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You are looking for the best puzzle mat so your child can enjoy the hours of fun it provides.  You may not have known how much sensory learning a mat can add to the average infant or toddler’s day.

A puzzle mat is a versatile option when it comes to creating a play space and encouraging tactile, basic skills learning. Some mats are designed to teach the alphabet or colors, while others emphasize geometry or gross motor skills. Most are appropriate for infants, as they are made from soft foam and are generally designed with oversized pieces. The list below includes mats that can be transformed into 3D play areas, mats featuring popular characters, and even a puzzle you can eat off of!

While most mats are safe for children, if you are worried about chemicals stick to ones that specifically claim to be PVC and BPA free.  Some manufacturers list this information on their websites, while others do not.  I’ve called out in the review if a manufacturer has made chemical-free claims.

11 Puzzle Mat Picks for Play, Learning and Comfort

Ravensburger Stow & Go Puzzle Roll Up Mat
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Tadpoles Play Mat Set
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Disney Minnie Foam Floor Puzzle
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Large Interlocking Play Mat
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1. ProSource Kids Alphabet Puzzle

This alphabet foam puzzle mat features bright, primary and pastel colors with letters A-Z and numbers 0-9. It’s got 36 center pieces, and 24 border pieces; if your child is old enough to help assemble it, you can sing the alphabet as you go. Manufacturer ProSource recommends that you set up the puzzle on a hard floor surface — use it in the playroom or nursery to add a pop of color. To avoid signs of wear and tear, simply wipe down the easy-to-clean EVA foam mat.

Top features

  • Teach your child the alphabet; and how to count from 0-9
  • Includes extra pieces for a smooth edge
  • BPA and PVC free


  • 36 foam pieces; removable letters and numbers
  • Recommended for use on hard surfaces
  • 6 x 6 feet

Best for: Educational settings; use as a play mat for young children
Ages: 3 years and up

2. ALEX Jr. City Fun Play Mat

This car puzzle mat from ALEX Jr. combines all of the fun of playing with miniature cars and assembling a puzzle. The mat features a city scene, complete with boats in the harbor, wagons and buses, farmland, railroad tracks and a variety of public buildings like schools and hospitals. Your child will enjoy hours of endless fun  being inspired by the colorful scenery and adding their favorite toys. Pack up the puzzle in the included storage bag to take the fun on vacation!

Top features

  • Features fun city design that can be used with toy cars
  • Easy to assemble


  • 12 puzzle pieces
  • 4 x 3 feet
  • Includes vinyl bag for storage and travel

Best for: Imaginative play; use with other toys
Ages: 12 months and up

3, Ravensburger Stow & Go Puzzle Roll Up Mat

This roll-up puzzle mat is different than the others on our list. Use this product from world-renowned puzzle manufacturer Ravensburger to store and protect jigsaw puzzles up to 1,500 pieces. The bright yellow felt is useful as a workspace — the color contrasts well with puzzle pieces and makes it easier to pick the pieces up without sliding. Use the blow up tube and bands to wrap the puzzle when you’re not working on it to save space. Stow, and go!

Top features

  • Bright felt makes it easy to see where you’re still missing a piece!
  • Non-skid backing


  • 46 x 26 inch mat
  • For use with puzzles up to 1,500 pieces
  • Includes elastic bands

Best for: Keeping puzzle safe when not in use
Ages: 8 years and up

4. Tadpoles Play Mat Set

Sweet, subtle and creative! Tadpoles presents this understated play mat set in two different color schemes perfect for your baby’s nursery. It features simplified cutout animals, including teddy bears, elephants, bunnies and birds. Use it as a decor centerpiece, or as a soft play area for baby. Combine two or more sets to increase the surface.

Top features

  • Soft, muted colors great for calm nursery environments
  • Buy additional sets to create a larger mat
  • Non-toxic, odor free, lead-free, phthatlate-free


  • 16 frame, 16 shape, 16 square pieces
  • 16 square feet
  • Made of soft EVA foam

Best for: Artistic design great for use as decoration or play
Available options: Also available in pink and green

5. Disney Minnie Foam Floor Puzzle

This pretty in pink puzzle features favorite Disney character Minnie Mouse. It includes 25 pieces, ideal for toddlers to complete. The scene also has Daisy Duck, colorful birds and a lovable puppy. The foam material is more appealing to younger children, and more durable than traditional paper alternatives, so it’s resistant to spills and minor tears. It’s a great start for children who are just learning how to assemble a puzzle. With a classic manufacturer like Disney, you know you can expect the highest quality!

Top features

  • Features Disney favorite Minnie Mouse
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors


  • Soft foam material
  • 25 pieces, measures 13 x 24 inches

Best for: A soft, durable alternative to traditional paper or wooden puzzles
Ages: 3 years and up
Available options: Check out Paw Patrol or Cars themed jigsaw puzzle mat.

6. Miniature Dollhouse Floor Play Mat

Why limit your foam puzzle mats to your child? If they are into decorating a dollhouse, they can include this miniature version to match their very own! The mat is brought to you by MforMinaitures, who creates incredible tiny furniture items.  At just 4 x 4 centimeters, these pieces are as tiny as they are brightly colored. Recommended for older children, assembling this play mat will encourage fine motor skill development. Your child can create their dream playroom, or create a tiny classroom for their dolls with this miniature puzzle mat.

Top features

  • Miniature replica of child-size foam puzzle mat
  • Meticulously crafted, can be combined with other dollhouse miniature orders for discount


  • 36 multicolored foam pieces
  • 4 x 4 centimeters

Best for: Dollhouse fanatics
Ages: No specific age recommended by manufacturer: keep away from small children (choking hazard)

7. Giant Floor Pattern Blocks

The best days in primary school math class were always the ones that involved playing with pattern blocks! These brightly colored shapes can be combined to create a beautiful kaleidoscopic scene. This giant pattern block mat takes learning about geometry to the next level, with oversize pieces that can be used on the floor. Learn about hexagons, triangles, squares, trapezoids and rhombuses as you create your next abstract masterpiece. Learning possibilities also include proportions, patterns and colors. Happy creating!

Top features

  • Larger manipulatives are extra engaging for hands-on learning


  • 49 pieces, 6 shapes total (small rhombus, large rhombus, triangle, square, hexagon, trapezoid)

Best for: Play-based learning; teaching shapes, symmetry, geometry
Ages: 3 years and up

8. Wee Giggles Puzzle Mat


Check it out! This grayscale playmat can be transformed from a traditional floor covering into a 3D play area. Choose to put the edges up or down to keep baby contained, or free to roam. Open up the sides with entryways, which will encourage your baby to crawl around and explore. The mat is black, white and gray, which is easier for babies to see, and will provide contrast against their brightly colored toys. The edges are rounded for a softer, unique design. It’s crafted from extra-thick foam material that is BPA, phthalate, lead, formamide and latex free, for a safe place for baby to play!

Top features

  • Create play spaces with this mat, designed for 3D configurations
  • Neutral color palette provides a nice contrast for child’s brightly colored toys, easy for babies to see
  • BPA, Phthalate, Lead, Latex and Formamide free.


  • 3 x 3 feet (with “fences” up), 4 x 4 feet (with “fences” down)
  • Over 1/2 inch thick for extra padding and safety

Best for: Gross and fine motor skill development, floor cushioning
Ages: Safe for all ages (parent supervision with babies recommended)
Available options: Also available in green/brown/white, blue, pink/purple/white

9. Pink Monkey Company Puzzle Table Mat

It’s dinnertime with this puzzle themed placemat. Hungry? Thirsty? Your child won’t be once you’ve served up their favorite meal on this sparkly, lasercut mat. The mat is a great alternative to lamintated or paper mats–it’s longer lasting, and features non-slip grips on the bottom to prevent spills. The mat is also available in a softer oval design (see below). If you love the placemat, check out some of the other unique options from craft shop The Pink Monkey Company.

Top features

  • Use together for complete meal times, or separate for individual drink coaster
  • Sparkly, laser-cut design


  • 28 x 18 centimeter placemat; 10.5 x 10.5 centimeter coaster
  • Made from black, sparkly acrylic

Best for: A quirky dinnertime experience
Available options: Also available in an oval design, or a “grown-up” pie, chips & beer version

10. POCO DIVO Multicolor Exercise Mat

Looking for a foam puzzle mat that’s large enough for exercise or the classroom? Look no further than the POCO DIVO multicolor exercise mat. Each tile is 1 x 1 foot, meaning an extra large 9 x 9 square foot coverage. It’s easy to set up with just nine pieces in bright colors — red, yellow, green, blue, orange and pink! This mat is perfect for a high-traffic area like a preschool or PE classroom, simply wipe clean with mild soap and warm water: no soaking necessary!

Top features

  • Extra large foam play mat is perfect for covering play or exercise room floor
  • Only nine interlocking pieces means easy set-up
  • Tested BPA, Phthalate and Lead-free


  • 9, 1 x 1 feet puzzle pieces
  • Red, yellow, green, blue, orange, pink tiles

Best for: Large area coverage, school or physical education spaces
Ages: All ages

11. Large Interlocking Play Mat

Get ready for bedtime with this understated large interlocking play mat from Childlike Behavior. The mat features four oversized tiles, each with a different sky-themed icon: a sun, cloud, moon and star. This mat is less about puzzling, and more appropriate as a floor covering. The rounded, cloud-like edges add a unique touch. Reviewers love the mat for tummy time for baby, and for it’s simplicity. Easy-to-clean and extra thick, the outer edges of this puzzle can also be transformed into small “walls” to create an enclosed play area.

Top features

  • Can be rearranged to create walls and “gates” for a unique play experience
  • Smooth, “cloud shaped” edges for more appealing aesthetic design


  • 4 large center pieces, smooth edges
  • 61 x 61 inches (with walls down)
  • Made from eco-friendly foam

Best for: Peaceful playrooms; can also be used as a ball pit!

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