vacuum storage bags

Lets face it: we all have too much stuff.

Owning so much means we are faced with trying to find an easy way to store our items when they aren’t in use. Vacuum storage bags are a great way to protect your things and maximize your space.

Need a vacuum seal bag to protect your clothes from harm and save space in your classroom or home? We’ve researched the best bags out there to come up with a list that should cover all situations.

Our all-around personal favorite is the HiBag20 Storage Bag Set due to the mix of good value plus the wide variety of bags it offers.

You might have a special situation – in that case we hope you’ll find something on our list of the best vacuum storage bags that will suits you.

What Makes A Great Vacuum Storage Bag?

Although vacuum storage bags may seem like a simple product, their quality depends on several factors.

The material of the vacuum storage bag is critical to consider since this can make a big difference involving how long the bag will last and how much it can hold. Typically these bags consist of plastic, although their chemical composition varies depending on the product.

Chemicals such as polyurethane, polyethylene, and other polymers serve to manufacture vacuum storage bags. Each differs in strength and durability, so do your research to see which is right for you.

There are many kinds of vacuum storage bags, each meant for different articles of clothing and a variety of sizes. The most basic version is roll-up bags. They are small and typically intended for travel. Easy to fit into suitcases and such. 

The standard vacuum bag is smaller in size than the roll-up bag. The difference is the valve it includes to suck the air out with a vacuum. This feature makes them more effective than roll-up bags. 

Another kind of bag is a hanging vacuum storage bag. This is typically used for clothes that are not worn often. The outer part of the bag is a hanger and has a hook to hang off the hanger rail. 

You can use the valve to suck out the air to compress up to 5 outfits in the bag, similar to the standard vacuum bag.

Sizing can vary greatly depending on the type of bag and brand that makes it. As a general rule, roll-up bags are small. Fitting underwear and other such things to squeeze into a suitcase.

A standard vacuum storage bag can be any size and comes in Jumbo and large sizes for things like duvets.

The hanging vacuum bags come in two sizes, one for jacket length and one for full-length coats and dresses.

The seal valve is another decisive factor in the quality of your vacuum storage bag. 

If the seal valve leaks or is not strong enough, you may not be offering your clothing the best long-term protection. Get yourself a strong double-zip or triple seal to ensure your clothes are safe and there is no air escaping from inside.

To get the most out of your vacuum bags ensure they are reusable. This way you do not have to waste money on another when the one you currently have starts to experience wear and tear. It is better for the environment and your wallet if the bag you purchase has more than one use in mind.

The Top Vacuum Seal Storage Bags Compared

HiBag 20 Storage Bag Set + Pump
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Storage Master 12 Pack
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SUOCO Jumbo 8 Pack + Pump
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TAILI Hanging Bags
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The Best Vacuum Seal Bags For Storage Space Reviewed

Here are our top choices for the best vacuum seal bags.

Best Overall Pick: HiBag 20 Storage Bag Set + Pump

If you are looking for a lot of bang for your buck, take a look at this vacuum storage bag set.

There are 20 bags included with different sizes and multiple uses. If you are not looking for a specific size or type, you can just get this one to have all the options in one purchase. It also comes with a hand pump, so you do not need to worry about a specific vacuum fitting the seal. 

There is a double zipper to ensure that the bag seals, and a clip to make sure that no air escapes. The triple seal valve also ensures long-term storage, up to 4-6 months with minimal leakage. The plastic is super durable as well, capable of lasting up to several years with repetitive use. 

This vacuum storage bag set is surely the best overall because it not only offers all the categories listed above in what makes the best vacuum storage bag but also has many options for a variety of clothing or products.

Top Budget-Friendly Vacuum Bags: Cozy Essential Vacuum Storage Bags 12 Pack + Pump

This storage bag set comes with fewer options but has a decent number of bags that can provide a variety of sizes. It’s also very cheap, only about $20 on Amazon. The bags offered are super functional for travel and you can use them repeatedly. There is a hand pump included for ease on the go too.

The material of the bags is durable and has a double zipper seal. The valve is triple sealed to ensure the protection of your clothing is airtight and watertight. They reduce clothes to 80% of their original volume, so you’ll be sure to find enough space for your clothes with this bag set.

Great Travel Space Saver Vacuum Storage Bags For Clothes: Storage Master 12 Pack

This storage bag set is great for those who want a more convenient option or those who only need small bags. Instead of wasting money on a larger pack with a variety of sizes, those who just need a small roll-up bag should take a look at this vacuum storage bag set. 

This comes with 12 bags, in medium and large sizes. Has a secure double-zip feature, and fits into your suitcase, no vacuum is necessary! These bags consist of an extra thick and durable plastic material, ensuring repetitive use. 

Best Vacuum Storage Bag For Jumbo Items: SUOCO Jumbo 8 Pack + Pump

This vacuum storage bag set provides 8 bags that are jumbo size, so you can fit anything from pillows to comforters. You can reuse these bags year-round since the storage bags consist of a durable and flexible material that has minimal leakage. There is also a hand pump included for your convenience. 

This is a great purchase if all you need are jumbo bags, as it’s affordable and provides a smaller amount so you don’t have extra that you don’t need. Since they are reusable and will last a while, you won’t need to go searching for more jumbo vacuum seal bags for your duvets or towels.

Best Vacuum Seal Bags For Hanging Garments: TAILI Hanging Bags

This is a great purchase for vacuum seal bags for just your hanging garments. This set comes with 2 long and 2 short bags. Each bag can hold up to 5 articles of clothing, and can release up to 80% of the room in your closet! Can fit either short or long pieces in your wardrobe. 

You can seal these bags with any vacuum cleaner and a hand pump is also provided for you. They remain waterproof and airtight for more than a year, ensuring long-term use. These are a great option if you need a few nicer articles in clothing safe and in storage for a long time, but don’t need the clutter of all sorts of different sizes of vacuum-sealed bags. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Vacuum Seal Bags

Here are some of the most common questions.

Are vacuum seal bags worth it?

Yes, since they are a cheap and easy solution to too much clutter in your home. You can easily compress soft items in the bags and store them away instead of buying more hangers or investing in another wardrobe. 

They also protect your clothing from dust and mold, which saves you money on clothes in the future as well. You can reuse them and you can store them for long periods, which makes them worthwhile. 

Which space saver bags are best?

This depends on what you’re looking for, but if you want to make the most out of your purchase of a vacuum seal bag set, you should definitely look into Vacwell Storage Bags. These come in 12 different sizes that are ideal for storing large items such as duvets or cushions. It condenses items down to one-third of their original size. 

Do vacuum bags actually save space?

Yes, most vacuum bags reduce a bag of clothes to about 50% of its original size, and you can keep them stored away for a year or more at a time. 

How long do vacuum-sealing space saver bags last?

Typically the vacuum-sealing space saver bags last around 6 months, and after that, some fabrics might suffer harm in the bag due to the compression. However, the vacuum bags themselves should last years if maintained and kept in a safe place. 


The clear overall choice for the best space saver bag is the HiBag 20 Storage Bag Set + Pump. 

This set has multiple options for whatever kind of items you need to store, with 20 bags of different sizes. The material of the bags is also high quality, made of the best durable plastic with a triple seal valve. 

You can store your items in these bags for around 4-6 months and then when you take the clothes out, just store more! You can reuse them as many times as you need. This set is also affordable, only about 30 dollars on Amazon. 

The Cozy Essential Vacuum Storage Bags 12 Pack comes in second.

This bag set has a smaller amount of options, however, they also provide several size options and type of item. They also provide you with high-quality material that should last years, at an affordable price of only about $20. 

Our third best option is the Storage Master 12 Pack. This set is the best if you don’t need all the options or a variety of sizes like some of the others, but are just looking to store your clothes. 

The bags come in medium and small sizes and don’t require a vacuum since they are roll-up bags. These are convenient and durable, with easy on the go travel abilities since all you have to do is roll your clothes up and call it a day!  

Now you know the importance and benefits of vacuum-sealing and the best options available. If you’re trying to use space more efficiently don’t hesitate and get yourself one of the previously sealed bags.

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