Best for educators, best for students… we’ve trawled the web for the most innovative, informative and exciting science blogs so you don’t have to!


Best for Budding Scientists

Science Sparks

Perfect for introducing young children to science in a fun, exciting way, this blog is written specially for youngsters and contains a wealth of amazing experiments. From “10 Egg Science Experiments” to discovering “What makes Popping Candy Pop?” young scientists will be captivated by its down-to-earth, accessible approach.


Best for All Rounders

Short Sharp Science

This great blog from the highly respected New Scientist is perfect for older students or anybody interested in a general overview of scientific discoveries and developments. With news and features across a range of scientific disciplines, it’s ideal for keeping up-to-date with the current affairs of the science world. A must-read ahead of interviews for any students planning to apply to study science at college or university.


Best for Climate Change

Real Climate

Written by climate scientists, this is the place to go for all important information and updates on climate change science, minus the hype, hysterics and cynicism!


Best for Medical Science

Cancer Research UK

This fascinating and accessible blog from the brilliant charity Cancer Research provides up-to-date news and information about research developments in a clear and accessible manner. From “making sense of bowel cancer’s scrambled DNA” to a Twitter interview about skin cancer, it provides a gripping insight into the cutting edge of medical science fighting cancer.


Best for Listening on the Go

The Naked Scientists

This light, informative podcast investigates common questions from a scientific perspective, answering everything from “how do pills know where the pain is?” to “how does DNA fingerprinting work?”


Best for Teachers

The Frog Blog

The Frog Blog  Science BlogA fantastic blog written by teachers, this rich array of short and snappy articles on everything from astronomy to zoology is intended for scientists of all ages and also includes rich reflections on teaching science. Sadly just this week lead blogger Humphrey Jones has decided to stop blogging to concentrate on career and family, but the brilliant posts remain to inspire and support science teachers everywhere.


Best for Skeptics!

Bad Science

This blog by the brilliant Dr Ben Goldacre sets out to diffuse the myths of modern science (and those who seek to twist it to their own purposes) one by one. From debunking misleading and scaremongering newspaper articles to exposing the reality of the process of clinical trials, Goldacre delves beneath the veneer and dissects the science itself. Perfect for older students considering the ethics and wider philosophy of scientific research.


What are your favourite science blogs? Let us know below!


Images courtesy of Flickr, Richard Masoner/CycleliciousStephen Barnett.


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