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Have you tried diamond painting as a hobby? Diamond painting is one of the most relaxing, stress-relieving, enjoyable hobbies for adults and kids. Without any artistic skills, you can diamond paint the most amazing pictures. We’ve created a list of the best diamond art kits to start you on your unforgettable journey. We’ve included beautiful diamond kits for experienced diamond painters and novices.

What You Should Look For When Purchasing the Best Diamond Painting Kits

When selecting the best diamond painting kit for your child, there are a few features to consider. The right type of painting kit will depend on your child’s creative skills, patience, and level of detail. These characteristics should help you select the diamond art kit that will inspire and entertain your child. 

The diamond painter should be excited about the image; you will spend hours working on it. It may be the most beautiful image, but if it doesn’t appeal to the child, the motivation to complete the picture with care is lacking; they may lose interest halfway through the project. 

Choose a diamond painting canvas with a straightforward image for a beginner that’s enough of a challenge without being too complicated. 

The larger the canvas size, the more space is available for an intricate and detailed design for diamond painting. Smaller canvasses have less complicated images. Smaller image sizes complete faster than larger images.

With a full-drill diamond painting, the entire canvas is the picture and is entirely covered in diamonds. In contrast, a partial drill canvas has patches of colors and areas covered in diamonds. The full-drill design requires more effort and takes longer to complete than a diamond painting canvas with areas covered in color paint. 

Square and round are the two types of diamonds used in diamond paintings. Round diamonds work easier and faster, which is perfect for beginners; the bit of space is smaller than with square diamonds. Square Drill Diamond Kits are the most popular type of diamond; although more challenging to work, each space on the canvas is covered. 

The difference between 3D and 5D diamonds is the number of sides on the diamonds. 5D diamonds have more facets that provide more sparkle, shining brighter from a greater distance than 3D diamonds. Some people prefer the more pixelated effect of the 3D diamonds, while others mix the two on a diamond painting canvas for a more textured effect. 

Budget-friendly diamond painting kits are great for beginners, and you don’t want to spend money on a craft toy that won’t interest your child. You pay less for a cheap kit, but you can expect premium quality in the more expensive premium kits’ diamonds, canvas, and tools. Premium kits contain better gems, more detailed image designs, and the premium quality canvases don’t crease or fold so easily. 

Best Diamond Art Kits Compared

Topwoozu 5D DIY Diamond Painting Kits For Adults
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DIY 5D Diamond Painting Beach By Number Kits
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Airdea DIY 5D Diamond Painting Beach By Number Kits For Adults
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Adarl 5D DIY Diamond Painting Full Drill
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Senhai 75 Pcs 5D Diamonds Painting Tools, Accessories Kits
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HaiMay 4 Pack DIY 5D Diamond Painting Kits Full Drill
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Best Diamond Art Kits Reviewed

Best Overall Diamond Painting Kits For Adults: Topwoozu 5D DIY Diamond Painting Kits For Adults

 The Topwoozu 5D DIY Diamond Painting Kit is our editor’s choice for the overall best diamond art kits for adults and children. The diamond artwork is an excellent creative outlet and a way to improve your skill level. 

With 30% additional diamonds, you won’t run out of diamond beads before you’ve completed the art project, and you have extra diamonds for your next DIY diamond cross stitch project. A plastic covering ensures the diamond painting canvas stays clean, and nothing sticks to it that shouldn’t. Remove the plastic covering from the section you want to work on and keep the rest covered to protect the sticky background. 

The waterproof canvas is made from eco-friendly material with even-textured clear-printing oil, is soft to the touch, and doesn’t easily fold. The quality HD canvas ensures a beautiful result with vibrant colors that won’t fade. The diamond painting kit features 17 sections with high-quality diamond painting beads giving a three-dimensional finished artwork. 

The Dandelions piece of art is suitable for beginners to advanced diamond painters. This favorite craft project will help you relax, reduce stress, improve self-confidence and strengthen fine motor skills while creating beautiful art. The dandelions canvas size is 11.8 x 11.8 inches, perfect to frame as hanging wall decor. The package includes the HD oil painting canvas, colorful round diamonds, a point diamond pen, and a cube diamond tray; everything you need to paint with diamonds. 

Best DIY Diamond Art Tool Kit For Artistic Projects: Suptikes 22 Pieces 5D Diamonds Painting Tools

 The Suptikes 22 Pieces 5D Diamonds Painting Tool Kit is one of the best custom diamond painting tool kits for this wonderful craft hobby to relieve stress, have fun, and relax. The diamond art kit is the ideal kit for unique DIY painting artwork; it gives you the flexibility to create a custom design or purchase a canvas with an image.

The selection of diamond painting tools includes a transparent tool bag for keeping all the tools together and compact storage. A 28 grid storage box snaps tightly for safe storage without mixing the diamond beads. Each of the seven rows contains four smaller boxes for storing square or round diamonds. Each mini case has an individual lid that snaps shut, keeping diamond colors separate and safe. You don’t have to place the entire box within reach, only the row of mini-cases holding the diamonds you want to use.

With 40 label stickers, you have more than enough white labels to number and color code the mini cases in the storage box. By sorting the round and square diamonds in separately labeled mini-cases, you keep the diamonds organized and easily identifiable.

The three diamond trays make it easier to select diamonds. Pour the diamonds in the grooved trays and gently shake to align them in rows for easy picking. The separate lids allow you to pour diamonds from one mini case at a time.

The diamond painting tool kit has four different-sized diamond sticky pens. Four different diamond pens give painters the flexibility to diamond painting from the most delicate details to large one-color areas. The ordinary diamond pen sticks only one diamond drill, ideal for small with multi-colored detail. The 3-piece diamond sticky pen is suitable for intermediate areas, and the 6-piece and 9-piece diamond sticky pen are time savers for more extensive areas requiring the same colored diamond. The ability to pick up 6 or 9 diamonds prevents boredom from monotonous work and the challenge of picking the right tools each time.

Also included in the diamond painting tool kit are a tweezer, ten glue squares, and the diamond painting roller. The diamond painting roller is one of the best tools to ensure your art has a smooth finish and diamonds stick to the canvas. The specially designed rolling wheel surface material helps diamonds stick more securely to the canvas preventing them from falling off. Roll the lightweight roller over the diamond painting surface to press the diamonds firmer into the canvas. The roller ensures durability without affecting the sparkle effect of the diamonds. The kit comes with a money-back guarantee.

Best Diamond Painting Kits For Beginners: DIY 5D Diamond Painting Beach By Number Kits

Creating art with the DIY 5D Diamond Painting Beach By Number Kit is fun and a great way to experience diamond art. The full-drill canvas measures 15.7 x 11.8 inches, and the beautiful beach image is just what you need to relax and destress after a workweek.

Hang the completed diamond painting in your bedroom or lounge to remind you to relax and enjoy sunsets. The 28 cutting planes of the 5D diamonds have good refraction creating a dazzling piece of artwork; the diamonds sparkle and shine and won’t fade.

The HD canvas is waterproof with an even texture and made from high-quality clear oil material. With a sticky background and plastic covering, the adhesive surfaces stay sticky to hold the diamond drills in place.

The diamond kit features a high-definition oil painting canvas with beach design, colorful magic cube diamonds, a diamond tray, and a 1-point diamond painting pen. With 30% extra diamonds, you will have enough round drill diamonds for the artwork and additional diamonds for the next diamond painting kit.

Best Diamond Art Kit For Stress Relief: Runfar 5D Diamond Painting Kits For Adults

 The Runfar 5D Diamond Painting Kits For Adults is the best diamond kit to boost a creative hobby with amazing designs you want to display in your home. Completing this beautiful art project with square diamonds will be highly rewarding, offering an exciting challenge to diamond painters.

The full canvas is a large size canvas measuring 16 x 20 inches of hours of fun and an excellent way to relieve stress. The premium oil-cloth canvas is waterproof, damp-proof, wrinkle-free, and durable. Strong glue covers the canvas ensuring the diamonds stick when pressed onto the background and do not fall off after completion.

The diamond art kit is one of the best square diamond kits with everything you need to create a stunning painting. The kit features the premium canvas, individually packaged diamonds, premium tweezers, a double-sided diamond art pen with a comfort cushion, a painting plate, two painting mud, a roll of washi tape, and a set of labels.

Best Diamond Art Kits For Recreation: Mobicus 5D DIY Diamond Painting By Number Kits

 The Mobiscus 5D DIY Diamond Painting By Numbers Kit is so vibrant you can imagine how the waves break against the rocks. Diamond paintings are one of the best hobbies for recreation and stress relief. Beautiful canvasses like this lighthouse landscape inspire and motivate beginners and advanced diamond painters to create and finish the diamond art painting.

With an all-inclusive kit, you have all the items needed to start immediately. The 16 facets diamonds create a bright, sparkling artwork. Beginners will have no trouble following the legend on the canvas side. The canvas is covered with a special superglue ensuring the diamonds will stick to the canvas.

The diamond art kit consists of an HD canvas with the lighthouse image, a pointed diamond pen, diamond painting cement, diamonds, and a tray.

Best Round Diamond Kits For Wall Decor: Airdea DIY 5D Diamond Painting Beach By Number Kits For Adults

 Completed, the Airdea DIY 5D Diamond Painting Beach By Number Kit with its cross-stitch pattern and the tranquil beach scene is stunning wall decor. The peaceful atmosphere has a calming effect and helps you relax as you create your artwork.

The high-definition printing waterproof canvas measures 15.7 x 11.8 inches with clear markings to apply the round diamonds. The full drill, non-toxic canvas material has a smooth texture and doesn’t bend easily. Additional diamonds ensure you have more than enough diamonds to complete the picture, even if you accidentally lose some diamonds. It’s also nice to have extra diamonds for custom diamond painting projects. Each diamond has 20 facets, more facets than some other brands, giving it that extra sparkle.

The diamond art kit features everything you need to start diamond painting, including the diamond painting pen, strong glue, tray, and diamond colors, already sorted in separate bags.

Best Diamond Painting Kit For Artistic Hobby: Adarl 5D DIY Diamond Painting Full Drill

The Adarl 5D DIY Diamond Painting set is an excellent alternative to cross-stitching. If embroidery is not your thing, but you like the cross-stitching effect, then you’ll enjoy diamond painting this exquisite lotus design.

Round crystal diamonds made from a high-quality resin material will make your artwork glimmer and shine. The diamond art kit features a linen canvas, the diamonds you need plus extra diamonds, a diamond tray, a diamond pen to pick up the diamond beads, and glue.

Diamond painting is an excellent way to develop art skills. The three-dimension effect of the glittering diamonds on the lotus art canvas is a beautiful result that will inspire you to create more amazing pieces on soft canvases.

Best User-Friendly Diamond Painting Kit Tools: Senhai 75 Pcs 5D Diamonds Painting Tools, Accessories Kits

 The Senha 5D Diamonds Painting Tools With Accessories has everything you need to explore your artistic skills and have fun with your diamond painting hobby.

All the tools and accessories are stored in a transparent carry bag for convenience and quick access. The package includes a 28 grids storage box; each grid has its lid to separate diamonds types and colors. You can also use the storage box for jewelry beads, meds, and other small items.

Each applicator tool is double-sided with different sizes at the ends. With seven diamond pens in sizes ranging from picking up one diamond to 3, 6, or nine at a time, you’ll save time and paint diamonds on any premium quality canvas. The tool kit also features label stickers to mark the mini boxes, double-sided tape, a mini spoon, two pen grips for comfort, tweezers, three plastic plate trays, a diamond painting roller, and clips to secure the canvas.

The Senhai tool and accessory kit are some of the most comprehensive kits for diamond painting. It is an excellent gift for adults and children, hobbyists, crafters, and people who need to relieve stress. If you’re serious about diamond painting, you’ll appreciate this kit.

Best Mandala Diamond Art Painting Kit: HaiMay 4 Pack DIY 5D Diamond Painting Kits Full Drill

 The HaiMay 4 Pack DIY 5D Diamond Painting Kit is the perfect diamond paint kit for family or friends to enjoy crafts projects together. For hobbyists who have bought other kits and are looking for some kit diversity, the mandala designs are an excellent alternative to beautiful landscapes and artistic animal designs.

Beginners will appreciate the 10 x 10 inches size that isn’t too big for first-time art designs. Each semi-finished diamond painting canvas in the set of four complements the other in color and design. These lovely items look great on a desk or framed as a single unit as a wall decoration.

You have enough leftover with additional crystals to begin your next custom diamond painting. The kit features a high-density, non-fading canvas with clear markings, strong glue, diamonds, a sorting tray, and a diamond painting pen.

Which of these fun diamond painting kits is going to be your next project?

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