25 of the Best Playmobil Sets for Children of All Ages

Playmobil is an immensely popular brand and most homes have several sets in regular use. The brand has been around since the 70’s and despite the proliferation of electronic gadgets, Playmobil sets remain as popular today as they were 45 years ago.

There is a huge range of Playmobil sets to choose. This creative toy crosses every cultural divide and every age is catered for – there are even sets for the under fours. Kids can start off with small sets and build up their savings until they can afford a full play set. The great thing about Playmobil is that there is something for everyone. Children can play with themed fire trucks or knights in castles; the range is vast and ever expanding.

Playmobil encourage children to use their imagination. Open up a set and kids can create a wonderful imaginary world of creative play. Each set encourages kids to develop empathy and hone their fine motor skills. The arms and legs move on each of the figures, so your children can devise all kinds of fun play adventures that reflect real life situations.

We love Playmobil sets and we think you will to, so here are 25 of the best to explore.

The Top 25 Playmobil Sets

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1. Playground Set

Playmobil Playground Set

Who needs a real life playground when you have the immensely popular Playmobil Playground Set? Kids will love the Playmobil Playground Set. It contains a slide, roundabout and activity equipment. It also includes a kite, park bench, cooler and sand toys, plus an adult and four children figures. Children can push figures down the slide or push them on the swing set.

2. School Bus

Playmobil School Bus

The big yellow Playmobil School Bus is perfect for transporting figures to and from school. The front and rear lights on the school bus work and there are plenty of seats for all of your play figures. The set includes the bus plus four Playmobil figures, plus some other exciting accessories.

3. Camping Trip Playset

Playmobil Camping Trip Playset

You don’t need to worry about the weather when you have a Playmobil Camping Trip playset. Every day is a sunny day and your child’s play figures will have hours of fun. They can sleep in the four-man tent, prepare meals on the hot plate, and sit down at the folding table and chairs. The set includes three figures, a cat, a foldable pop-up tent, and various camping accessories.

4. Family Caravan

Playmobil Family Caravan

Your kids will be able to enjoy a fun road trip with the Playmobil Family Caravan. The caravan is fully equipped with bunk beds, a kitchen, bathroom and dining area. The roof is removable, so all areas of the caravan are fully accessible to small hands. The dining area can even be converted into a cozy den for your Playmobil figures. What fun!

5. Rescue Ambulance

Playmobil Rescue Ambulance

The Playmobil Rescue Ambulance is one of the best sets for aspiring paramedics. Kids can transport patients and practice their life-saving skills. The lights and sirens really work on the Rescue Ambulance, so every play session will be super realistic. The set includes three figures and a sick stretcher for patients.

6. Red Serpent Pirate Ship

Playmobil Red Serpent Pirate Ship

If your kids dream of sailing the high seas in pursuit of treasure, the Playmobil Red Serpent Pirate Ship is perfect. The ship has a serpent masthead and fabulous sails emblazoned with the infamous Jolly Roger emblem. Pirate figures can climb the mast and sit in the crow’s nest, keeping watch for approaching vessels. There are also fully functioning cannons, so kids can protect their hard-won booty. The set includes a ship, three figures, treasure chest, swords, lanterns and other pirate accessories.

7. Private Jet

Playmobil Private Jet

Your child’s play figures can enjoy an A-lister lifestyle thanks to the Playmobil Private Jet. Playful passengers can relax in style inside the jet – it has spacious seating and plenty of room for luggage. The set includes a pilot and two passengers, briefcases, cups and other travel accessories.

8. Tactical Unit Car

Playmobil Tactical Unit Car

The Playmobil Tactical Unit car is great for kids who like to be a part of the action. They can use the Tactical Unit car to recreate their favorite action movies. Each set comes with two crime-fighting figures, an armored vehicle, walkie-talkies and other action figure accessories. Kids can also combine a Tactical Unit Car with other law enforcement sets for even more excitement!

9. Take Along Hospital

Playmobil Take Along Hospital

The Playmobil Take Along Hospital is ideal for treating patients on the go. The set is a perfect starter set for kids with an interest in hospitals. There is a hospital bed, which can be raised and lowered to suit the patient. There is also a wheelchair for patients, a stethoscope, casts for broken limbs, an ultrasound machine for expectant mothers, and four figures. The set is great for vacations as everything folds away neatly. There is also plenty of room in the storage case for extra Playmobil accessories.

10. Wolf Knight’s Castle Playset Building Kit

Playmobil Wolf Knight’s Castle Playset Building Kit

The Playmobil Wolf Knight’s Castle playset is one of the best playsets for medieval games of imagination. With this set, your kids can travel to a faraway kingdom, where people lived in castles and knights defend them against marauders. The Wolf Knight’s Castle playset includes a castle, three armored figures, a breakaway wall and many other fun accessories.

11. Haunted House Play Box Building Kit

Playmobil Haunted House Play Box Building Kit

The Playmobil Haunted House Play Box is perfect for on-the-go spooky fun. The set has two folding panels that open up to reveal a haunted house with a vampire, Frankenstein and many scary accessories. Kids will have lots of fun playing with the raven, scorpion, skull, mice, candlesticks and other spooky accessories. Two figures are included, but all your other figures can have fun discovering the secrets of this Haunted House!

12. Pirates Ship

Playmobil Pirates Ship

The Playmobil Pirates Ship has everything your kids need to create Pirates of the Caribbean adventures in your living room. This amazing ship actually floats on water! It also comes with working cannons and a crane to unload crates of gold coins and other pirate booty. The pirate ship can also be upgraded with a Playmobil underwater motor if you have plans to continue your pirate adventures outdoors.

13. Family SUV Playset

Playmobil Family SUV Playset

Kids can take their favorite figures on all kinds of fun adventures with the Playmobil Family SUV playset. The SUV contains two child seats and plenty of room for luggage in the spacious trunk area. There is a removable roof rack, an open roof and a detachable front windshield for easy access to the SUV’s interior. The set includes two figures and two suitcases.

14. Space Rocket with Launch Site

Playmobil Space Rocket with Launch Site

Kids can travel to infinity and beyond thanks to the Playmobil Space Rocket and Launch site playset. This awesome set includes a rocket, launch structure, satellite, mechanical tools, repair robot, computer and two figures. There are working lights and sounds, so your kids will soon have their space rocket launch ready.

15. Take Along Horse Farm Playset

Playmobil Take Along Horse Farm Playset

Take along Playmobil sets are ideal for vacations and long journeys. Each set contains everything a child needs to spend a few hours indulging in imaginative play. The Playmobil Take Along Horse Farm playset is no exception. The set includes three figures and two horses. There are two stalls for the horses, grooming tools and other riding accessories. The Horse Farm playset folds up into a portable carry case when play is over!

16. Green Recycling Truck

Playmobil Green Recycling Truck

What better way to teach your kids the importance of green recycling than with a Playmobil Green recycling truck? Kids can collect recyclables in the container and empty its contents into the truck. Take the Green Recycling Truck out into the yard or collect recyclables indoors. The set includes two figures, a truck, and a whole host of other fun accessories.

17. Sweet Shop Playset

Playmobil Sweet Shop Playset

The Playmobil Sweet Shop Playset is perfect for kids with a sweet tooth. Your children can take their play figures to the sweet shop and let them choose from a selection of tasty snacks, including ice creams, popcorn, juice pouches and smoothies. The sweet shop playset comes with four figures, a cash register, a smoothie machine, trashcan, price board, and cooler.

18. Fire Rescue Station

Playmobil Fire Rescue Station

The Playmobil Fire Rescue Station is a great choice for children who want to save the day in imaginative rescue missions. The set includes a fire truck, two figures, a fire hydrant, a Dalmatian dog, and other accessories. This set is perfect if your mini firefighter wants a fire station playset but your budget won’t stretch that far. It is also the ideal playset for limited spaces. The firehouse can be used to store your smaller pieces.

19. Mother and Children Set

Playmobil Mother and Children Set

The Playmobil Mother and Children set is a cute starter set for kids. It comes with a pregnant mom figure and two children, a stroller and other accessories. Push the stroller and baby through the park and take your mini family on a host of fun adventures. This set can be mixed and matched with other Playmobil family sets.

20. Surf Shop Play Set

Playmobil Surf Shop Play Set

Kids can ride some awesome waves with the Playmobil Surf Shop Play Set. The two side panels open up to reveal a funky surf shop complete with an ocean view and lots of awesome surf gear. There is a refreshment area with a serving counter, awning and a chair, where your fun-loving figures can catch a bite to eat and reflect on their surfing achievements. The set includes two surfers, three surfboards, a life ring, cups, food, drinks, starfish, turtle, and other fun accessories.

21. Grand Kitchen

Playmobil Grand Kitchen

Your child’s play family will have hours of fun in the Playmobil Grand Kitchen. This super stylish play kitchen features a dishwasher, oven and stove, refrigerator, baby and high chair, coffee maker, table and chairs, plus two figures. The Grand Kitchen works well as a standalone playset, but it can also be incorporated into the Playmobil Large Grand Mansion.

22. Police Station with Alarm System

Playmobil Police Station with Alarm System

Kids can protect their play community with the Playmobil Police Station and Alarm System. Each law-enforcing figure can enter through the main office with their suspects and process them upstairs. There is a screening room with camera and height chart, an office area with filing cabinet, laptop and TV monitor. There is also a prison cell, helipad and plenty of security cameras.

23. Fairy Carrying Case

Playmobil Fairy Carrying Case

Little girls will love the Playmobil Fairy Carry Case play set. This gorgeous set is perfect for travel. The set fits nicely on to a child’s lap and everything folds away into a handy carry box. The Fairy play set includes two unicorns, one fairy figure, two rabbits, flowering trees and other fairy themed accessories.

24. Paddock with Horses and Foal

Playmobil Paddock with Horses and Foal

Horse mad youngsters will adore the Playmobil Paddock with Horses and Foal. Your child’s horses can explore the outdoors and roam around their play paddock. The set includes two horses, a foal, fencing, food and hay, a tree, and other horse-themed accessories. This set is a great addition to the Take Along Horse Farm Play Set.

25. Cargo and Passenger Aircraft

Playmobil Cargo and Passenger Aircraft

Kids can take to the skies with the Playmobil Cargo and Passenger Aircraft. Cargo is loaded at the front of the aircraft and the roof of the plane is fully removable, so kids can seat passengers inside. There is room in the cockpit for two figures. The set includes five figures, a fully equipped plane, a cargo container, and an air traffic control tower. This is a great play set for budding pilots!


Playmobil sets are solidly made and a great investment for kids of all ages, but remember that many of the sets contain small pieces and are therefore unsuitable for children aged 3 and under.


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, ecastro.

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