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When your little one starts clutching their diaper or shows other signs of being ready, it’s time to purchase the best potty training seat for them. A sudden interest in the bathroom is another sign that your toddler is ready for moving from diapers to a potty chair and on to the potty training seat.

By selecting the perfect potty chair or potty training seat, you help your toddler to seamlessly transition with anxiety or fear of the unknown. To help you in your task, we’ve created a list of the best potty training seats for different situations and needs.

Best Potty Training Seat

Image Of Babybjörn Toilet Trainer potty seat
Enter in your product review “meat” here.  By adjusting the training seat, the Babybjörn Toilet Trainer fits most toilets. It only requires adjusting the nob once, and it is ready for your toddler to use. The plastic toilet trainer seat is light in weight so that your toddler can place it on the toilet seat and remove it without help. If your child wants to go, they don’t have to wait for you. The toilet trainer won’t be in the way of the rest of the family who share the bathroom. You won’t step on it either in the middle of the night. It has a handle that conveniently hangs it against the wall out of everyone’s way but reachable for your child. An inward sloping splash guard avoids spilling outside the toilet. The plastic material the potty training seat is made of wipes clean or rinse it under running water.


·         The training set is adjustable to fit your toilet seat.

·         A handle to hang it against the bathroom wall.

·         The sloping splash guard avoids spills outside the toilet.

·         Your toddler doesn’t need help to place the toilet trainer on the seat and to remove it afterwards.


·         It may be pricey for some because it costs more than other potty training seats.

If you were looking for a customizable fit for your toilet so that the potty training seat doesn’t slip, then the Babybjörn Toilet Trainer Seat is one of the best potty training seats you can buy.

Great Choice For: Customizable Fit 

The Fisher-Price Learning-To-Flush Potty Training isn’t lights, camera, action, but almost. There’s lights, musical ditties, and rewarding potty sounds when your toddler flushes the potty chair. The water tank lights up, and a jolly yay accompanied by a water flushing sound rewards your toddler for completing the actions. It delightfully builds confidence in your child with the cheerful reward.

The conveniently removable bowl cleans easily, and the potty chair includes a splash guard.

A combination of a potty chair and a removable ring for the toilet seat may grow with your child as they transition from diapers to potty to the adult toilet. Toddlers who are adjusting may hold onto the side handles to help them balance and feel more secure.

The Fisher-Price learn-to-flush potty may seem expensive because it is priced higher than other potty training seats. It isn’t really because you are purchasing a potty chair and a toilet training seat as one unit.

The frustration-free packaging may delight any adult who doesn’t like going to war with packaging material until they want to throw the gift against the wall because they can’t open it. The 100% recyclable packaging material opens effortlessly.


  • Inspires toddlers to learn to flush with delightful lights and sound rewards.
  • The potty chair mimics the real toilet with twirling water and flushing sound.
  • A removable potty ring fits on a standard toilet seat.
  • The combination of the potty chair and potty toilet training seat grows with the needs of the child as they transition from potty to toilet.


  • The potty trainer must be completely dry or else it will keep singing, which can be irritating when it disturbs you in the middle of the night.

With this potty trainer seat, you are buying two systems in one, a potty chair for potty training, and a potty ring for the toilet training stage. When moving your toddler from the potty chair to the standard toilet, the removable ring, the twirling water and flushing sounds are already familiar to your child, which may encourage and make the transition less strange to them.

Great Choice For: Rewarding your Toddler

If you are looking for a clutter-free potty training seat, then the Mayfair 188SLOW 000 Built-in Potty Training Set is the next step in toilet training your toddler. It is a combination of a standard toilet seat and the potty training seat. The built-in plastic toddler training seat secures magnetically to the standard toilet seat.

No potty chairs or training seats will be lying around in your bathroom. The seat blends in; most visitors won’t even notice it. It motivates your toddler to use the toilet the same way adults do but with a comfortable seat. Now they can independently use the bathroom and feel all grown-up.

The slow closing lid gives ample time for little fingers to be out of the way. The STA-TITE Seat Fastening System keeps the toilet seat in place. When your toddler has outgrown the training toilet seat, unclip it and remove it move.


  • A clutter-free bathroom. No potty training seats leaning against the wall or lying on the floor.
  • The training seat unclips to clean or when no longer required.
  • It comes in oval and round shapes.


  • If the potty training seat doesn’t stay up, it could be because of the tank and bowl not being level, which requires adjusting the tank bolts.

With the built-in potty training seat, your toddler may use the toilet independently, and your bathroom stays tidy. The removable toddler training seat clips off for cleaning and storage purposes.

Great Choice For: Clutter-free Bathroom

The Summer My Size Potty Chair is one of the best potty chairs to pretend to play using the real thing. The potty chair is designed to look like a miniature version of a standard toilet; it even makes the same flushing sounds. Potty training children under three years old with a look-alike familiarizes them with using the real toilet. When you transition them to toilet training, it won’t be so strange to them. To make it even more comfortable, the potty topper is removable to use as the training toilet seat. Sitting on the same seat make the transition even smoother for your kiddo. Lift the tank lid of the potty chair, and you find a built-in wipes compartment. It is the perfect place to have the wipes within reach. A splash guard avoids the excess spill. The bowl removes for cleaning purposes. When your toddler is old enough to use the training toilet seat on the standard toilet, you need to store it within arm’s reach for your little one. The purchase includes a hanger that fits under the tank lid. Hang the toilet training seat to the side of the toilet from the hook.


  • The potty chair is designed to look like a miniature adult toilet with the same flushing sound.
  • A built-in wipe compartment conveniently places the wipes within reach for cleaning.
  • The potty topper is also a toddler toilet training seat that fits on the standard toilet. A hanger conveniently stores it on the side of the toilet.


  • Cleaning the potty chair bowl is always a challenge.
The realistic toilet design of the potty chair helps toddlers familiarize themselves with the use of a toilet. Using the potty topper as the potty training seat smooths the transitioning stage for your child.

Great Choice For: Mimicking a real toilet

With five cheerful color combinations, you won’t forget to pack the Kalencom Potette Travel Potty Training Seat. It is one of the best travel potty chairs for toddlers from 15 months and older supporting weight up to 50 pounds. The legs are a different color to the rest of the plastic potty chair and lock into place when opened. Use it as a potty chair or convert it into a folding trainer seat that fits on most toilet seats. Nonslip rubber feet ensure a stable training seat that won’t slip or move while your toddler is on the toilet. The seat is designed with contours for your toddler’s comfort; you don’t want them squirming around because the seat is uncomfortable. Lock the legs in place with a click. The self-standing legs keep it in place when used as a potty chair. Rotate the legs 180 degrees to convert it into a potty training seat. For cleaning convenience, remove the legs and replace them when done. Three super absorbent and leak-proof disposable liners are included in the purchase. The liners fit over the potty training seat. The liner handles attach to the potty feet to stay secure during the use of the potty chair.  At home, the potty chair may be used with non-disposable liners if preferred. You can use the potty training seat at home or place it in its drawstring carry bag for portability when traveling. It folds flat to fit into a diaper bag.


  • The foldable potty training seat with its carry bag is ideal for traveling.
  • It is a potty chair with self-standing legs or converts into a toilet training seat that fits most toilets.
  • Included are three disposable liners that fit over the potty chair.


  • It may be too low on the ground for some children to sit comfortably.
With over 2 million 2-in1 Potette Potty Trainer seats sold, this potty trainer seat is an excellent choice for traveling or using at home. During your travels, you can use it as a potty chair with disposable liners or convert it into a potty training seat.

Great Choice For: Traveling and Portability

If you are looking for a fun way to potty train your toddler boy, then the Soraco Frog Potty Training Urinal is a great pick. It comes in green, blue, yellow, and coffee colors and is designed to teach little boys from 1-6-year-old how to use a urinal. The entertaining goal is to aim for the fun spinning target; it’s a windmill shaped like a tongue that turns when hit. The back part is attached to the wall with a rubber suction cup or by using the adhesive hook. With the urinal at your toddler boy’s height, he doesn’t have to try and balance on a step stool while learning to aim correctly. A friendly pair of frog eyes may motivate your kiddo to transition from a potty chair to the urinal. The front section of the urinal detaches to empty it, wash, and flush it clean. It represents a large open mouth with the spinning tongue.


  • Your toddler boy learns to aim in a fun and entertaining way.
  • The front urinal section detaches for cleaning purposes.
  • The potty training urinal attaches to the wall at the right height for your boy. He doesn’t have to balance on a step stool while trying to aim into the urinal simultaneously.


  • He may not understand how to let the tongue spin, which could frustrate him. Throwing water on the frog’s tongue could help him understand what he should do.
Trying to let the tongue spin is an entreating way to transition our toddler boy from a potty chair to a urinal. The friendly frog eyes may inspire him to do the right thing.

Great Choice For: Boys urinal training

If your kiddo is too short of reaching the standard toilet and they insist on independence, then the SKYROKU Potty Training Seat with the step stool ladder is the best toddler training seat. With anti-skid pads at the base, the step stool is secure to stand on or use as a footrest. The upgraded toilet seat is designed for the comfort and safety of kids from one-year-old to seven-years.  With CPC Certification and CPSIA test report, the manufacturers focused on the safety of your children during their potty training experience. It is made of environment-friendly PP material that is sturdy and strong enough to support up to 165 pounds. You can adjust the height of the step stool according to your child’s needs. A splash guard avoids unnecessary spills. Although you may have to sit on a cold toilet seat, your baby doesn’t. A soft padded cushion protects your little one from the cold seat. The toilet training seat is designed to protect your child’s spine when sitting on the toilet. If your child feels insecure during the potty training, there is a grip handle on each side of the potty training seat. It also rotates to fit various toilet shapes: oval, round, and u-shapes. The toilet training, however, does not fit on a square-shaped toilet. The SKYROKU Potty Training seat straightforward to assemble and disassemble without tools.


  • The step stool ladder adjusts in height to help toddlers reach the toilet.
  • A padded cushion avoids sitting on a cold seat and is removable to wash.
  • The design protects your child’s spine during toilet training.


  • Although it disassembles for storage purposes, it may be cumbersome in small bathrooms.
With the step stool ladder, your toddler may safely climb up and use the toilet training seat. The padded cushion, handrail, and footrest may remove any objections or fears your child may have.

Great Choice For: Step stool height added

If you’re looking for a minimalistic design with a splash of color, then the Jool Baby Potty Training Seat for boys and girls could be the ideal choice. The aqua line around the training seat is a nice touch breaking the dull plain white but subtle enough for a white bathroom. The simplistic design won’t confuse a toddler in how to use the toilet training seat. It is light in weight for easy lifting and placing on the toilet. An adhesive hook allows for storing it in arm’s reach without being in the way of other family members who share the same bathroom. The potty training seat is designed with non-slip material. If your toddler, like most kids, can’t sit still, the nonslip rubber will keep its grip and not shift underneath your child. For some kids, the seat may not be soft enough. Like most toilet training seats, this seat is also easy to clean. The manufacturer believes in its product and backs it up with a money-back guarantee.


  • A splash of color gives it a beautiful look without being too bright.
  • It has a hook for hanging it when not in use.
  • The nonslip material prevents the seat from shifting under the child.


  • The splashguard may be too low to avoid a spill.
The Jool Potty Training Seat is simplistic in design that won’t confuse your kiddo during the transition from potty chair to using a potty training seat on the adult toilet.

Great Choice For: Stylish simplicity


If we compare all the models of standalone and small-sized potty training seats, then it is evident that there is a model for each child and what works best for the parent too. The Fisher-Price Potty Training, Learn-to-Flush is the best potty training product to be used as a standalone potty seat and as a potty training seat.

The Skyroku Potty Training Seat includes a step stool for kids who can’t reach the standard toilet while the Soraco Frog Training Urinal attaches to the wall at the height of the boy.

For simplicity, the Jool Potty Training Seat is ideal potty training seat whereas the Kalencom Potette folds flat for traveling.

Babybjörn training seat has an adjustable knob to fit most toilet seats securely. The Mayfair built-in potty training seat blends in with the toilet; people won’t even notice it.

The unisex Summer Infant Potty Chair and the Frog Urinal for boys are like the real thing.

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