Best Rocking Horses For Kids

Occasionally there has to be a perk for the never-ending job that is parenting. All the dirty diapers, the sleepless nights, and consistently trying to figure out how to handle four moods in one day successfully. And there is! As a parent you get a second chance at childhood, making sure your child has all the toys you never had growing up. Like a rocking horse, a cabbage patch kid, or an impressive train set.

Nowadays a rocking horse is no longer an old broom, powered by yourself as you make trot-trotting sounds. They’ve come a long way since I was a child. You even get dinosaur rocking horses now, which according to my kids, I rode on way-back-when.

I’ve compiled a list of what I consider to be the best rocking horses, from carefully handcrafted future heirlooms to reliable little rockers that won’t break the bank.

The Best Rocking Horse Ideas

Smart Gear Pony Cycle
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Radio Flyer Champion Interactive Horse Ride On
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Labebe Unicorn Rocking Horse
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Rockin Rider Charger 2-in-1 Pony Ride-On
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Melissa & Doug Plush Rocking Horse
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Animal Adventure Soft Landing Character Rocker
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JOON Cowboy Rocking Horse
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1. Smart Gear Pony Cycle

Smart Gear Pony Cycle

Just like a real unicorn without the costs of feeding and stabling it, the Smart Gear Pony Cycle Unicorn is the world’s first simulated riding toy that doesn’t need batteries or electricity. Instead of rocking back and forth in one spot, the unicorn propels forward into a galloping motion by the child’s power. Gentle bouncing in the saddle, similar to riding a live horse, activates the forward and backward motion of the toy’s head and legs.

Children learn to differentiate between right and left as they steer the rocking horse to the left or right dodging collisions with obstacles in the road. It is recommended to ride on flat surfaces. The Pony Cycles has no breaks; it is, therefore, best to avoid hills and bumpy surfaces.

It’s a delightful way to strengthen core muscles and to improve balance and coordination. Although kids can ride indoors, who want to if you can explore the world, the more they exercise on the unicorn, the stronger they become. The Pony Cycle toy comes in two sizes to accommodate kids from three years to nine years or a weight capacity of 90 pounds.

Your child may become so attached to their horse-riding experience that you may have to plan horse-riding lessons as a birthday gift for the near future.


2. Radio Flyer Champion Interactive Horse Ride On

Radio Flyer Champion Interactive Horse Ride On on red x shaped frame

When your toddler wants to ride a real horse, but you think they are still at a rocking horse stage, then the Radio Flyer Champion Horse Ride On is the best rocking horses pick for your child. The interactive ride-on responds to your child’s motion mimicking the experience of riding a horse.

The realistically designed horse reacts almost like a real horse encouraging imaginative play. Your child’s motions initiate three riding action levels. The horse movement mimics walking, trotting, and galloping in response to your child’s progress. It also has sound effects imitating the galloping sounds and other movements of a horse.

Your kid can even feed the horse carrots or brush its mane, which teaches them from a young age to take care of animals and the joy of interacting with animals. When feeding the rocking horse, a carrot, the horse makes chewing sounds as if it is eating the carrot. A comb is included for brushing the soft yarn mane.

The Radio Flyer Horse Ride On toy has an EZ climb step for 2-6 years old to climb on and off. An innovative X-frame base with safety straps ensures a safe and sturdy frame.


3. Labebe Unicorn Rocking Horse

Labebe Unicorn Rocking Horse pink plush toy

The soft plush rocker, with its award-winning unicorn design, may delight any little princess. The Labebe Unicorn Rocking Horse is designed for babies up to three years old to have a comfortable and safe ride.

Babies younger than three may not have the balance and coordination skills yet to keep their balance on a ride-on toy without support. A three-side seat with a belt will keep your little one safely seated on the rocking horse.

The plush fabric is filled with PP cotton and well-stitched to ensure that no fiberfill escapes. Babies won’t unravel or pull pieces lose; the unicorn rocking horse is designed to withstand grabbing, pulling, and harsh handling by babies. The rocking toy is designed for comfort. The high rack sides of the seat are stuffed with pp cotton supporting babies and snuggling soft to lean against.

The wooden rocking horse is sturdy in structure. It is made from solid wood and medium density fiber to ensure sturdiness without being too heavy to rock. Rounded rails and the structure are manually examined to ensure there are no uneven pieces that may scratch a child’s skin or hook their clothes.

All materials adhere to the European Toys Safety Standards EN-71 CE and US ASTM F963 standards creating a safe and suitable wooden rocking horse for a nursery, indoor, or outdoor.


4. Little Tikes Rocking Horse

Little Tikes Rocking Horse

The Little Tikes Rocking Horse comes ready to use for any eager one to three-year-old toddler. No assembly needed, your kid can jump on immediately and rock away. The low seat is at the ideal height for toddlers to climb on and off without needing adult assistance.

The rocking toy is designed to support toddlers and keep them safe while riding comfortably. Toddlers are still developing coordination and balancing skills. By holding on to the easy to grip handles, the child may keep their balance without falling off. The high back seat ensures back support for your kiddo and preventing leaning too far backward and falling off.

It is made from molded plastic that is durable, easy to clean, and lightweight. Even your toddler can pick it up and move it around if they wish to do so. Moms don’t have to worry about kids riding with sticky hands; the plastic wipes clean effortlessly. It is strong enough to accommodate kids up to 3 years old or 50 pounds in weight.

The Little Tikes rocking horse comes in bright blue and magenta colors at an affordable price.


5. Rockin’ Rider Charger 2-in-1 Pony Ride-On

Rockin’ Rider Charger 2-in-1 Pony Ride-On brown pony on wheels

The Rockin’ Rider Charger Pony Ride-On is two toys in one. With the push of a button, the rocking horse changes into a rolling pony ride-on toy, …and it sings and talks too. If your toddler likes moving around on their pony and enjoys the rhythmic swaying of a rocking horse, then this is one of the best rocking horses to buy.

All “I’m a Little Pony” fans can now sing along with the rocking horse. Its moving mouth synchronizes with the song when the left ear is pressed. To hear sounds and the six talking phrases, your child presses the right ear. A volume control ensures a volume level that works for parents and children.

The toy is made from soft plush material that may tempt anyone to want to hug it. It is also soft to sit on during playtime. The pony’s embroidered eyes, mane, and tail give a realistic impression. Easy to grip handles below the ears, and the non-slip footrest keeps your child safely balanced while having fun.

The soft, huggable pony rocker is 12.5 inches tall, and the roller is 10 inches. To remove the rocking base, push the button at the back of the rocking horse and separate the base from the pony. If you’re not sure how to disassemble the rocker, follow the printed instructions below the button.


6. Little Bird Told Me Bobble & Pip Infant Rocker Ride On

Little Bird Told Me Bobble & Pip Infant Rocker Ride On

The Little Bird Rocking Animals come with a plush pal. Bobble, a huggable rocking horse who carries Pip in his pocket. Your kiddo can remove Pip anytime from the pocket to ride along with them or just to hug Pip.

Bobble, the charming rocking horse, has a super soft scrunchy faux suede mane and tail with a luxurious textured boucle fabric body. Pip, however, is a bean toy. The variety of materials and textures stimulates touch sensations and develops your baby’s ability to differentiate between textures.

Bobble is attached to a sturdy wooden frame with detachable footsteps. The footplates assist younger kids who are shorter to climb on and off. As they grow older and taller, parents may remove the footplates.

Bobble is strong enough to support kids weighing 44 pounds or four years old. He is also soft and cuddly to carry 9-month-old babies too.


7. Melissa & Doug Plush Rocking Horse

Melissa & Doug Plush Rocking Horse dark brown horse on wooden rocker base

If you’re looking for a classic rocking horse that will last,Melissa & Doug Plush Rocking Horse is an excellent asset to your children’s toy collection. The high-quality standards of their toys ensure that generations may play on this traditionally styled rocking horse. Kids hold onto the wooden grasp handles to keep their balance while galloping away.

The cute horse with its ultra-soft fur may creep into the heart of any boy or girl. When they press their ear, the rocking ride-on makes galloping sounds. Your kid doesn’t have to ride the rocking horse bareback, it has a saddle and bridle, just like real riding horses.

Famous for high-quality manufacturing toys, the Melissa Doug team has done it once again with this classic. The horse is mounted on a solid wood rocking base that can support up to 150 pounds. Parents don’t have to worry that the rocker isn’t sturdy or that it won’t hold the weight of their kids. It may even survive an older sibling trying to be funny by climbing onto the rocking horse.

The rocking horse is suitable for children aged two and older. They do, however, warn to be careful of smaller pieces that could be a choking hazard for children three years and younger.


8. Animal Adventure Soft Landing Character Rocker

Animal Adventure Soft Landing Character Rocker white swan rocker

Are you looking for a rocking horse that’s not a horse? The Animal Adventure Soft Landing Character Rocker has a variety of animals to choose from. Be honest, haven’t you wondered what it would be like to ride a swan? Your more adventurous boys would probably opt for a dinosaur, circus elephant, Scooby-Doo, or a more exotic creature like a llama. You can create a zoo of rocking horses in your home!

Now, back to the ugly duckling who turned into a beautiful swan for your little girl to ride on. The Joyrides Swan could be a new friend that your toddler can hug, cuddle, and ride on it for a long time. The manufacturers knew this and designed the swan rocker to be reliable and durable so that your kids can play on it for hours.

The soft white design may be an adorable decoration to your child’s bedroom. Its compact dimensions of 28 x 12 x 22 inches won’t take up too much space. It is small enough that toddlers can climb on and off without assistance. The high back of the seat supports little ones from falling backward.

The riding rockers are designed for kids from 18 months and older to a maximum weight of 75 pounds.


9. JOON Cowboy Rocking Horse

JOON Cowboy Rocking Horse brown horse with red scarf and stirrups attached to saddle

Add some Wild West adventures to your kids’ playroom with the JOON Cowboy Rocking Horse. The decorative saddle is made of plush material to ensure a soft seat for your adventurous cowboy. Your kiddo can rest their feet in the authentic stirrups as they gallop away into the sunset. By squeezing its ear, the gallop will be accompanied by galloping sound effects.

The unique design may inspire some cowboy imaginative role-playing escapades. Cute brown eyes with a thick brown mane with its bold red scarf is adorable to hug for even the toughest cowboys or cowgirls. The snugly material may be irresistible for toddlers, and the gently rocking may soothe and calm excited little ones.

A wooden base lined with two curved rails creates the forward and backward rocking motion. It solidly supports the reinforced steel frame rocker that stands about 28 inches tall. The toy is sturdy enough to support kids three years and older with a weight capacity of 60 pounds.


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