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Hoverboards are fun, an excellent gift for kids, and with UL 2272 certification for the batteries, safer than they were years ago. With all the cool designs out there, selecting the best hoverboard for kids could be a challenge.

We’ve done the legwork for you and compiled a list o the best kids’ hoverboards. Our editor’s choice is the Tomoloo Music-Rhythmed Hoverboard because it is safe and has all the features kids enjoy. The self-balancing technology makes it easy for beginner riders, and all kids enjoy the music and LED lights features.

The list includes hoverboards with fabulous colors and designs, hoverboards for teenagers, slow-speed hoverboards for youngsters, and off-road hoverboards for rougher terrain.

What Makes The Best Hover Boards For Kids?

Parents looking for the best hoverboard for their child should always check the safety tests and certification before considering the other characteristics. 

Make sure the hoverboard has a UL 2272 safety standard certification; the certification assures that the fire risk or battery explosion is significantly reduced. In 2015-2016, many hoverboards caught fire, originating in batteries overheating.

Today the UL 2272 certification means that the hoverboard’s electrical system is safe and has no fire risk. Hoverboards are made of heat-resistant materials with safely contained battery compartments. If you want to buy a cheap hoverboard, make sure it has all the safety features; you can find excellent budget hoverboards at affordable prices from less-known brands that are UL 2272 certified.  

For a safe ride, children should always wear appropriate protective gear. Gear should include a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and gloves. Accidents happen; wearing the right gear could protect them from scrapes and injuries.

A self-balancing system is an excellent feature to help inexperienced riders handle and ride the hoverboard safely. 

our for 8-year old riders. Some electric scooters and hoverboards have a parent-controlled speed limit, and others feature a learning mode that limits the top speed. Look for child-friendly designs and slow-speed hoverboards for younger children. 

The battery life depends on the cruising speed, hoverboard range, and the child’s weight. The faster the rider goes, the quicker the battery drains. The charge range indicates the distance the child can travel and how often the battery needs recharging. Hoverboards’ range runs from 4 to 12 miles; a  cheaper board generally has fewer miles per charge.

Charge time can be as short as 2-3 hours or up to 6 hours. It doesn’t matter as much if a long-lasting battery takes a while to charge, but you don’t want to ride for 30 minutes and then wait 6 hours. 

Most Lithium-ion hoverboard batteries have an integrated smart battery management system (BMS) equipped with safety features; the BMS regulates the voltage preventing battery levels from falling too low, causing total drainage. Hoverboards have li ion battery indicators warning riders when the battery is low; the warning system can be a battery light indicator on the board or features on an app. 

The hoverboard’s maximum weight limit is a good indicator of how long your child will use it. Most hoverboards have a minimum weight of 40 to 44 pounds and a maximum of 165 to 260 pounds. Young children should weigh more than the recommended minimum body weight and not more than the weight limit. 

Hover boards designed with kids in mind have cool features for a fun ride. Extra features include colorful LED lights, built-in Bluetooth speakers, bright LED headlights, wheel lights, and fun colors. With Bluetooth speakers, kids can listen to their favorite tunes. 

Entry-level hoverboards come with training modes or a self-balancing control system for easier riding. 

The hoverboard wheels for younger children shouldn’t be bigger than 5 to 6.5 inches; smaller wheels are easier to maneuver and control. Children aged 13 years and up can ride hoverboards with a wheel size measuring 8.5 inches. 

Wheel sizes are according to types of terrain. Hoverboards for smooth surfaces feature 6.5-inch wheel sizes, while off-terrain hoverboards have 8.5-inch wheels. Boards with plastic tires are great on hard surfaces; they don’t go flat but aren’t as durable as rubber tires. Rubber tires are best for off-road and rough terrain.

Best Hoverboards For Kids Compared

Tomoloo Music-Rhythmed Hoverboard
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Swagtron Swagboard Twist Self Balancing Hoverboard For Kids
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Tomoloo Off-Road Hoverboard With Bluetooth Speaker
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Swagtron Swagboard Entry Level Hoverboard
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UNI Sun Hoverboard
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Best Hoverboards For Kids Reviews

Best Overall Hoverboard For Kids: Tomoloo Music-Rhythmed Hoverboard

The Tomoloo Music-Rhythmed Hoverboard is our editor’s choice for the best hoverboard for kids with fun features. It has everything for a smooth ride, including flashing lights, self-balancing technology, and built-in speakers to listen to your favorite music. 

With cool color options, including black, pink, and blue, the Tomoloo hoverboard is a fun hoverboard for kids up to 165 pounds weight limit. Kids love the color LED lights and play music with the built-in Bluetooth speaker from their phones. When kids play music, the LED lights change color complementing the music rhythm. 

The self-balancing board is safe for young kids. Beginners can move and dance with the music as experienced riders. The hoverboard isn’t too fast or too slow, with a maximum speed of 7.46 miles (12 km/hour). The self-balancing feature makes it easier to rise and get on and off the board. That makes it a great choice for a best hoverboard for an 8 year old.

A UL2272 safety certification ensures the hoverboard meets the safety regulations for high temperatures and fire-retard materials. Always make sure kids wear protective gear and are supervised when riding their hoverboards for peace of mind. 

The lightweight hoverboard weighs 17.6 pounds which is much lighter than many hoverboards. However, it may be a challenge for some young children to carry. The 4 Ah Lithium-ion battery is included in the purchase and lasts for 10 km. Your child’s cruising speed, body weight, and Bluetooth usage influence how long the battery life lasts before it needs recharging.

The Tomoloo hoverboard is an excellent choice for kids learning to ride with the balancing feature, Bluetooth 4.0 technology providing stereo surround sound, and RGB LED lights. It is a wonderful gift for children who love music, listening to their favorite songs while enjoying the outdoors. The hoverboard comes with a 1-year warranty for wheel hub motor, controller, and battery and a 6-month warranty for charger from the date of purchase. 

Max Speed: 7.5 mph (12kph)

Range: 6.2 miles 

Max Weight:165 pounds

Best All-Terrain Hoverboard For A Teenager: Epikgo Self Balancing Scooter Hoverboard

The Epikgo Self Balancing Scooter is a great gift for an independent teenager who likes to cruise anywhere and everywhere. With 8.5-inch all-terrain tires and alloy wheels, it is the best all-terrain hoverboard for kids and adults. The hoverboard features solid tires, more foot space, powerful electric motors, and large wheels for a smooth ride, going uphill, and crossing rough surfaces. 

The durable hoverboard passed 159 safety regulations tests to ensure your teen stays safe; it is UL 2272 balance board-certified and UL 22721 smart battery certified. This powerful hoverboard has 400W dual motors that can climb 18-degree slopes and hills and accelerate to a speed limit of 12 miles per hour. Riders can get 10 miles from a single charge; the battery life lasts over one hour. The long battery life and built-in 2-hour fast charging technology won’t delay your teen; they will spend more time riding than waiting for a battery to recharge. 

Solid rubber tires will take you anywhere. The large 8.5-inch tires are rated IP56 for solidness and water resistance, protecting the hoverboard against dust and strong water jets. These semi-submersible tires move through mud, sand, grass, concrete, and wet roads. 

With 30% larger footpads than many hoverboards, this all-terrain board provides more space for feet, making it easier to maneuver and control. An aluminum alloy body frame ensures durability for commuting, meeting friends, or a fun ride outdoors without worrying about rough terrains. High safety standards protect against overheating or short-circuiting. 

The Epikgo Classic series is recommended for more advanced riders and kids 13 years and older; the maximum speed of 12 miles per hour is too fast, and the 31-pound hoverboard is too heavy for younger children. With a weight limit of 240 pounds, LG battery, and a durable frame, your teenager can ride their electric scooter from high school into college and beyond. It is the best hoverboard electric scooter for a safe and smooth ride.  

Max Speed:  12 mph

Range: Up to 10 miles 

Max Weight: 44 to 240 pounds 

Best Hoverboards For Kids Fun Ride: Sisigad Hoverboard With Bluetooth and Colorful Lights

The self-balancing mode Sisigad Hoverboard features Bluetooth speakers, colorful LED lights, and trendy design kids love. The Bluetooth hoverboard is the perfect gift for beginners, pet walkers, and kids ages 6-12 who enjoy music and funky designs. 

Cruising up to nine miles per hour with fun LED lights, music, safety gear, and elbow pads, any kid will love a ride on this electric hoverboard. Kids can have a hoverboard dance party with spinning, rainbow lights on the wheels, LED headlights, and playing music through the Bluetooth speaker. The self-balancing hoverboard features 16 color options and cool designs; interesting graffiti and color combinations satisfy boys and girls. 

Parents can have peace of mind; the hoverboard complies with the UL 2272 electrical safety standards. However, safety measures are always necessary; kids should wear safety gear and follow the safety tips included in the manufacturer’s instructions. 

The 6.5 inches wheels with high-quality rubber tires are a solid choice for smooth rides. The 300 Watt dual motors support 15 degrees climbing angle, and with 30-60 minutes of battery life, riders can easily reach their destination. The 36V/2.0Ah Lithium battery recharges in 3-5 hours. 

The self-balance technology makes it an easy and stable ride for beginners and youngsters. Training mode is quick, and Bluetooth connects easily with most smartphones. Within 10 minutes, the quality board will be ready for fun rides listening to their favorite track.  

Max Speed:  6 to 9 mph

Range: 6 to 9 miles 

Max Weight: 44 to 260 pounds 

Best Kids Hoverboard For Traction: Beston Sports Newest Generation Electric Hoverboard

The Newest Generation Electric Hoverboard is a self-balancing hoverboard with non-slip footpads. With striking colors, unique LED lights, a built-in Bluetooth 4.0 speaker with great sound quality, a powerful motor, and anti-slip footpads, the hoverboard is the best hoverboard for kids with adventure in mind. 

The LED tunnel lights are unique; they transform the hoverboard wheels into colorful rotating lights. High-intensity LED headlights combined with the wheel LED lights make riding fun and safer; vehicles can effortlessly notice the hoverboards from a distance, and riders can see where they are going with poor visibility.  

Designed with children in mind, the hoverboard is ideal for young kids aged 6-7 years, with a maximum weight limit of 180 pounds. That’s why we thinkin it’s one of the best hoverboards for a 7 year old. Kids can’t go too fast and lose control of the hoverboard at full speed of 6 mph. The boards are UL 2272 safety standards certified, and the non-slip footpad is a cool feature for grip. The durable footpads are thicker than most hoverboards providing better traction and stability while riding.

The stability and non-slip feature will give beginners and younger kids the safety confidence to try out the hoverboard. Irrespective of their skill level, kids will quickly move from learning mode to adventurous riding modes with self-balancing technology.  

The hoverboard includes the rechargeable battery and the UL charger. Batteries take 3-5 hours to charge. Kids should wear protective gear when riding a hoverboard scooter, and adult supervision is advisable for kids under 12 years old. 

Max Speed:   6.21 mph (10 km per hour)

Range:  7.46 miles 

Max Weight: 180 pounds 

Best Hoverboard For Younger Kids: Swagtron Swagboard Twist Self Balancing Hoverboard For Kids

 The Swagtron Swagboard Twist Self-Balancing Hoverboard for kids is one of the safest self-balancing scooters on the market. The Swagtron hoverboard features advanced safety technology, flashing, bright LED lights, a battery indicator light, and maintenance-free wheels for young riders at any skill level.

Unlike other hoverboards with lithium batteries, this quality hoverboard takes hoverboard safety to the next level with its lithium-free battery type. The LiFePo battery is a fireproof, nonflammable battery backed by a 5-year warranty; it won’t catch fire when used correctly. A battery power indicator warns your kid when battery life is low.

The battery is safeguarded with patented SentryShield Quantum technology providing multilayer protection against short-circuiting, overvoltage, and overcurrent. The battery and electrical systems are UL-2272 certified, complying with charging and electrical safety rules. The Swagboard Twist is designed for safety. Despite being extensively safety tested, it cannot prevent kids from losing their balance or falling during riding time. Therefore, adults should familiarize kids with safety tips, and children should always wear knee pads and other protective gear to prevent injury from unforeseen incidents.

Designed for kids 7-11 years to ride safely, these modern hoverboards combine color designs with striking LED lighting that will delight any child. Kids won’t even miss the Bluetooth speaker with the beautiful color designs and cool LED lights. The front lights enhance visibility in low light conditions, and the 6.5-inch LED wheels lights multicolored SwagLions for extra swag. The solid rubber wheels are puncture proof and require no maintenance.

With a maximum speed of 7 miles per hour and a maximum weight capacity of 185 pounds, the self-balancing scooter is perfect for entering the hoverboard game. Although kids won’t go too fast with a 7 miles top speed, it is sufficient with the 250 Watt motors to conquer 30-degree hills.

The lightweight hoverboard weighs 14 pounds, and the non-slip rubber footpads provide excellent grip for secure footing. The Swagtron Swagboard Twist, with its LED lighting, is the best kids hoverboard for extra smooth rides.

Max Speed:   7 mph

Range:  3 to 5 miles 

Max Weight: 44 to 180 pounds

Best Off-Road Hoverboard/Best All Terrain: Tomoloo Off-Road Hoverboard With Bluetooth Speaker

The Tomoloo Off-Road Hoverboard is a great hoverboard with Bluetooth speakers, RGB LED lights, and fun features on the intelligent remote control app. The self-balancing scooter is an off-road hoverboard for kids and adults to enjoy smooth surfaces and rough surface riding modes.

The hoverboard is the ideal transport at a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour and endurance mileage between 6 and 12 miles. With a 30% larger wheel size, hoverboards with 8.5 inches wheels are perfect for all-terrain riding modes over gravel, slopes, small obstacles, ceramic tile floors, and rougher terrain. These quality hoverboards are made for maximum performance, and with IPX4 waterproof protection, the hoverboard is safe from water splashing in any direction.

Powerful 350 Watt dual motors ensure acceleration, drifting, and riders reaching the top speed. The hoverboard supports a maximum weight of 265 pounds, and extra foot space provides a more stable and comfortable ride for adults and kids.

The Bluetooth 4.2 stereo speaker technology plays music with stereo surround sound. With the multifunctional app-control, riders can change the color of the LED lights, adjust hoverboard speed, listen to music, make new friends, and check the battery status.

The hoverboard complies with UL safety certification. The safety-approved materials feature high-temperature resistance, fire-retardance, high strength, and toughness.

Max Speed:   10 mph

Range:  6 to 12 miles 

Max Weight: 40 to 265 pounds

Best Hoverboard For Beginners: Swagtron Swagboard Entry Level Hoverboard

The Swagtron Swagboard Entry Level Hoverboard has a learning mode for new riders. With the lower maximum speed for safety, the hoverboard is perfect for young kids learning to ride. When they have enough confidence, they can change to standard mode.

The hoverboard’s top speed is 7 miles per hour, and with a maximum weight limit of 187 pounds, the board is ideal for 7-11-year-old riders. Recharging takes about 90 to 100 minutes. An easy-to-read battery life indicator warns the child of low battery levels, and it’s time to head home. 

The T5 Swagboard hoverboard is UL 2272 certified for safety regulations. The patented SentryShield battery management system provides additional multilayered protection. The air-tight frame features proper heat dispersion to protect the motor, mainboard, and battery.

Updated gyroscopic technology allows for easy navigation and a responsive hoverboard. With this entry-level self-balancing scooter, beginners will quickly learn to stop, go, and steer.

Max Speed:   7 mph

Range:  7 miles 

Max Weight: 44 to 187,4 pounds

Best Hoverboard For Safe Riding: Hover-1 Ultra Electric Self-Balancing Hoverboard Scooter

The Hover-1 Ultra Electric Self-Balancing Scooter Hoverboard has a long-lasting battery for fun rides. It is an excellent choice for beginners and eight-year-old children.

The hoverboard scooter has a top speed of 7 miles per hour and can have an enjoyable ride at an impressive range of 12 miles. The two 250 Watt motors are powerful enough for 15-degree inclines. Children can ride at a reasonable pace and commute a decent distance before the battery needs recharging. The battery takes about 4 hours of charge time. 

The hoverboard stabilizes the rider for a fun and safe ride. When the rider steps on the board with their dominant foot, the board stabilizes so that kids can safely stop on the board with the other foot. The self-balancing system ensures an intuitive ride; children learn quickly to accelerate or decelerate by applying foot pressure. 

The hoverboard is UL 2272 certified, and the long-lasting battery is IPX4 rated for water resistance. A 25.2V/4.0Ah Lithium-ion battery features a safety shield preventing overheating and fire. LED lights on both sides of the board provide visibility to the rider and make the rider visible to others. The alert system warns the rider when speeding and slowing down when riding on rougher surfaces.

The hoverboard is an excellent choice for young kids who need long-lasting battery life to travel up to 12 miles. The Hover-1 Ultra Hoverboards for kids come with a 90-days warranty.

Max Speed:   7 miles per hour

Range:  12 miles 

Max Weight: 220 pounds

Best ‘Cheap’ Hoverboard: UNI Sun Hoverboard

The Uni Sun Hoverboard is an excellent choice for kids and parents looking for great value at an affordable price. The ten color options with unique designs will appeal to boys and girls.

Technologies helping find the rider’s balance and turning without falling makes it the ideal hoverboard for newbies. Built-in gyroscope foot sensors respond to angling of the feet, and the smart-balancing technology keeps the board and rider stable. The durable hoverboard features a strong shell, non-slip foot pedals, and solid 6.5-inch tires for a smooth ride.

Parents can select a Uni Sun hoverboard for their children with or without Bluetooth speakers. The Bluetooth-enabled hoverboard allows kids to play sound effects or their favorite tunes cruising at an optimal speed of 9 miles per hour in the neighborhood or park.

LED lights brighten the surroundings; the lights ensure visibility to the rider and are visible to others. The bright lights on the sides, front, and tires create amazing effects when riding in dark areas.

The hoverboard complies with the strict electrical tests and is UL 2272 certified for safety. The board is an excellent gift for kids up to 200 pounds, pet walkers, and commuting to school or friends.

Max Speed: 9 miles per hour

Range: 9 miles 

Max Weight: 200 pounds

Hoverboard FAQ

What is the safest hoverboard for kids?

Are hoverboards safe for kids, and what is the safety hoverboard? The safest hoverboard for kids is age-appropriate self-balancing boards. Some entry-level hoverboards feature a learning mode that limits the top speed, and others have a safety stop. Your child must be able to balance themselves on the hoverboard. Their ability to balance and maneuver the hoverboard also influences how safe they ride.

All manufacturers must comply with the UL 2272 safety standards certificate; it tells the buyer the hoverboard meets electrical and fire safety requirements. Hoverboards were designed for kids. However, children should wear protective gear, including elbow and knee pads, helmets, and gloves.

What is the best age to get a hoverboard?

Most hoverboards for kids ages vary from 6 years to adult. Typically the boards are in two categories, boards for kids ages 6-11 years and boards for 13 years and older. Every hoverboard has a minimum and maximum weight limit. The minimum weight varies between 40 and 44 pounds, and the maximum range is between 180 to 260 pounds for kids and teenagers. Parents can use their child’s weight, age, and skill level to indicate which board is the best for their kids.

The final decision is with the parent. Parents know when their kids are ready emotionally and physically to get a hoverboard. Some kids take longer than others, while others are eager to ride but aren’t physically ready.

What is the best brand of hoverboard for kids?

Tomoloo, Swagtron, Segway, GoTtrax, Gryoor, Uni-Sun, Lieagle, and Halo are good hoverboard brands. All brands feature safety tips in their manuals and are UL 2272 certified. If a brand doesn’t have this safety certification, it is best to opt for a hoverboard with one.

Why should we choose hoverboards over bikes and motorcycles?

Hoverboards are easy to learn, convenient transport, portable, and low maintenance. The lightweight design of hoverboards makes them highly portable to carry when not in use. You don’t need a license to ride a hoverboard. You can ride hoverboards in places where bikes and motorbikes can’t go. 

Hoverboards are more environmentally friendly than motorcycles and mopeds. The latter requires gas or diesel, while hoverboards are electric and battery-powered. You don’t have to buy gas; the battery and charger are included in the purchase. 

Hoverboards, bikes, and motorcycles are modes of transport. Kids can safely ride a hoverboard from a young age. Vehicles can hit cyclists on the road; hoverboards riding isn’t on roads. Hoverboards have a slower speed than motorcycles or bikes, making them easier to control in preventing an accident. The slower speed allows kids to ride hoverboards in safer places than motorbikes and bicycles.

Are hoverboards are safer than bicycles.

Hoverboards are lower to the ground than bicycles; the distance isn’t so far if the child falls. The average speed on a bike is 15 miles per hour, whereas hoverboards for kids have a maximum speed of 10-12 miles per hour. Beginners can ride a bike at 10 miles per hour which is more than the 6-7 miles per hour maximum speed of hoverboards for younger kids.

Although skateboards are also closer to the ground than bikes, skateboards are much faster than hoverboards for kids. Skateboards can reach 28 miles per hour compared to a hoverboard’s maximum of 12 miles per hour. Skateboards also don’t have the self-balancing feature like hoverboards.

What are the California hoverboard age laws?

The California Assembly Bill No. 604, passed in January 2016, states hoverboard riders must be 16 years old and wear safety gear such as a helmet. The Law also says that the hoverboard must have a fixed lamp with white lights if riding at night. The white lights should be visible to approaching vehicles from a distance of 300 feet. 

Can a 1 year-old ride a hoverboard?

Caden Neumeyer of Salt Lake City was 11 months old when his parents helped him get on a hoverboard. Some kids have the balance or physical skills to ride a toy earlier than the recommended age. Most parents won’t allow their kids to ride a hoverboard, skateboard, or bike until the appropriate age.

Should a year old or toddler ride a hoverboard? It depends on the parents. Parents know what is best for their kids and when they are ready. They are guided by the manufacturer’s recommended age and consider their child’s emotional and physical skills. 

How do hoverboards charge?

Hoverboards have Lithium-ion batteries or LiFePo batteries that require charging when the battery level is low. Included in the sale are the battery and its charger. To charge the hoverboard, connect the charger to the hoverboard. Place the charger plug into the socket and switch it on. Most charger buttons turn green when the battery is fully charged. 

How long do hoverboards take to charge?

Hoverboard charging time varies. Some batteries take 2-3 hours to charge, while others have a 5-6 hour charge time. Depending on the hoverboard, child’s weight, speed, and how often your child uses the Bluetooth speakers and other additional features, the ride can last 4-6 hours or a half hour. The longer the ride, the less obvious is charging time becomes.

  What is your favorite hoverboard feature and which hoverboard is the best one for your child?

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