Best Monthly Children’s Book Subscription Available

Dads and moms, especially book lovers, want their children to go through the same reading experience they did as kids. Do you remember the fun of paging through your picture books and board books pretending that you can read? Can you remember the first chapter book you read alone? Now, with children’s book subscription boxes, mom and dad may discover what your child’s favorites picture book is. 

Book clubs with subscription services make it possible to have new children’s books in front of your kids each month. Who doesn’t like receiving a package at home? Instead of going to the bookstore to buy a book, most of the monthly book subscription packages offer more than one book and often other interesting book-related items too. The retail value of what children receive in the boxes is much more than what you pay.

10 Monthly Children’s Book Subscription

My Book Box looks to keep your young readers interested in reading by selecting age-appropriate books each month.  It’s a service that will grow with your kids.  It has three separate boxes aimed at children: one for 4-7-year-olds, one for 8-12-year-olds, and one for young adults.

You don’t just receive two books per month with your subscription—you’ll also get an added surprise!  It changes from month-to-month, which is a nice bonus for your child to look forward to.

How Do I Cancel the My Book Box Subscription?

Canceling a My Book Box subscription is painless.  Just use your account at and click on Manage Subscription -> Cancel subscription. There’s more information here.

Recommended Age Range: 4+

Price: My Book Box costs $36.95 a month and up, including shipping.

This Subscription is for: Getting new books in front of children.

Each book is individually gift wrapped, creating a sense of surprise and excitement associated with receiving gifts. Each kid’s box includes an insert about the book and the author that give parents and older children interesting conversation starters that may lead to noteworthy discussions.

Started by three bibliophiles, Rebecca, Jan, and Tiffany, to help parents spend more reading time with their children. It has the largest children’s book review platform to ensure the best books are selected for the boxes. Bookroo is an award-winning book club for kids that offer three book subscriptions that cater to the age group: Board Book Club for newborn-3-years; Picture Book Club for 3-6 years old; and Chapter Book Club for 7-10 years old.   It’s one of the best sources for age-appropriate books for children available today.

How Do I Cancel the Book Subscription Boxes?

You can cancel your Bookroo subscription anytime by emailing Before you cancel, keep in mind that if you have two subscriptions for the same address, there is a 15% discount on the second subscription.

Recommended Age Range: Newborn to 10 years

Price: Plans start at $16.95 per box. Books ship on the first business day after the 15th each month.

This Subscription is for: Introducing curated children’s books to your children.

Little Bookish Wardrobe knows how to make characters come alive and jump off the pages. Each month the hardcover book arrives accompanied with all the ingredients for stepping into the character role. Included in the book subscription box are multiple costume pieces and costume accessories for dress-up, arts and craft packs, interactive play cards, and a game for extra reading fun.

If you want to know what next month’s book is about, go to the Monthly Hints on the page and guess by looking at the photo of the kids dressed up in costumes.

How Do I Cancel the Book Subscription?

Subscriptions are re-billed 15th of each month. Should you want to unsubscribe, you must do it before the 15th of the month. If you don’t want to subscribe, you may purchase a set number of boxes; your order expires after the last delivery.

Recommended Age Range: 3-7 years

Price: The monthly subscription starts at $30.24, excluding shipping, which is worldwide.

This Subscription is for: Stimulating the imagination of role-playing readers and budding actors.

Jambo Books focuses on introducing children to characters that represent all children in America. They send two books each month addressed to your child. Not all children of the same age are necessarily at the same reading level. Jambo considers your child’s age and reading level when curating the books. The stories represent multicultural characters that represent modern America.

The parent guide inside every box consists of the welcome letter to parents, description of the chapter books, topics, conversation starters, and suggested related readings. Select one of the six age-appropriate categories or opt for the mixed subscription box for books.

How Do I Cancel the Book Subscription Boxes?

You may cancel your subscription at any time. Send them an email for more information.

Recommended Age Range: Newborn to 13 years old

Price: Starts at $29.99 per month, including shipping.

This Subscription is for: Building multicultural kids book collection.

The Reading Bug is a family-owned bookshop focused on the best children’s literature. The books for each Reading Bug Box are handpicked by the expert booksellers who chat regularly with parents and kids about books. Personalized subscriptions match the age and interests of the children.

Parents have the option to choose a monthly subscription for one or two children; the age ranges between newborn to 13-years old. The Baby Bug Box is a standardized selection of board books for newborns to 3-year old toddlers.

How Do I Cancel The Reading Bug Book Subscription Boxes?

You don’t have to receive books every month; you can skip the next month’s renewal or cancel the month-to-month subscription by logging into your account.  

Recommended Ages Range: Newborn to 13 years

Price: From $18 per month

This Subscription is for: Presenting new books to finicky and avid readers.

Enter in your product review “meat” here.  Elephant Books focus on book subscription boxes for 2-6-year old children who enjoy board books and picture books. Each book the expert curate team selects for your children must satisfy their five critical criteria.


Your child receives the latest children’s books published within the last three years that have original titles with a learning or literary purpose. Your children won’t be reading repurposed movie and television character stories; their imaginations may soar by discovering the world of new characters and their stories. The curators search for those hidden treasures that delight any book lover’s heart but always seen on the bestseller’s list. Your child’s library will grow with variety and diverse subjects. Lastly, they listen to the opinions of parents, teachers, authors, and children.  

Bookplates, reading tips, and traditional library cards are extras young readers will find in their bookbox.

How Do I Cancel the Book Subscription Boxes?

You have two ways to cancel your subscription—email Elephant Books at before 1:00 pm PST on the 14th of the renewal month. Alternatively, log into your account and cancel the subscription. 

Recommended Age Range: 2-6 years old

Price: Starting at $17.99 per month depending on the length of subscription plus $5 shipping and handling costs.

This Subscription is for: Inspiring love for reading with picture books and board books.

Every month your child may look forward to receiving the blue book subscription box with four new books. Each subscription box includes inspiring stories to empower children. Some are bestseller books; others are lesser-known titles or great classics. Children aged 8-14 years receive a selection of chapter books. Younger kids receive a variety of books and aren’t limited to board books only or just picture books. Children aged between newborn and four years old receive board books and picture books, whereas kids from 4-8 years have chapter books and picture books in their kid’s box.

Parents may select fun add-ons to the month’s books to inspire their kids even more. Then there is the monthly book club for the 8-12-year old group. When you sign up by the 5th of the month, your child will receive the book club selection and three books of their interest.

How Do I Cancel the Book Subscription Boxes?

You may pause your subscription or cancel it by emailing the request to To pause the book subscription, send the email before the 5th of the month.

Recommended Age Range: Newborn to 12 years old

Price: The monthly subscription is $16.99 with free shipping in the US. 

This Subscription is for: Introducing new books and an activity book to children improving reading skills.

Owl Post Books have different kinds of options to provide unique children’s books at affordable prices. One option is to receive one book in a colorful mailer every month for ages 0-3 years, 4-7 years, and 8-11 years. The first box that may intrigue any newborn to children up to 11 years old is the Imagination Box Subscription. Inside these boxes, you will find three hand-selected age-appropriate books, a themed toy, a theme card, and an interactive box.

For older kids, there are the YA Artist and Writer boxes, which include a new YA book and writing materials or the Artist books, which has a new medium for young artists.

How Do I Cancel the Book Subscription?

Log into your dashboard and cancel before renewal charge on the 19th of the month.

Recommended Age Range: Newborn to 7-year olds

Price: The plans start at $14.99 per month with free shipping in the United States.

This Subscription is for: Providing new books at affordable prices.

Each box with a variety of items is designed to broaden a child’s learning scope beyond traditional education. The package consists of seven to eleven items, including books, activities, and experiments personalized to your child’s interests.

Book curation is done by a team of teachers whose book choices complement the information in the survey filled out by mom or dad.

How Do I Cancel the Book Subscription?

Cancel before the 15th of the month to have it take effect immediately. Pre-paid plans don’t renew when canceled.

Recommended Age Range: Kindergarten to 6th grade

Price: Starting at $17.99. Shipping is free with the Learning Crates package  

This Subscription is for: Transforming learning experiences from Kindergarten to sixth grade.

My First Reading Club

Both children and parents may look forward to receiving the book boxes each month. Your child receives three to four age-appropriate new books and an activity book each month, and there is a surprise gift in each box for moms too. The activity books are designed to build confidence in their literacy and reading skills in your kids.

Five subscription boxes represent age ranges: Just Starting for newborn to two-year-old toddlers; Pre-readers and Fledgling Readers 3-5-year-olds; Newly Independent Readers 6-8 years old; Developing Readers 9-10 years old; and Pre-Teens Established Readers 11-12 years old. The benefit of the short, age range in each group ensures that your children receive books appropriate for their age and reading level. For teenagers, there is their sister club My YA Reading Club.  

Founded on the passion for improving literacy, My First Reading Club offers more. Parents may become part of a community that shares ideas on how to improve their children’s literacy skills. They discuss the best children’s book, what was their child’s best board book, or which picture book they would recommend for specific ages. Another exciting feature is that within 48 hours after subscribing, your first box is shipped.

How Do I Cancel the Book Subscription Boxes?

My First Reading Club won’t hold you to long-term commitments. Should you decide to cancel your multi-month plan subscription, they will refund you for the remaining term of your subscription.  

Recommended Age Range: Newborn to 12 years old

Price: The monthly subscription is $16.99 with free shipping in the US. 

This Subscription is for: Introducing new books and an activity book to children improving reading skills.


The way forward is to find the best book subscription box package that your kids will look forward to receiving each month.  It’s a great way to give a child you love a fun educational birthday gift that will build language skills.   If the kids’ book bundle means too many books in the house, why not keep the favorites, and donate some of the hardcover books to the library for other children to enjoy?

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