Best Toy Workbenches

A toddler workbench, accompanied by tools and accessories, is one of the best and most fun toys for young boys and girls to enhance vital development skills. Like a play kitchen set, a toy workbench inspires imaginative pretend play, strengthens motor skills, improves hand-eye coordination, and stimulates creative thinking.

Our best toddler workbench list may assist parents, friends, and caregivers in selecting the perfect toy bench for a child. We have spent hours researching and reading toddler workbench reviews to create the best list of toy benches.

Our editor’s choice is a tool bench kids will enjoy for years, from toddler to tween. The Toyvelt 68 Piece Kids Tool Workbench is one of the best kids’ tool benches with its realistic-looking toys, sturdy construction, versatility, portability, and is sold at an affordable price. We have also included a space-saver bench, the most realistic looking one, the best portable workbench, and a bench for the pro-active builder who is looking for a variety of projects to build.

Best Toddler and Kids Tool Bench Reviews

68 Piece Kids Toy Workbench
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Toy Chois 83 Pieces Kids Construction Toy Workbench
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Liberty Imports Toy Tool Workbench
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Step2 Real Projects Toy Workshop
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EverEarth Toddler Workbench
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Melissa & Doug Wooden Project Workbench
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Step2 489099 Pro Play Workshop & Utility Bench
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Top Overall Toy Workbench: 68 Piece Kids Toy Workbench

68 Piece Kids Toy Workbench

The 68-piece Kids Toy Workbench is our editor’s pick because of the toddler workbench’s realistic look, tools, and accessories. The kid’s toy workbench is sturdy, inspires STEM activities, is sold at a reasonable price, and converts into a portable carry case when visiting grandpa. The workbench is manufactured by ToyVelt, a Mega ToyBrand, and may delight kids from 3-years-old and up.

The workbench is 16 inches tall, which is the perfect height for preschoolers. The pretend tools and accessories are designed to fit in small hands. A battery-operated drill makes realistic sounds that should thrill your little one. A toy hammer, wrench, and saw fits comfortably in a toddler’s hands for constructing items at the toy toddler workbench. After the creative play, kids can hang the tools on the back of the workbench case to keep the workbench neat and tidy.

Toddlers and young kids may enjoy building and constructing projects at the toddler workbench. While they are having fun, the kids are strengthening and developing motor skills, hand-eye coordination, social skills, and learning how to plan, strategize, and complete a project from beginning to end.

ToyVelt toddler workbenches are some of the best toddler workbenches; it is an excellent birthday gift for your toddler or a surprise under the Christmas tree. Assembly is easy, so dads will not have to stay up late on Christmas Eve, figuring out instructions to assemble the gift.

A sturdy design and construction ensure the kids’ toy workbench may withstand rough play from energetic and enthusiastic toddler carpenters. With its 68 pieces, including 12 tools, the workbench has enough features that your child may still be playing with it as a tween.  The toolset contains all the essentials a young STEM engineer may need for their next building project. The package includes realistic screws and nuts of different sizes, a hammer, saw, an electronic drill, and many more exciting pieces.

Kids have their favorite toys they like to cart along with them. The toy workbench folds into a portable and compact tool bag for your child to carry. The 16 x 29 x 14 inches dimensions of the portable bag and its lightweight makes it possible for your little one to take it everywhere they go—to the park, the beach, their friend’s house, grandmas, the backyard, or their playroom. The compact space-saving tool bag is stored with all the bits and pieces securely inside the bag.

The ToyVelt toddler workbench with its 68 pieces, is one of the best buys for preschoolers and older kids, boys or girls, to develop an interest in STEM topics. It also helps mature essential skills like hand-eye coordination, gross and fine motor skills, problem-solving techniques, and language and social skills when playing with friends and siblings.

Most Versatile Toddler Workbench: Toy Choi’s 83 Pieces Kids Construction Toy Workbench

Toy Choi’s 83 Pieces Kids Construction Toy Workbench

The Toy Choi’s 83 pieces Kids Construction Toy Workbench is possibly the most versatile kid’s tool bench you may find. Not only is the work bench a standard stand toy tool bench, but the toy also converts into a portable tool suitcase or a trolley case. Kids can pack up their tools and carry or push the converted workbench to its new destination. The carry case is ideal for storage and traveling too.

Toy Choi listened to its customers and launched an upgraded version addressing customer concerns. One of the best workbench improvements is increased worktable stability. The previous workbench had only two supporting points, whereas the upgraded version has six supporting points that are more evenly distributed for enhanced stability. The newer workbench has a better weight capacity and does not flip over when weight is unevenly distributed.

The manufacturer managed to increase the surface height from 24 inches to 29 inches by redesigning workbench parts. The redesigning also resulted in a greater reinforcement of the workbench structure. Now the workbench can support more weight if assembled correctly; adult assembly is recommended.

Another great feature of the toy work bench is the goggles to teach kids safety precautions as a child. The goggle frame is made of ABS plastic for sturdiness, and the goggle lens from polypropylene makes the lens shatterproof should your child accidentally drop it. The elasticity of the elastic band may fit various kids’ head sizes.

The upgraded version also addresses the lack of storage for accessories. The new storage shelf expands storage space. It is placed at pressure points to increase the stability of the bench. Other improvements are the increased thickness and size of the toy hammer and better package design, improving long-distance transport durability.

With 83 pieces, your little one is getting an assortment of play tools and accessories, including screws, nuts, spanners, screwdriver, saw, hammer, wrenches, and an electric drill. The toy drill functions like a real drill. It has replaceable drill bits, a protection switch, and rotates clockwise and anti-clockwise. Now your child can select the right drill bit for their project. LED work light activates when the child pulls the trigger and stays lit during drill usage.

ABS plastic and polystyrene plastic were used for different parts and pieces of the workbench set. Kids like the brighter colors of the ABS plastic. The plastic is also environmentally non-toxic, fire-resistant, abrasive resistant, and resistant to pressure.

The Toy Choi’s kids tool benches are some of the best gift ideas for handyman boys and girls who enjoy constructing items. The variety of objects may engage your kids for hours and help improve their hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

Just Like Dad’s Workbench: Black + Decker Power Junior Power Tool Workshop

Black + Decker Power Junior Power Tool Workshop

If your little one likes to mimic dad, they may be delighted with the Black + Decker Tool Workshop. The tool bench for kids looks just like dad’s workbench with pretend tools and an accessory kit that mimics dad’s real tools.

Authentic tool actions and realistic sounds give the pretend project a natural feel. With 75 toy tools and accessories, your kid may spend hours pretend playing in copying dad’s actions. The workbench tools feature everything needed for your little one to fill their pretend toolbox.

The battery-operated drill press and miter saw sounds and functions like the real deal. A power workbench light comes in handy when working on a project. The bonus flashlight is also battery powered and bends in various angles to bring light conveniently where needed.

Teach your child organization skills and how to keep the toy workbench tidy with the multiple storage trays and hooks for hanging tools. Peg board with holes also have ample space for storing the tape measure and wrench when not in use. Kids may use the storage space to store the 5 nails, 15 screws, and 22 nuts to not lose anything. The handsaw, hammer, wrench, and drill can hang with the other tools for convenient access.

Your kid may build a tool box to carry their tools with the included wood pieces. Your three-year-old and 15-year-old may have fun with the Black + Decker Junior workbench. Parents may appreciate how easy the kid tool bench assembles.

Travel Everywhere Portable Workbench: Liberty Imports Toy Tool Workbench

Liberty Imports Toy Tool Workbench

If portability is essential, then the Liberty Imports Toy Tool Workbench is the best kids’ tool bench for quickly converting the work area into a carry case. Each tool has its assigned spot, which makes it easy to pack up and go. Parents appreciate the carry case feature when they often travel or have limited storage space.

The practical tools and gadgets in the kids’ tool bench may strengthen and develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination as your toddler bangs out new inventions or construction of projects with the Durafoam fake wooden pieces. Imaginative pretend play has no limits with the play toolset. The set includes an adjustable screwdriver, a drill with a spinning drill head, wrenches, a spanner, and a vice.

It is one of the best toddler toy workbenches and is safety tested and certified according to ASTM and CPSC standards for toy safety. Designed for kids from 3 years old to 12 years, the Liberty Imports toy work benches may withstand all the banging and rough play. The premium quality tools are made from durable, quality materials.

The workbench converts into a compact case that only weighs 2.5 pounds. A young child can carry the lightweight folding toolbox. Assembling and disassembling the workbench is quick and easy. Make sure you have 2 AA batteries for the electronic toy drill before presenting the gift to your child. Be mindful that small pieces could be a choking hazard to kids younger than 3 years old.

Best Variety of Projects: Step2 Real Projects Toy Workshop

Step2 Real Projects Toy Workshop

If you were looking for a workbench with unlimited building possibilities, then the Step2 Real Projects Toy Workshop is one of the best toddler tool benches for kids three years and older. The realistic foam wood pieces do not limit your little builder’s imagination. The blueprint of project ideas like building a rocket, house, toolbox, car, airplane, boat, treasure chest, may inspire your toddler even more.

The foam pieces interlock to create structures; the parts also have holes for screws and nuts. When your child pretend-role plays at the deluxe workshop, they not only improve their hand-eye coordination by handling the tools, foam pieces, and accessories, they also enhance their concentration and motor skills. A particular benefit of the wood pieces not being solid wood is that the pieces float in water and make excellent bath toys.

A battery-operated power drill comes with interchangeable drill bits and sound effects. The 68 pieces also include a pretend hammer, saw, bolts, nails, nuts, and a spring action vice. The workbench has screw holes and an adjustable angle-finder, which makes the bench even more realistic looking.

The built-in features may delight any parent who wants to teach their kids to tidy up after play. The accessory bin pulls out for quick access, and the top and bottom storage shelves are convenient storage spaces for finished projects or work in progress.

Top Pick For Small Spaces: EverEarth Toddler Workbench

EverEarth Toddler Workbench

The EverEarth Toddler Workbench is one of the best kids’ toy tool workbenches for homes with limited space. The 14.76 x 8.85 x 12.79 inches dimensions of the assembled workbench are smaller than many toddler work benches but big enough for your kid to construct fun projects.

A compact design ensures the workbench does not take up too much floor space in an overcrowded playroom or small apartment. Placed on the floor, kids may sit or kneel while playing. If there is no floor space, the workbench may stand on a tabletop. The bench is small enough to store on a shelf when not in use.

Toy tools are designed for safe pretend play. The pretend tools are pre-sanded and pre-drilled for smooth finishes with rounded corners and stained with non-toxic, BPH-free water-based paint. The toy is tested according to US ASTM, F963, and European EN 71 product safety standards. The wood material is sustainably harvested from nurseries that are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.

The toolset includes a toy hammer, pretend saw, a bench vice, and a flat head screwdriver. The workbench top comes with threaded holes for screws. The screws, nuts, bolts, and boards with holes for constructing items, are all included in the purchase.

The STEM educational toy helps your child develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination when they apply the tools. Assembling nuts and bolt may strengthen and develop fine motor skills, whereas using the wrench and screwdriver inspires logical thinking and problem-solving techniques.

Excellent Wooden Workbench: Melissa & Doug Wooden Project Workbench

Melissa & Doug Wooden Project Workbench

The timeless design of the Melissa & Doug Wooden Project Workbench is one of the best toy benches that will last for years. The classic design does not go out of fashion, and the solid wood construction makes it a durable toy that younger siblings may enjoy.

Melissa & Doug’s solid wood toys are designed to encourage creative thinking and kids’ imaginations in an overstimulated world. The kids’ tool bench is made from high-quality solid wood and has a storage shelf below the workbench for storing accessories, wood construction pieces, a project booklet, and projects your little one is still building. The workbench also comes with a tool rack for storing tools; your young engineer only has to stretch his arm to grab the tool they need.

The functioning vise makes this workbench a great buy. It works just like the vice on dad’s workbench. The construction set for kids contains the necessary tools and hardware to create exciting and innovative items. Included in the package are five wooden functioning tools and 55 wooden construction pieces to create anything your child’s imagination can come up with.

A project booklet lays out step-by-step instructions on how to build six projects. Melissa & Doug toys inspire motor skills development, hand-eye coordination, improve problem-solving skills, and teach kids to pay attention and focus. The toy workbench comes with a 100% happiness guarantee.

The workbench measures 26 x 18.75 x 24 inches and weighs 18.8 pounds. It is designed for kids from three to six years old. The 26 inches height makes it ideal for older kids who have outgrown their toddler stage.  Make sure the workbench is assembled by an adult to ensure a safe environment.

Best for Creative and Interactive Role Play: Step2 489099 Pro Play Workshop & Utility Bench

Step2 489099 Pro Play Workshop & Utility Bench

If other workbench products are too small for multiple children, then the Step2 Pro Play Workshop & Utility Bench is for siblings and friends. With a dimension of 16.5 x 47 x 39.5 inches, there is enough workbench space for kids to explore their woodworking abilities without getting in each other’s way. A pull-out utility bench expands the pretend-play for that another friend and has storage space too. The ruler and table saw attached to the pull-out bench may come in very handy.

The workbench playset includes enough storage space for each child to store their project separately. The storage space is realistically representing a pegboard, jars, and storage bin like a real workshop. The built-in cabinet storage help kids keep their work area neat and tidy. The utility sink inspires little ones to wash up after a fun woodworking playdate.

Playing together enhances your child’s social and language skills, creative roleplaying, and learning to share with siblings and friends. It also helps develop motor skills, coordination, critical thinking, strategic planning, and problem-solving abilities.

Tools include a real working spring action vice, a hammer, hand saw, table saw, and a battery-operated pretend power drill. The package also consists of the hardware and interlocking foam pieces that look like wood. Your little ones can construct anything with these wood-looking foam pieces.

The Step2 Pro Workshop, with its 76 pieces, including the carpentry tools, fasteners, hardware, and electronic drill with realistic sound effects, is one of the best birthday gifts to delight a little handyman or budding carpenter.

Features To Consider When Purchasing A Toddler Workbench

How many pieces does the workbench have?

The number of pieces a workbench varies from product to product. Most workbenches have the standard tool kit, including a hammer, wrench, saw, and drill. The majority of benches have a battery-operated drill with realistic sound effects. Workbenches may also include a vice, tape measure, table saw, and other tools.

All workbenches have the necessary hardware and include construction pieces, nuts, bolts, and screws in the package. The articles may vary from 60 to 80 pieces and even more.

Workbenches also have storage space like storage shelves, tool rack, storage bin, and other areas to store the accessories and ongoing projects.

Do you want “old school” or with lights and noise?

Like the Fisher Prices Laugh & Learn Workbench, lights, music, and noises workbenches are designed for babies and infants. These types of workbenches are brightly colored, have lots of lights and sound to engage infants, and help develop cognitive skills. Many of these toys have a volume control to regulate the sounds that could become annoying to older kids and adults in the vicinity.

The “old school” type of workbenches are designed to look realistic and are generally for toddlers and older kids. Children like to mimic their parents; toy workbenches allow them to pretend to roleplay their parents. Some toys are made from solid wood for the more natural type of toy.

How age appropriate is this workbench?

Most workbenches are designed for ages three years old and up. However, workbenches like the Little Tikes Tough Workshop are manufactured explicitly for two-year-old kids. Like any other toy, manufacturers recommend buying age-appropriate toys for various reasons.

Toys designed for babies and infants are made to fit their hands and their ability to handle the toy. Small pieces are choking hazards for kids younger than 3-years-old. Therefore, toys made for infants are designed to be too big for swallowing. Toys made for 3-year old and older may contain small pieces that infants could accidentally swallow. Age-appropriate toys are also designed to assist in developing and strengthening development skills for that age group.

Another factor to consider is the tool’s functionality: the younger the age-group, the less functional the toy tools. Babies are more interested in banging, lights, and sound that creating objects. Even so, the devices should be usable even for pretend play. For example, even a pretend hammer should be heavier at one end than the other. The holes in construction pieces and the peg board holes for nuts and screws should be large enough.

How much space do you have for this bench?

Space Available

Before purchasing the perfect toy workbench for your toddler, make sure where your toddler will use it. If you live in an apartment or have a small playroom, you should consider a workbench that fits in the space available. The space-saving EverEarth Toddler Workbench is designed to work on a tabletop or for toddlers to sit and play. It is made for limited space.

In small spaces, parents need to pack up the toy after play. Consider toy workbenches that are lightweight and quick to disassemble. We have a couple of toy workbenches in the list that converts into a portable carry case for easy transport and storage.

Workspace and Height

The workspace and height are essential to consider when purchasing a toy workbench for your kid. Most workbenches have ample workspace for one kid but could become crowded if siblings or friends want to join in the fun.

Before you buy a toy tool bench, check the dimensions of the product. You may notice that the Step2 Pro Play Workshop’s work area is more extensive than most toy workbenches, making it ideal for multiple kids. The pull-out workbench features add more space.

The height of the workbench varies depending on the age group the product targets. Like the Melissa & Doug Wooden Project Workbench, some workbenches stands taller than other workbenches, which is excellent for tall toddlers and older kids.

What materials are used in this toy?

Most toy workbenches are constructed from wood or plastic materials. Benches for toddlers and infants are made from non-toxic plastic material without a rounded corner.

Wood workbenches are generally for older kids but may also have rounded corners. These products are pre-sanded, and non-toxic paints are used to stain the wood. The bench and tools may be constructed from wood.

Some workbench toy sets include wood blocks or wood-looking foam pieces to use for constructing things. The foam pieces are light and may drift in the water, which is a bonus for bath time. The articles also have various shapes and often interlock when making something.

How important is the brand of the toy?

Some toy brands are more popular than others.

  • Black + Decker (Black and Decker) are well-known for their DIY tools. Their kids’ range is realistic, looking to allow kids to imitate their parents in pretend play.
  • Little Tikes is a trusted brand that has been manufacturing toys for toddlers and young kids for over 50 years. Little Tikes are experienced in creating toys that stimulate thinking skills and the adventurous side of kids.
  • Step2 is one of the USA’s largest toy manufacturers, focusing on toys for toddlers and preschoolers.
  • PowerTRC was established in 2014 and created a wide range of high-quality toys. Although relatively new in the market, they have become known for their quality toys.

These toy brands are familiar to most parents, but it does not mean that lesser-known brands do not manufacture fun and quality toys. Toy manufacturers generally provide quality toys that are kid-friendly and kid-safe.