a real bed, convert the toddler bed to a daybed by adjusting the mattress height. Remove the remaining side panel to convert the daybed to a full-size bed with a headboard and footboard for your teenager’s bedroom. The mattress and full-sized metal bed frame are sold separately.

The magical sleigh design comes in three color options, espresso, grey, and white to blend with the nursery décor. Stockcraft is the longest standing name in baby furniture with over 75 years of experience. The company manufactures products from furnishing the nursery to accommodating the tastes of 16 years old teenagers. The Stockcraft 4-in-1 convertible crib won the 2020 Women’s Choice Award and ticks all the boxes parents need in convertible cribs.

The Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible crib is one of the best baby cribs for petite parents or teenage babysitters who need to reach over the safety rail. You don’t have to be short to enjoy the convenience of the low-profile design, making it easy to reach the baby. It is a safer feature than drop rails.

Most baby cribs have an adjustable mattress; the Babyletto Hudson crib mattress has four adjustable positions. As the baby grows starts to sit up and stand against the crib, the mattress settings adapt accordingly. By the time the baby stands, the mattress height will be at the lowest level. The mattress isn’t included, but parents don’t have to purchase a brand-specific mattress. The dimensions of the baby crib are 53.5 x 29.7 x 35 inches, which supports any universal mattress fit. The crib supports kids up to 35 pounds in weight.

When your baby is 35 inches tall or starts to climb, it is time to utilize the convertible baby crib features. The 3-in-1 convertible crib has three stages, the toddler bed, daybed, and the baby crib—which is the first stage. The toddler bed conversion kit is sold with the convertible cribs for easy conversion to the toddler bed and daybed. Another great feature is that the conversion rails are included in the purchase.

The hidden hardware construction hides all visible screws on the exterior of the baby cribs, making it one of the best modern looking baby cribs. It gives the cribs a polished, sleek design that contemporary parents may appreciate. Eco-conscious, the baby cribs are designed from solid New Zealand pine wood, one of the best renewable and renewable woods available.

The crib is Greenguard Gold certified and was screened for over 10,000 chemicals and VOCs to meet U.L. safety standards. It exceeds U.S. CPSC and ASTM International safety standards. Hiding the screws in the design adds to the crib’s safety features, avoiding rough edges that may harm the little one.

The Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper Foldable Crib is the best crib for babies if you don’t want to get up at night, but don’t want your newborn baby to sleep in your bed either. Two fastening straps attach the crib effortlessly to your bed. Seven different height positions give you the option to adjust the baby crib to be at the same level as your bed. The height adjustments correlate with parents’ beds from 18-26 inches in height.

With the baby bassinet attached to your bed, you can feed or change the baby without getting out of bed, especially on a cold, winter’s night. Parents may sleep more relaxed, knowing that they will hear if the baby wakes up during the night and needs assistance. You may also sleep longer because you only need to lower the closest sidewall of the bassinet to tend to your little one, and then both you and your newborn can go back to sleep.   

The baby crib has a stable sleeping board supporting a comfortable mattress. The crib is suitable for newborns and babies up to five months old or a weight limit of 33 pounds. When your baby can pull themselves up into an upright position, it is another sign that it is time to transfer your little one to a baby cot or convertible crib.

No tools needed to set up the baby bedside sleeper. Built-in wheels and brakes move the baby crib anywhere in the home without damaging floors. When you want to sleep, simply move the bedside sleeper next to your bed, attaching it to your bed. The two-side breathable mesh ensures maximum breathability for your baby; it also allows parents to check on the baby through the mesh to make sure their precious baby is sleeping soundly. Conveniently store baby gear and essentials in the two side pockets attached to the crib.

If you’re looking for a baby crib that is spacious with a small footprint, the Dream On Me Aden 4-in-1 Convertible Mini Crib is one of the best cribs for babies. It is one of the best baby cribs for smaller nurseries or tight spaces. The convertible baby crib is manufactured from New Zealand pine wood to last for many years.  The sturdy spade feet take up less space, blends in with the décor, and supports the solid wood frame.

The minimalist design may complement any nursery theme. With a choice of seven colors, parents should find the right tone that may fit in with the nursery décor. The convertible crib has a matching changing table and dresser, which is sold separately to enhance the nursery interior decoration further.

Parents have the option to purchase the baby crib with or without the adjustable mattress. The Aden convertible crib measures 39 x 28 x 37 inches. The Dream On Me mattress is the best fit for the baby crib and is a non-toxic, Greenguard certified mini crib mattress.   

The 4-in-1 convertible crib transforms from a cot for your babies to a toddler daybed and a twin-size bed. The twin-size bed has a headboard and comes with or without the footboard. (The twin bed frame and twin mattress are sold separately). The adjustable mattress in the crib adjusts to four adjustable positions. The highest or middle mattress settings may be perfect for your newborn baby, and the two lower settings as your child grows. When your toddler is ready to introduce a toddler bed/ daybed, your child may feel safer with the familiar side rails.  When your child has grown and is ready, you can convert them to a full-sized bed.

A stationary, non-drop New Zealand pine side rail ensures the safety of your baby. The baby crib is low to the ground so that parents can quickly reach their baby over the safety side rail. The Aden 4-in-1 is JPMA certified exceeding all safety standards set by ASTM and CPSC. Your baby’s safety is essential to the manufacturer. Third-party labs test their products for toxic elements, like lead, ensuring the baby cribs meet or exceed the ASTM and CPSC safety standards.

The Delta Children Mini Baby Crib would be the best foldable and mobile cot for compact storage if you were looking for a portable baby crib. Young parents who may have limited living space or a small nursery may need a baby crib convenient to carry and store in small areas. The mobile wheels help steer the crib to where the parent is so that they can keep an eye on the sleeping baby while doing chores.   

Delta Children claim that one out of two children sleeps in their products. For more than 50 years, their goal is to make sure that their products make moms and dads’ lives easier. The casters on the portable mini crib are one example of achieving their goal. Casters improve the mobility of the baby crib to push it against a wall or transport to another room in the home.  The cradle comes with an adjustable mattress. When you want to store the crib, the crib mattress folds with the baby crib—no need to find extra storage space for the mattress.  

Two adjustable mattress height settings ensure that you may lower the mattress settings to accommodate a standing baby. You want to make sure the crib mattress is at the top position to conveniently picking up the newborn without needing to bend over the crib rails.  

Made from sustainable New Zealand pine wood, the crib is designed to last for years. All the products manufactured by the company are focused on consumer product safety. The products are non-toxic and are tested above and beyond safety standards set by CPSC and ASTM. The baby cribs are also JPMA certified.

The versatility, variety in colors, and durability make the Dream On Me Synergy 5-in-1 convertible crib one of the best baby cribs that could last for a lifetime. With 13 attractive finishes, parents may find the right crib for their baby’s nursery from emerald green to mermaids to a minimalist modern nursery theme. Lavender ice, cherry wood, cool grey, and aqua sky are some of the delightful color options for your little one.

Constructed from solid reclaimed New Zealand pinewood, the cribs are made to last for many years. The classic design blends in with the nursery, the toddler’s room, and in the funky teen’s bedroom. The baby crib effortlessly converts to a toddler bed, day bed, and full-size bed. The full-size bed comes with or without a footboard.

The standard crib supports four adjustable mattress heights coinciding with the growth of your infant from newborn to an active kid, ready to climb out of the cot. If you want to make sure your energetic baby doesn’t climb out unsupervised, place the adjustable matters on the lowest setting.  

Keep in mind that the toddler guardrail for the toddler bed, stabilizer, and full-size bed rail is sold separately. The settings of the mattress heights on the toddler bed and daybed adjust to the right height for your child. Parents may remove the toddler rail when your child transitions to the day bed.

The Lotus Travel Crib is one of the best cribs for parents who travel a lot. Whether flying by air, going on a road trip, or visiting a friend’s house, the Lotus baby crib is the best solution. It takes 15 seconds to set up. Before your baby falls asleep, their crib will be ready for them. The travel crib weighs only 12 pounds, which makes it very lightweight to carry, ideal for traveling purposes.

You don’t have to wait for an overnight trip or holiday to enjoy the conveniences of the easy to assemble Lotus travel crib. The superfast setup and portability give moms and dads more freedom and flexibility. With kids in different age groups, it’s often difficult to accommodate everyone. Now you can take the six-years-old to the playground despite it almost being naptime for the newborn. The backpack carrying case is lightweight and compact to carry. It is also airport friendly.

The travel crib is safe for infants and toddlers from birth to three years old. The comfortable, padded mattress is approved for overnight sleep. When you’ve nursed the baby to sleep, zip up the lockable access door to keep the baby safe and secure. If you have a baby that needs regular soothing, then this zip upside is one of the best features any parent would like. The full height mesh panels ensure maximum breathability and airflow for the baby.

The Lotus Travel Crib is safe to use and fulfilled all safety standards. It is non-toxic, GreenGuard Gold certified, and the product safety tests included low VOC, lead-free, phthalates-free, and no heavy metals.

The Lotus travel crib is spacious enough for some playtime after a nap with dimensions 45 x 32 x 25 inches fitting a mattress of 42 x 24 inches. Although it takes a bit of know-how to fold the travel crib, the fact that it folds so small that it fits in a backpack makes it the best baby crib for flying or traveling with limited luggage space. The conversion kit for changing the travel crib into a bassinet is sold separately.

The Jenny Lind 3-in-1 Convertible Crib is one of the best convertible cribs to pick if your nursery has a vintage theme. Parents who love color and are designing a colorful nursery may also prefer the Jenny Lind crib to other options.

DaVinci is one of the brands that offer products that are Greenguard Gold certified. The baby crib and other baby products are tested for over 10,000 chemicals to comply with safety standards. It exceeds the safety standards of ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) International and U.S. CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission). The baby cribs are lead-free, phthalate safe, and finished in the non-toxic multi-step painting process. Their purpose is to design safe baby cribs that create a healthy environment with improved indoor air quality for babies to sleep well.

The convertible cribs are manufactured from New Zealand pine wood for sustainability and durability. It is designed to withstand the movements of the most active babies. With four adjustable mattress heights, your baby is safe in the baby crib at every growth stage. Parents may adjust the mattress positions from the first setting for newborns to the lower mattress heights for older babies. The standard crib size supports other mattresses, but the best fit is the DaVinci Greenguard Gold certified, waterproof mattresses. Rolling wheels make the crib portable to move to any room in the house.

Buying Guide

Types of Cribs and Baby Beds

Most infant beds are one of five types of cribs.


A bassinet is generally smaller than a crib and is a more compact structure. Due to the smaller dimensions and the storage features, bassinets work well in small homes and apartments. It generally folds or has wheels for effortlessly moving it from one area in the apartment to another. The foldability feature helps for compact storage.


A crib is a permanent furniture piece for the nursery. The crib is a sturdy, stable baby bed that is set up in the nursery or the parent’s bedroom. It is larger than a bassinet and can support the age range from birth to five years.

Some cribs offer more than a standard crib. These multifunctional cribs may form part of a complete baby station that includes a changing area, drawers, and other nursery furniture.

Travel Cribs

Travel cribs are lighter in weight than standard cribs and are designed for traveling purposes. These cribs are highly portable and fold into carrying bags for transport. Adults who travel often would benefit from purchasing a travel crib as the second crib for their babies. If grandma isn’t around the corner but a day trip or plane ride away, a travel crib is the best solution.

Portable Cribs

A portable crib isn’t necessarily designed for travel; the two features aren’t the same, although they overlap. A portable crib becomes handy for an overnight sleepover at grandma down the road, a visit to a friend, or an informal social gathering. Young parents’ social life may not be hindered; the portable feature allows for setting up a napping or sleeping area for your child anywhere.

Convertible Cribs

Convertible cribs can convert into a toddler bed and a full-sized bed for older kids. These cribs are great for the budget because you don’t have to buy a toddler bed, daybed, or kids bed for your teenager. Keep in mind, the conversion kit, frames, and rails may be sold separately.

Features to Look for In Baby Cribs

Even a standard crib has features that could make a parent’s life so much easier. Some parents only need the basics, a mini crib for their newborn. Other parents prefer something more elaborate where the crib options include a toddler bed and a full-sized bed that may last until the child’s teenage years.

Adjustable Mattress Heights

A crib with mattress height adjustment levels ensures a comfortable experience for the parents. Parents with safety concerns can adjust the mattress heights in the crib, on toddler beds, and the daybeds.

Most baby cribs have settings for adjustable mattress heights that vary from two to four heights. Adjusting the settings to the top level, helps parents reach their newborn without needing to bend over the rail. Their little one is within reach. The mattress at the lowest-level position may prevent kids from climbing out of the crib when they are strong enough to pull themselves up against the rail.

Adjusting the mattress heights serves a similar purpose when converting the crib to a toddler bed and day bed. Initially, the mattress is set low for the toddler to climb in and out of bed without adult help. A toddler rail may also assist a toddler from not falling off the bed while sleeping, especially at the beginning of the transition phase. The kid bed rails may also help babies to feel safe, and the familiarity of rails resembling the cot could comfort anxious kids.

Convertible Baby Cribs

A convertible baby crib converts to a toddler bed, daybed, and a full-sized bed for older children. You may also find a convertible crib that converts to a toddler bed and to a twin-bed, which uses a narrower mattress than the full-sized bed.

The crib is designed with durable materials to last for years, from the newborn to the almost adult stage.

Most cribs include a toddler conversion kit, and you cannot put together the crib or convert it without a conversion kit. Some manufacturers, however, sell the conversion kits separately.

Easy to Assembly

A baby crib should be easy to assemble. Most cribs are designed in such a way that anyone should be able to assemble the crib. It shouldn’t be too heavy or tiresome for a pregnant woman to assemble the crib comfortably.

Manufacturers include assembly instructions for the crib-setup. If putting the crib together sounds daunting, then make sure the instructions give step-by-step guidance.

Some manufacturers don’t label the individual pieces. Having to label each piece before assembling the crib could be frustrating, even for the experts. It also takes much longer to put the crib together. Then the crib is no longer easy to assemble but a time-consuming chore.

How long does it take to assemble a crib? Assembling a crib may take a few seconds to a couple of hours, depending on the type of crib.

Safety Standards and Safety Tips

A parent would like to know what dangers they should avoid so that their newborns are safe.

Remove Choking Hazards

Loose items in the crib may cause suffocation, strangulation hazards, or choking hazards. A crib sheet and blanket should be fitted. Do not use loose sheets, blankets, and pillows in the crib; always use fitted sheets. Soft toys may be cute, but toys and other baby accessories lying loose in the cradle could be unsafe.

If you need certain baby essentials in arm’s reach, look for a crib with side pockets or other storage features. A changing table typically has drawers for storing necessary things.

Best Sleeping Position

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, babies should sleep on their backs to reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). In the U.S., the highest cause of death in infants is SIDS, the first six months being the highest risk period.

Sleep positioners that keep the baby in a sleep position may be a suffocation hazard. A baby sleeping on their side or stomach doesn’t have the same breathing free flow than when lying on their back.

Placing your precious baby on their back on a firm crib mattress covered with a fitted sheet may be the safest position and bedding for your child.

Avoid Unsafe Spaces

Most brands have their recommended crib mattress that fits the dimensions of the crib interior. Before you decide to save money and buy a crib mattress at a low price, check if it fits snugly in the crib. Gaps between the mattress sides and crib may cause legs, arms, fingers, and even their head to get stuck.

Some brands, however, do have standard crib sizes that fit universal mattresses.

Make sure the crib slats aren’t too wide apart either that it may also allow kids to push their arms or heads through and then become stuck. Drop sides may even cause suffocation or infants to be stuck. The CPSC banned a crib with drop sides in 2010.

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