Family Game Night: 13 of the Best Family Games

Family games are an excellent way for families to play and learn together. Growing up, playing board games, card games, dice games or any games with my family or friends was absolutely one of my favorite activities. It still is.

Excellent family games, whether they are competitive or cooperative have some key features. The best family games incorporate education or strengthen particular skills. Nearly any game teaches children to take turns and many games have an educational impact. Games should be fun to play for all family members, and many games, including a few on this list allow children and adults to play together with separate challenges. Take a look at these excellent family games and plan your family game night!

13 of the Best Family Games

Thumbs Up! Dexterity Game
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Ravensburger Labyrinth
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Tapple – Fast Word Fun For Everyone
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Melissa & Doug Suspend
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Ubongo – Sprint to Solve the Puzzle
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Battle Sheep Game
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1. Thumbs Up! Dexterity Game

Thumbs Up! Dexterity Game - family games

The object of Thumbs Up! Dexterity Game is to be the first to stack the colored rings on your thumbs in order, based on a chosen “challenge card”. It requires numbers, colors, and physical dexterity. This winner of the Parents’ Choice Silver Award, Nappa Silver Award and Tillywig Top Fun Award has different variations of play for younger and older children.


2. Spot It

Spot It - family games

Spot It is an award winning game that helps develop focus, visual perception skills, speech-language skills and fine motor skills. Gameplay is fairly simple: on any two cards, there is always a matching symbol. Just Spot It and win! There are several ways for 2-8 players to play. The entire game fits in a small tin so it’s easy to store or take on trips.


3. Ravensburger Labyrinth

Ravensburger Labyrinth - family games

In Ravensburger Labyrinth, players try to collect all of the treasures on their treasure card before the other players. It gets tricky, though. The maze is constantly changing, and players must shift the maze in a way that helps them and hinders the others. A fun, challenging way to learn problem solving.


4. Trivial Pursuit Family Edition Game

Trivial Pursuit Family Edition Game - family games

The Trivial Pursuit Family Edition Game is classic Trivial Pursuit, reimagined. Faster gameplay than the original and separate questions for kids and adults make this the perfect family trivia game. Trivial Pursuit is far and away my favorite of all of the family games, and this version is first on my list for game night.


5. Tapple – Fast Word Fun For Everyone

Tapple - Fast Word Fun For Everyone - family games

In Tapple – Fast Word Fun For Everyone, players choose a category and must name a word for that category starting with an available letter on the Tapple wheel. It’s quick-thinking, educational fun. There are a total of 144 categories and they are divided in to easy and difficult. It’s simple to play, easy to learn and convenient to store.


6. Melissa & Doug Suspend

Melissa & Doug Suspend - family games

Melissa & Doug Suspend is an exciting and challenging balance game that can be played by up to four players. It’s even fun to play by yourself. It’s easy to set up and suitable for almost all ages. Players must use one hand to place pieces of different lengths on to the structure without tipping it over. Suspend challenges hand-eye coordination as well as cognitive skills.


7. Ubongo – Sprint to Solve the Puzzle

Ubongo - Sprint to Solve the Puzzle - family games

Ubongo – Sprint to Solve the Puzzle is a fast-paced puzzle solving game. The faster you solve the challenging geometric puzzles, the more gems you earn. The player with the most gems at the end wins! Download the free companion app, which helps you learn how to play the game, and includes a game timer, a solo game timer, and solution keys for all of the puzzles. Encourages problem solving and spatial reasoning.


8. Lift it! Deluxe Game

Lift it! Deluxe Game - family games

The Lift it! Deluxe Game is unique in that it involves cooperative game play as well as active game play. Players work together to create structures with the Lift it! crane using either their hand or their heads. Creative makers of all ages will love playing this fun building game.


9. Dohdles! What is that?!

Dohdles! What is that?! - family games

Dohdles! What is that?! is similar to family games like Pictionary, but uses sculpting instead of drawing. Players earn points by guessing other players’ Dohdles and by making Dohdles that are not too hard or too easy to guess. The special modeling clay doesn’t dry out and can be used over and over for endless gameplay and sculpting fun.


10. Battle Sheep Game

Battle Sheep Game - family games

Kids employ abstract thinking and strategy to win the Battle Sheep Game. The goal is to occupy the most pastures with your own sheep. Players move their own sheep and strategically block other players. The board can be set in different configurations for unique gameplay each game. It’s a fun and humorous version of classic strategic family games like Risk.


11. Whoowasit?

Whoowasit? Award-Winning Board Game - family games

Winner of multiple awards including Disney FamilyFun Toy of the Year 2011, Creative Child Magazine Game of the Year 2011, The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval 2011, Childrens Game of the Year 2008 in Germany, Whoowasit? challenges players to work together to uncover clues and defeat the evil wizard. By pressing the buttons on the electronic chest, you will choose whether to search the rooms, speak with the animals or engage in magic and work towards solving the mystery. Smart electronics make the engaging  gameplay different each time.


12. Flash The Lightning Fast Game

Flash The Lightning Fast Game - family games

In Flash The Lightning Fast Game, players use visual perception, fine motor skills and basic math skills in this fast-paced dice game. Score the most points in the eight dice challenges to win. Flash has three gameplay variations and comes with a carry pouch for easy travel and storage.


13. Dino-Opoly Monopoly Board Game

Dino-Opoly Monopoly Board Game - family games

Learn about dinosaurs playing Dino-Opoly Monopoly Board Game, a clever remake of the much loved classic board game. Purchase Dino Deeds, each one has facts about a different dinosaur. Trade in dino fossils for a dino bone to win the game. Includes rules for classic and shortened gameplay.


Family games are an excellent way for families to spend time together. What’s your favorite family game? Tell us about it in the comments below!


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, ohsarahrose.

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