Calico Critters of Cloverleaf Corners—Our Ultimate Guide

Welcome to the cute and cuddly world of the Calico Critters! Here in Cloverleaf Corners, furry little families live in stunning townhouses, drive luxury cars, and work in shops, schools, and ice-cream parlors downtown. Rabbits, deer, mice, and more all live happily side by side in peaceful harmony.

These beautifully designed toys are great for boosting kids’ appreciation of family, friendship, community, animals, and the environment. Through interactive play with their fuzzy friends, kids can pick up timeless values and key creative and social skills—without even realizing it.

Calico Critters have been wildly popular for decades now. They are so many options that it can be hard to know where to begin. Here to help is our ultimate guide to the cutest critter families and the greatest vehicles and sets.

25 Best Calico Critters Toys

Calico Critters Hopscotch Rabbit Family
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Calico Critters Brick Oven Bakery
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Calico Critters Baby Friends
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Calico Critters Baby Discovery Forest
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Calico Critters Carriage and Twins
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1. Calico Critters Cozy Cottage Starter Set

Calico Critters Cozy Cottage Starter SetThe Calico Critters Cozy Cottage is the perfect starter set for your little critters! This two-story cottage comes with Belle the Bunny (from the Hopscotch Rabbit family), a bed with bedding, a TV, a kitchen table, chairs, and cutlery. There’s also a kitchen counter and sink so Belle can clean up after her dinner parties, and a ladder for climbing up to the second floor. The floor itself is removable and converts into an adorable front yard. All in all, this superb set is packed full of features guaranteed to give years of creative play.

2. Calico Critters Hopscotch Rabbit Family

Calico Critters Hopscotch Rabbit FamilyMeet Belle’s family with the Hopscotch Rabbit set! As with every character set, each individual comes with their own back story. Heidi is a high school gym teacher, and her husband Harlin is a sports reporter for the Cloverleaf Corners newspaper. Belle and Skip take after their parents. They’re both very active, and Belle even writes for her school newspaper. All four characters are fully posable and come with their own set of clothes. They have the softest velvety fur and the fluffiest little tails. You’d be hopping mad not to take them home!

3. Calico Critters Brick Oven Bakery

Calico Critters Brick Oven Bakery SetMmmmm, something smells tasty at the Calico Critters Brick Oven Bakery! This sweet starter set includes Heloise Pickleweeds Hedgehog, her bakery, and a range of her delicious baked goods. As you can expect from any Calico Critters set, even the smallest pieces are intricately designed, with over 25 savory buns and breads shaped like cats, cars, Christmas trees, and more. What a treat!

4. Calico Critters Adventure Treasure Ship

Calico Critters Adventure Treasure ShipArrr, me hearties! ‘Tis time we sailed the seven salty seas on the Calico Critters Adventure Treasure Ship! This awesome playset includes a boat with upper and lower decks, a crow’s nest, and several secret compartments. Climb aboard on the rope ladder, and enjoy a swing on the lifesaver. Use the map to go on a treasure hunt. Then spin the steering wheel and guide us home with the booty. Avast ye dogs! Let’s set sail!

5. Calico Critters Baby Friends

What’s cuter than a Calico Critter? Why, a baby Calico Critter of course! This Baby Friends set makes a great gift and an ideal addition to any collection. Luke the Hazelnut Chipmunk is a budding artist with a passion for painting. Grace, from the Hopscotch Rabbit family, is a sociable little thing, very popular at her nursery school. Faith, from the Silk Cat family, just adores anything that shines or sparkles. They’re great friends and they love spending time together. Just think of the fun they’ll have as they grow up together!

6. Calico Critters Baby Discovery Forest

Step through the forest and discover a magical wonderland! The Calico Critters Baby Discovery Forest is a beautiful playset designed specifically for Calico Critter babies. With a basket swing, leaf seesaw, movable slide, spinning carousel, mushroom steps, and more, it’s a true funhouse. Play hide-and-seek or peek-a-boo in the various hidey-holes and windows of this vibrantly colorful toy. With trees, vines, mushrooms, and flowers, it’s a surefire hit for any nature lovers.

7. Calico Critters Ballet Theater Playhouse

Belle the Bunny, now dressed in her stunning ballerina costume and pointe shoes, is ready to wow the crowd at the Calico Critters Ballet Theater! Simply turn the handle to see her gracefully dance along to two elegant songs from Swan Lake and the Nutcracker. The set easily converts into an ice-rink, too. It includes ballerina Belle, the main stage, a dressing room, and a ticket counter. If you’d like to see a group performance, why not get the Ballerina Friends or Ice-Skating Friends expansion sets? Now, let’s stop talking and find our seats. The show is about to begin!

8. Calico Critters Pickleweeds Hedgehog Family

There’s a rocking new family in town! The Pickleweeds are a musical bunch. Mum Heloise loves to sing. Harry is a little piano man, and his sister Haley plays a mean recorder and tambourine. Their dad Harold? Well, he just loves to listen! He runs the Cloverleaf Corners post office. This adorable set comes with mini combs and hairbrushes for taming their enormous spiky hairdos. If you’ve got a budding popstar in the house, they’ll be sure to love this charming character set.

9. Calico Critters Country Nurse Set

Nurse Nikki’s caring paws will soon have any ill Calico Critters feeling better again! The Country Nurse Set is terrific for teaching kids all about the phenomenal work done by healthcare professionals across the country. It comes with over 35 quality pieces including Nurse Nikki, a wheelchair, crutches, bandages, medicine, and pills. And, needless to say, it’s also super cute. Now, open wide and say, “Awww!”

10. Calico Critters Carriage and Twins

Fancy a stroll in Cloverleaf Corners’ Community Park with the Calico Critters Carriage and Twins? Shannon Snow-Warren Rabbit likes to walk her twin baby bunnies Kerri and Connor in their beautiful vintage stroller. She has a pillow and a blanket to keep them warm, and a rattle and toy to keep them occupied. When it gets too hot for them, she can lift up the stroller’s ornate sun-shade. All in all, it’s another excellent option for any Calico fan.

11. Calico Critters School Bus

Get the engine running on the Calico Critters School Bus! Flick the switch to open and close the bus doors and extend the stop sign. Don’t forget to wait till everyone’s all sitting down safely before you get rolling. There’s enough space for a driver and 6 passengers on this bright and beautiful school bus. Now, hurry aboard, little ones, or you’ll be late for class!

12. Calico Critters Kozy Kitchen Set

Become a MasterChef in your very own kitchen! The Calico Critters Kozy Kitchen Set has over 40 accessories, including a fridge, cooker, sink, kitchen table, and chairs. It also comes with everything you need to cook up a storm: crockery, cutlery, a chopping board, a mixing dish, scales, aprons, food, and much more. Perfectly sized for any Calico Critter character’s little paws, it’s a wonderful set for educational kitchen play. It’s cozy, cute, creative, and cool!

13. Calico Critters Cosmetic Counter

Nora the Persian Cat needs your help getting ready to go out. The Calico Critters Cosmetic Counter is a fun beauty set that includes Nora, her vanity table, and over 25 pieces. It has everything a girl needs from nail polish and lipstick to eyeliner and perfume. Now, strike a pose, and check the mirror to measure your progress. Yes, we know Nora is beautiful au natural, but she just loves getting all dolled up. And oh, how that shade brings out the beauty of her whiskers! Simply stunning!

14. Calico Critters Supermarket Set

Do you know what we have in store for you? Lots of grocery shopping fun, that’s what! The Calico Critters Supermarket Set has over 100 items, providing endless hours of entertainment. Included in this set are a cash register, shopping cart, and display stands. There are all kinds of healthy fruit, vegetables, ice cream, pretzels, cinnamon bunny buns, and much more. It really is a super market!

15. Calico Critters Luxury Townhouse Gift Set

The Calico Critters Luxury Townhouse is a lovely, spacious dollhouse. It has four large rooms for you to decorate, not to mention its beautiful balcony and movable staircase. This gift set comes with two Calico Critters and over 50 pieces of furniture and accessories, including a bed set, a dining set, a piano, and two functioning lights. It makes a wonderful present for any youngster with a taste for luxury!

16. Calico Critters Tuxedo Cat Family

Now here’s a family that always seems to land on their feet! The Calico Critters Tuxedo Cat Family are a dapper bunch. Father Mason is a tennis coach down at the Cloverleaf Corners youth club. His wife Natalie is a keen fashionista. She just loves to ballroom dance, and at weekends she teaches all the other critters how at the local dance hall. Twin sisters Lily and Rose love going shopping and trying out the latest styles. Although their personalities are quite different, they’re great friends. A stylish and active family, the Tuxedo Cats are a purr-fect choice for any young kitty lover!

17. Calico Critters Family Seven Seater Vehicle

Who’s up for a road trip? Take both family and friends down Route 66 in this dazzling Seven Seater Vehicle. A dark blue beauty, it really rolls and has opening doors, removable car seats, baby chairs, and seatbelts. Plan your trip on the included map and guide book. Now, that just leaves one question: Where are we headed?

18. Calico Critters Seaside Ice-Cream Store

The Seaside Ice-Cream Store sells the coolest food on the beach! Featuring Sandra Sandy Cat, a tempting store design, and a range of ice-cream flavors, it’s just what you want to play with on a sunny summer day. Which flavor would you like? Oh, I can’t make my mind up – it all looks great to me!

19. Calico Critters Baby’s Nursery Set

Nurture your little one’s caring skills with the Calico Critters Baby’s Nursery Set. Another lovely set, this one features a crib with two opening drawers, a wardrobe, and a baby chair. There’s also a baby mat, slide, and tons of accessories like clothes, toys, and books. It’s the perfect fit for any Calico Critters baby. Whether dressing a baby, singing her a lullaby, or reading her a bedtime story, your little one will learn a ton of key social skills through kindhearted imaginative play.

20. Calico Critters Adventure Tree House

Everybody loves a treehouse—and Calico Critters are no different. The Adventure Tree House set is a towering ton of fun. It comes with three stories, two ladders, a huge slide, a two-seater swing, and a bucket pulley. The incredible gift set option also includes 3 critters, a baby slide, a children’s playset, and a family picnic pack. So, whether you’d rather set up a secret bunny club or open up your fort for a family party, this collection is truly tree-mendous.

21. Calico Critters Cloverleaf Manor

The ultimate Calico Critters dollhouse, Cloverleaf Manor is an elegant dream home with 9 spacious rooms spread out across three stories. The famous Calico quality is easily seen in every detail, from its bold blue twin doors to its Victorian windows. Wander your critters through its luxurious rooms, second-floor balcony, and rooftop patio. Fill your manor with your favorite Calico Critters and then choose your furniture scheme.  Decorate, redecorate, explore, and play—the only limit is your imagination!

22. Calico Critters Deluxe Bathroom Set

Enjoy a night on the tiles with the Calico Critters Deluxe Bathroom Set! This fantastic set features over 40 pieces including a luxurious bath, shower, sink, and toilet. Brush your teeth, wash your hair, and don’t forget to scrub between your toes. With sponges, bath toys, towels, and more, it has everything your critter family needs to get squeaky clean and ready to face the day!

23. Calico Critters Border Collie Twin Set

Many Calico Critter families have twins or triplets (it must be something in the water…). The Border Collie Twin Set is my personal favorite—just look at those eyes! But there are plenty of heart-melting sets to choose from. Perhaps you’d rather plump for the Cottontail Rabbit Twins, the Wilder Panda Bear Twins, or the Tuxedo Cat Triplets. Who knows? You might fall in love with them all!

24. Calico Critters Country Tree School

Pack your bags, it’s time for school! The Calico Critters Country Tree School is a gorgeous toy schoolhouse with a forest full of fun features. Its spacious classroom is built into a tree, and student critters can climb the treetop tower or study outside in the gated patio. For students, there are 6 desks and chairs, and the teacher has a lectern, whiteboard, and blackboard. There are tons of accessories too, including a clock, schoolbooks, a telescope, and a globe. All in all, it’s perfect for practicing classroom behavior, reviewing real life lessons, and pure roleplaying fun.

25. Calico Critters Hopper Kangaroo Family

Say g’day to the Hopper Kangaroo Family! Sandy is a proud stay-at-home Mom who loves to bake. Her husband Richie is a sports fanatic who works as a reporter for the local newspaper. Isabella is a gymnastics superstar at school, and she loves spending time with her baby sister Katie, whose favorite pastime is falling asleep and having pleasant dreams. A beautiful bunch, these cute characters are sure to make your little critters jump for joy!


So, they’re our picks for the Top 25 Calico Critters toys. But what do you think? Have you got a favorite family, set, or vehicle that didn’t make our list? Let us know all about it in the comments section below!


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, dolbinator1000.

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