There’s been a lot of changes since I first reviewed indoor slides.

All told, I’ve spent nearly 35 hours researching and evaluating the best-selling indoor slides for kids. After culling the list from the top 30 indoor slides, I’m ranking the 11 Best Indoor Slides For Kids and Toddlers based on safety features, size, portability, and quality of materials.

Finding the perfect slide for you really comes down to your child’s age and size, your indoor space available, and your budget.

I have created a list of the best indoor slides for toddlers and kids varying from 9 months to 10 years old. Our editor’s choice is the Little Tikes First Slide which has, in its simplicity, all the features a slide needs. Little Tikes is a well-known brand that manufactures toys for kids that are safe and entertaining. The indoor slide is an excellent choice as the first slide for your youngster; it is affordable, easy to assemble, kids-safe, and the right size for kids from 18 months old and older – until they are at least bored with indoor slides!.

Some parents don’t want just a generic slide. I’ve also added to our slides for kids list toys that incorporate sports equipment for sports enthusiasts, tunnels and climbers for adventure seekers, soft foam shapes for infants, slides for compact storage, and more.

Our Recommendations For The Best Indoor Slides for Toddlers and Kids

Individual Indoor Kid Slide Reviews:

1. Best Overall Toddler Slide: Little Tikes First Slide

Little Tikes First Slide with blue step ladder and red slide track

The Little Tikes First Slide is our top overall slide pick because it is one of the best indoor slides for toddlers who are learning to climb and slide. It is also the best indoor slide choice for parents who need to assemble and reassemble the play slide, and who are looking for an inexpensive first slide for their kids.

You’ll find it’s one of the easiest slides on the budget – some of the all-wooden slides can run upwards of $300. Not the Little Tikes!

Easy to assemble, the kids’ slide will be ready in seconds for your little ones to enjoy. The colorful red slide with blue steps and handle clicks into place. A snap sound confirms that the pieces are assembled correctly. The indoor slide is designed with safety in mind for toddlers from 18 months to 6 years old. Therefore, you need to push hard for the parts to snap into place. If not pushed in deep enough, the handlebars may come loose. Listen and feel the snap sound as confirmation that the indoor slide is assembled correctly.

When disassembling the indoor slide, the parts pull out, and the step ladder fits flat against the slide taking minimum storage space against a bedroom wall. With the compact folding slide feature and weighing only 9 pounds, it is no effort to carry the slide outdoors for fun play in the sun, or back indoors. The quick assembly and disassembly ensure easy storage. The indoors and outdoors slide are readily available for your kids to play without needing additional space to put up a permanent fixture.

The 3 feet long slide is sized for young kids. The step ladder is not too high for toddlers, and kids improve their leg muscles while learning to climb the step ladder. The handles help them balance themselves at the top for the exhilarating ride down. Landing on their feet teaches them coordination and strengthens motor skills too.

Even though the slide may be used indoors, parents should make sure there is ample room for landing at the bottom and safe, clear space around the slide. A safe environment around the play area ensures safe playing.

The slide supports a maximum weight of 60 pounds. The sturdy Little Tikes playhouse plastic slide is manufactured in the USA.

Pros: Why I love this Little Tikes First Slide for toddlers

I love this slide as a first slide for toddlers learning to climb and slide. The step ladder and slide length are the perfect height for little kiddos, and I like the handles they can hold on to pull them upward. In addition, I found it easy to assemble, light to move, and I think it’s durable and sturdy.

Cons: What I would improve

I recommend this as a great slide for children 18 months and older. There is nothing I would improve. However, your slide won’t be stable and safe if you don’t press hard to snap pieces in.

2. Best For Sports Enthusiasts: Step2 Sportastic Activity Center

Step2 Sportastic Activity Center multicolored with basketball hoop, bat and ball

The Step2 Sportastic Activity Center is one of the best indoor slides for sports enthusiastic parents to introduce their little ones to various sports play options. The 3-in-1 game-time sports climber activity center comes with a slide, a basketball hoop, ball, soccer goal, a tethered baseball, and a baseball bat.

An easy-up-the-stairs climber feature helps develop one-year-old toddlers’ fine motor skills as they climb up and down the stairs. The stairs lead to a slide that is not too high for your little one, and when they grow older, it functions as an excellent exercising tool.

With three different sports equipment types, kids may soon find out why sports are so popular and one of the best exercise activities for kids and adults. The tethered baseball set allows kids to practice their swing without having to run after the ball. Kids who are too young to stand and swing can practice in a sitting position ideal for a 12-month toddler.

The basketball hoop and soccer goal may help with coordination and motor skills as kids aim for the goal post or basketball hoop. Their arms and legs muscles may strengthen as they improve their aiming skills by kicking or throwing the balls.

Each sports accessory set has its convenient storage place on the outer wall of the slide. The activity center offers more than an indoor slide and may keep your kids busy and playmates too. The sports climber and slide with its sports accessories could be the beginning of a love for sports and even the birth of a new sports star.

Pros: Why I love the Step2 SportsActivity Center

I like that the playset comes with a bat and ball, so I don’t have to rush out and get one. The slide comes with three sports equipment sets which I love because it’s the perfect size for little hands and a great way to introduce little ones to the world of sports. As a parent, I love the storage areas on the playset for the sports equipment, so it doesn’t get lost and is always within arm’s reach. With all the options, more than one child can have fun simultaneously.

Cons: What I would improve

I suggest a mat or padding that keeps the slide set more secure to the floor during play.

3. Best Clubhouse Slide: Little Tikes Hide And Seek Climber Slide

Little Tikes Hide And Seek Climber Slide red and green with tunnel and windows

The clubhouse and slide climber set combination of the Little Tikes Hide And Seek Climber Slide may inspire any kid’s imagination for active playtime. The climbing set ensures physical activity that develops and strengthens the skills of little ones when they slide, climb, and crawl.

The toddler slide playset is ideal for indoor and outdoor use and is the best climber slide for kids who enjoy some adventure and challenges. A gentle slope slide promises a soft landing which is perfect for 12-month-old infants. The slide height is 19.75 inches from the ground to the top of the slide. Kids up to five years old may enjoy the enjoyable experience the slide playset offers.

With a weight limit of 45 pounds per child and the ability to support two kids at a time, your toddler and siblings can play together. Clubhouse walls have windows to peek through, and the rock wall is an easy climb for beginners and young kids. The tunnel beneath the clubhouse has ample crawl space to crawl through or hide out when playing hide-and-seek.

Pros: Why I like the Little Tikes Hide and Seek Climber Slide

I love toys with themes; it sparks a child’s imagination for active playtime and fun scenarios. Besides, all kids love the idea of a clubhouse, and this one comes with a slide. The weight limit is sufficient to support two children, and I love the little windows kids can peek through. It’s easy to climb, and the clubhouse tunnel is perfect for crawling through.

Cons: What I would improve

I like the rock wall instead of a traditional step ladder, but some kids may find it awkward until they get used to it.

4. Best Folding Slide with Safety Rail: Baby Joy Folding Slide

Baby Joy Folding Slide red slide with blue and yellow step ladder with high handrails

The Baby Joy Folding Slide qualifies as one of the best indoor slides because of its folding ability and the higher handrails. Kids may feel safer with these handrails they can grab to support them climbing up the step ladder, balance, and repositioning their bodies for the perfect slide downward.

For toddlers, the distance to the ground may be daunting, and the higher handrails promise safety because they can hold onto it and may give them the courage to go down the slide. The handrails are 8 inches high, which is higher than standard slide side rails making it easier to grab for short and taller kids.

An inclined triangular structure design between the slide and the step ladder provides a firm base for stability. The slide itself has an acceleration zone at the top and a buffer zone at the bottom for safe stopping. The step ladder comes with easy-to-climb steps that a toddler may climb without adult assistance.

The easy-to-assemble toddler and kids’ folding slide takes up little space when folded for storage. It has one of the best folding structures for indoor slides. The folding feature is purposefully part of the design to free up floor space when not in use. Its compact structure and light weight make it portable and flexible when storing; it can even hang when folded.

Pros: Why I like the Baby Joy Folding Slide for kids

The Baby Joy folding slide is perfect for apartments and small homes where you must pack up after play. I love the portability; it’s lightweight, easy to assemble and disassemble, and its folding features to stack it against a room wall. In addition, I found the step design is for toddlers to climb without adult assistance.

Cons: What I would improve

Some reviewers suggested that the slide is too small for taller kids.

5. Best Foam Climber for Infants and Toddlers: ECR4Kids SoftZone Climb and Crawl Activity Play Set

ECRAKids SoftZone Climb and Crawl Activity Play Set multicolored and 5 different shapes

The fun foam ECR4Kids SoftZone Climber and Slide are ideal for 9-months old infants to 3-year-old toddlers who want to explore and discover their crawling, climbing, and sliding skills; a climber set designed for little ones. Assembling is so easy to assemble that your toddler can put together the collection of five foam shapes without help from an adult.

Playing on the dense foam structures is like having a kid’s gymnasium in your living room, which is easily stored when the kids have exhausted their energy. The activity playset is designed for maximum fun, to keep your toddler safe, and to help develop and strengthen their gross motor skills, balance, and hand-eye coordination. It is more than a toddler slide. With the different shapes, kids can climb, crawl, stack, lift, push, pull, carry, and re-arrange the lightweight foam pieces. This is great for a toddler crawler!

The material used for the shapes is easy to clean, durable, safe, and soft for kids’ comfort.  The dense foam structure is CertiPUR-US certified foams without phthalates. The GreenGold Certification promises a healthy indoor air toy that is safe to use indoors at home, in a classroom, or in daycare. The climb and slide set are also CPSIA and CA-117 compliant ensuring additional safety for your little one.

The activity play mats are covered with colorful and sturdy vegan leather providing a soft experience for kids. A mild soap and water solution clean the shapes effortlessly. The non-slip textured-based material at the bottom prevents the slide or shapes from slipping from under the child.

Pros: Why I like the ECR4Kids SoftZone Climber and Slide

I love this fun foam activity player for open-ended play; it is perfect for motor development as infants and toddlers crawl, climb, push, pull, and slide. With all the approved safety tests, I know the playset is child-safe, and the materials are easy to clean with soap and water. I recommend this crawl and slide playset for daycare, nurseries, and infants to 3-year-olds; it’s ideal for busy, active, and curious kids.

Cons: What I would improve

A customer mentioned that the size of the pieces doesn’t align with other playsets designed by the same company.

6. Best Slide with Ball Pit: Eezy Peezy Active Play 3 In 1 Jungle Gym Play Set

Eezy Peezy Active Play 3 In 1 Jungle Gym Play Set red slide with blue climber and ball pit decorated with stars

The Eezy Peezy Jungle Gym with ball pit is one of the best indoor slides that provide a variety of activity options for your kids. Easy to assemble, the 3 in 1 gym set promises hours of fun in the playroom. The set includes a super safe toddler slide, a climbing structure, a ball pit, a toss target, and 50 colorful balls.

The playset is large enough to support two kids with a maximum weight of 150 pounds but sufficiently compact for your living space or playroom at home. The imaginative and creative possibilities may keep kids entertained and engaged all day. If your kids are too small to play outdoors or the weather does not permit it, the combination of the slide, ball pit, toss target, and climber is a great way to offer healthy exercise indoors and develop motor skills, coordination, creativity, and social skills.

Interlocking plastic tubes and connectors with double self-locking springs ensure a safe and sturdy jungle gym for your kids. All it is missing is a swing set – just kidding! It also makes assembling and disassembling uncomplicated.

Pros: Why I like the Eezy Peezy Jungle Gym with ball pit

I appreciate the interlocking feature of a safe and stable kid’s jungle gym, and I love the versatility. Kids won’t be bored when stuck indoors with a slide, a ball pit with 50 balls, and a toss target net. Also, I like the size; it is big enough for two kids but small enough as an indoor slide.

Cons: What I would improve

I suggest you purchase more balls because 50 balls aren’t as much fun as a ball pit with 300. I noticed it took a while for some reviewers to assemble the 3-in-1 jungle gym set.

7. Best Safety Features for Toddler Slides: Step2 Game Time Sports Climber & Slide

The kid-friendly, low-maintenance Step2 Game Time Sports Climber And Slide is designed for stability and safety. Kids can safely play on the indoor slide in the comfort of your home or use it as outdoor playground equipment in the backyard.  Besides, the sports theme is too enticing to ignore and may attract even the shiest of kids. I think kids will love the bright-colored climbing set that encourages independent play and interests toddlers at a young age in sports.

As a parent, you don’t have to worry about safety with the playset’s safety features. The stable playset is constructed from sturdy, durable material that is BPA-free, phthalates-free, and with zero VOC. In addition, the seamless double-wall construction is durable, and there are no splinters, cracking, chipping, or fading. This indoor slide will not collapse and hurt your kids.

Each step has a pretty, deep pattern design molded into the step to avoid little feet from slipping. The steps with place to hold onto the sides give the impression of a stairwell that could look to hesitant kids easier to climb than a step ladder. The stair is designed for toddlers’ legs.

An extended tail buffer on the slide avoids hard landings protecting the kid’s spine. The indoor slide track is 50 inches long, making it an engaging, adventurous experience for toddlers. The slide is designed with arc corners for a smooth ride that helps the toddler slow down the closer they come to the buffer at the bottom.

Easy to assemble and keep clean, the indoor slide, with its seamless construction, is tough enough for any busy toddler and will last for years of interactive play and fun. A basketball hoop and basketball help kids practice their throwing skills while the other is sliding. I think it’s one of the best playground indoor slides for kids 24 months to 6 years.

Pros: Why I like the Step2 Game Time Sports Climber & Slide

This is another STE2 climber and slide I recommend for indoor or backyard fun. It is a winner, made from durable material that withstands active toddlers, and outside conditions, and the bright colors won’t fade. I like the sports theme for physical exercise, inspiring toddlers to enjoy playing sports. Kids love cheerful colors, and this activity-based climber and slide playset are perfect for siblings, friends, and independent play.

Cons: What I would improve

One reviewer was concerned that the base wasn’t anchored and could tip.

8. Best First Slide for Infants: KidKraft Mountain Cave Climber

The KidKraft Mountain Cave Climber and slide is a cute, first-time slide for toddlers. The climber and slide are constructed with a theme representing a cave and all the adventures kids can unlock with imaginative play. Watch your toddler challenge the 180-degree boulder mountain and develop gross motor skills and muscle development as they climb the mountain.

At the top of the mountain is a 20-inch wood deck as a lookout for their foes, and the slide is the perfect plan to escape dragons and such quickly. The cute gave below the wood deck is ideal as a hideout or to crawl through for more adventures and surprises.

For over 50 years, KidKraft has crafted engaging wooden indoor and outdoor products and toys for busy toddlers, preschoolers, and young children. This cool cave theme climber with a slide is no exception. Kids can creatively roleplay endless stories or just have fun going up and down the indoor slide. The slide’s gentle slope ensures a safe landing for your little one and is perfect for indoor and outdoor play.

Pros: Why I like the KidKraft Mountain Cave Climber and Slide

I love themes! And this is one of the cutest first-time slides. I think climbing the mountain to a wood deck, and the cave underneath is adorable. This is the perfect themed slide for young imaginations, a cave to crawl in and through, climbing to the lookout, and sliding down to escape the enemy.

Cons: What I would improve

Nothing really; however, I imagine some parents won’t like the engineered wood materials.

9. Best Wooden Slide: Jupiduu The Lovely Kids Slide

Jupiduu The Lovely Kids Slide in white

If you were looking for something different and decorative, Jupiduu’s The Lovely Kids Slide could be an excellent choice. The wooden slide’s unique design may complement the décor in a living room, nursery, playroom, or any room in the home.

Jupiduu, a German company, had the privilege of supplying a wooden slide to the British royal family celebrating Prince George’s first birthday. Your prince or princess can also own one of these slides. The slide is designed for kids from 18 months to four years old or a maximum of 110 pounds.

An incline at a slight 24-degree angle ensures a pleasant ride without accelerating too fast for the little one. High-side walls form part of the simplicity of the decorative design and keep kids safe when sliding. The steps are designed so that toddlers may comfortably climb while holding onto the safety side rails.

The grey-white wood slide makes a great birthday or Christmas gift for your kids that may last for years and become a classic.

Pros: Why I like the wooden Jupiduu The Lovely Kids Slide

I recommend this slide if you are looking for a practical but decorative toy for your child’s bedroom or living room. I like the classic design and the attention to detail, like painting the visible screws. The materials and coatings are safe for kids. I like the sturdy rails that help support youngsters when climbing the step ladder.

Cons: What I would improve

Despite the modern design and uniqueness, it could be expensive for some budgets.

10. Best Jumping Castle Slide: ACTION AIR Bounce House Inflatable Jumping Castle with Slide

ACTION Air Bounce House Inflatable Jumping Castle with Slide blue with multi colored decor

The Action Air Bounce House Inflatable Bouncer is a jumping castle with a slide that could take a birthday party to the next level. Using the bouncer indoors may solve the dilemma of active kids who can’t play outside due to stormy weather. Why not celebrate every day and gift your child the bounce house with a slide as a Christmas or birthday gift?

With dimensions of 9 x 7 x 6 feet, the inflatable bouncer can support multiple kids within an age range from 3 years to 10 years up to a maximum weight of 200 pounds. The material is designed for durability with extra thick sides and a jumping area. The bounce house is approved with a CPC certificate. The sides are surrounded by mesh safety netting to protect kids from falling and injuring themselves.  One side has an opening for the slide.

Set up is effortless, and kids do not have to wait long to play. So, if the planned celebration comes to a sudden halt due to the weather, it will take a minute to inflate the bounce house and slide for indoor fun. The bouncer is inflated by constant airflow, and therefore air leak from seams prevents it from becoming over-inflated. The package includes the bouncer with a slide, an air blower, repair patches, a portable bag for carrying and storage, and lawn stakes if used in the backyard.

Pros: Why I like the Action Air Bounce House Inflatable Bouncer

Quick to set up, this amazing jumping castle with slide features everything your children need. I love the safety mesh walls and the air leakage feature that keeps it inflated. What I like the most is that the jumping castle is portable for use inside or outside. In addition, the set includes repair patches, an air blower with a 25 ft power cord, and a portable carry bag.

Cons: What I would improve

I like the versatility of the slide and jumping castle, but cheaper slides are available if you don’t want to spend this much.

11. Best Minimalist Slide without Steps: Kids Slide For Bed Couch Sofa Stairs

The Kids Slide For Bed Couch Sofa Stairs is the solution to having a slide indoors with limited space. The slide comes without a step ladder, which makes it easy to store. The stair-less slide attaches to a variety of objects like a bed, stairs, or sofa. the price won’t break the budget either.

If you don’t have space but want your toddler to experience the thrill of a slide in a safe environment, I think the stairless slide is an excellent pick. The indoor slide comes without the bulky step ladder—parents can use a bed, sofa, cabinet, or stairs as the “step ladder, ” which kids do anyway. And I find it easy to store without the bulky ladder.

It has a non-slip mat underneath, which keeps the slide in place and won’t slip away under a child during play. The silicone pads also provide reinforcement and avoid bowing the track when the child slides down. I like the wider and longer slideway. I found a wider waiting area makes it easy for toddlers to turn. The three sliding areas, acceleration zone, deceleration zone, and buffer zone, ensures kids have an exhilarating experience without rushing down the slide but landing smoothly and safely.

The stair-less slide is designed for kids in an age group from 3 years old or with a weight capacity of 120 pounds. It is made of eco-friendly HDPE material, non-toxic, and environment friendly with no shape edges and corners that can scratch your child.

Pros: Why I like this Kids Slide For Bed Couch Sofa Stairs

In my experience, kids love to jump on and off beds, couches, and stairs, so this kids’ slide is the perfect gift for indoor fun. I like that there are no bulky stairs, which makes it easy to store in the closet or against the bedroom wall. And I think the longer and broader slideway and waiting area help toddlers turn easier and safely slide and stop at the landing.  

Cons: What I would improve

A bigger child may not find the waiting not so comfortable for positioning.

Indoor Slide Buying Guide

Features To Consider When Shopping for the Best Indoor Slides For Kids


Safety is the most crucial feature of any toy bought for young kids. It’s the first rule of parenting. Indoor slides are generally not as bulky or high as playground slides. However, toddlers can still fall and injure themselves, although carpets do provide a buffer. Indoor slides are also generally shorter, which makes it a safer slide than many outdoor slides.

As a parent, I have more control over indoor slides. I find the slides are easier to clean and keep clean from germs and dirt than a backyard or public playground slide.

I recommend checking out indoor slides with safety rails to assist toddlers in stepping on the step ladders and positioning themselves at the top. I find that raised sides prevent kids from falling off when going down the track, and I like it when the shape of the track slows the child down as they approach the end of the slide. A bumper at the end of the track helps kids stop safely without hurting themselves.


Other important factors I like to consider when selecting the best indoor slides are the weight limits and slides made for specific age ranges. I found that infants who are starting to walk and crawl may appreciate soft foam slides and shapes, while toddlers may enjoy climbing and sliding. The more active, adventurous kids may find a climber playset enticing.


Slides come in different dimensions. Before purchasing an indoor slide, I suggest you make sure the indoor slide will fit in the space you allocated for it in your home. There should be enough space for kids to move around the slide to climb the step ladder comfortably and ample landing space at the bottom of the slide.

If you have limited space, refrain from buying the climber and slide sets that take up more space. I look for a slide that is made for small spaces, or I purchase a slide without a step ladder that uses a staircase, bed, or couch as a stepladder.


I prefer the portability of indoor slides to outdoor playground equipment and slides that are often permanent fixtures. Unlike outdoor slides, I find indoor slides are generally easy to put together and then dissembled after playtime. The slides are stored in rooms, the garage, and other storage areas, or propped up against the wall of the playroom or nursery.

Indoor slides are generally lightweight, and many can fold for compact storage. If you have a small space, I recommend you look for a slide that folds.

Some slides are used indoors and outdoors. These slides are typically designed with portability features.

Construction Material

Slides made from durable plastic are lightweight, easy to clean, and can support a toddler’s weight. Indoor slides can also be made from wood but avoid slides with metal parts that are heavy.

The fewer parts the slide is made of, the easier the assembly. Ensure that all the necessary hardware is included in the package.

When I look for a slide, I make sure the material is non-toxic and safe for kids.

Slide or Activity Playset

Indoor slides come separately or combined with other activity features. Considering the space and the child’s needs, parents should decide whether they want a single slide or combine them with themes and activities.

I like the slide and climber sets that include sports equipment like a basketball hoop and ball, a bat and ball, targets, or ball pits with balls for younger kids. Some climber sets have a theme and include climbers, tunnels, or a theme-based playset.

Benefits of Buying An Indoor Slide for Kids

I found slides are among the best fun toys that help kids strengthen and develop necessary skills during the infant and toddler stage.


Parents may need to assist their preschoolers the first few times as they learn how to coordinate their arms and legs. Climbing the step ladder, positioning themselves at the top for the ride, sliding, down, and stopping at the end teaches toddlers how to balance and coordinate their bodies for the exhilaration a slide has to offer.  These work for any slide – that includes great kid water slides as well.


Climbing, crawling, and sliding strengthen muscles in their legs and arms. It also improves gross motor skills. Climbing the steps strengthens core muscles kids use to move and align their torso. Strengthening the core muscles helps develop a good posture while young.

I like how playing on the slide gives kids a workout indoors when they cannot go outside to play. They build and strengthen muscles and improve their balance and coordination, especially if you have kids that like the challenge of climbing up the slide and going down.


Playing with other children helps kids with social skills. I found they learn how to communicate and how to resolve misunderstandings in a friendly way. Young kids need to develop their social skills, which helps them to interact better as adults and in the world.

Taking turns also teaches kids to share, and they learn the required social standards when sharing space.

Fun! Fun!

I love how indoor slides bring smiles to children’s faces. An indoor slide may seem like a simple toy until kids start to play, then it becomes a vital part of a magic formula for fun. I see how their creative and imaginative minds change climbing steps and sliding down the slide track into adventurous fun you don’t want to miss. Their joy and delight during play bring joy to a parent’s heart.

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