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The best toddler step stool is designed to make a parent’s life easier. When your toddler starts walking, the next best thing is climbing onto anything to be at the same eye-level as the grownups. Instead of them grabbing onto unstable chairs that fall onto them, a step stool for children is a safe way for them to reach the kitchen counter or the bathroom zinc. 

We’ve put together a list of the best children’s step stools we found that is convenient, sturdy, and does what it’s supposed to do. With the help of one of these stools, your little one can now reach almost everywhere that grownups can.

Best Toddler Step Stool

Image Of Secure Home Dual Height Step Stool

The Secure Home Dual Height Step Stool design ensures a stylish and versatile children’s step stool. Neutral colors blend in with home décor. No unsightly clashing colors are staring you in the face when you enter the bathroom or kitchen.

The sturdy plastic is designed to last and is lightweight, making it possible for little ones to carry the step stool without assistance. Hand grips at the sides enable children and adults to comfortably pick up the step stool and move it to where it’s needed. It’s a great step stool for kids.

The dual step stool adds 10.3 inches to your toddler’s height. They can use the children’s step stool to climb into a bed that’s too high for them to reach the toilet seat or for brushing their teeth. By standing on the bottom step, older siblings may now reach shelves that were previously too high for them. Older children may reach shelves and toys by standing on the bottom step. The step stool supports up to 150 pounds.

Soft-grip steps prevent little feet from slipping as they climb onto the dual steps. A non-slip surface at the bottom of the step stool ensures no slipping on all types of floors. The slight curve and widening at the back toward the bottom improves stability and prevents the step stool tipping when a child steps on it.

The manufacturers back their product with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

What makes it good:

  • The neutral colors of the stylish design blends in with the décor in your home.
  • The dual step is 10.3 inches high and gives access to places toddlers and older kids that’s generally out of reach.
  • The non-slip grip ensures the child’s feet won’t slip on the surface, and neither will the dual step stool slide on any floor types.

Little changes I’d make:

  • Narrow at the top makes it a challenge for toddlers to turn.

Great Step Stool For: Stylish Versatility

Your child should be safe from slipping on the BabyBjörn Step Stool, one of the best children’s stool that prevents slipping and skidding. The step stool is designed for safety with rubberized feet to prevent the stool from sliding underneath your child. The step is also rubberized to avoid your toddler’s feet from slipping off the step.

The size of the step stool makes it handy for smaller spaces. For example, you won’t bump into the stool when you enter the bathroom while your child is brushing their teeth.

It’s made from safe PVC-free and BPA-free sturdy plastic that is safe for kids and may last a lifetime. The sturdy design also ensures that the step stool won’t tip over, especially when your toddler is trying to reach something while standing on their toes.

The practical design makes it easy for children to pick it up and carry it to the room where they need it. With nine colors to choose from, the BabyBjörn Step Stool is a good step stool to blend in with the décor.

What makes it good:

  • The rubber on the bottom of this sturdy step stool and the steps make it doubly safe for toddlers to use without slipping or sliding.
  • The sturdy design avoids the toddler step stool from tipping over unnecessarily.
  • A variety of colors allows for choosing a step stool that complements your décor.

Little changes I’d make:

  • Some toddlers at two may be too short of reaching all the surfaces they would also like but will soon enough when they’ve grown a little more.

Great Step Stool For: Non-slip Balancing

If your toddler wants to join the fun at the kitchen counter, then the Little Partner Learning Tower Step Stool is a safe way for them to reach it. The enclosing rails of the tower may keep them safe even when they lose their balance. It is one of the best toddler step stools to use in the kitchen.

The step is low enough for them to crawl in and out by themselves, but high enough to help wash dishes or prepare dinner. They can securely stand inside the step stool frame or hold onto the handrails if necessary. With four adjustable heights, you’ll be using this wooden step stool for years as your children grow.

The platform is broad so that the child may stand comfortably with legs apart or invite a sibling to join them inside the frame of the step stool. It may be the ideal solution if you have twins; instead of having two step-stools, for a time, they can stand together in one.

What makes it good:

  • Toddlers easily climb in and out of the frame by themselves. Once inside, the rails prevent them from falling.
  • It makes it possible for your toddler to participate in kitchen activities at the counter level.
  • The four adjustable heights on this wooden stool adapt as your kids grow.

Little changes I’d make:

  • The step stool doesn’t fold up for storage and isn’t portable for travel.

Great Step Stool For: Kitchen

The Graco 2 Step Transitions Step Stool is designed to handle weight up to 200 pounds. The plastic material shouldn’t crack or break under the weight of your toddler or an older child. The best part could be how easy it is to clean the plastic material. Wipe it with a damp cloth. The material is also stain-resistant, which makes it ideal to use in messy environments.

The gripping rubber under the feet of the children’s step stool keeps the transition step stool steady on the floor; your kid won’t lose their balance because of the stool sliding on the floor surface. It is one of the best toddler potty step stool with its skid-resistant feature.

The lightweight of the step stool means your toddler can independently carry it where they need to use it. With two steps, shorter kids may reach areas they wouldn’t have been able to with only one step. The broad step allows for the comfortable placing of the feet.

The Graco dual step stool comes in nine different colors.

What makes it good:

  • The sturdy plastic holds up to 200 pounds without breaking or cracking.
  • A non-slip rubber at the bottom of the dual step stool ensures it won’t slip on the floor, forcing your child to lose their balance.
  • It cleans effortlessly with a damp cloth and is stain-resistant.

Little changes I’d make:

  • Lime green may not fit in with your décor. Since the toddler carries it from room to room, it may not matter.

Great Step Stool For: Toddlers, Children and Adults

If you only have two hands and you need to carry loose items and the step stool to the next room, then the Fantasy Fields Step Stool with storage is the best toddler step stool for your needs. Your child may step on the nose of the fire engine and then on its roof to reach the shelf or kitchen counter. The top step is also the lid to the storage compartment. With two safety latches, the cover closes slowly, giving little fingers enough time to get out of its way. The first step is 7 inches from the floor, and the second step is another 5 inches, which adds conveniently 12 inches to your toddler’s height. Who knows, they may need to help the firefighters save the cat…or the candy on the top shelf… The red firefighter dual step stool is one of the exciting and colorful themes designed by Teamson Design Corp. The Crackled Rose may interest your little girl. Then there is the Dinosaur Kingdom that will fascinate most kids and the Sunny Safari with its zebra. They use non-toxic and lead-free paint that is child-safe and CPSIA compliant. The recycled, pressed wood step stool is sturdy for toddler use. The themes may inspire the imaginations of toddlers as they pretend to play and climb onto the steps. Children three-years and older may store their treasures in the storage space. Three carry handles, two on the sides and one at the front, make the dual step stool portable and easy to carry for kids too. Small parts may be a choking hazard to children younger than three-years-old.

What makes it good:

  • The environment-friendly material and lead-free pain are safe for children.
  • Beautifully painted themes decorate the dual step stool.
  • The top step is the lid to a storage compartment that closes slowly to keep little fingers safe.
  • It’s one of the best step stools for portability.

Little changes I’d make:

  • When wet, the surfaces may be slippery.

Great Step Stool For: Storage

With a height adjustment from 8 inches to 15 inches, the Little Partners Growing Step Stool grows with the family. Toddlers, children, and adults may use the step stool up to a maximum weight of 250 pounds. The step stool is handy to use by all family members. Toddlers may reach for their toothbrush and toothpaste by standing on the first step. Teenagers may want to take something off the top shelf and could adjust the steps to a height of 12 or 15 inches to reach the top shelf. With the handrails, it gives a grip for those who feel unsteady standing on a step stool or for kids to help them balance. In small spaces, the step stool will be too big. The size, however, provides a better balance and center of gravity. Your toddler may step on it with confidence that it won’t topple over. The versatility of three steps allows for adjusting to any family member’s height according to their needs. With a variety of colors, there should be the perfect color for your family.

What makes it good:

  • The versatility in height adjustments, from 8 to 15 inches, may accommodate any family member.
  • It holds up to 250 pounds, which means adults may also use the step stool.
  • The size gives a better balance and won’t easily topple over.
  • Children may grip the handrails to give them confidence in stepping on the step ladder.

Little changes I’d make:

  • The step stool may be too big for small spaces.
  • It costs more than other step stools.
  • It isn’t portable to travel.

Great StepStool For: Growing Family

The KidKraft Step Stool for children is one of the best step stools for toddlers to fifth-graders. Children may easily cart the step stool to wherever they want to with the rounded handles at the side of the step stool. The adjustable height gives toddlers and children the freedom to reach shelves and countertops without needing parents assisting them. The bottom step is about 6 inches from the floor, which is the right height for toddlers to brush their teeth, help mommy with the dishes, or to join the conversation around the kitchen table. The second step is 14 inches in height. The wooden step stool can take up to 80 pounds of weight, which means your fifth-grader can use the step stool too. The step stool is made from sturdy wood and comes in a natural and espresso tones. With its quality finishes, you won’t mind guests arriving, and the step stool is standing in the middle of the kitchen floor.

What makes it good:

  • The versatility in height allows toddlers to elementary school kids to reach heights without the assistance of an adult.
  • Children may comfortably carry it by the handles to where they need it.
  • It is made of sturdy wood with quality finishes.

Little changes I’d make:

  • It doesn’t have a non-slip surface or rubberized feet to avoid slipping.
  • It lacks portability.

Great Step Stool For: Independent Children

The Growing Up Green Bamboo Step Stool is made from sustainable bamboo and is pesticide-free. The step stool is not only environment-friendly but beautifully designed to blend in with your home. You may even accidentally forget it’s a step stool and assume it’s a furniture piece. The step stool is 7 inches tall, which is an excellent height for toddlers to reach the places adults take for granted. It is 14 inches wide, which makes it perfect for toddlers who aren’t able to stand still. Now they can help mommy in the kitchen with ample room for their moving little feet. They won’t accidentally lose their balance or fall off the step stool. It is so lightweight, weighing a pound, that your toddler can easily carry it.  Don’t let its weight mislead you; the bamboo is sturdy enough to support up to 200 pounds. Unlike other step stools that require assembly, the bamboo step stool comes pre-assembled. The legs have rubber pads at the bottom to avoid scratching your floors if your toddler decides to push it. It is also slip-resistant and won’t move when your toddler decides to help mommy and wiggle-dance at the same time. The step stool may be priced at the same level as most of the plastic step stools, but it looks way better than most.

What makes it good:

  • The step stool is made from environment-friendly bamboo that is sturdy, supporting up to 200 pounds.
  • Its wide surface makes it safe for toddlers to stand, turn, and wiggle without falling off.
  • The beautiful design may fool you in thinking it is an expensive step stool, but it is an affordable price.

Little changes I’d make:

  • Seven inches may not be enough height for some toddlers or children.

Great Step Stool For: Environment-Friendly

The Damhorst Toys & Puzzles Personalized Step Stool is a playful gift for your toddler with practical applications. Loose puzzle pieces that spell your child’s name fit into the step surface. The bright colors of the letters may inspire your child to learn how to spell their name when they aren’t using the step stool to step on for extra height. The stool top measures 9 x 12 inches, which is a comfortable width for toddlers to stand and move while gaining their balance. The step surface of the toddler step stool holds eight letters or seven letters and a space for a double name. The colorful letters may inspire your toddler to learn to spell their name and to fit the puzzle letters in the correct slots. Often a single step stool isn’t high enough for shorter kids or toddlers two-years-old to reach the kitchen counter or bathroom sink. The Personalized Step Stool stands 9 inches tall, which gives toddlers the extra height they need. It is also a comfortable height to use the step stool as a chair to sit on. When your child grows tall enough to reach the counter without assistance, the puzzle step stool is an excellent addition to their room. The legs screw off when you want to store the step stool.

What makes it good:

  • The step stool is higher than many single step stools, which is ideal for shorter kids.
  • The name puzzle teaches the child how to spell their name.
  • It may also be used as a chair to sit on.

Little changes I’d make:

  • If your child has a long name, the eight letters may not be enough, except if you can use a nickname or abbreviate their name.

Great Step Stool For: Personalized Gift

 If you have twins or need more than one step stool, then the
iLove Two Pack Step Stools is a great choice. Sometimes it’s more convenient to have a good potty step stool in the bathroom and a toddler stepstool in the
kitchen, without having to carry it from one place to the other. The good price of the set of dual step stool is a good cost-saving purchase.

The dual step stool has slip-resistant rubber feet for
better floor grip than plastic feet inserts. Steps are wide so that toddlers
may comfortably climb up and stand on the step. The total height is 10.5
inches, with the first step 5.5 inches high.

The material used is environment-friendly PVC-free and
BPA-free. It is stain-resistant and cleans by wiping it with a damp cloth. With
the white and grey color scheme, the dual step stool blends in with the
bathroom and the décor elsewhere. The no-slip rubber grips are grey, indicating
where the child should step for the best traction.

Light in weight, the step stools are portable, and with the
side, grip handles a child can carry it. The plastic stool can stack on top of
each other for storage.

What makes it good:

· A set of two dual step stools for almost the
same price as purchasing one step stool. 

· The non-slip rubber prevents the step stool from

· The white and grey colors blend in with the

Little changes I’d make:

· The step may appear narrow, and a child could
slip off at night.

Great Step Stool For: Twins

Remember These Safety Tips When Shopping

A step stool should be portable.

Your toddler is learning to become independent. Carrying the step stool without adult assistance is one way they become independent. Make sure the step stool is light enough and has carry handles made for little hands so it is movable during potty training. Alternatively, ensure it’s not too heavy if you need to carry it from the toilet to the basin to the kitchen counter to the…and back again a hundred times a day.

Avoid folding step stools for toddlers.

If storage space is limited or you envisage a folding step stool neatly stacked against the bathroom wall, think again. How many times a day are you going to fold and fold the step stool for your toddler to use? Even if you’re prepared to do that, is the step stool safe enough for your youngest toddler to stand on? Most folding step stools don’t have secure latches, so the legs fold in under a wiggling toddler.

Non-slip and skid-resistant step stools are essential.

Without rubberized or other skid-resistant material at the bottom of the step stool, it may slide on surfaces giving way underneath your child. The step should have traction to help your toddler keep their balance and not slip off the step stool. These safety features are especially important in bathrooms where the step stool and floor may get wet and slippery.

Broad surface for easy turning and balancing.

A wide step surface makes it easier for your toddler to turn during toilet training. If the step is too narrow, they may slip off when turning. A wide step also ensures more natural balancing and more space for toddlers and children who can’t stand still.

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