Guide To Best Toys For 6 Year Old Girls

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Finding the right gift for a six year old girl is no joke.  Now that she’s in school full-time, she’s being exposed to more of the world. Her friends will now have an influence in what she likes and wants.  Luckily, she can and will tell you what she likes – though those opinions can change daily.

While shopping for your little girl can be intimidating, don’t be fearful.  It might help to know that it’s the same situation when shopping for a 6 year old boy.

You want to select a  gift that is “peer approved” and also one that reflects how much you care for your 6 year old.  We’ve selected some gifts that check both the boxes to help you in your quest.

You’ll find below our Top 5 rated picks (in case you are in a hurry).  Below that are the Top 20 gifts we’ve found for six year old girls. – in more detail.

In A Hurry? Our Top Toys For Six Year Old Girls

This toy tea set is good enough to eat off of - literally! Made of FDA-approved for food-contact materials, your daughter can play pretend and be safe at the same time.

Kiwi Crate by KiwiCo

A perfect gift for the kid that loves to create things with their own hands.

All Our Recommended Gifts For 6 Year Old Girls


  • Made in the USA of BPA-free, recycled milk jugs.
  • Easy to clean – it’s dishwasher safe so cleanup is a breeze!
  • Your 6 year old girl will build both fine and gross motor skills playing with this set.
  • Great for tub play as well.
  • Built to last for years of play.


  • You pay extra for the Earth-friendly construction.

If your young ::age:: girl is looking for a toy tea set to go along with tea time, the Green Toys Tea Set is a great choice.  she can play while being nice to the environment at the same time.  You see, these tea cups, pots, plates, creamer and sugar bowl are all made of food-grade recycled materials.  This is awesome because it means you can actually drink from the set without worrying about hot water melting plastic or leeching and undesirable chemicals.

This tea set is wonderful. The toy items are sturdy while still being small enough for little hand’s to easily handle. It is safe to eat and drink from, washes easily, and quite resistant to scratches and blemishes.  Some people aren’t aware that toy manufacturers now have to put little holes to prevent suffocation in any toy  a young girl might jam in their mouth.  The sugar bowl is the one in this set with the holes – so if you pour a powder in the bowl, it won’t stay there!

These cups are kid-sized, not doll-sized – so they’ll be able to drink more than a sip when playing make-believe.  It’s one of the best tea sets out there for kids!


  • Made in the USA.
  • Easy to store – just fold it up and put it away
  • Constructed of hard plastic for years of use.
  • Great for 6 year old girls that weigh up to 50 lbs.
  • Quick assembly time.
  • Made for both inside and outside play.


  • The more adventurous children among us may become bored with this slide as they get older.
  • More expensive than no-name branded slides.  You pay for the Little Tykes brand quality.

Sometimes the weather isn’t good enough to take your child out for playground fun.  With the Little Tikes Easy Store Large Slide you can bring the outside fun indoors!  This toy is portable – just fold the slide up and easily move it indoors or out.

It’s sturdy enough that you don’t need to worry about your girl tipping this toy over on accident.  There’s a wide base and a low center of gravity.  The sides of the stairs are a perfect handrail for little hands.  Stuffed animals like riding this slide almost as much as little girls!


Best Subscription Box For 6 year old girls:

Kiwi Crate by KiwiCo

For girls  5 to 8 Years of age


  • Encourages a tinkering mindset through experimentation
  • Parents can engage with their children in some quality time.
  • Created toys are well-made and generally have good replay value.


  • You need to create the toy/project in order to have something to play with.
  • Subscription is an unique gift-type and can be hard to explain to a child when you give the gift.

The Kiwi Crate by Kiwico is a great way to keep your 6 year old girl excited about science through play throughout the year.  This isn’t one toy – instead, you buy a three month,  six month or 1 yr subscription and “crates” are delivered every month.  Inside you’ll find maker projects that help your child explore art, science, and engineering.   We’ve reviewed quite a few of these crates over the years – and our reviewer families have raved about their value and fun-factor.

Each month contains projects and readings centered around a different theme.  The instructions are easy to read, but also include additional information for those kids looking for a more in-depth treatment of the subject.  I’ve recommended these kits to my family members – and I now I’m recommending them to you.


  • There’s nothing better for gaining balance skills to prepare for a “big-girl” bike.
  • Looks very similar to bikes ridden by Mom and Dad.
  • Provides age-appropriate mobility so she can explore the world.
  • No flat tires and limited moving parts make for easy maintenance for parents.
  • Helps develop hand-eye coordination and improve motor skills for your 6 year old.


  • Not everyone loves the ride of no-air tires due to harder ride.
  • The foot rest may rub against the smallest riders feet and ankles depending on their form.

A balance bike is a great choice for your girl that has places to be! Unlike many tricycle or regular bikes, balance bikes don’t have pedals.  Instead, kids use their feet to push around “Flintstones-style”.  This is much easier for a 6 year old to master, and helps to quickly develop the balance skills needed to graduate to a regular bicycle.
This bike is adjustable so your child will be able to use it as girl ages. she will likely move to a real bike long before outgrowing this toy.

This model is especially nice because of it’s low center of gravity – it’s easier to control.  Most children over 6 will be too big for this balance bike, but it will depend on the height and skill of the individual girl.  Each child grows differently.


  • Teaches strategic thinking, teamwork, social skills and planning to your 6 year old girl.
  • Has won numerous awards for it’s great mix of fun and skill building.
  • Great for playing with children of different maturity levels for boys and girls.
  • Good replay value.


  • Games are relatively quick – this might be a good thing depending on the situation but something to be aware of.
  • Pre-teen children and up won’t be entertained for long.

Most board games for kids are competitive – and frankly there’s nothing wrong with that.  Sometimes it’s nice for a family to have a game they work together to win, rather than against each other.  This is particularly the case if you have a child that is CONSTANTLY getting beaten at games by an older sibling.

In Peaceable Kingdom, players work together as a team against the game, not each other.  Besides creating a team, this allows for your 6 year old to learn to share, include others, and build up confidence for themselves and teammates.  Each player is an owl that has gone out exploring at night, but now needs to get back home before the sun gets up.  If all owls get home before the sun comes up, you are a winner!



  • Included experiments are age-appropriate and fun for the family to work together.
  • Great for bathtub and sandbox play when younger, but grows into science experiments as your child ages.
  • High replay value since equipment can be used to do other experiments available for free on the internet.


  • While most are common household items, you need to provide the ingredients for the experiments.

Encourage interest in science and experimental learning with this award-winning lab set. The Learning Resources Primary Science Lab set comes with a ton of kid-friendly science tools. All 12 pieces are correctly sized for 6 year old children to be able to handle.

Younger girls might just use the toy to play make-believe unless you or another adult take them step by step through the instructions. On the other hand, older children can use the included experiment cards to learn more about the physical world around them.  Once you’ve gone through all the included experiments, you are free to use the equipment to tackle other experiments about the world around you.

Helps To Develop: “Logical Thinking, Inquisitive Thinking”


  • Easily fits two to three children for great social interactions.
  • Nonlinear nature of impromptu shows gives high replay value.
  • One of the best toys for developing story-telling ability.


  • Doesn’t fold up for storage – an issue if space is tight.
  • It’s strictly BYOP – Bring Your Own Puppets.

Your future Oscar winners will love to put their imagination into overdrive when playing with this sturdy puppet theater. The idea of a “stage” allows their creative juices to flow.  6 year old can take turns creating skits or watching their friends – either way it’s a load of fun.

It doesn’t take long to assemble, and is made of high-quality wood- meaning it should survive through years of play. Expect to see your youngsters coming back to this toy time and time again.

Helps To Develop: “Imagination, Creative Expression, Social Relationships”

What We Like About The Melissa & Doug Puppet Theater


  • Self-propelled nature of toy both builds up muscle development and helps to burn off energy in your 6 year old.
  • While relatively easy to use, there is some skill needed to spin fast. This helps to keep the replay value high.
  • In simplest terms: Most girls think it’s really fun to spin.


  • Really only appropriate for girls who can move about on their own – so you’ll need to judge if your child is ready.
  • Not every kid likes to get dizzy. Most parents don’t like to clean up after children that don’t like to get dizzy.  :)

The Playskool Sit ‘n Spin is a fun toy geared towards girls developed enough to sit up on their own.  Children control their speed through their own arm power, which both allows them to control the speed and burn off tons of energy at the same time. This is especially helpful when kids are cooped up inside during winter months without many outlets for pent-up ::gender::-power.  While it’s simple, it is extremely fun.  It’s definitely one of the best toys for 6 year old girl.

This isn’t a new toy – I played with and loved one of these as a child myself. They last for many years, and kids will play with them from the pre-2 age all the way up to 6-7 years old.

Helps To Develop: Hand-Eye Coordination, Motor Skill Development, Cause and Effect


  • Projects are fun both to build and play with afterwards.
  • Building provides a great opportunity to bond with your 6 year old girl.
  • High-quality construction means projects should last as least as long as your girl is interested in it.
  • The company is very interested in customer service.  Their phone number is on every product.


  • There is some assembly required to put together this dollhouse toy.
  • While well constructed, you do pay a premium for the quality.

This Melissa & Doug Hi-Rise Wooden dollhouse is no McMansion!  Your daughter will delight in making pretend-play families drive into the garage, ride the elevator upstairs, and feel right at home in this modern three-level house. Bright colors and patterns add a lively edge to the natural wooden frame, and open sides make it easy to access every room and share the fun with brothers, sisters, and friends.

The set comes with three play people and 15 pieces of furniture, but your child can bring their own figures to share in the fun.  This toy is for play dates with other kids.  If you are looking to give your young girl ways to avoid screen time – you’ve found a great antidote.


  • Jumping helps your 6 year old girl develop muscles and balance while burning off energy.
  • Tramp comes with a long list of safety features to make jumping as safe as it can be.
  • Your kid’s friends will always be over at your place when you are the ‘trampoline house’.


  • Parents need to supervise play – there are dangers involved if instructions aren’t followed.
  • This isn’t a small toy.  You need to have dedicated space in your backyard to set up and jump.

As we mentioned in our outdoor trampolines review, we think this toy is a winner. Safety is a prime concern in the design of this model. It’s so important, Skywalker has made sure this model exceeds all American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) requirements.

We like the ‘W’ supports – they give more stability to the trampoline. The padded poles and enclosure net are well-made and help to keep your 6 year old is safe. The basketball hoop is a nice touch – it has a breakaway rim and even comes with 2 basketballs. It’ll keep your children and friends entertained for hours at a time. A great gift.

Helps To Develop: “Outside Play, Burning Off Energy, Social Development, Motor Skill Development”


  • Both camera lenses have an 8-megapixel photo resolution to take high-quality photos.
  • The camera is designed for kids and is easy to operate.
  • The screen is 2.3 inches, which is larger than most camera screens for kids.


  • SD memory card isn’t included in the purchase.

The Joytrip Kids Digital Camera is a dual-lens camera with 8 Megapixels and a camcorder with FHD 1080P video resolution that’s perfect for little 6 year old girl hands!  With a 2.3 inches screen, budding photographers can show off their photography skills. The automatic face tracking feature recognizes faces to capture the best smiley moments.

Replaying the videos or look at the funny photos created with the 21 frames creates hours of fun. The 1000mAh lithium rechargeable battery won’t cut the fun-time short because it lasts for 4-6 hours. Recharging takes 4-5 hours.

Hanging the camera around the child’s neck with the lanyard will help keep the camera from falling. If it does fall, don’t sweat it too much. The camera is made of soft silicone material that is safe against a child’s skin and is also shockproof should the camera fall.

The USB charger and a micro SD card reader are included in the package but not the SD card. The camera supports up to a 32 GB card.


  • Large selection of instruments means more hours of play and exploration for your 6 year old.
  • Multiple toys enable sharing and playing with others.
  • Builds hand-eye coordination which is important at this age.
  • Very reasonably priced for what you get.


  • You and your 6 year old girl’s idea of “music” are sure to differ. Prepare yourself with earplugs beforehand. :)

Twenty-four months is the earliest most girls express interest in playing with musical instruments. Satisfy that creative curiosity with this set of musical instruments. You’ll get maracas, a xylophone, blocks, a drum and sleigh bells with this set.  You’ll also appreciate the carrying bag – it’s great to store the instruments when needed, and will come in handy when you take them for a play date or overnight trip.
The wide range of instruments give your 6 year old a chance to explore different sounds and styles of musical play. The variety also helps to prevent toy boredom and burnout. As your young girl ages and begins to socialize more, having numerous instruments available provides an easy means to share with other children.

Helps To Develop: Creative Expression, Hand-Eye Coordination, Musical Curiosity


  • Worry-free guarantee means you don’t need to worry about giving your 6 year old a mini-computer that she likely will end up finding a way to break.
  • Great for trips, plane rides, or other times a child needs to entertain themselves without being able to move around.
  • Included subscription includes a wide variety of children’s books to read – it’s not all fun and games!


  • If you haven’t already bought into the Amazon “Co-Prosperity Sphere” of content, you’ll need to – it’s not worth much without the content Amazon provides.
  • Amazon parental controls take a little time to learn how to use effectively.

Want to get your 6 year old a tablet, but afraid of quickly they might break it? The Fire 7 Kids Edition is a great tablet for you.
You get a powerful 7-inch tablet in a kid-proof stand – made for little girls hands to be able to grasp easily.  The included year of Amazon Free Time provides access to age-appropriate apps, games, books and content from names you know, like PBS Kids, Disney and Nickelodeon.  Parental controls leave you in charge of what your 6 year old watches.

And since kids will be kids…if she ends up breaking this Kindle during the first two years by dropping, stomping, spilling, throwing or the multitude of other ways kids break toys, you can simply return it to Amazon to get a replacement.  That’s the worry-free guarantee.

These devices come with 16GB of internal storage, but you’ll likely want to invest in an SD card to give you some more space to save content for your child.  Prices on flash memory have dropped so much you’ll be amazed how much storage you’ll be able to get for cheap.


  • Adjustable height means it will grow with your girl.
  • Folds down easily for quick storage.
  • The different sizes of chalk and markers help develop fine motor skills.
  • A great way to share a love of drawing with friends or family.


  • This toy requires assembly which can be a deal breaker for some.

If your child is stoked to draw but you don’t want the hassle of buying and throwing away reams of artwork-filled paper, this easel is for you. Both the chalkboard and dry-erase sides are erasable – so when your artist moves on to a new work the board will follow.  It can be used on both sides at teh same time so your girl can use this toy to play with a friend at the same time.

The adjustable height is a great feature – your child will be able to use this for years to come without having to hunch over to draw.  It comes with chalk and an eraser, along with a brush – but you’ll want to make sure you get more chlak on your own.  With how fun this toy is, you’ll need it!

Helps To Develop: Creative Expression, Imagination, Motor Skill Development

What We Like About The NextX Kids Adjustable Easel


  • Great toy to inspire imaginatively and role-playing for girls.
  • Big enough for 6 year old children to play with but stores easily.
  • Perfect for playdates – many kids can comfortably play together at once.
  • Solid construction means this should outlast your child’s interest in it.


  • You will need to assemble this toy. Be prepared with a power drill to save yourself time and anguish.
  • You might notice the lack of counter space – your child probably could care less!

Most 6 year olds are fascinated by the kitchen, and how it’s the realm of “big people”. Now you can get your child their own pretend kitchen to work and play in!

This play-set comes with everything a young girl needs to play house.  There’s a playset, along with cookware, dishes and a recycle bin.  You’ll find 20 pieces when you buy this toy.

While role-play is very important to preschool children, you’ll also help develop their relationship skills since this kitchen is great for inviting friends to play.

Helps To Develop: Role Play, Imagination, Social Play


  • Great functionality in a small package.
  • 6 year old girls will love playing the role of director with the built-in cameras.
  • A lot cheaper than a Fitbit or Apple Watch!


  • Heavy video usage can drain the battery in less than a day – not great if you rely on it primarily for a watch.
  • Colorful design might seem childish to tween-aged children.

This smartwatch is really a mini-smartphone – without internet access or GPS. Why do I say that? It has 2 cameras, a microphone, games built-in, and can function as a pedometer. That’s a lot of features in a little package!

Parents and kids can download the pictures and videos to a PC where they can be kept or viewed by all. It’s very intuitive to use – and while not waterproof it is “splash proof” so the occasional spill or drop should brick the watch. It’s a great toy if you think your child feels left out not having a “smart” device.

Helps To Develop: “Exploration, Role Playing, Creative Expression”



Codey Rocky is a GREAT toy for learning how to code. 6 year old programmers can use the associated app to get up and running quickly. There’s plenty to do with this robot without moving on from just app-based play. Your inquisitive girl can move and play with the robot really quickly in this mode.

Once the Codey Rocky is attached to your PC you can use an easy-to-learn block-based language to program the robot.  If this is too limiting, you can also use the popular programming language python to expand your choice enormously. This should give your 6 year old years of play as your child moves up the programming skill curve.

Helps To Develop: “STEM, Thinking Skills, Exploration”


  • Easy to control and get into the air – but still helps to build patience.
  • Flight control builds hand-eye coordination to keep the kite soaring in the air.
  • You need to get outside to use this toy – and 6 year old girl will!


  • You’ll need to help younger children with assembly.
  • You need some space and decent weather to play with this toy.

Good kites are under-rated toys. There’s something hard-wired in most girls that makes she want to fly a kite on a warm, sunny day. This kite makes that easy enough for 6 year olds.

The design makes it surprisingly easy to get – and stay -airborne. It won’t entertain your children for multiple hours at a time, but they will continue to come back to this toy as they grow through the years. The colorful pattern will bring a smile to both you and your child’s face.


  • Learn about the world through fun projects every month
  • Gift will continue to be appreciated month-0after-month as new crates arrive.
  • It’s great for girls to show creativity and appreciation for the world they live in.
  • At this age, most of the projects can be completed with very little parental help.  This builds self-confidence.


  • Not every child is into exploring other cultures.  If your kid is in this category, this toy isn’t for them.

The Atlas Crate by Kiwico is perfect for 6 year old girls that love traveling and learning more about the world.  This package isn’t one toy – instead, you buy a one-time subscription and “crates” are delivered throughout the year.   The Atlas Crate is different than most subscription crates – focused more on different places and cultures around the world.

As the crates come month after month and more projects are completed, your child will build their own adventure book.  My child really loved building his own globe in one project.  If your kid is interested in the people in the world and the places they come from, this gift will be appreciated.


  • Allows children to learn the alphabet and reading skill at their own, independent pace.
  • Audiobook feature is great for car rides – just use headphones and your child is entertained.
  • The pen is well-sized for young hands, and nearly indestructible.


  • Workbooks aren’t cheap, and really are one-time-use only.
  • The system is easy for kids, but there’s a learning curve for parents to set it up.

This comprehensive learning system will fast-track your child towards reading independence. The Leap Frog turns learning about reading and writing into a game – making learning fun. When your child is done with the initial book and audio titles, there are over 150 more available on a wide range of topics. This means there will be SOMETHING your child wants to read.

One pro tip to keep content costs down – head to your local thrift store or Goodwill to get used books. Just make sure to check they work with the current generation of Tag books.

Helps To Develop: “Communication Development, Focus, Thinking Skills”

Clipboard Toy List

Our Process For Selecting The Best Toys And Gifts For 6 year old girls

We spend weeks writing all of our toy review and gift guides. We know you rely on our input, and we take that trust seriously.   Our writers and editors have spent approximately 3 hours researching and testing the most popular toys for 6 year old girls that you can find on the market in June 2022. 

All of this time and resources are spent to bring this toy guide to you – we’ve put in the time to make sure our recommendations are ones you can trust.

We also update these lists daily.  That’s because we don’t want to provide you with toys that are no longer in-stock – a gift you can’t buy isn’t worth much to you, no matter how cool it might be.  We have reviewed many more toys than we list in this guide – and many of them are good but not quite as great as the ones that made the cut. 

As toys move in and out of stock, the list will change.  We want this list to help you get the best toys you can for your 6 year old this Holiday season.

How To Choose Appropriate Toys For 6-Year Old Girls

She’s done with kindergarten and going to school—the world of grownups. It’s an exciting time with lots of secrets to unravel. Appropriate toys for 6-year old girls will help them discover the world of school, social life, and mental challenges.

She’s becoming independent, her own person—dressing by herself, going to school, attending social events like birthday parties, standing up for the bully at school—but back at home she still needs the parent’s assurance everything is okay.

It’s a world of discovering new things she didn’t even know existed as a toddler. As a first grader, she’s going to learn to read and to write. No longer is she sorely dependent on others to unlock the world of stories; soon she’ll have the keys to access it.

The range of toys for a 6-year old girl expands as she discovers this new world.

What Developmental Skills Are Nurtured By Great Toys

There’s a wide variety of toys to choose from, yet each toy is different in how it contributes to a child’s developmental milestones. Great toys focus on strengthening specific needs of a child at a specific age. Toys for kids in mid-childhood should complement the physical, mental, and emotional needs at their level of maturity.

When we created this list of the Best Toys for 6-Year Old Girls, we first looked at what are the most important skills a first-grader should develop. Then we searched for toys that will help build these skills while having fun playing with these toys.

Here’s a list of skills we think toys should strengthen in the life of a girl.

Social Relationships

Peer acceptance is an important factor as she independently tests the waters of social relationships. Toys that help her develop friendships will teach her to have self-confidence and to learn to differentiate between sharing and being selfish with toys.

Boys like to connect with friends through physical action; girls prefer a subtler approach to communicate and sharing secrets. She’s aware of other people’s emotions, although she doesn’t always understand these emotions. Toys that develop emotional skills will improve her communication abilities.

Hand-Eye Coordination

Although she can hold a ball and throw it, developing finer hand-eye coordination will help her in reading and writing. Her speech and language skills develop faster with toys that enhance reading and writing skills.

Hobbies, needlework, and girl crafts will strengthen these skills and teach her to share and nurture friendships.

Motor Skill Development

Her body is growing and developing fast, and it needs exercise. Toys that improve motor skill development while playing outside will help her get rid of the pent-up energy being at school most of the day.

Girls aren’t as action orientated as boys, but they do enjoy exercising their athletic abilities. Riding toys and sports equipment will help them understand and develop their new physical powers. Sports equipment gives children the opportunity to try out various sports and help them decide what kind of sports they like.

Communication Development

As her reading and writing improve, so does her ability to communicate in more complex conversations. Most girls enjoy toys that help them develop their reading and writing skills. She’ll want to share her secret diary with her best friend and keep it hidden from her brother’s prying eyes.

Consider These 6 Toy Qualities When Out Shopping For Your Gift


First-graders are still clumsy at times despite their new athletic prowess. Riding toys and sports equipment should include safety gear to accommodate these awkward, clumsy moments. Accidents happen. Wearing helmets and knee and elbow guards while playing could prevent nasty injuries.

Ensure that the materials the toys are made of aren’t flammable or toxic.


Although she’s now part of the grown-up world, her toys will still have to endure hard play. She is going to fall, crash the bike, or scrape her sports equipment on the pavement.

Durability will depend on the material the toys are made of but also how she treats the toy and if she looks after it.


Her mind and body are eager to be challenged, and most toys for 6-years old will do that. Don’t underestimate her desire to test her mental and physical abilities. She’s learning fast, expanding her vocabulary daily and physically strengthening her body. Choose toys that will challenge her to accomplish more without making it impossible to achieve.


She’s having fun playing on her own and with friends. She knows what she likes and wants. Buy her the kind of toys that interest her, and it’s certain she is going to have lots of fun playing with the toy.


Some toys your first-grader is going to play with will become hand-me-downs. These kinds of toys have a lifespan that will survive her hard play for future generations. Other toys aren’t made to last; some won’t even last a season. When deciding how much you want to spend on a toy for her, consider the type of toy you want to buy and how long it should last.

Warranty and Warning Labels

A warning label that states 6+ means the toy is age appropriate for 6-year old children. Buying toys with for older children could be a safety hazard for your child. Also, consider the maturity level of the child. Some kids mature faster than others.

Warranties vary depending on the type of toy. If you want to know what is included in a toy  warranty, read the information provided by the manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gifts for Six-Year-Old Girls

Should I buy my daughter gifts that interact with family and friends?

She is making new friends at school, and socializing is essential to her. Playing with friends helps her developing socially. One of the best gifts for six-year-old girls are toys that encourage interaction with friends.

Bikes, tents, and trampolines are great examples of outdoor gifts she can play solo or with others. Dolls, kitchen related toys, and other pretend games are fun playing indoors. She is old enough to appreciate board games and to join in the family fun time. The best gifts are the ones that friends can play with, but it shouldn’t be a requirement to have fun with the toy.  

Is my six-year-old daughter ready for DIY Crafts?

Absolutely. Last year she was maybe too young, but this year she is old enough to be introduced to DIY crafts. She may surprise you in her eagerness to create crafts by herself. DIY crafts are one of the best gifts for six-year-old girls.

These kinds of gifts stimulate her imagination and allow her to express her creativity in making something. The variety of crafts is endless from sewing, knitting, making bracelets or headbands, to non-sewing blankets, and learning to crochet.

DIY craft toys are fun, entertaining, and could be delightfully messy. She may not create a masterpiece but will gleefully present her completed project for your inspection. Teach her at this young age to keep her craft materials neatly in containers and use the opportunity to teach her how to organize. 

How can I encourage my daughter to read?

Books are excellent gifts for six-year-old girls and boys irrespective if they like to read or not. If she is a keen reader, she may be delighted to receive a book as a gift. Books are always a great gift to enthusiastic readers.

Sometimes little girls are active readers, but they don’t read the books they have. Perhaps she isn’t interested in reading her current books because she already knows the stories so well. She may be thrilled in receiving a new book as a birthday gift or for Christmas. Friends and family members who aren’t sure what to buy your daughter, tell them books and more books!

If your little girl isn’t keen on reading, it could be that the books she has don’t interest her. Gift her with a book related to her hobbies and interest. If she likes to pretend to cook, then a story about baking or cooking may entice her into reading the book. Another approach is to continue reading her bedtime stories and to inspire her to read with you.  

Should I supervise when my daughter is playing with a science kit?

Science kits are fantastic gifts to interest your six-year-old in STEM-related topics. Adult supervision is recommended from a safety perspective as well as assisting your eager scientist.

Science experiments can be very messy. To minimize the mess, move her science lab outside whenever possible. Exploding volcanoes and excessive slime are best outdoors; you don’t want to clean volcano debris indoors.

Your budding scientist may need help with explaining the instructions. Some of the words may be too difficult for her to read or comprehend. The steps and even the order of adding ingredients influence the success of an experiment. She may enthusiastically skip steps and end up with a flop. As a parent, you can guide her and teach her the importance of following instructions.

How do I inspire my daughter to play outside?

Some kids enjoy playing indoors with video games, dolls, or reading a book; they see no need for going outside. Children should be physically active. Playing outside in the backyard is the perfect way to develop physical skills.

The right gift may draw your six-year-old girl outside without much effort from you. A trampoline, a new bike, or a princess tent are great examples of gifts in the toys gift guide for entertaining little girls outdoors. If she is hesitant to play outdoors with the new toys, invite a friend to come and play. Showing off her new gift may be the prompting she needed to discover playing outdoors is fun.

How do I interest my little girl in the board game gift I bought her?

If you grew up playing card and board games with family and friends, you might be eager to introduce your little girl to similar pleasant memories. The chances are that if you liked games, your little girl may too. As a board game lover, you may be the expert in selecting the right board game gift for your little girl. You know what she likes, and you know what board games are the best to play.

Some parents are surprised when their kids aren’t as eager to play board games as they were. It may be that your child prefers different kinds of games than what you deem to be the best games to play. Don’t give up. Your Christmas and birthday gift list has expanded to discover what type of games your six-year-old will enjoy. She may prefer card games, memory games, puzzles, or mystery types of board games. The only way you will know is to introduce her to a variety of games until you discover what interests her.

If she isn’t a game person at all, then don’t force board game gifts on her. She may surprise you in joining family game night because of the incredible family fun time despite her not liking games. Fun with the family could be convincing enough for her sometimes to play games.

Must I buy my daughter coding toy gifts?

Your six-year-old is probably a first-grader or on the verge of going to school. She will learn to code in school. She may be familiar with playing games on your smartphone or tablet; the next step could be learning to code with a new toy.

Although there are excellent toys that teach kids to code, it isn’t essential for her to have coding toys. If she has the desire, go ahead and buy her gifts that will teach her coding principles. It will benefit her when she learns to code in school. The basics won’t be strange to her, and it may develop her confidence in experimenting with more advanced concepts. If you bought her a coding toy and she has no interest in it, don’t fret, there are other educational toys she can benefit from.