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The perfect flexible seating classroom enhances student engagement. Unlike traditional seating, flexible seating options work for any grade classroom and create positive learning environments to improve student achievement.

Flexible seating allows teachers to arrange their own classroom with the best seating arrangement where students feel comfortable, relaxed, and focused. It opens the learning environment to a variety of learning styles. Students can move chairs or change their seating options for individual focused on-task behavior, simple in-class activities, or collaboration in small groups. With flexible seating, teachers can change the classroom setup several times throughout the school year.

What Makes Great Flexible Seating Furniture For Your Classroom?

Flexible seating options improve learning environments and are an excellent alternative seating to traditional desks. When looking for the best flexible seating classroom furniture, consider these features.

Standing desks, wobble stools, and balance balls allow children to move who can’t sit still.  Flexible seating that wobbles, rocks, leans, or bounces burns calories, increases metabolism, and keeps minds more alert and focused. 

Comfortable seating helps students stay focused with a consistent level of engagement for a more extended period of time. Soft seating such as bean bag chairs,  couches, and floor pillows are comfortable, creating a relaxed learning and collaboration atmosphere. 

Varying the type of seating in a flexible learning space gives students the option to choose a comfortable seat. Unlike traditional seating, a range of seating options offers different heights and positions, accommodating individual preferences. 

According to a study published in the Journal of Learning Spaces, the physical learning classroom space directly impacts student behavior, learning outcome, and teaching style. Traditional classroom rows do not offer the variety of seating arrangements that give students seating options and teachers freedom to rearrange for class activities. 

Sensory input is helpful to students with ADD, ADHD, and ASD. Conventional chairs do not stimulate students’ sense of touch the same way as flexible seating covered with various materials. 

It’s fun to have permission to wobble, bounce, and wiggle in a classroom, creating a positive learning mindset. Getting rid of excess energy, sitting comfortably, and having a variety of options create a positive mindset. 

Different seating options can help create separate areas in daycares, preschools, and kindergarten classrooms. Soft floor seating options are perfect for naptime or reading corners for middle school students. 

Best Flexible Seating Options For Schools Compared

Kore Kids Wobble Chair
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KidsErgo Ergonomic Stool For Active Sitting
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Safco Twixt Active Seating
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American Plastic Toys APT-131-6PK Children’s Scoop Rocker Chair
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Softscape Round Floor Cushions With Handles
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Storex Wiggle Stool
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Best Flexible Seating Classroom Furniture Reviewed

Best Flexible Seating Options For Physical Activity: Kore Kids Wobble Chair

 The Kore Kids Wobble Chair is the best flexible seating option for classrooms full of children who can’t sit still. Students love these stools that provide physical activity in a learning environment.

A rounded base and patented anti-roll safety ring enable safe titling and wobbling and ever-changing positions of legs, knees, and hips for comfortable sitting positions. The flexible seating stools help students focus on work, and they learn to balance as they wobble, turn, and rock on these stools.

Short bouts of physical activity help children release excess energy. Instead of interrupting the teacher and distracting fellow students, students learn as they move around on the stool—continuous movement while sitting leads to better focus. The wobble stools can help students diagnosed with ADHD, ADD, or autism to stay focused and relaxed in a learning environment.

The wobble stools come in various bright colors and are a cheerful addition to any classroom or homeschool learning space. Five sizes fit toddlers, preschoolers, to middle school students; the height ranges from 10 inches tall to 16 inches.

Best Flexible Seating Options For Good Posture: Gaim Kids Stay-N-Play Children’s Balance Ball

 The Gaim Kids Stay-N-Play Children’s Balance Ball chairs are the ideal flexible seating classroom furniture for high-energy students in the classrooms and active children at home. Students adopt healthy postures on a classroom balance ball, and active sitting builds core strength.

It’s more fun sitting on exercise balls throughout the school year than on traditional chairs at rows of desks. Sitting on yoga balls in the classroom can boost performance when students burn excess energy, reducing fidgeting. Micro-movements cause instability that keeps energetic kids active and their minds engaged in problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking skills, and improved collaboration and communication. Stability balls feature five soft stabilizing legs that hold the flexible seating in place. It won’t roll around in the classroom or move away under a seated student.

The classroom balance balls come in two sizes, one for 5-7-year-old kids and a larger ball for 8-11-year-old students. Designed for kids, Gaim balance balls are the perfect alternative seating options for a classroom with energetic students who can’t sit still in a learning environment.

Best Flexible Seating For Improved Focus: KidsErgo Ergonomic Stool For Active Sitting

Kids love to sit on KidsErgo Ergonomic Stools in the classroom; its friendly shape and dynamic colors appeal to them. The ergonomic stool is one of the best flexible seating options to strengthen their body, get rid of wiggles, and increase concentration sitting at a desk or tables in multiple classes throughout the day.

The flexible seating stools are made to move and designed for everyone with three size options; a 15-inch size for 4-9-year-old kids and a maximum weight of 170 pounds; 20.5 inches standards side; and a plus 20.5 inches with a wider seat to support older students and adults with a maximum weight of 250 pounds. The flexible chairs are sturdy and safe; growing children learn better with comfortable posture support. With feet flat on the floor, students achieve good posture; the chair adjusts their pelvic tilt, improves lumbar flexion, and builds core strength.

These ergonomic stools are ideal for school classrooms and colleges; teachers expect that this flexible seating help improves student concentration, participation, posture, and behavior. According to the manufacturer, occupational therapists report that the KidsErgo Ergonomic stool enhances self-regulation by increasing focus and decreasing hyperactivity and stress reduction.

The durable design features a flat base for stability and is the perfect solution for flexible seating ideas in flexible classrooms bursting with creativity, collaboration, and education. The wobble chair is Child Product Safety compliant and has won several awards: the Good Design Award, Mind Spring Academic Choice, Edison Award, and Parents Picks Award. Made in the USA from a recyclable technopolymer, the student chair has a two-year warranty.

Best Flexible Seating For Classroom Tasks: Safco Twixt Active Seating

The adjustable Safco Twixt Active Seating option is an excellent choice for a classroom with desks where the teacher wants a flexible seating teaching environment. Unlike a traditional chair, a student can easily adjust the seat height at different levels for classroom tables and desks.

A flexible ring under the chair base allows a student to adjust the seat angle to perch, lean, or sit for comfort and personal preference. The easy-to-reach seat control makes it easy for a student to adjust the chair according to their height. The flexible seating features pneumatic height adjustment that matches the size of desks and tables.

Upholstered for a comfortable experience and a sturdy aluminum base, the Safco Twixt Active Seating swivels 360 degrees. Kids can focus and keep the teacher, who likes to walk around in the classroom during class, in view. The portable chair has a finger groove for easy transportation in the classroom, or from room to room in the school. A student can move the seat to better view the teacher or whiteboard without interrupting the teacher or disturbing the classmates.

Best Flexible Seating Furniture For Lush Comfort: Big Joe Milano Kid’s Beanbag Chair

The Big Joe Milano Bean Bag Chair is a great room addition for a flexible seating classroom. Bean bag chairs are excellent for students looking for something between floor seating cushions and chairs. It is the perfect choice for any room at home or school classroom.

Its structured form feels like sitting in a chair, and its soft but strong fabric is like a comfortable floor cushion. Kids love the child-friendly colors, and teachers are happy to brighten their school classrooms with these durable, stain-resistant, easy to clean bean bags.

Classroom cushions may be sufficient for a coffee table height desk, but bean bag chairs give additional height to work at tables. The kid’s bean bag is 18.5 x 23. x 19 inches and filled with fluffy Megha Beans for comfort.

Don’t be surprised if a student claims a bean bag and carries it with them to every space in the classroom. It’s easy to move with the sturdy handle and weighs only 1.75 pounds. Kids can effortlessly take it across the room; it gives them a sense of independence and control over their seats in the school environment.

Great Flexible Seating Options For Reading: American Plastic Toys APT-131-6PK Children’s Scoop Rocker Chair

The American Plastic Toys Children’s Scoop Rocker Chair is the perfect student seating for low tables, a reading corner, and other fun classroom ideas. The rocker chair releases excess energy so that the student can focus on the task at hand.

Kiddos who can’t sit still while reading will love these rocker chairs; they can focus on the book and rock along. The colorful scoop chairs are ideal for three-year-old toddlers, preschool kids, and kindergarten classes. Made from shaped, non-toxic plastic materials, the rocker chairs are child-safe. Placed on the floor, kids can’t fall off or tip over when rocking too much; if they fall out of the chair, they won’t fall far.

Easy to pick up with the carrying handle, educators can move them around in the classroom or stack them for storage. The scoop seats are lightweight, and each six-pack features two colors, giving kids the option to choose.

Best Flexible Seating For Younger Students: Softscape Round Floor Cushions With Handles

The Softscape Round Floor Cushions are the types of seating ideal for younger students to inspire communication and collaboration. Comfortably seated on the floor, like at home, creates a happy atmosphere for education.

Floor cushions are not just for youngsters; older students enjoy the cozy atmosphere and educators like them for small classrooms and extra seating options. The round-shaped cushions are lightweight and portable with sewn-in handles. A non-slip base reduces cushions sliding on floors with restless youngsters, clearly differentiating the top from the bottom. Kids can easily carry their cushions to the reading space for storytime.

Two inches of dense foam is soft and comfortable. The materials are Greenguard Gold certified for low chemical emissions into the air and comply with flammability regulations, safe seating for kids. The soft, leather-like polyurethane material is easy to clean, durable, and attractive for any classroom decor. Floor cushions are a popular choice for a versatile education approach to classroom setup.

Dimensions are 15 x 15 x 2 inches, and the cushions stack easily for storage. The Softscape cushions feature round and square floor cushions. The Trideer Inflated Wobble Cushions is an excellent alternative for fidgeting students; on the floor or a seat. Educators can have both types of cushions for the floor to accommodate every student in the class.

Great Flexible Seating For Traditional Desks: Storex Wiggle Stool

The Storex Wiggle Stools, with their adjustable seat heights, are perfect for any classroom or homeschooling. Adjusting the height, between 12 and 18 inches, the stool is always the right height for all kids, from short to tall.

Even small kids can carry their wobble stool to the preferred place with integrated handles. Tamper-proof height adjustment connectors are safe for curious kids. Kids can’t catch fingers or tamper with the height, assembly, or disassembly; they need an adult to assist.

Education is fun when students wobble and wiggle without tipping the stool; the rubber base keeps kids safe and protects floors. The stool features an extra-wide seat for support, a soft seat cushion for comfort, and an angled base for improved posture, stability, and balance. Eight vibrant colors brighten the room for a lively atmosphere.

The ergonomic Storex Wiggle Stool is perfect for desks at different levels and kids of all sizes. The continuous movement while sitting relaxes children, reducing restlessness and fidgeting and improving their focus

Which flexible seating do you prefer for your classroom or homeschooling environment?

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