camp kiwico fun summer stem activities for kids

It’s a problem.

Every summer break , millions of children start to lose the knowledge they learned over the proceeding school year. This summer “brain drain” puts our kids at risk of falling behind – both their peers in the US and those worldwide.

Luckily, one company is doing something fun to fix the problem and stop the summer slide.

On June 21st, 2021 Kiwico launched their summer STEM at-home program called Camp KiwiCo. As you know if you’ve read our Kiwico reviews, we are big fans of the quality, variety and entertainment that KiwiCo packs in their subscription boxes.

So when we heard that the company was providing free STEM projects and summer science experiments, our ears perked up.

A great science experiment representative of the ones you'll do from Camp Kiwico

Free Fun Summer STEM Activities?

Here are the details on Camp KiwiCo.

Camp is back and just in time for summer! Sign up to get access to DIY fun STEM ideas, videos, printables, and interviews that inspire curiosity at Camp KiwiCo starting June 21st. Choose from 3 camps based on your kids ages ( there are programs for 3-5 years old; 6-8 year olds; or 9+ year olds), and experience 5 days of summer STEM activities.

You’ll get an activity outline for each day of camp plus a materials shopping list so you can start planning today. It’s a safe and fun way to keep those critical thinking skills sharper during the summer months.

Head over to KiwiCo’s camp page for more information

Save Time (and Money) By Buying The Crates Direct

Of course, you don’t have to run all over town looking for each needed item on the complete list of science experiments. If you idea of summer fun doesn’t include taking a day shopping for various ingredients, you can purchase Camp KiwiCo crates.

You can purchase crates for just one day of camp activities for kids, or save a whole lot of money per crate and bundle all five. For around the price of taking the family out for a night of dinner and movies, KiwiCo will take care of all the hassle of assembling the needed ingredients.

You can just open the box and your child will be able to begin virtual camp that day! Simple, summertime fun.

I can say without hesitation the KiwiCo team puts a lot of thought and care into the design and quality of their normal monthly science kits. They are a good value.

STEM Summer Camp Activities – On Your Schedule

One of the great benefits of Camp KiwiCo is you decide when to start with the learning fun.

So much of summer break seems to be threading the needle of interlocking schedules of different activities. I know with my children, we need to keep track of swim practice, cooking camp, “ninja” camp – and since my boys are different ages, no camp or practice overlaps at teh same location.

It’s enough to take the fun out of summer.

Camp KiwiCo is a different type of summer activity. It’s one that fits into your schedule, instead of the other way around. In other words, this camp is one you can do at your pace. There are videos on demand to help you out whenever you decide to start your STEM activity.

Is it raining today and baseball practice has been called off? Great! Now you can tackle one of the educational activities from your Camp KiwiCo STEM challenges. It’s a great choice for today’s busy families.

Don’t Miss Out On These Organized STEM Activities For Kids This Summer

STEM activities encourage children to see science and math in new and creative ways – as a fun project rather than a chore. Camp Kiwico is a a great addition to the awesome collection of science, technology, engineering and math activities KiwiCo already offers.

If you have or love any children between the ages of 3 and 16, you owe it to them to give Camp KiwiCo a look. These summer STEAM projects might be just what your child needs to stay engaged with creative thinking and avoid the summer slide in 2022.

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