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LEGO Robot kits introduce and strengthen the skills of those interested in robotics and STEM-educational toys. Educators use robot kits to teach students STEM-related topics, including coding, robotics, electronics, and building skills. However, parents may strengthen the interest in their children with robot kits at home.

We created a shortlist of the best programmable robot kits to educate your children while having fun. We included characteristics and features that make the best LEGO robot kit to help parents select the most suitable toy for their child.

What Makes The Best LEGO Robotics Kits and Why?

When buying the best LEGO robot kit, you want to consider your child’s age group, experience level, and the LEGO Robot Kit features that make it a great toy. Here are some things to be on the lookout for:

Depending on the difficulty, kids build LEGO robot kits within a few minutes or take hours. The difficulty level should engage and challenge children without frustrating them by being too difficult or too easy.

Easy-to-follow instructions guide kids to build a beginner-level robot to a complex programming setup. The best instructions also include suggestions on how to use the completed robot. Some sets require parental help, whereas other kits kids build by themselves following the instructions.

LEGO toys provide the recommended age group for the building sets and kits. Consider the person’s age and experience level before buying a LEGO robotics kit. Although the recommended age is an excellent guide, your child may have more experience or less experience than the recommended age.

Check the power source and the robot’s power consumption. Standard adapters, USB cables, or solar panels charge the LEGO Robot kit power source.

A LEGO robot set with highly advanced technology and components provides flexibility to create various robot combinations. A set compatible with expansions or add-ons offers versatility in sensors, motors, and configuration; it also helps kids improve their skills.

Robotic kits are excellent STEM and STEAM inspirational toys for boys and girls. Children learn to code and are introduced to programming software. The robot kits strengthen critical thinking, coding knowledge, and problem-solving; it also stimulates creative thinking and imagination.

5 Top LEGO Robot Kits For Children Compared

LEGO Mindstorms Robot Inventor Building Set 51515
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LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox 17101 Fun Robot Building Set
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LEGO Star Wars Boost Droid Commander 75253
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Best Overall Robotics Kits, Editor’s Choice: LEGO Mindstorms Robot Inventor Building Set 51515

LEGO Mindstorms Robot Inventor Building Set 51515 is our editor’s pick for the top LEGO Robot kit that stimulates middle and high schoolers’ interest in STEM subjects. It’s the latest and updated Mindstorms kit since LEGO Mindstorms EV3 in 2013 and designed for fun at home. The robot configures into five different robots that can walk, shoot darts, drive around, and play basketball.

Recommended Age: 10 years and up

Number of Pieces: 949

Difficulty Level And Ease Of Use

The LEGO Mindstorms Robot Inventor app includes over 50 activities to stimulate the minds of boys and girls as they bring their robot creations to life. The almost 1000 pieces kit features four motors, a distance sensor, a light sensor, and the new intelligent Hub.

An assortment of technic frames, including a large 11 x 19 base frame, makes it easier to build the robots. The shape and connection points of components like the color and distance sensors are more straightforward to build with and install in the robot than its EV3 predecessor. Note the cords are fixed in length.

The Scratch-based LEGO Mindstorms app is sleek and modern, with completed programs to connect to the robots. The drag-and-drop interface motivates kids to customize after playing with the stock programs. Kids at any skill level will enjoy the combination of building and coding. Children who prefer step-by-step instructions may find it challenging to follow the tip bubbles for customized coding. However, the drag-and-drop screen is easy to follow.

Power Source And Tech

The advanced Intelligent Hub features the process power and communication abilities required for the robots with connections on all six sides, six universal motor or sensor ports, and a 6-axis internal gyro sensor and accelerometer. The updated hub is smaller and lighter, making it easier to build around it.

Four medium motors come in grey and white combinations. The fourth motor enhances playability options, which is a better benefit than having a touch sensor. Besides, you wouldn’t miss a touch sensor with the hub, distance sensor, and color sensors. The smaller motors are more flexible when installing into a robot; predecessor motors had awkward shapes that restricted and were cumbersome.

The color sensor emits light and identifies eight colors in bright sunlight or darkness. The distance sensor is more accurate, detects quicker, is better programmable with the light rings around the eyes than the predecessor in the LEGO Mindstorms EV3. The cable grooves in the sensors and motors make it easier to fix in tight spaces.

The 2100mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery recharges with a micro-USB cable. Bluetooth connectivity is an alternative option; it’s compatible with Android, IOs, Windows, and Mac. The devices integrate with third-party remotes and pairs effortlessly.

Educational Value

Building, coding, and playing with remote control robots improve STEM skills. It also teaches accuracy and attentiveness to details. For example, if the gears and motor starting points aren’t correctly, aligned parts of the robots won’t work.

If your child wants Charlie to play drums, they need some engineering skills. Charlie’s drumming abilities help a child evaluate the mechanical timing for an accurate musical rhythm. Tricky requires some creative thinking for the chain reactions needed to make tough basketball shots. Kids can also build creative contraption paths for the ball.

M.V.P, the RC vehicle, engages kids’ thinking skills, coding ability, and lots of play zipping around. The crane’s hooking and moving an object requires some patience to get it to work perfectly; kids learn the art of patience in a challenging way without being bored or frustrated.


The LEGO robot kit features five unique models to build and code, but kids aren’t limited to these models.

  • Charlie is the dancer and musician with its quite oversized jawline and treasure-chest abdomen; it will have kids smiling watching its maneuvering steps.
  • Gelo is a 9-inch long robot creature that walks on four legs; it is smart enough to avoid obstacles and challenging to build.
  • Tricky is small and relatively simple to build and using the remote control, the robot is ready to shoot hoops and play basketball with the Mindstorms ball. A tablet or smartphone works great for RC. Extra parts will stimulate imagination in creating interesting ball-playing gadgets.
  • Blast is a humanoid robot that stands over 14 inches tall. It takes more parts to complete than Tricky, for example. Children will enjoy Blast shooting at and quickly hitting targets; Blast can throw punches, hammers through obstacles, and fires missiles.
  • M.V.P. (Modular Vehicle Platform) is a modular, multifunctional RC vehicle bot with sensors you’ll find in a smart car. Building, coding, and playing with M.V.P. will engage kids for lots of fun, especially moving objects with the crane.

The LEGO Mindstorms robot kit is compatible with LEGO Technic and standard LEGO parts. The Powered Up components in the set are consistent with other robot kits, including LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox 17101and Droid Commander 75253.

The bottom line is that the LEGO Mindstorms 51515 is one of the best LEGO robot kits for kids to improve their coding skills, programming language, building, thinking skills, and more STEM-related abilities. The physical and digital world of programmable LEGO robots are educational and fun and, with the competitive price point, an excellent gift for kids.

LEGO Mindstorms Robot Inventor 51515 And LEGO Mindstorms EV3 (31313) Robotics Kits Compared: What’s The Difference?

  • Robot Inventor has an extra motor; the motors are smaller, lighter, and more convenient for building. The motor’s internal absolute positioning system doesn’t require searching for the zero positions. However, some may prefer EV3’s increased torque and Linux operating system.
  • The rechargeable battery is a better option than replacing batteries.
  • Fixed cables with smaller plugs replace EV3’s removable cables, which is beneficial when building smaller electronic LEGO parts; flexible wires are easier to fold and hide.
  • Robot Inventor has ultrasonic measuring offering more accurate depth measurements compared to EV3’s infrared proximity sensor. Its four LEDs in the sensor eyes adds character with the ability to control them individually.
  • The Robot Inventor’s Intelligent Hub has six ports that offer more expandability than the Intelligent EV3 Brick’s eight ports.
  • Robot Inventor has a 7 x 11 frame, 11 x 15 frames, and more 5 x 7 frames than EV3, making building robots more convenient and accurate.
  • EV3 has Bionicle swords as signature parts, whereas the updated 51515 has a Dublo ball, differential gear for better turning performance, and characteristic large white mudguards.
  • Robot inventor’s beads with an axle hole won’t limit movement direction like the EV3’s caster wheels could.
  • The EV3’s Bionical ball cannons are more versatile than the Ninjago missile launchers.

With LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robot kit retired, the updated LEGO Mindstorms Robot is the better option. However, if you find the EV3 at a heavily discounted price, the Intelligent EV3 Brick with ARM9 processor, three servo motors, and 17 robot design directions is an excellent educational LEGO gift.

Best LEGO Robot Kits For Beginner Creative Programmer: LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox 17101 Fun Robot Building Set

The LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox 1710 robot kit is an award-winning STEM learning toy promoting learning, building, and coding robots. Although the robot set has more parts, it is easier and quicker to build than LEGO Mindstorms EV3, making it an excellent pick for younger kids and children who are complete novices.

Recommended Age: 7-12 years

Number of Pieces: 847

Difficulty Level And Ease Of Use

The five models in one set become progressively more challenging; kids can build a starter robot with LEGO bricks, and the stock programs and progress as their skill level improves. The kit won’t confuse beginners but slowly draw them into the world of coding and robotics. Young builders will also enjoy the Boost Creative Toolbox’s friendly directive instructions.

The easy-to-understand directions and programming interface will help a kid not know anything to build and code a robot figure. Beginners will appreciate the block-based graphical software interface, and kids with some experience will have lots of fun coding the links for required actions. Kids don’t need a parent’s help to build the base robot; the instructions show them how to break the models into different levels.

With 60 plus activities, the LEGO robot kit will entertain, and for the more adventurous, there is room for expansion with other LEGO products.

Power Source And Tech

The LEGO Move Hub (LPF2 Hub Motor) includes a motor with two outputs; two input-output ports labeled C and D, an internal tilt sensor, and a light sensor which means all five robots detect distance, motion, and color. The LEGO hub brick has both System studs and Technic pinholes to attach external parts. Children program and control the LEGO robots through the app available on iPhone and iPad, and Android tablet devices.

The actions are color-themed, and the coding is visually apparent. Drag and drop action cards into the play area and press the play button to start the action sequence. The robots move, grab items, react to speech, and change expression.

The 6 AAA batteries required for power are excluded from the purchase. Bluetooth connectivity enables the power source.

Younger kids may find the LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox’s cute design with animations and characters more appealing than kids in middle school.

Educational Value

LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox allows kids to think critically about STEM-science technology things. The robot kit lets kids build different LEGO robots in various advancing stages. The progressive stages offer fast learning for anyone from a beginner to have some level of experience, introducing them to coding engineering skills.

It is an excellent way to inspire interest in robotics. Even if they don’t know anything about this technology science, they will soon structure impressive LEGO robots with their increased programming knowledge and coding skills. The LEGO Boost set and app’s coding tutorials are easy to follow.

The LEGO Boost toolbox provides a combination of structured play and creativity, giving enough room to grow and experiment without becoming confused or lost in a complex coding language.


The LEGO robot kit’s content allows children to create and build various LEGO robots, perfect for a beginner new to robotics. The fun of playing with their first LEGO robot creation will entice them to want to create the other LEGO robots in the set.

  • Vernie the Robot with caterpillar tracks for legs is perfect for a young child’s sense of humor; it cracks jokes, dances, and passes gas.
  • Frankie the Cat is an interactive pet that will delight young minds; it purrs, is playful, and expresses its mood.
  • Guitar 4000 is a robot that plays a musical instrument; the LEGO toy features pitch bend and sound effects.
  • M.T.R. 4, the robust and versatile multi-tooled rover 4, features four tool attachments, including a spring-loaded shooter.
  • Auto Builder is an automated production line, and yes, it builds miniature LEGO models.

Included in the price are a LEGO Boost wall poster and a playmat for specific activities. You can also expand the set with other LEGO bricks and LEGO products like LEGO Ninjago Stormbringer and LEGO City Arctic Scout Truck.

LEGO Boost Toolbox is one of the best robot kits to introduce young kids to programming and coding skills. It was a winner of the 2018 Toy of The Year Awards. The tutorials are easy to follow, and anyone can build their robot figure without knowing a thing about programming or doing a course.

Best LEGO Robot Kits For Creative Thinking: LEGO Star Wars Boost Droid Commander 75253

Winner of the 2020 Toy Of The Year Awards, the LEGO Star Wars Boost Droid Commander is an excellent interactive educational toy for Star Wars and coding fans. You can expect droids, missions, and coding fun with this LEGO Star Wars Droid Building Set toy.

Recommended Ages: 8 years and up

Number of Pieces: 1177

Difficulty Level And Ease Of Use

The 1177 LEGO pieces are more than enough to build three Star Wars droid models, R2-D2, Mouse Droid, and Gonk Droid. The set features over 40 interactive missions and buildable props. The bags are numbered for easy identification when assembling the robots. Bag 1 builds the Boost components used in all robots, bags 2-6 build R2-D2, bags 7-9 Gonk Droid, bags 10-11 the LEGO Mouse Droid, and bag 12 contains the add-ons.

The hub, motor, and distance sensor installs and removes effortlessly in a droid, making it easy to power up the droid robot of choice. Digital directions and printable decorations are available via the smart device app. By controlling the droid via the app, the app identifies which LEGO robot is active.

R2-D2’s legs aren’t similar but marked to assist beginners and avoid mistakes. The LEGO set contains new building parts that may inspire imagination and creative thinking in producing unique robots.

Power Source And Tech

The LEGO set has three PoweredUp elements to control the three droids, a boost hub, a distance sensor, and one motor. Although a child can build all three droid robots simultaneously, they can only control one LEGO robot at a time.

Decorate R2-D2 with the printable decorations, including the rare dark blue 6 x 6 inverted circle with six spikes for the top of the head and the distinctive blue stripes below its head. R2-D2’s head is a set of four Birck Round Corner dome top pieces. Four wheels with pinholes help the droid to move and spin.

The app works with Bluetooth connectivity through phones and tablet devices. Older devices may slow down as the building project expands. After building the LEGO robot, the child tests it and adds programs using colored buttons.

Educational Value

Young children learn while they play with their favorite Star War droid models. The LEGO robot kit’s content features favorite Star Wars droids children can learn to program the LEGO robots for interactive missions and creative play.

The story and images on the app make it easy for young children to follow. The story draws a child into the building and programming LEGO Star Wars world and guides them as they learn to code their droids. The digital directions are clear and an excellent approach to comfortably introduce beginners to technology.

Challenges and new planets unlock as the child progresses with building and coding the LEGO droid robots. It all happens within the entertaining story context.


The set contents include 19 colors and 32 part categories, creating 251 unique parts or color combinations that inspire children to build the droids and develop new inventions. Although the robots are straightforward to make, Star War fans won’t tire from building and playing with these iconic droids.

  • R2-D2 measures 7 inches tall x 3 x 5 inches and can rotate the head, move around, and detect colors and obstacles.
  • Gonk Droid’s two attachable arms perform various tasks; it leans side-to-side when walking. The robot measures 7 x 6 x 3 inches.
  • Mouse Droid has four wheels and requires two motors to drive; it is the simplest of the three droids and measures 5 x 6 x 3 inches.
  • The add-ons in bag 12 are installed and removed as required for different missions, which add versatility and re-playability with many mission activities.

The LEGO Star Wars Boost Droid Commander robots set is a fantastic robotics gift for Star War fans, creative children, and STEM learners. Who doesn’t want their R2-D2 they can command at home?

Best LEGO Robot Kits for Educational Fun: LEGO Creator Robo Explorer 31062 Robot Toy

The LEGO Creator Robo Explorer Robot Toy with its bright green eyes is one of the cutest robot kits. Young, budding engineers will enjoy their initiation into the world of LEGO robot kits with this 3-in-1 set.

Recommended Ages: 7-12 years

Number of Pieces: 205

Difficulty Level And Ease Of Use

Beginners will effortlessly follow the instructions, and building the robots is uncomplicated. Robot Bird is the most straightforward robot to make, then Robot Dog, with Robot Explore the most challenging of the three models.

Power Source And Tech

All three robots uniquely emphasize the light brick. The robot bird’s eyes light up when pressing the button at the back of its head. Robot Dog has a lighting jet pack on its back, and Robo Explorer has a searchlight for exploring in its right hand.

The Robo Explorer Robot features working tracks, bright green eyes, a rotating head and body, posable arms with a searchlight, and a working claw.

Educational Value

Building the robots offer enough challenge to inspire novices but not too challenging to frustrate. Each robot project teaches kiddos something new.


The set features the light brick for some exploring fun. The versatility of the LEGO robot kit’s content offers enough flexibility for young children and novices entering the world of technologies and robotics.

The LEGO Creator Robo Explorer is an excellent entry-level LEGO robot kit. With three robots to build and a low price point, you get good value for money.

Which of these LEGO robotics kits is your favorite?

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