Best Teacher Gift Guide

Generally, educators don’t expect teacher gifts.

Teachers care about children and want to educate them in preparation for the world beyond school.  That’s enough of a reward for most educators.

That said, your student’s teacher is awesome!  This past school year has been trying for everyone – students, parents and teachers alike.  So you want to do a little more to show how much you appreciate your special teacher who goes above and beyond the call of duty. That’s where teachers’ gifts come in.

A great gift during Christmas or at the end of the year is a way parent, and learners can show their appreciation toward a favorite teacher. Holiday gifts can lift morale more than you would expect. Teachers are grateful for such gifts because it confirms to them the reason they became teachers and they are inspired when parents and students appreciate their efforts.

You don’t need to think of your kid’s teacher only during the holiday season. Make sure to remember your child’s great educator during teacher appreciation week. In 2022, teacher appreciation week is the first full school week of May – May 2nd through May 6th.

All gifts, however, aren’t equal. There are good gifts, and then there are ones where a teacher appreciates the gesture, but they don’t want the gift. I know you are looking to get a great gift – so what gift ideas are good gifts for teachers? The guide will help guide you in deciding what kind of gift you should get for your child’s teacher.

Gifts your Teacher REALLY Want

Although they don’t expect gifts, they do appreciate the gesture – especially if they are items they really want. You’ll be surprised that it’s not the expensive gifts that pleases them the most. It’s presents that come from the heart that they deem the most valuable – and are just the thing to show you care.

Items you can consider to get for your favorite teacher are:

Two types of gift ideas that are usually the best gifts are practical and usable gifts. Here are some suggestions:

Thank You Card or Note

A handwritten card or note from the child or the parent thanking the teacher for what they have done for the child is truly a precious gift for every teacher. They treasure these notes because it confirms to them that their passion is not in vain, that they have influenced a child’s life for the better. During those overwhelming life moments, these cards are the lifesavers that inspire and motivate teachers to continue developing the minds of the future.

A Thoughtful Gift Of Appreciation

A thoughtful hug when everyone is rushing to the classroom exit means a lot to teachers. The last day at school seems forever for students who want to be released for the holidays. The whole class is waiting in anticipation for the final bell to ring so that they can hurry out of the classroom into freedom.

A child that pauses at the teacher’s desk within the stampede is precious. It takes a few moments to hug the teacher and to thank the teacher for the year. That thoughtful gesture is dear to the teacher’s heart.

School Supplies for Next Year

Students aren’t the only ones who need school supplies for the next year; teachers need supplies as well. By giving supplies as a gift at the end of the year, the teacher only needs to stock up on the missing items.

If uncertain what kind of school supplies to buy, give the teacher a gift card to an office supplies or educational supplies store. You can even team up with other parents to collectively provide a generous gift. You’ll be surprised how much of their own money teachers spend each year on supplies for their classroom.

Your Time

Your time is one valuable teacher gift parents can give to a teacher throughout the year. It may be for a simple task as tidying the classroom library or making copies, help during art class, take recess duty or offer to deep clean the classroom. If you volunteer, be consistent with being available at the scheduled times.

Volunteer to help organize field trips or to be a chaperone on field trips. Field trips are fun for kids but are extra responsibility for the teacher; the more adults there are to supervise, the lighter the teacher’s load.

Teachers don’t have enough time for everything that needs to be done. Whatever time you have available will help the teacher. You can even volunteer to take things home to do like cutting out or organizing things. Helping with the small things lightens the teacher’s load. It also shows your appreciation and that you value the teacher’s time as much as your own.

Gift Cards

It may seem boring to you, but these are quite practical if they are from a store the teacher can use. All types of gift cards will work, your imagination is the limit. Instead of giving the teacher ANOTHER coffee mug, furnish them a card to a local coffee shop. It’s perfect for the coffee lover to finish off the school day.

A prepaid card to a bookstore is a gift idea most teachers will love. Few teachers won’t enjoy a book or the combo of a coffee while reading a book.

Other options are gifts cards to the movie theater, sporting goods store (if applicable), iTunes, music store, or Amazon. If you know the teacher’s interests or hobbies, then give them a gift card to the applicable store.

For those who don’t know, you can’t go wrong with a prepaid card to places like Starbucks, Subway, Barnes & Noble or local bookstore, Cold Stone Creamery, Dairy Queen, or Walmart. You really are showing your appreciation by giving the gift of experience when you fill up a prepaid card to coffee shops, books, supplies, and treats that your teacher likes.

Keep in mind a card to a place close to the classroom will be convenient for a teacher. A gift to shops teachers rarely visit won’t be such a great gift. Neither will a partial prepaid gift to an expensive store that forces the teacher to spend more than their budget.

Donating to a cause the teacher is passionate about is a unique way of thanking the teacher. You can donate in the teacher’s name – it says you care about what they care about…

Teachers feel guilty to give presents away that they can’t use or received too many of. They don’t want to give it away because it came from students and parents showing their appreciation. Donating to a cause solves this dilemma. All parties involved benefit. The cause is thankful for the donation. The teacher appreciates the offering and that it helps a cause close to their heart. The parents and child are happy because they could thank the teacher with a gift the teacher truly wanted.

Homemade Gifts for Your Teacher

Creative Cards and Notes

As mentioned before, the handwritten cards and notes are precious. Ask teachers, and they will tell you those crayon-covered, personalized cards are priceless. Here are some variation ideas what to do with a thank you card. Let the child:

  • Create a card from scratch
  • Draw and write to the teacher in their own words
  • Write a poem telling the teacher how much they appreciate them
  • Share an incident or lesson in class that was a profound moment for the child
  • Decorate a box as a holder for the gift card gift.

Gift Baskets and Bouquets

Gift baskets and bouquets with the right content are wonderful presents to give male and female teachers. The content can be inexpensive items, homemade, or luxurious items. They can be the best gifts for teacher appreciation.

Successful gift baskets or bouquets are theme-based. Gift baskets can be a collection of items from the class or a teacher gift from one kid.

More homemade gifts for teachers

  • Reversible tote bag
  • Mason jars filled with consumables or practical items like paperclips
  • Cozy blanket and a nice smelling candle.
  • Gift card holders that make the gift card a more fun gift
  • Fresh flowers from your garden
  • Canvas water-resistant lunch bag

Memory Gift Book or Album For Teacher Gifts

A memory yearbook or photo album is a gift the teacher will treasure for years and years. It doesn’t take up a lot of space so is easy to store. A gift book or album can be a class project or created by one student.

  • Photo album with class pictures throughout the year.
  • A yearbook that has photos of each student and their favorite memory.
  • A gift book filled with handwritten notes or drawings from students.
  • A gift book with short messages to their teacher.
  • A combination of any of the above.
  • A journey book from a student’s perspective of special moments they experienced throughout the year.
  • A memory gift book reminding the teacher of all the fun times and funny incidents.
  • A class recipe book where each child writes by hand a recipe of their favorite kitchen dish with a drawing or photo of the dish.

Best Gifts – Some ideas for the Male Teacher

Finding a gift for a male teacher isn’t as difficult as one would think.

Gift cards may seem unimaginative, but to a male teacher, the right gift card gives him double delight. First, he appreciates that he received a gift from a thankful student or parent for the work of the last year. Secondly, a gift card to a coffee shop, restaurant or movie theatre allows him to treat his loved one.

Gift cards that are food related are winners as well as cards for gas, special car wash or his favorite hobby, gardening or hardware store. These are practical gifts that save him money too, and show your teacher appreciation.

More personal male teacher gift ideas:

  • Magazines subscriptions related to his interests, hobbies or sports. Magazines are nice for summer reading.
  • Buy a selection of spice mixes for dinners or barbecues.
  • Variety of BBQ sauces for the summer barbecues.
  • Tickets to his favorite sports are always welcomed and used.
  • Ballcaps, sun hat or fedoras if your teacher wears hats ( I’d love to bring back the fedora!)
  • Takeout dining cards when he wants to stay home and watch the game.
  • First-Aid kit he can keep in his desk or take with him when he goes camping or hiking.
  • Passes for the local swimming pool if he has a family that would enjoy it.
  • A beach towel and sunscreen – no one likes a burnt back over the summer.
  • Punch card for buckets of balls at the driving range or a round at a local golf course.
  • Locking glass lunch containers are useful.
  • Flasks made to keep beverages cold. A water bottle or tumbler for scotch or a cocktail is good as well.

Remember, teacher gifts like wine, beer, other alcohol and multi-tools should be given directly by the parent to the teacher. Outside the classroom or school could be the safest option.

Unique Inexpensive Gifts For Teachers

If you have a few kids at school, giving gifts to teachers and coaches can become an expensive exercise.

Here are a few ideas for an inexpensive gift for teacher that they will appreciate:

  • Handwritten cards, poems or stories are always appreciated by teachers. If you decide to put it in a frame, don’t use too large frames that the teacher doesn’t have space for.
  • Buy flavored coffees or teas if the teacher enjoys drinking coffee or tea.
  • Health foods like nuts, bottled water, or fruit.
  • Desk supply products like post-it notes, pens, notepads, stamps, and paperclips.
  • Fun socks
  • Consumables (g., olive oil, mustard) in a nice bottle that lasts a while but doesn’t take up storage space.
  • A lanyard, badge pull or wristlet for your teacher’s keys.
  • Personalized rubber or self-inking stamps.
  • Room refresher spray.
  • Binder clips and folders that aren’t ordinary and dull.
  • Art supplies for art projects: tissue paper, pipe cleaners, paper cups, cotton balls.
  • Items for their snack drawer when they are working late missed lunch or feel like a snack.

If you want to be prepared next year, it’s best to let the teacher fill in a get to know you survey or find out what is their wish list

Do I need to get gifts for the supporting teachers in my child’s life?

It’s your choice if you want to thank a teacher with a gift and how much you want to spend. That includes the supporting teachers who influence your child’s life.

  • High school teachers receive fewer gifts than elementary and mid-school teachers. These teachers will be pleasantly surprised and love receiving a gratitude gift from a student or parent. It’s easier to present to them because they don’t receive that many gifts.
  • Volunteers don’t get paid for their services. Giving them a small gift is a great thoughtful way of showing you see their contribution.
  • Assistant teachers won’t expect the same gift as the teacher, but they will appreciate you acknowledging them.
  • Resource teachers and special education teachers are often forgotten. Yet, they are the ones giving your child that extra help they needed.
  • Daycare teachers and workers are also teachers you can thank. Although your child isn’t going to school yet, these teachers are already taking care of and teaching your children foundations for school life.
  • Coaches are teachers too. They are the ones motivating your child to excel in specific sports or other student activities. Often, it’s their coaching and support that takes your child to the next level.
  • Non-tenured teachers will appreciate a letter to the school’s principal or Superintendent of School that can impact their future. Make sure you copy the teacher so that they can use it as a reference.
  • Support staff like librarians or nurses will appreciate a thank you note or small gift if your child often makes use of their services.

What teacher gift ideas do you recommend for a job well done during the school year – and are there ones we’ve missed?

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