7 Brilliant Bike Games for BMX Boys and Racing Girls

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike!” Some kids really love to ride their bike — so much so that it’s a surprise they haven’t sprouted wheels and handlebars! Even young children get in on the action by riding their balance bikes. Whether riding for pleasure, transport or racing, riding a bicycle is great exercise and helps kids build independence. Bonus points if you live in an area where kids can bring themselves to and from school and sports on their bike. Biking also helps children learn the rules of the road at a young age, as well as safety habits like wearing a helmet and other protective gear.

Unfortunately for our bike-loving friends, there comes a time during the day that they’ve got to come inside, like for school or dinnertime. Luckily for them, we’ve compiled a list of bike games and toys they can use at any time of the day. Some of them are even small enough to use anywhere!

7 Brilliant Bike Games

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1. Flip It! Bike Chain Fidget Toy

There’s no denying it. Fidget toys are all the rage. (Much to the dismay of parents and teachers everywhere.) The jury is still out on whether or not these toys actually improve focus, but we’re sure almost every kid wants one to play with. This bike chain fidget toy will be extra appealing to avid cyclists, as it’s made from polished chain bicycle links and stainless steel rings. The silicone bands add an extra level of tactile interest and make the toy easier to flip.

Recommended for: Fidgety hands, nail-biters, finger-tappers, ADHD, deep thought, meditation, calming anxiety, reducing stress and worry, focusing your mind and sensory stimulation.

Ages: 5+ years old

Available options: The fidget toy also comes in yellow or black.

2. Schwinn Bike Game

This game from world-renowned bike manufacturer Schwinn encourages family game night with a cycling twist! Educational and fun, the game is centered around the history of bicycles and cycling. “Ride” your bike on trails, to the beach and through the park, while avoiding any mishaps that will send you to the bike shop. Pick up fun fact cards along the way (“An estimated 3.2 million people in the U.S. bike to work at least once a week.”) or answer questions about your own biking experience (“The craziest thing I ever did on my bike was…?”) Prepare yourself for on-road riding with this off-road game by learning about basic bike etiquette and parts.

Recommended for: Family game night, 2-8 players.x

Ages: 4+ years old

3. BMX Finger Bike

This miniature BMX bike is the real deal, in miniature. Tech Deck prides themselves on creating the most realistic replicas available on the market, from mechanics down to the graphics. The bike is fully functional, with spinning wheels and movable handlebar and pedals. Control the bike with your fingers to replicate cool stunts like tail whips and flips. Compete with friends to see who can do the craziest finger-bike tricks.

Recommended for: Rainy days when riding your bike outside just isn’t an option!

Ages: 6+ years old

Available options: Tech Deck produces a wide variety of finger bikes from a number of manufacturers, including WeThePeople, Haro and Sunday. Collect them all.

4. Tech Deck Ramp Set and Board

This finger bike ramp is also manufactured by Tech Deck. It can be used with their BMX line or with their finger skateboards to turn up your trick level to 100! Includes a ramp, slope, rail and brick wall to simulate a real life trick park. The set is modular, so you can assemble the parts however you want, to create the best conditions for performing your tricks. Once you’ve got your BMX tricks down, use the included signature pro skateboard and trainer clips to try your hand and finger skateboarding. Reviewers love that the set is easy to use but provides hours of fun.

Recommended for: Taking your finger-bike tricks to the next level.

Ages: 6+ years old

5. Bon Voyage Model Bicycle

Fascinations Metal Earth is known for their beautiful, DIY metal models, and their model bicycle is no exception. What starts out as a four-inch metal sheet is transformed into a detailed 3D replica. Everything fits together seamlessly with their tab system. You won’t need to worry about gluing; simply punch out the parts, and assemble. This kit is designed for children ages 14 and up; reviewers have remarked that while it can be challenging to build, the results are well worth it! Once you’ve completed this one, check out their high wheel bike model for an additional challenge.

Recommended for: Bike fanatics who also love an engineering challenge, or collecting miniature models.

Ages: 14+ years old

Specifications: 3.4″ x 1.2″ x 2.9″ inches (assembled size); includes directions

6. Build A Bike Card Game

This bike-themed card game from Education Outdoors combines the fast paced fun of a card game with Schwinn bicycle models. Designed for 2-6 players, each person must race to collect all of the parts they need to assemble a full bicycle, like a banana seat and tires. Each part is worth a certain number of points. The player at the end with the largest bicycle fleet and the highest number of points will win! But watch out, you can’t complete a bike without a helmet card. Aside from being great fun for the whole family, the game donates 2% of proceeds to Helmets for Heads Initiative, a non-profit organization that advocates bike helmet use for all children.

Recommended for: Anyone who loves bicycles and a fast paced game! Simple and quick to learn.

Ages: 6+ years old

7. Wooden Bike Puzzle

This bike puzzle is brought to you by Etsy shop MagicWood13, which offers handcrafted wooden items ranging from animal figurines to candle holders. With just nine pieces, the puzzle is more decorative than challenging, but is a great fine-motor skill activity for younger children. The puzzle can stand up on it’s own for display, and even comes in it’s own flax drawstring carry bag. Reviewers have praised MagicWood13’s attention to detail, and the puzzle is certain to make a great gift for any bike lover!

Specifications: Approximately 8″ x 5″

Materials: Alder wood, safe oil covering


Have any bike games your kids love? Let us know your recommendations in the comments below.


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, Elmo H. Love.

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