The best teacher lanyards are practical but not dull. There are all kinds of lanyard styles and designs available to satisfy any teacher’s preference and practical reasons for buying a lanyard. Lanyards are great teacher gifts to show appreciation because it’s something a teacher needs, and there are so many unique and pretty lanyards available that teachers will love.

We have you covered if you want a cute, functional, or beaded lanyard. Our list of best lanyards for teachers includes durable lanyards for various purposes, from school id holders to whistles, colorful lanyards with some awesome designs, and lanyards made from different materials and styles; you’ll find leather lanyards, superheroes, silicone beads, and wood beaded lanyards and more. So why not check out the best teachers’ lanyard list for yourself and share with us your favorite one?

Top School Teacher Lanyards And Lanyard Keychains Compared

Best Teacher Lanyards For School Reviewed

We’ve included our teacher expert’s take on what you need for a great lanyard below. Here’s the link if you want to jump to that section. But for those of you just looking for some great teacher lanyard ideas, here are our picks!

Best School Lanyard For Librarians: Books Premium Lanyard

The Limeloot Books Premium Lanyard is the best gift for teachers who love books or your school librarian. You may even inspire reluctant readers to read a book with your cute lanyard. The breakaway lanyard features a release buckle, J-hook, and flat ring for holding a school id card, keys, or name badge holder. The snap-release buckle releases with one hand, and the breakaway clasp ensures the wearer’s safety when grabbed. Ultra-soft, 100% polyester material is comfortable around your neck.

Fun Alphabet Lanyard For Preschool And Kindergarten: Alphabet Lanyard Keychain

The Eastex Alphabet Lanyard Keychain is the perfect gift for teachers who love colorful designs and teaching little ones the alphabet. Whenever a child looks at the teacher, they are reminded of their ABCs. Comfortable to wear around your neck with its lightweight strap, the durable badge lanyard is perfect for school id badges, keys, and accessories. Double-stitched at the loop ensures durability and the ability to carry weight.

Best Teacher Lanyard For Chemistry Teachers: Rainbow Lanyard Periodic Table Of Elements

The Rainbow Lanyard Periodic Table Of Elements is by far the best teacher lanyard for chemistry teachers and those who can’t remember the periodic table of elements. The design accurately color coordinates each element group on both sides with bright rainbow colors. The polyester material with high-quality printing is durable, and the 1.5 inches metal clasp ensures id cards and keys stay attached.

Top Superheroes Lanyard Keychain For Superhero Teachers: Lanyard With Charm DC Comics Originals Justices League Lanyard

The Lanyard With Charm Of DC Comics Originals Justice League is a must-have for all superheroes, aka teachers, comic fanatics, and superheroes fans. The cute lanyard is ideal for a superheroes theme classroom or as a collectible. Use it for house keys, car keys, or school id badges, or just to impress your young students and for them to know that teachers are superheroes.

Best Teacher Lanyards For Women: Leather Lanyard With ID Card Holder

The cute Lanyard with ID Card Holder in a floral design is a great gift for female teachers. With multiple designs and colors, you will be able to select the best lanyard for your teacher. There are snow leopard, starry night, and striped lanyard necklace designs for those who don’t want a daisy flower lanyard.

The leather lanyard features a waterproof school id badge holder with a metal clasp and key rings. This versatile 17-inch leather lanyard is perfect for school teachers, nurses, company visitors, and staff. With a resealable zipper lock and heavy-duty flexible plastic card holder, school id cards, name badges, credit cards, or licenses won’t get wet when used outdoors. This adorable teacher lanyard is perfect for outdoor sports on rainy days, recreation, gardening, fishing, and holidays.

Top Teacher Lanyard For Fashion Statements: Fashion Wood Beaded Lanyard For Teacher

This Wood Beaded Lanyard is a great teacher’s gift for trendy and modern teachers. Made from 100% natural wood beads and stainless steel snap hook, the neutral colors complement all outfits and fashion statements. So easy to wear at 19.5 inches in length, the beaded lanyard teacher gift is a breakaway lanyard for safety – ideal for women and teachers working with small kids who could accidentally pull the lanyard.

Teachers can wear the wood-beaded lanyard as a necklace carrying id badges, keys, elastic wallets, or the detachable card holder.

Best Teacher Lanyards For Science And Space: Space Cadet Breakaway Lanyard

The Buttonsmith Space Cadet Breakaway Lanyard with buckle and the flat ring is designed to make science teachers and undercover astronaut fans smile. The soft silky fabric is comfortable around your neck, and the breakaway lanyard design keeps teachers safe. The lanyard breakaway clasp at the back of the neck releases when the teacher’s lanyard snags or is pulled.

Science teachers don’t have to stick with only one teacher lanyard; they can have a variety. There are digital, gearhead, microbiome, STEM, nebula, and stars teacher lanyard designs and other cheerful teacher lanyard designs with fun patterns.

Top Beaded Lanyard Teacher’s Gift For Women: Silicone Beaded Lanyard

These cute Silicon Beaded Lanyards from Poplopp will definitely make an impact as a teacher’s gift. The teacher lanyard is long-lasting and pretty and made from high-quality black satin nylon cord, food-grade silicone, and wooden beads. The durable stainless steel keychain won’t rust or fade.

Unlike other teacher lanyards with fixed lengths, teachers can adjust the silicone beaded lanyard to their preferred size. The button bead opens so you can cut the cord length to shorten it, tie it, and close the button bead. This breakaway lanyard can hold up to 45 pounds in weight.

Some Lanyard Buying Tips for Teachers

A lanyard, or lanière as it was known to French soldiers in the 15th century, means thong or strap. Used by soldiers and pirates, lanyards kept weapons close at hand and secured knives and guns so that the fighter didn’t lose their weapons during combat.

In the 50s, they became a popular craft teaching children to tie knots. Lanyards were also used as military decorations. These days teachers use lanyards for carrying school id badges, pencils, keyrings, and accessories like face masks when needed. Lanyards are also used as lanyard keychains and to promote business brands.

Pick The Color And Style You Love

As a modern-day fashion statement, beautiful lanyards come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and designs, from basic holiday lanyard themes to intricate lanyards with exquisite designs. A teacher can pick the color they love, colors that go with their outfits, a lanyard in the school colors, neutral colors, or a rainbows lanyard representing all the colors.

A teacher’s best lanyard is just as appealing to look at as it is practical. You can even buy boutique, handmade, and personalized teacher lanyards. Some lanyards have charms, other colorful wooden beaded and silicone bead lanyards, bright letters, or cute lanyards in fun colors.

Woven lanyards are some of the best teacher lanyards for durability; they are designed to last and not fade and are perfect for school lanyards with id card holders. Cool jewelry is wooden or silicone beaded lanyards that hold school id cards, keyrings, and school accessories.

Retractable Reel or Stationary Teacher Lanyards?

A retractable lanyard has a cord or reel that easily stretches for convenience when using it with keycards. Teachers are always carrying lots of stuff, and lanyards with badge reels mean the retractable badge lanyard will reach without the teacher needing to clip off the school id card. Likewise, retractable lanyard keychains conveniently stretch to reach the lock. Make sure the retractable lanyard is the appropriate length because short, 12-inch lanyards may not reach even when stretched. However, long retractable lanyards are bulkier.

Do You Want A Breakaway Safety Badge Clasp?

Lanyards come in two styles, breakaway lanyards and non-breakaway lanyards. Opt for a lanyard with a breakaway safety badge clasp if safety is a concern. To prevent injuring the wearer, the breakaway clasp opens, releasing the lanyard when someone grabs your lanyard or it gets stuck somewhere. It’s safer to wear breakaway lanyards in schools, secure facilities, courts, hospitals, and prisons.

Do You Need A Washable Lanyard Material?

Usually, teachers wear lanyards around their necks like lanyard necklaces, but they also wear teacher lanyards clipped to their belts. They are in contact with children the entire day. So, wearing school lanyards that are washable is the preferred option. It’s a good idea to have a couple of teacher lanyards you can rotate.

Polyester, nylon, bamboo, and recycled PET are common materials used for washable lanyards. Most lanyards for teachers are washable; remove the clasp and wash it in the washing machine. However, if you opt for boutique, personalized lanyards, and lanyards made from other materials like glass, silicone, or clay beads, make sure all the materials and die used are washable.

Are All The Lanyards For Teachers The Same Length?

Although the longest lanyard is 9,419.29 ft, created by the Hong Kong Girls Guides’ Association, standard teacher lanyards are 36 inches long, and widths are 3/8 and 5/8 inches. However, some lanyard cords are shorter and even under 12 inches. So, always make sure you purchase a lanyard for teachers with a comfortable length for its purpose. For example, a map or animal lanyard worn inside a classroom requires a different length than a baseball lanyard or a beaded teacher lanyard worn at the belt clip.

Teacher lanyards are excellent gifts because they are functional gift ideas with attractive designs and flair. Which of these fun designs made your favorite product list? 

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