9 of the Best Swing Sets For Active Outdoor Fun

Children are spending more and more time inside in front of screens. Electronics can provide entertainment and education, but children need active play as well. Exercise and outdoor play increase a child’s focus when learning and offer many other important benefits. Perhaps most importantly, active children are healthier – physically and mentally. Active play encourages development of motor skills, strength, and balance, and playing with other children fosters communication and social skills. Something as simple as climbing in a rock ladder and sliding down a slide can increase a child’s confidence. Playing outside on a swing set opens up a world of imagination for children. They can be climbing to the top of a forest canopy one minute and flying high in the clouds on a swing the next.

When purchasing a play set there are a few important considerations. The size of your yard or area you have set aside for the swing set will determine the overall size. The age of your children and also the number of kids that will be playing on the swing set is a factor, as is the construction materials used, and the overall safety and stability of the swing set you choose.

Best Swing Sets For Outdoor Fun

Kids Outdoor Playground – Trampoline, Swings and Slide
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Adventure Skyfort All-Cedar Play Set
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Little Tikes Hide and Seek Climber and Swing
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Swing-N-Slide Grandview Twist Wood Complete Play Set
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Flexible Flyer Swing N Glide III Swing Set
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Flexible Flyer “World Of Fun” Swing Set
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IRONKIDS Challenge 300 Refreshing Mist Swing Set
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1. Backyard Discovery Peninsula All Cedar Wood Playset

Backyard Discovery Peninsula All Cedar Wood Playlet - swing sets

The Backyard Discovery Peninsula Playset will provide endless hours of fun and play, without taking up an enormous space in your yard. Despite a relatively small footprint, there is plenty of space for several children to play at once, and many cool elements the your kids will love. There is a 4 foot main deck with a crows nest that overlooks the cleverly designed picnic table: enjoy lunch and snacks outdoors in the beautiful weather! There are two classic belt swings and a swinging acrobat bar. Everyone will enjoy sliding down the 8 foot speedy slide and climbing up the rock ladder. It’s topped off by a framed canopy roof in bright blue and yellow. All of the wood parts are 100% cedar wood.

2. Kids Outdoor Playground – Trampoline, Swings and Slide

Kids Outdoor Playground Includes Trampoline, Swings and Slide - swing sets

A little different than traditional swing sets, the Kids Outdoor Playground includes trampoline, swings, and a slide. Two swings and a hanging bar are covered by a brightly colored canopy for shade during playtime. A slide with ladder and a bouncy mini trampoline only add to the fun. Kids will love this reasonably priced play set.

3. Adventure Skyfort All-Cedar Play Set

Adventure Skyfort All-Cedar Play Set - swing sets

Wow! The Adventure Skyfort Play Set is a kid’s dream come true. What child wouldn’t love to have this swing set in their backyard? Scale the rock climbing ladder in to the premium upper deck playhouse with wood roof, windows, covered entry way, and bay windows. There’s even a roomy front porch and sun balcony. Enjoy snacks in the playhouse or lunch at the picnic table situated underneath. There’s also lots of equipment designed for active play. Make your way across the monkey bars, slide down the 10 foot wave slide, swing one of the belt swings, or play on the two person glider with a friend. This is an amazing play set!

4. Little Tikes Hide and Seek Climber and Swing

Little Tikes Hide and Seek Climber and Swing - swing sets

Swing sets are for toddlers, too! The Hide and Seek Climber and Swing is designed for little ones that are just becoming mobile. It’s a great way to introduce them to active play. The low height and swing seat with secure safety belt are this safe for toddlers, while giving them confidence as they play and explore. This swing set is suitable for outdoor play but can be used indoors, as well.

5. Swing-N-Slide Jamboree Fort Playset

Swing-N-Slide Jamboree Fort Playlet - swing sets

The Jamboree Fort Playlet has lots of fun play implements, and is constructed with premium materials. The wave slide even includes a lifetime warranty. In addition to the slide, this playset includes a rock climbing wall, picnic table with awning, telescope, two swings, and a ring/trapeze combo. All of the parts and hardware are included, and it comes with illustrated instructions for easy assembly.

6. Swing-N-Slide Grandview Twist Wood Complete Play Set

Swing-N-Slide Grandview Twist Wood Complete Play Set- swing sets

The Grandview Twist Wood Play Set has not one, but two cool slides! The twisty tube slide is sure to be your child’s favorite. This playset has lots of cool extras. In addition to the two slides, there are two swings, a multi-child glider, rock climbing wall, magnetic chalkboard, rain wheel, and climbing rope. You can choose a four foot or a five foot deck to go under the soaring roof. Designed for children two ten, this playset can support up to ten kids at 155 pounds each. Swing-N-Slide is one of the most trusted manufacturers of do-it-yourself playground equipment and this set is includes a bracket system for easy assembly.

7. Flexible Flyer Swing N Glide III Swing Set

Flexible Flyer Swing N Glide III Swing Set - swing sets

The Flexible Flyer Swing N Glide Set is simple, classic, inexpensive, and still lots of fun! This swing set features quality all-metal frame construction that’s weather resistant and UV-protected. The play set includes the metal frame and long-lasting HDPE plastic swings and a six foot slide. This swing set is appropriate for children two to ten, and each seat supports a 105 pound child (up to five children at a time).

8. Flexible Flyer “World Of Fun” Swing Set

Flexible Flyer "World Of Fun" Swing Set - swing sets

Up to ten kids at a time (105 pounds each) can play on the “World Of Fun” Swing Set. The black and grey powder coated metal frame of this swing set has six legs and and is designed for quicker assembly than some other swing sets. Your kids will be playing on it in no time at all! This sturdy and stable playset includes a green wave slide, two green injection molded SuperFun swings with vinyl covered adjustable height chains, a green Rocket Rider for two, a green trapeze swing, a two passenger green seat seesaw, and an air-glider with green seats for up to two kids.

9. IRONKIDS Challenge 300 Refreshing Mist Swing Set

IRONKIDS Challenge 300 Refreshing Mist Swing Set with Rope Climb, Expanded UV Protective Sunshade - swing sets

The Challenge 300 Mist Swing Set has swings with contoured plastic seats and plastic covered swing chains for hand protection, monkey bars with hand grips, a six foot high rope climb, slide, and a sunshade for UV protection while children are moving and playing. It also has something that few other swing sets have – a cooling mist system with an adjustable mist volume control and four brass nozzles. The mist covers all parts of of the swing set and hooks up easily to any external water faucet or typical water hose. Stay cool while playing outside in the hot summer sun!

Swing sets are a great way for children to enjoy playing outside. Share your favorite swing sets with us in the comments below!


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, Daddy-David.

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