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Play is important- as parents and educators, we know this is true. I believe imaginative, immersive play is most important, where children make up their own stories and scenes. LEGO holds the top spot for interactive toys that encourage the imagination to flourish. I think the best Lego sets bring hopes and dreams from a child’s mind into the world.

For kids who love learning about police officers and acting out exciting chase scenes specifically, the choice is clear. They can be the best lego sets for girls or boys – it depends on the individual.  A LEGO City police set contributes to proper criminal catching and patrolling! With these top thirteen LEGO City police sets, your little officer’s imagination is bound to flourish.

The Best LEGO City Police Sets for Kids

LEGO City Police Station 60246 Police Toy
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LEGO City Police Dog Unit 60241
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LEGO City Police Patrol Car 60239
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LEGO City Police Monster Truck Heist 60245
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LEGO City Police Swamp Police Station
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LEGO City Police 60047 Station
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LEGO City Mobile Police Unit 60044
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LEGO City Police High-speed Chase 60138
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LEGO City Prison Island
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1. LEGO City Police Station 60246 Police Toy

LEGO City Police Station 60246 Police Toy

The City Police Station playset is one of the best LEGO City Building sets that is an excellent gift for fans of the LEGO City Adventures TV series. Mini-figures in the police playset includes characters from the TV series like Chief Wheeler, Duke DeTain, and Daisy Kaboom. Kids can re-enact the adventures of the series or create their unique stories.

Build the police headquarters to set the stage for engaging entertainment and fun. The toy police station features a jailbreak explosion fun for endless role-playing jailbreak scenarios. A light-brick searchlight may help find the jailbreakers, the police car with a sound-brick siren, and the two dog figures won’t let them get too far before caught.

The detailed police headquarters, realistic police vehicles, and fun TV characters may keep kids captivated for fun hours. There is something to do for everyone. Crooks may escape with the off-road getaway vehicle, but the police vehicle’s working lights and sirens create realistic car chases. Engineers may have fun maintaining the police motorcycle so that it is in top condition when needed.

With its multi-model building features and accessories, the LEGO set may be one of the top building sets in the LEGO City police playsets collections.


  • 6 LEGO City TV series Minifigures
  • 2 trucks, police motorcycle, and drone
  • Multi-model building features with lots of accessories

Best for: LEGO City TV series fans

Age: 6-21

2. LEGO City Police Dog Unit 60241

LEGO City Police Dog Unit 60241

The LEGO City Police Dog Unit is an action-packed LEGO adventure for kids four years and older who like dogs and police adventure toys. A special Starter Brick and easy-to-follow instructions make the LEGO City Police set a fantastic birthday gift for youngsters and beginner builders.

Diamonds were stolen from a jewelry shop, and the crook thinks they can get away with the loot hidden in a sack. They underestimated the police dog’s ability to foil a raid. The police dog unit vehicle has ample space for the police officer, the police dog, and a handcuffed crook.

Start your child’s police playsets collection with this fun City LEGO set that is easy to build and inspires imaginative role-playing.


  • Starter brick for young and beginner builders
  • Two mini-figures and a police dog figure
  • Jewelry shop, police car vehicle
  • Crook’s accessories for a robbery

Best for: Young builders who like dogs and adventures toys

Age: 4 and up

3. LEGO City Police Patrol Car 60239

LEGO City Police Patrol Car 60239

Keep LEGO City streets flowing with the LEGO City Police Patrol Car. Kids of all ages can build the police patrol car to protect the city and use the traffic cones to direct the traffic. The LEGO city set may strengthen problem-solving skills when directing traffic or solving other road issues conjured up by a child’s imagination.

Children of all ages may enjoy the creative experience when constructing one of the many LEGO City Police sets. The set consists of 92 pieces, and when assembled, kids may play with the police patrol car or combine it with other City LEGO sets.

Your five-year-old may improve their fine motor skills when maneuvering the patrol car through heavy traffic and traffic jams caused by overturned trucks or accidents.


  • Police Officer with 2 traffic cones
  • Police Patrol Car

Best for: Budding law enforcers to protect the city

Age: 5 and up

4. LEGO City Police Monster Truck Heist 60245

LEGO City Police Monster Truck Heist 60245

The LEGO City Police Monster Truck Heist is for LEGO builders, kids who like police toys, and monster truck fans. Most LEGO city sets have multi-model features you would expect in a LEGO City Police playset designed for city life events and dramas. This particular LEGO city set comes with all the features you would expect plus a crook’s monster truck.

Now, why does the monster truck have a magnetic arm? Is it perhaps because the toy bank building houses a magnetic safe? Whether your kids have seen the TV series or not, hero Tom Bennet needs all the help he can get to capture crook Big Betty.

The 362 pieces build the crook’s monster truck, a police motorbike, the police station, and a police surveillance truck. The detailed interior of the surveillance truck may inspire creative role-play that may astound parents.


  • Monster truck with magnetic arm
  • Police building
  • Five mini-figures including 2LEGO city TV series characters

Best for: LEGO fans who like Monster Trucks and LEGO City TV series fans

Age: 5 and up

5. LEGO City Police Swamp Police Station

LEGO City Police Swamp Police Station

The LEGO City Police Swam Station is situated on the water with a crocodile lurking in the swamp. A daring jailbreak using a chain attached to the crook’s swamp boat sets the thieves free. Will they reach their hideout before the police officers find them?

Jump into the police boat with two lifebuoys and use the searchlight to scan the waters for the getaway boat. Use the walkie-talkies to communicate between the officers as the search on land and sea for the crooks. Two off-road vehicles, a motorcycle and a 4 x 4 off-roader, should catch the robbers if they escaped by land.

However, the escaping robbers came prepared with a crowbar and backpack, but what about the other dangers—a crocodile lurking in the water and two snakes on land? Will they be distracted by the three glow-in-the-dark flies?

The police station features a connecting bridge between the command room on top of the garage and a police cell with a breakout function. Accessories include a radar dish, toilet, computer screen, and a table. This LEGO set with its land and water adventure opportunities s one of the best LEGO building sets for multiple kids and innumerable storytelling adventure play.


  • Police station, hideout, 4 x4 off-roader, off-road motorcycle, police boat, crooks’ boat
  • Lots of accessories for police, bandits, police station, and swamp
  • Six Minifigures

Best for: Multiple kids, beginner to intermediate, water adventures

Age: 6-12

6. LEGO City Police 60047 Station

Lego Police Station

The ultimate in LEGO city police sets, the LEGO City Police Station, includes everything your law-abiding citizen needs to capture the bad guys and save the day. Seven mini-figures, a police dog, multiple vehicles, and a helicopter round out this extensive set.

This LEGO City staple features a police station and a control tower, garage, helipad, roof hatch, and inmate quarters complete with restrooms and beds. Three vehicles, police car, motorbike, and helicopter, guarantee that your little police offer will catch his or her crook.

One educational component of this comprehensive set is that it shows kids the ins and outs of daily police duties, not merely the massive takedowns. The police station includes jail cells that lend a human element to the cop, and crook make-believe kids will engage. While the set reflects the real world, kids are free to explore within the safety of their imaginations.

Top Features:

  • All-inclusive playset with plenty of mini-figures and accessories
  • Includes three vehicles
  • Seven mini-figures included
  • Lots of stickers add details.

Best for: Experienced builders, kids with an adult to help

Ages: 6-12

7. LEGO City Mobile Police Unit 60044

Lego Police Mobile Unit

Take the action on the road with this LEGO City Mobile Police Unit, a fully contained semi-truck that carries everything the police officers need to make a quick arrest on the go. This mobile LEGO police station has it all, from a control room to a surveillance center to jail cells and a detachable trailer.

In addition to the three mini-figures, accessories also include roadblocks, laptops, coffee mugs, handcuffs, crowbar, and walkie talkies. When assembled, the mobile police unit measures 11″ long, 2″ wide, and over 5″ tall. Kids will love detailed features like the satellite dish, coffee machine, and hidden city map.

Parents comment on ease of assembly, as smaller components snap together to build the mobile unit. However, this means the unit overall is less stable since it’s constructed first, assembled later. This drawback seems minor since part of the fun is building and rebuilding each set, which kids are apt to do regardless.

Top Features:

  • Ease of assembly
  • Fun details like walkie talkies and a coffee machine
  • Fully contained vehicle for taking the police on the road
  • Includes mini figures

Best for: Young builders

Ages: 5-12

8. LEGO City Police Mobile Command Center

Lego Police Command Center

Another way to take the command center on the road is with the LEGO City Police Mobile Command Center kit, which uses a semi-truck to haul the mini-building. The cab detaches, with the command center left behind on a trailer platform. At the command center are a jail cell, monitoring room, and storage area. Four mini-figures and a police dog, along with their crime-fighting accessories, are ready to track down any criminal!

Set up roadblocks, arrange a takedown, or relax in the command center with a cup of coffee, or take off after the baddies with either the ATV or the motorbike, both measuring just over 2″ long and 1″ high.

Top Features:

  • Mini building detaches from semi-truck
  • Includes ATV and motorcycle
  • Includes mini figures

Best for: Kids who like mini vehicles

Ages: 6-12

9. LEGO City Police High-speed Chase 60138

The starter set for any child who wants to drive the getaway car, chase the bad guys, and fly the police copter while the action plays out! LEGO City Police High-speed Chase’s helicopter “flies” with spinning rotors and two custom build cars act out the highway pursuit.

LEGO embraces kids’ natural curiosity and creativity, and this set is no different. Beyond building the cars and helicopter, kids can act out scenarios that involve righting the wrongs of seedy characters doing bad deeds (the set includes miniature gold bars and money bills, plus walkie-talkie and handcuffs).

Like other LEGO sets, when kids jail the troublemakers and fly the copter back to headquarters, they can disassemble the vehicles and rebuild any design they can imagine. Four included mini-figures, two police officers, and two criminals, plus a grappling hook on affixed to the helicopter, take this set out in the LEGO world.

Beyond the LEGO police station, kids enjoy the helicopter’s size and functionality and can assemble this set independently.

Top Features:

  • Helicopter with working rotors
  • Two vehicles for acting out pursuits
  • Grappling hook on helicopter works with scenarios outside police chase

Best for: Kids who enjoy helicopters

Ages: 5-12

10. LEGO City Prison Island

Lego Police Prison Island

Create a mini Alcatraz with this 754-piece LEGO City Prison Island set. The extensive set is the ultimate prison build, with the prison itself, a police helicopter, police and crooks’ boats, hot air balloon, and a total of eight mini-figures (one is a shark!).

Coming in at over a foot tall and 13″ wide, the prison setup includes a helipad for the helicopter, prisoners’ quarters, breakout features so criminals can go on the lamb, and a watchtower to keep an eye out for trouble. Bad guys can get away in the hot air balloon or boat, but we’re pretty sure they’ll end up back in prison eventually.

Kids find that the towers’ structure isn’t as resilient as they’d like throughout involved play. However, older kids or those more experienced with LEGO may have an easier time managing repair.

Top Features:

  • An expansive building set with 754 pieces
  • Includes helicopter, hot air balloon, and boat
  • Eight mini figures

Best for: Experienced builders, kids with an adult to help

Ages: 6-12

11. LEGO City Police Patrol Boat 60129

Lego Police Patrol Boat

Pursue lawbreakers on land, and now on the water with the LEGO City Police Patrol Boat! With a Police patrol boat and a smaller boat for the crooks, this set inspires hours of creative criminal-catching play. Water-tested and kid-approved, this set adds a new level of excitement to bath time.

Four mini figures encourage dynamic play, and larger starting pieces help kids assemble the police patrol boat independently. Details like handcuffs, binoculars, a flashlight, backpack, money, and of course, coffee mugs, add inspiration to kids’ play.

Easy to assemble pieces thrill kids and large size of the police patrol boat, measuring 12″ long by 3″ wide. Both boats’ float is an unexpected perk for kids, although the crooks’ dinghy isn’t as water ready as the police patrol boat.

Top Features:

  • Four mini-figures
  • Tons of accessories for mini-figures
  • Large 12” by 3” police patrol boat

Best for: Water play, bath time

Ages: 5-12

12. LEGO Juniors Police Truck Chase 10735

Lego Police Chase

Police LEGO sets aren’t limited to complicated builds with hundreds of pieces. LEGO Juniors Police Truck Chase is a starter set for kids age 4 to 7 that tops out at 90 pieces, yet still offers a compelling adventure! The police truck’s roof opens to reveal a holding cell for recently snagged prisoners, who might be making their getaway on the freewheeling motorcycle.

Also included in the set is a roadblock with a swinging gate, plus handcuffs and a walkie-talkie. Rather than sticking with a standard LEGO police car, this set utilizes a police truck and onboard holding cell that surpasses traditional police car sets expectations.

Top Features:

  • 90 pieces for a simpler build
  • Operable “holding cell” in the back of the truck
  • Includes a motorcycle

Best for: Preschoolers, beginning LEGO builders

Ages: 4-7

13. LEGO Juniors The Big Escape 10675

Lego Police Big Escape

There’s no way the cops can’t catch the bad guy in LEGO Juniors the Big Escape! With an easy-build station, police cruiser, and officer on a motorbike, this adventurous set gives kids options for acting out scenes.

This LEGO police set caters to kids under 7 but engages older children too. The versatility of the set lies in the construction of the police station. A simple build means easy teardown, so kids can rebuild and create their own police headquarters.

This set’s perks are its simplicity, which sets the stage for kids to create and think independently. Even dedicated sets embrace open-ended play, and this Big Escape set is no exception.

Top Features:

  • Fewer pieces than most sets (90)
  • Includes a motorcycle
  • Easy-build police station setup

Best for: Preschoolers, beginning LEGO builders

Ages: 4-7

Buying Guide for the best LEGO City Police Sets

What should you look out for when buying a LEGO Police set as a gift for a child?

Difficulty Level of the LEGO set

Most LEGO sets may indicate the difficulty level, whereas other sets the number of bricks and pieces may imply difficulty. When buying a LEGO set, consider the child’s LEGO building experience level. Some sets could be the recommended age, but your child is more experienced in building LEGO, or they are starting and need a beginner set to introduce them to the art of playing with LEGO bricks.

LEGO sets indicate the recommended age on the products. Use it as a guide when selecting the best LEGO gift for your child. Age-appropriate toys are designed considering the safety, development levels, and skills of children at that age.

Choose a toy that is appropriate for your child’s age and skill levels. Toys that are too easy or too difficult for a child may frustrate them and even demotivate them from building with LEGOs again.

Digital Instructions

Most LEGO sets can be build using the LEGO Life app. These digital instructions guide kids from 5 years and up to put together the LEGO bricks and parts. They can visualize the buildings, vehicles, and other models they are building. The app also features rotation and zoom abilities so that the kids can look at the models from different angles.

Number of Pieces

LEGO sets may vary from a few pieces to thousands of pieces. The larger the number of pieces, the more intricate and challenging is the building experience. Beginner sets often contain a starter brick to guide the novice.

The number of pieces combined with the difficulty level and recommended age ensures an engaging experience for kids and adults of all ages.

Model Size

LEGO sets vary in size and do not necessarily correlate with the number of pieces. A beginner set may have fewer components, but the bricks could be larger than a set with hundreds of bricks.

The space available for building the toy should be a determining factor. If the area is limited, you should check the dimensions of the finished model.

Mini Figures and Accessories

Mini-figures and accessories stimulate creative role-play and imaginative storytelling. Sets with multiple mini-figures and lots of accessories are excellent products to engage numerous kids in the fun of building the models and enacting role-playing adventures.

Some mini-figures and accessories could be gender-specific, which is excellent if you want LEGO toys specifically for boys or girls. However, most LEGO sets are unisex, making it ideal for siblings and friends to enjoy irrespective of their gender.

Did you and your kids explore the world of LEGO cops? Share your favorite set with us in the comments section below!

Feature image courtesy of Flickr, kennymatic.

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