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Celebrating a birthday is always special. It doesn’t matter whether you are a child or an adult; your birthday is a special day. Most kids go to school on their birthday. Knowing there is a classroom birthday reminder board creates an expectation. Receiving happy birthday wishes at school is something to look forward to despite needing to learn that day.

These classroom birthday bulletin board ideas help teachers and classmates remember everyone’s birthday to make it a special day for that child. We’ve included birthday board ideas from daycare to older students and birthday bulletin board ideas with themes, seasonal, and, of course, birthday cupcakes and candles. There are more than enough ideas to have a birthday board reminder every month of the year. In addition, some teachers can group birthday months using these themes or season-related birthday bulletin board ideas.

So, grab your teacher resources and supplies, and let’s make some cool birthday bulletin boards!

Birthday Bulletin Board Ideas For Daycare, Kindergarten, And Preschool

Birthday Cupcakes And Candles Birthday Wall Display

Birthday Cupcakes And Candles Birthday Wall Display

Using tissue paper with bright colors to stuff the craft corrugated boards makes great birthday cupcakes. Each birthday child has a glittering pom candle with their name on it; the glittering pompoms give the impression of burning candles. Depending on available wall space, a teacher can stick these cute birthday cupcakes with their burning candles on a birthday bulletin board display or place them in a row wherever there is available wall space.

Sparkling Birthdays Birthday Board

Sparkling Birthdays Birthday Bulletin Board Idea

This happy birthday bulletin board overflows with sparkling fun. The teacher used library pockets for each month and decorated each bag with sparkling paper. The students’ names are written on mini accents glued to the relevant library pocket. This is an excellent birthday bulletin board idea for daycare and younger kids and also for themed classroom birthday ideas.

Pre-K Balloon Birthday Bulletin Board

Pre-K balloon birthday bulletin board idea

It may be an obvious birthday theme, but kids are never too old for balloons. Happy birthday letters and a balloon with your name and birthday date are the perfect birthday board display for any child. This first-grade teacher added birthday balloons as borders too. Moving clockwise from top to bottom, each child will find their birthday balloon.  

Perk Up Your Ears Mickey Mouse Birthday Board Idea

Perk Up Your Ears Mickey Mouse Birthday Bulletin Board Display Idea

Perk up your ears! Give three cheers! Happy Birthday! Now, that’s an awesome happy birthday saying! Check out Mickey Mouse and the complementing red background with decorative black bulletin board borders, creating a type of picture frame. And look at all those Micky Mouse balloons with birthday dates and student names on them. It looks like Mickey Mouse has let go of the strings, so Micky’s birthday balloons are floating everywhere.

Birthday Bulletin Board Ideas For Elementary School

Classroom Birthday Board Group Photos

Classroom Birthday Board Group Photos

Clever idea and makes it easy to remember students’ birthdays. Each group photo shows students with birthdays that month and each child in the picture holds the number sign indicating which day they will be celebrating their birthday. The cute special birthday letter plates draw your attention to this classroom bulletin board. The border is colorful ribbons stapled together in a crisis cross pattern, and the months are printed on cardstock. You can also use wrapping paper for the background to add more birthday cheer.

Class Birthday Chart Birthday Boards

Class Birthday Chart Bulletin board display

A colorful birthday board bulletin display that’s quick to do and reusable every year. You don’t even need decorative borders; the scrapbook craft paper creates a festive birthday background. Washi tape ribbons give the impression the colorful monthly tags are hanging. Just replace the names and dates each year, and your classroom decor-themed birthday board reminder is ready for display.

Math Classroom Birthday Graph Bulletin Board

Classroom Birthday Graph Bulletin Board Display

This rainbow birthday graph is perfect for combining cupcakes and birthdays with math lesson plans. Each month has a unique birthday cupcake, and the students’ birthdays are displayed as a graph above each month. This fun graph could result in some delightful math activities for the entire class. With this creative birthday poster, learning and reading graphs are entertaining and fun.

It’s Time To Celebrate Birthday Editable Birthday Chart

It's Time To Celebrate Your Birthday Birthday Bulletin Board Display

Easy but unique! Using clothespins for students’ names allows teachers to use this editable birthday chart idea over and over. You can make this birthday board idea for a family birthday board or as a decoration for birthday reminders in the classroom. This adorable birthday board was made from a piece of wood, but teachers can use the same concept for their birthday bulletin boards against the walls.  

Classroom Birthday Board Idea For Sports Fans

Have A Ball On Your Birthday

Have A Ball On Your Birthday Sports Theme Birthday Bulletin Board ideas

Sports fans will love this classroom birthday board decorated with various types of balls used in sports, for example, footballs, soccer balls, baseballs, tennis balls, volleyball, and basketballs. If you are teaching a class and are also a coach, then this is a great theme for a birthday board display.

Gold Medal Birthday Bulletin Boards Idea

Gold Metal Birthdays Winter Olympics Birthday bulletin board ideas

With this birthday bulletin board, everyone is a winner because every student gets a gold medal on their special day. And students will love this birthday-themed classroom idea because there is a medal with their name on it. This is simply one of the most rewarding birthday bulletin boards; teachers can use it for sports enthusiasts, as a seasonal bulletin board display, or as a birthday project for their classroom.

Cupcakes, Birthday Cakes, And More Classroom Birthday Bulletin Display Ideas

Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday To You Bulletin Board display

A happy birthday with birthday cupcakes and birthday bags sounds great. This delightful birthday cupcake board display features colorful bags identified by month. Each gift bag has birthday cupcakes on sticks with the child’s name. So simple yet so effective. The colorful background with contrasting bulletin board borders makes the birthday gift bags stand out even more.

Birthday Cupcakes With Birthday Dates Bulletin Boards Display

Birthday Cupcakes With Birthday Dates Candles Bulletin board display idea

These colorful birthday cupcakes feature candles with the kids’ names and flames with their birthday dates. The icing, candles, and cupcake are cutouts from a printable pattern in bright colors creating this cheerful bulletin board.

Cupcake Classroom Birthday Wall Idea

Cupcake Birthday Borders Ideas

Use these birthday cupcake borders if your wall space is limited for a birthday board bulletin display. Teachers won’t need any other items or teacher resources, just these free printables on card stock and laminated to last. You can create bulletin board sets, use them wherever there is free wall space as a cupcake birthday wall, or create borders for other bulletin board decorations.

Birthdays Are Popping Up All

Birthdays are popping up every year birthday bulletin board display

A creative way to have happy birthday pop for your students! Looking closely at this creative birthday board display, you’ll see student names popping up in all the popcorn bags. Instead of a class birthday calendar, make popcorn bags and match popcorn pieces to the month of each student’s birthday – the result is a fun popcorn-themed birthday board. Your students will love this frivolous birthday display. 

Here’s The Scoop On our Birthdays

Here's The Scoop On Our Birthdays Bulletin Board

Which month will have the most ice cream scoops? One of my favorite classroom birthday bulletin board ideas for toddlers to older students. The cone represents the birthday month; each student’s birthday is a scoop of ice cream. There is no shortage of ice cream scoops for November in this classroom birthday display. What do your classroom ice cream scoops look like?

Themed Classroom Birthday Boards

Safari Themed Birthday Bulletin Board Set

Safari Themed Birthday Bulletin Board Set

This is the cutest themed birthday train with all the safari animals as passengers. The engine and each train car are decorated with safari-themed printed paper with cute colorful zebra print name plates hanging from each car. The train cars represent the birthday months, and the little name plates represent student birthdays with their names.

Happy Birthday Mates Ocean-Themed Birthday Bulletin Board

Happy Birthday Mates Ocean Themed Birthday Bulletin Board Idea

Another interesting theme for birthday bulletin boards. Check the candles popping out of the birthday coral covered in student birthday dates and names. The coral looks like an ocean birthday cupcake with bright-colored candles. It’s easy to create your own ocean birthday bulletin board and keep it up for the entire year. Happy birthday, mates!

Go Bananas On Your Birthday

Go Bananas On Your Birthday Bulletin Board idea

Bananas are essential bulletin board items when you’re in the jungle. After all, bananas are paramount for monkeys and a topic they love to discuss like birthdays are for kids. With this jungle theme birthday bulletin board, the teacher can have fun decorating with monkeys, bananas, and student birthdays. 

A Star Is Born Theme Birthday Board Idea

A Star Is Born Classroom Birthday Bulletin Board idea

Every child in school is a star in the making. This birthday bulletin board is perfect for a movie theme or classroom decorations with a Hollywood theme. I love the uniqueness of using the clapperboards for the birthday months and stars with student names below their birthday month.

Seasons Birthday Bulletin Board Decorations

Snow Way It’s Your Birthday Bulletin Board Idea

Snow Way Its Your Birthday Bulletin Board Idea

It looks like those birthday snowmen are dancing in the snow. This teacher likes to create a birthday display board every month and reuse the background yearly. The winter birthdays board doesn’t even need a decorative border; the falling snowflakes and dancing snowmen kicking up the cotton ball snow offer more than enough entertainment for the room.

Spring Birthdays Classroom Bulletin Board Idea

Spring Birthdays Classroom Bulletin Board Idea

Miss a leaf or a petal, and you may miss a student’s birthday. This innovative Spring birthday board is an excellent alternative to monthly birthday boards where teachers don’t have the time or wall space. Grouping three months together allows for diverse birthday board ideas throughout the school year without overwhelming a busy teacher. Long strips of cardboard give the illusion of wood pieces nailed to the trunk, and construction paper leaves, petals, and flowers carry the student’s birthdays and names to complete this colorful birthday display.

Which of these classroom birthday displays do you like the most? Do you have special birthday bulletin board ideas to share with our readers? 

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