9 of the Best Educational Toys for Toddlers

From railways to reading there are a myriad of choices when it comes to educational toys for toddlers. Finding the right one really depends on what stage your child is at, what elements of their development you want to advance and quite simply, what do they enjoy most!

In the list below we’ve broken down each group of toys into three fundamental areas of growth; physical, cognitive, and social and emotional. Take a look and see which of these educational toys for toddlers is the best for your child!

Best Educational Toys for Toddlers

Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker
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Pound & Tap Bench with Slide-Out Xylophone
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Stack & Roll Cups
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Baby’s First Blocks
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First 100 Words (Book)
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Munchkin Sea Squirts
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1. Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Best Educational Toys for Toddlers - Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

The Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker helps your baby develop from a crawler to a walker through adaptive technology. With a barnyard of playful friends to cheer them on, your little one will have endless fun as they learn to walk. Start out with the easy-to-remove activity panel for floor play or on-the-run fun, then step it up with the fun-to-maneuver walker.

2. Pound & Tap Bench with Slide-Out Xylophone

Pound & Tap Bench with Slide out Xylophone

The Pound & Tap Bench with Slide-Out Xylophone encourages little learners to develop hand-eye coordination by banging each colored ball onto the xylophone below. An auditorily rewarding aspect to traditional ‘hammering’ educational toys for toddlers, the xylophone can also be slid out and used on its own so children can have fun exploring rhythm and melodies.

3. I Can Play Basketball Set

I Can Play Basketball Set

Perfect for the aspiring sports stars, the I Can Play Basketball Set is a fully functional miniature basketball ring that grows with your child. Including a removable ‘Sure Score rim’ to reduce frustration, your child will be “dribbling” and throwing the ball and getting healthy physical activity while developing and improving their gross motor skills.


4. Stack & Roll Cups

Brilliant Basics Stack & Roll Cups

Stack & Roll Cups are one of the classic educational toys for toddlers where children can learn so much through basic play. Stacking, nesting and fitting-together the colorful cups offers all sorts of enriching discoveries while also developing creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

5. Baby’s First Blocks

Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks

Baby’s First Blocks “grows” with your child as they are developing and helps build early identification skills . The shape sorter lid fits right on top of the bucket for sorting and matching play and the five shaped openings encourage toddlers to match blocks to the openings and fit them through the lid.

6. First 100 Words (Book)

Best Educational Toys for Toddlers - First 100 Words

Books and reading are one of the most amazing gifts you can give any child. First 100 Words is a wonderfully engaging picture book where your toddler will learn some essential first words through bright pictures and a softly padded cover for little hands to hold. With 100 color photographs to look at and talk about, this is a wonderful way to connect and learn together with your child.

Social and Emotional

7. Little People

Little People Lil Movers Airplane

The Little People Lil Movers Airplane is one of the most popular educational toys for toddlers in the enormous ‘Little People’ world. Not aligned to any particular story or narrative, Little People are a magical way to let your child build and create imaginary lives and worlds for each of their ‘little’ characters.

8. Munchkin Sea Squirts

Munchkin Sea Squirts

Bath time can be one of the most emotional events in any toddler’s day, and the Munchkin Sea Squirts can turn what may be an unpleasant experience into one that is something to look forward to. With colorful animals that float and squirt water they are perfectly sized for little hands to grab and squeeze and a great way to learn about different marine animals.

9. Mega Bloks

Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building Bag

Last but by no means least, Mega Bloks are one of best educational toys for toddlers for more reasons than it’s possible to list. Whether building alone or with siblings or playpals, Mega Bloks promote fine motor skills, imagination, creativity and even early engineering concepts. A magnificent way to encourage a growth mindset and get your toddler into making and creating.

What are some your best educational toys for toddlers? Let us know your child’s favorites in the comments below!

Feature image adapted from image courtesy of Flickr, kosabe.

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