When summer rolls around, good times on the water soon follow.  Yet most of us make the mistake of waiting until the last minute to get the necessary lake toys needed for on-water fun.  While playing at the beach can be fun, a little preparation can go a long way in making this summer one you won’t forget.

This year be prepared by getting the best water toys for your kids and family ahead of time.

These water toys for kids and family will bring days of summer fun.

Best Lake Toys for Kids

Island Hopper 20 Giant Jump Water Trampoline
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SwimWays Marvel Avengers Assemble Characters
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Island Hopper 13 Bounce N Splash Water Bouncer
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Intex Cabin Island with Slide and Removable Sides
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Island Hopper 20’ Giant Jump Water Trampoline

Best Water Trampoline For Summer

Best For: Years of Family Fun In The Water

Ages: 4 and up

With a jumping surface 20 feet in diameter, the Island Hopper Giant Water Trampoline can comfortably accommodate four or five people. While there is a larger size 25′ unit available for bigger groups, the 15′ should work for most families.  Water trampolines aren’t bouncers; they are trampolines that operate in the water. In other words, you are going to jump and touch the sky, not just bounce. The water trampoline sits much higher to allow the mat to go down for jumping and acrobats.

It’s too high out of the water to climb directly onto it; you need the 4-step entry ladder made of heavy duty aluminum.Eight swimmer-assist handles surround the tubing for ladder assist and to hold onto if you don’t feel like treading water.

The sturdy construction 9 mm 1100 Denier mesh reinforced PVC material (commonly used in oil booms) make up the trampoline inflation tube. Welded reinforced seams and the heavy-duty material protects the tube against tearing, temperature, cuts, and scratches.

The three inflation chambers the water tramp is made provide assurance the water trampoline will always float. Each air chamber has a separate valve. The triple chamber strengthens the structure increasing its load-bearing capacity.

The black trampoline surface is covered with UV resistant foam padding 1” thick that overlap the tubes and springs. The jumping surface is made of 700 PSI burst strength polypropylene that ensures an exciting jump – just what you want from fun water toys from the lake.

Seven-anchor-tie-D-rings secure the water trampoline for safe mooring. The D-rings are evenly spread inside and under the tube.

The Giant Jump Water trampoline is designed to be safe to use and built with high-quality products for longevity despite abrasive wear. The manufacturer’s belief in its product is backed up with a 5-year “No Blow Out” warranty, a 5-year frame limited warranty, a 1-year jump surface replacement warranty, and a 1-year accessories warranty.

Initial setup takes about an hour. After you’ve gone through the assembling process, the next time will be faster.

Another benefit of the 15’ Giant Jump water trampoline are the available accessories. You can build your waterpark by adding a Bounce N Slide, a Double Blaster, Island Runner, and Water Walk. Of course, they cost extra but isn’t summer fun worth it?


  • Heavy-duty material ensures the longevity of the water trampoline.
  • The three chambers in the tube safeguards that the water trampoline will float in all situations.
  • The manufacturers back their product with warranties.
  • The jumping surface is big enough for 4-5 kids to play on at the same time.
  • Great way to exercise while having fun.


  • The water trampoline requires enough water depth to jump into and is therefore not suitable for pools and shallow lakes.
  • Water trampolines take about an hour to set up compared to water bouncers that requires 10 minutes to inflate.

SwimWays Marvel Avengers Assemble Characters

Best Diving Toys

Best For: Kids working on their underwater superpowers

Ages: Five years and up

The SwimWays Marvel Avenger Assemble Characters provide hours of fun water play in the swimming pool for kids who enjoy diving and swimming underwater.  When tossed into the pool these flexible dive sticks will sink to the bottom of the pool motivating kids to dive to retrieve their superheroes.

They are inexpensive toys made of quality material.  Each pack contains 3 Marvel Avenger flexible dive sticks, Captain America, Iron-Man and Hulk. Made from flexible soft material, the toys are easy to maneuver without small parts breaking off.

Although heavy enough to sink, the dive toys take a few seconds to reach the bottom. It gives beginner swimmers ample time to retrieve the dive sticks while in shallow water. Eager divers can follow the trial of their superheroes and wait until they reach the bottom before they fetch them. Most kids don’t mind that the toys lay flat at the bottom and that weights don’t balance the sticks to stand on end.

Painted in bright colors, the kids can easily spot their superheroes underwater. Captain America is bright blue, Iron Man red, and Hulk naturally, is green. The toys are about 5-6 inches tall. Although the Hulk may not be much taller than his companions, he is for sure bigger in bulk. The size is comfortable enough for smaller kids to carry around or to place in a bag when traveling. They are big enough for playing in the pool, and the visibility of the bright colors will help that the superheroes aren’t lost in the pool.

For Marvel Avenger fans, the 3-pack dive sticks will keep them busy in the pool, on the lawn or inside the house (as bath toys too), especially when their imaginations start flowing. When these Marvel Avenger Assemble characters are thrown into the pool, who knows what heroic deeds they are going to accomplish. Perhaps they need the help of the kids to assist them…? Who doesn’t want to rescue their hero from sinking to the bottom of the pool? Even the most reluctant underwater swimmer could be tempted to dive to retrieve their superhero.

The SwimWays Marvel Agents diving toys are durable toys that may motivate kids to play more in the pool. It is a great teaching tool to inspire kids to practice swimming underwater and diving in the pool.


  • The bright colors are easy to spot when the toy sinks to the bottom.
  • The three pack dive sticks are affordable quality toys.
  • The dive toys are a comfortable size to carry around but not too small to find underwater.
  • Although pool toys, if the weather doesn’t permit swimming, the kids can play with their favorite characters outside or in the house.
  • The dive sticks look precisely the way described.


  • These lake toys  for kids don’t stand upright at the bottom of the pool.
  • The toys are dive sticks, so they don’t float.

Remote Control Boat for Pools and Lakes

best lake toy for rc enthusiasts

Age: For 12-year-old and older

Best For: Teenage boys and girls who like remote control speed toys

Who doesn’t want to race this beautiful designed remote-control speedboat on the lake? It’s FAST, but easy to control, even for beginners. An RC speedboat with self-righting abilities won’t capsize when you’re going too fast. It doesn’t crash easily, it may flip, but it won’t sink.

The battery lasts about 10-15 minutes when operating at full speed of 20 mph. It may even last up to 20-30 minutes at a slower pace. Some customers claim they when as fast as 35 knots, that’s 40 mph.

Battery life may be short, but it won’t spoil the fun because the speedboat comes with an extra rechargeable RC boat battery. You can always recharge while playing. To extend playing time, even more, you could also purchase a third rechargeable battery. The low cost of the lake toy makes it affordable to buy another 7.4v 600mAh Li-Po battery to give everyone a turn. After all, the toys aren’t restricted to boys and dads only; girls and moms also want to satisfy their desire to race across the lake and see how fast this speedboat can go.

Alternatively, buy another speedboat for the rest of the family members. Multiple RC boats can operate simultaneously without signal interference provided you turn the ships on one at a time. When the first boat is paired with its remote control, you can turn on the second, then the third, and so forth.

The actual control distance is 120 meters. The remote transmitter warns you with a low-signal alarm when you are reaching the maximum range. If you go past the operating limit, you’ll probably have to swim out to retrieve the boat. It’s good to keep it in mind if you’re not prepared to swim too far.

A safety feature prevents the motor from running if out of the water. Despite the child’s eagerness to start the boat, the boat must be in the water before it syncs with the remote and will operate.

The speedboat is about 12 inches long (14” with the steering rudder), and 4 inches wide.

The USB charger, a spare prop and a small amount of lubricant are included in the purchase. The AA batteries the transmitter uses is not included. The charger easily plugs directly to USB ports: car charger ports, computers, power banks, and adapters.

The manufacturer recommends staying away from saltwater because it may damage the cooling system. For optimum speed, make sure the rear intake valve and the output tube on the side are free of clogs. If blocked, it may hinder the cooling system from working efficiently


  • Self-righting ability prevents the speedboat from capsizing.
  • The RC speedboat is beautifully designed.
  • Affordable price.
  • Two rechargeable batteries included in the purchase to extend playing time.



  • The RC boats are not for saltwater use. The salt water may damage the cooling system of the speedboat.

Fun Water Skip Ball Toys

Age: 6 years and older (not sure if it could be younger?)

Best For: The whole family from kids improving motor skills to adults having fun

Who wants to throw pebbles that skip if you have a water skip ball? The skip balls are about the size of a baseball which makes it comfortable to handle by young and hold. Young children will be able to grip the ball and throw to improve their motor skills. Teenagers can challenge each other to see can have the ball skip the most.

The ball doesn’t sink. It will bounce, even if you’re an amateur at pebble skipping. It is ideal for the pool, the beach or the lake.  It costs as much as a pool float but is way more fun.

The varieties in emoji and colors make it easy to identify whose skipping ball bounced the best. Orders vary from one toy to a set of twelve. The collections include green/black, orange/black skip balls and the various emoji: dizzy, loved, smiley, and thrilled.

Each ball has its mesh nylon bag for simple storage and travel. No wet or sand covered balls tossed on the back seat.

The Skip Fun Bouncy Ball has a lifetime guarantee and a full refund if returned within 30 days if you’re not satisfied with the product.


  • The skip balls don’t sink.
  • All ages can play with it anywhere at the lake, the pool, or the beach.
  • Kids aren’t easily hurt when the ball hits them.
  • Easy to identify your skipping ball.


  • The image gives the impression it’s about the size of a beachball when it’s baseball size.

If you prefer a beachball to a skipping ball, then consider the 18” Emoji Inflatable beachball. The six  emoji designs sold deflated. The manufacturers also supply 12” emoji balls.


Island Hopper 13’ Bounce N Splash Water Bouncer

best lake bounce toy

Best For: Family recreation

Ages: Four and up

If you were looking for a jumping water toy but trampolines are too expensive for your budget, then consider a water bouncer. Thirteen feet in diameter, the Island Hopper Bounce N Splash water bouncer, is not too large to transport, inflate, and to move it into the lake. It only takes 10 minutes to fill with air, unlike water trampolines that require setup.

The Island Hopper Bounce N Splash Water bouncers come in three sizes 10 feet, 13 feet and 17 feet in diameter. The 13 feet water bouncer is large enough to accommodate more people but small enough to be portable to transport and move to the lake.

You can’t jump as high on a water bouncer as a water trampoline, but the tube flex features give the water bouncer a trampoline feel. It gives you more bounce than other water bouncers. Younger kids may feel safer on a water bouncer that doesn’t lift so high as a water trampoline.

The springless interlaced nylon webbing design means the water bouncer doesn’t need an elaborate setup. The only installation is to inflate it and deflate it for transport. It comes with a travel bag and a repair kit.

Designed for durability the water bouncer is made of 1000 Denier PVC material. The 5-year seam “no blow out” limited warranty supports a design made for hard use to last for a long time. According to Aqua Sports Technology, it’s the best warranty in the industry which gives parents assurance that their kids can bounce as much as they like without splitting the seams of the tubing.

The yellow water bouncer is bright and visible, whereas the green colored water bouncer blends in with the natural environment.

A half inch foam perimeter padding between the tube and the mat ensures comfort and safety. The foam padding prevents kids from hurting themselves unnecessary when falling while playing. The 6-anchor-tie D-rings enables safe and secure mooring. Three D-rings are located under the tube, and three inside the tube ensures a steady bouncing experience. Kids don’t have to fear that the water bouncer will move away under them while bouncing.

A bouncing diameter of 10 feet allows for a large surface with ample space to bounce or to sit and chat while resting. The water bouncer stands 26 inches out of the water. For the adventurous, it means a head start of over 2 feet before when they jump into the air and then dive into the water. For the cautious kids, 26” isn’t that high to jump from a standing position.

If 26 inches is too high to climb onto the water bouncer from the water, there is a 4-step ladder for access. The ladder may be challenging to use for shorter kids who will need help to climb onto the first step.

For those who are waiting for their turn or watching for fun and tire from water trampling, there are 10 swimming handles they can hold onto.


  • Portable to transport and to get into the lake.
  • A 5-year seam “No Blow Out” limited warranty.
  • It takes 10 minutes to inflate or deflate. No other setup required
  • Safety padding helps to avoid kids from getting hurt.
  • A 4-step ladder to access the jumping surface.


  • The ladder may be tricky to climb for younger kids.
  • It doesn’t bounce as high as a water trampoline.


Intex Cabin Island with Slide and Removable Sides

Best For: Tweens to jump, slide, climb and chill together in the sun.

Recommended Age: Nine years and older

The inflatable floating cabin island with slide provides a variety of fun for kids. They can pull themselves up onto the island or jump into the cabin, dive into the water or slide down. When tired the cabin provides shade for resting, or they can happily hold onto the side handles.

The size of the cabin island may be larger than what a person expects. The inflatable play center is 110” by 68” by 48” and may take up a third of a pool. It’s ideal for tweens and can hold 220 lbs. While the one is sliding down, another could be pulling themselves up onto the cabin island.

The removable sides allow for greater flexibility in jumping into the cabin and off the floating island. The side noodles do help to keep the form of the structure, but the cabin island stays upright when the side noodles are removed. Use the inflated noodles as floats to relax alongside the island or to paddle away from it.

The island is made from durable 15-gauge vinyl and the noodles and cabin from 10-gauge vinyl.  The floating island is sturdy enough for younger kids to stand on the edge before they jump into the water.

The cabin roof provides some shade which is excellent for protection from the sun. If toddlers are reluctant to jump into the water and they don’t feel like using the slide, they can join the fun by relaxing in the shade provided by the cabin.

Inflating all the pieces takes time, and it needs a pump to push so much air into the various parts. The different parts, however, safeguard the whole cabin island and slide. If one piece deflates from a puncture, the rest of the island stays floatable. Included in the purchase is a repair kit for such emergencies.


  • Separate inflatable pieces safeguard against the whole cabin island sinking when punctured
  • Sides detach easily for more space to jump from the cabin island
  • Made from durable material
  • The cabin provides shade
  • A good quality inexpensive product


  • No ladder to assist younger kids who don’t have the upper body strength to pull themselves up onto the island from the water
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