Dinosaurs may be extinct, but children’s fascination and obsession with dinosaurs are still going strong . Most parents may fondly remember their own crazy obsession with dinosaurs.  Dinosaur toys have been around for many generations of young imaginations and will probably be part of future generations too. 

But now we have ROBOT DINOSAUR toys!  Stop the presses!

Fun to play with, these toys have educational value and help strengthen development skills. Smaller robot dinosaur toys may be more comfortable to handle when kids are developing their motor skills. Most of the remote controls require AA or AAA batteries that aren’t included in the purchase. Some of the robot dinosaurs require charging before play.  

Best Robot Dinosaurs

Image of Fistone Robot Dinosaur

The grey and white intelligent Fistone Robot Dinosaur can change from a tail-swinging, dancing dinosaur to a fierce screaming combative dinosaur with the flick of a button. Its multi-functions may entertain boys and girls.  

The friendly robot dinosaur has three dancing modes controlled by the remote. Blinking its eyes, it dances in its mechanical pop style. Kids may dance alongside on the rhythm of the music or watch it flashing emoji displayed by the built-in LED flashing lights.  

The dinosaur gladly shakes its head and wags its tail indicating it’s friendly or as a warning when in fighting mode. With flexible movements, the robot dinosaur walks around, can rotate in 360 degrees and slide. Four pulleys in the soles of its feet promote the sliding motion.   

When in combat fighting mode, the friendly robot dinosaur becomes a fierce adversary when it receives the fighting signals from the transmitter. It’s piercing scream may distract the enemy from noticing the warning wagging tail indicating it is locking the target. The weapon launcher on its back shoots sucker bullets. The sucker bullets are harmless to humans.  

Touch its head, and the dinosaur comes alive. Activate the intelligent touch sensitive area on its head by selecting the sense interaction button on the keypad. It will wag its tail, shake its head and with multiple contacts scream in various dinosaur languages when activating the voice effects.   

The manufacturer recommends the Fistone RC Robot Dinosaur for five years old and up. The various buttons on the remote control may be too complicated for some 3-year old and more comfortable to control for five years and older. 

The independent programming feature allows for 50 programmable actions at a time. Older kids may program a sequence of motions while parents could create a sequence that delights toddlers and younger kids. 

Included in the package is the remote control, the rechargeable 3.7V Lithium Polymer battery for the dinosaurUSB charger, five sucker bullets, a screwdriver, and the user manual. The two AAA batteries for the remote control are excluded. 

Batteries last for about 20-30 minutes before it needs recharging, which takes about 2-3 hours. Only two batteries are necessary. The remote doesn’t require many batteries but charging the dinosaur takes time.   

Age: 5 to 10 years 

Dimensions: 17.7 x 12.4 x 7.1 inches 

Weight: 3.55 pounds 

Battery Needed: 2 AAA batteries for RC 

The colorful green and yellow ABC Dancing Dino responds to the various button commands on the remote control. Its wiggly tail, dancing moves, and humorous phrases may delight any 2-year-old that loves dinosaurs.  

Marked ABC buttons in different colors are big enough for little fingers to control and manipulate easily. The handheld remote is not too cumbersome for little hands. 

While having fun with the controls, kids may learn colors and shapes by responding to Dino. The robot dinosaur cleverly asks questions related to shapes, colors, and the letters on the remote buttons. When the child presses the correct button, it happily approves. If the child answers incorrectly, the robot dinosaur encourages the kid to try again.  

Its wiggling tale accompanied by unique dancing moves may delight any child. In Action Mode, the friendly dinosaur wags its tail, shakes its head, walks forwards and backward, laughs, talks, and dances.  

Funny phrases like “I’m a prehistoric dancing machine,” tickles toddlers’ sense of humor. Toddlers may recognize the music and songs played and can happily sing along with the familiar tunes of Baa Baa Black Sheep, BINGO, and This Old Man. The three songs aren’t played in order but randomly. Sound is loud like most toys for toddlers and preschoolers 

The Learning Journey’s ABC Dancing Dino received several awards as an educational and entertaining toy. In 2016 they won the Tillywig Toy Awardsthe National Parent and Product Awards, and the Gold Star Scholastic Parent and Child.  The Brain Child category of Tillywig Toy Awards evaluates toys based on ease of first use, replay value, thought processes, creativity, quality appearance, social interaction, and motor skill development. 

 Age: 2 to 7 years 

Dimensions: 8.2 x 5.2 x 9.5 inches 

Weight: 1.3 pounds 

Batteries Needed: 2 AA batteries for RC 

The TEMI T-rex is a dinosaur to be reckoned as it roams around roaring with flashing lights on its back. Six-year-old boys and girls use the remote control to maneuver its movements, the lights, and sound effects.  

Its green underbelly accentuates the gray scales and the mouth with large white teeth. Red beady eyes stare at potential prey as the dinosaur moves.   

The remote control that looks like a game console activates various movements of the T-Rex. The T-rex moves in all directions, forward, backward, to the left, and the right; it also rotates 360 degrees. Stomping it can shake its head and scare prey with lights flashing on its back.  

As if that’s not scary enough, the push of the right buttons and the dinosaur opens its mouth and releases loud roaring sounds. For a young child’ imagination, the dinosaur’s quick movements, different sounds, and fierce look may seem very realistic.  

The manufacturer recommends the toy for six years and older, but some reviewers bought the toy for younger kids. The remote control may be challenging for younger players. The demo feature, however, allows for programming a set of actions. Young kids can activate a series of moves by merely pushing a button on the remote control.   

The TEMI T-rex is a sturdy toy made from non-toxic, recyclable ABS plastic that is heat-resistant and impact-resistantThe environmentfriendly dinosaur robot toy is safe for kids to play with and sturdy to outlast crashing with walls while little ones learn to develop their motor skills.       

The battery allows for about 15 minutes of non-stop playing time, which is shorter than other robot dinosaurs. It takes about 2 hours to charge. Included in the package is the charger, USB cable, and the 4.8V, 400mAh Ni-Cd battery. The 2 AA batteries for the remote control is not included in the box. 

Age: 6 years and older 

Dimensions: 17 x 11 x 6 inches 

Weight: 1 pound 

Batteries Needed: 2 AA batteries for RC 

MiPosaur is the future for prehistoric robot dinosaurs with its sleek black robotic featuresIt’s intelligent enough to respond to your commands in three different ways: with the Trackball, your hand gestures, or the MiPosaur app.  

The Beacon Sense technology in the Trackball allows the MiPosaur to track and follow the ball. The dinosaur will swipe at the Trackball with its tail and hands. It reminds you of having a dog, and in some ways, it is a pet dinosaur that acts like a dog and follows the ball like a dog on a leashThe Trackball has six different game features. Play fetch or take the MiPosaur for a walk. Don’t forget to feed it. It’s entertaining to watch its dance moves, and see how it becomes a beat-box. Pull its tail the dinosaur doesn’t yelp; the tail detaches, and you may even annoy it.  

The dinosaur has personalityInteracting with hand gestures may cause a mood change in the robot dinosaur. Excited, the MIposaur responds differently to hand gesture commands than when its curious or becomes annoyedThe hand gestures stimulate three different moods and ten commands.  

When its in a dancing mood, the MiPosaur may enjoy dancing so much that it could lose its balance and fall over. It almost glides across wooden floors and moves well on carpets too.  

The MiPosaur app is free and included with the purchase. The app works on iOs and Android devices. It’s a good dancer that will dance to almost any song in your music library. Feed it steakcave dwellers or if its starving some socks. Trace a path on the app for the dinosaur to follow.  

MiPosaur interacts with other MiP robotic toys but not necessarily in a friendly way. In combat mode, it will attack the WowWee MiP robot or other MiPosaurs or perhaps they could dance together  

The images on the Trackball is easy to follow for younger kids, while the hand gestures may be too challenging for toddlers but fun for older kids. Be warned, however, the small parts may be a choking hazard for toddlers and babies.  

The robot dinosaur toy requires 8 AA batteries; four for the MiPosaur and four for the TrackBall. Batteries aren’t included in the purchase.  

Age: 6 to 15 years 

Dimensions: 19 x 17.8 x 10 inches 

Weight: 10.6 ounces 

Batteries Needed: 4 AA batteries for MiPosaur and 4 AA batteries for the TrackBall 

The Hi-Tech interactive robot dinosaur sings, dances, fights, and sprays mist. Its white body and red mouth are friendly enough to teach toddlers language and knowledge.  

As part of the Hi-Tech robot family, the T-Rex dinosaur‘s interactive abilities will delight your child. It’s teaching skills may impress many parents. 

Its calm, LED eyes light up when the dinosaur interacts with commands. On its back, it has a missile launcher, ready to fire as soon as the launch missiles command is executed. Its lifelike tail swings back and forth 

The hand control is designed to fit human hands; its not too cumbersome for toddlers. The buttons have images that make it easy for kids to identify the commands. With the variety of commands, younger kids may take a while to learn the controls. The remote-control controls the toy as far as 33 feet. Cunning kids could surprise unaware prey, for example, a parent or sibling, with a mist spraying or dancing dinosaur while watching from a safe distance as an “innocent” bystander.  

It looks friendly but be aware it’s a “fire breathing” missile launching dinosaur. Active the fire breathing button on the remote and the dinosaur spews water from its mouth. If that doesn’t scare the prey, fight mode activates the missile launcher.     

With three MIDI’s and five songs, the dinosaur entertains kids with singing and dancing. The dance button releases songs from its body and the dinosaur reacts with dancing moves. Press the song button to hear relaxing songs.  

Parents like the educational features of the robot dinosaur. Without realizing it, the T-rex strengthens kids’ logical thinking skills and improves knowledge and language skills. Another feature is the dinosaur’s ability to tell stories. The language button teaches Chinese characters. During the Q&A session, T-rex asks questions, and kids choose the correct answer by selecting the A, B, or C button.  

The program feature allows programming a sequence of up to 50 actions for the robot dinosaur to enact.    

The battery lasts about 30 minutes before it needs recharging. It takes about 90 minutes for recharging, which is slightly shorter than other rechargeable robot dinosaurs. The rechargeable 4.8V 700mAh NI-CA along with the charging cable is included in the purchase. The two AA batteries for the remote aren’t. 

Age: 3 years and older 

Dimensions: 16.9 x 11.3 x 5.7 inches 

Weight: 2.28 pounds 

Batteries Needed: 2 AA batteries for RC 

The interactive Sharper Image Robotosaur, with its sleek white robotic body, has a personality and likes to show emotions. The intuitive remote control allows kids to train their pet Robotosaur and to guard their rooms against prying siblings.  

 Its tail may look sharp and pointy, but the robot dinosaur is made of soft, flexible rubber/plastic. It may be a danger to potential prey and enemies but won’t harm kids.  

Glowing eyes reflect the dinosaur’s emotions. LED lights change the color of their eyes according to their feelings. Although the bright eyes may be scary for younger kids, it’s an excellent way for kids to learn color differentiation. Robotosaur expresses its emotions and depending on how it feels; it may roar, yawn, or even snore when bored or sleepy. 

In addition to teaching kids color differentiation and emotional skills, the remote control strengthens motor skills and logical thinking process. The intuitive remote helps kids to train their dinosaur and improve their hand-control skillsWhen the child holds the joystick button, the dinosaur will follow it everywhere. To have it sit, for example, it requires a quick release of the joystick. It walks in different directions, stomps, sits, roams and spins.  

In hunger mode, the dinosaur roams around the room hunting for its prey. If it’s not lurking and searching for items, the dinosaur may guards a kids room against enemies. If prying siblings want to enter, it sends out alert signals.   

The robot dinosaur responds to hand gestures. Wave a hand in front of it and see how it changes from friendly to combat mode ready to attack.  

Running time is about 20 minutes, like most robot dinosaur toys. Recharging, however, takes about an hour, which is shorter than many other robot dinosaur batteries. The lithiumion battery and USB charging cable are included in the package. The lithiumion battery isn’t removable.  

Age: 6 years and older 

Dimensions: 15.1 x 11.3 x 8.5 inches 

Weight: 2.2 pounds 

Battery Needed: 3 AAA batteries for the RC 

Zoomer Dino Jester is the Jokesaurus that sniffs out fun to make kids laugh with its tricks and sounds.  It’s bright blue and green body already brings a smile to your face. 

Press the on button on its back or the green button on the remote control to activate Jester’s auto mode. Waving hand motions in front of his nose sensor creates curiosity, and its eyes turn blue. The dinosaur moves in circles replicating circular hand motions. For fun, increase the speed of circular hand gestures until Jester is spinning so fast from the excitement that it falls overJester may become an angry dinosaur when humans play with its tail 

In training mode, Jester’s eyes turn purple, indicating its ready to learn some tricks. A variety of hand gesture teaches the robot dinosaur to tail whip, sit down, and roar. When it follows slow hand movements, it may even “hypnotize” Jester. Then the robot dinosaur’s eyes turn white, and it clucks like a chicken. 

The robot dinosaur has its humorous surprises. Its bodily function sounds may delight many little boys’ sense of humor, like when you pull its tail  

Press the green button in Patrol mode to activate its patrolling features hunting for prey. During patrol mode, Jester’s eyes are white as it roams around the room in one of four patterns: straight line, circular, square, or triangle.  

Yellow eyes show Jester is in control mode. Use the joystick buttons to control his movements and actions. It can tail whip, move its head, tail, and chompRecord a sequence of steps and tricks to play back later. Jester remembers the new routine; it doesn’t forget when in sleep mode 

True-Balance technology allows Jester to stay balanced while roaming around on various surfacesSome surfaces may slow it down. If the toy falls over by accident, press the green button on the remote; it will get right back up and regain its balance.  

A USB cable is included for charging Jester. Keep Jester in off mode; its red eyes indicate its charging. After an hour, its eyes turn green, meaning its fully charged.  

Age: 5 to 7 years 

Dimensions: 6.8 x 16 x 6.8 inches 

Weight: 1.16 pounds 

Batteries Needed: 3 AAA batteries for RC 

Do you have a different favorite robot dinosaur you like to play with when hanging out with your kids?  Let us know in the comments!

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