Socrative is an online and mobile platform created for specifically educators that makes real time questioning, instant result aggregation and response visualization simple, fast and surprisingly fun. Whether you are looking to create a formal test with reports and feedback, visualize student answers for discussion and further learning, or create a more engaging classroom quiz, Socrative is one of the best tools around for bringing assessment into the 21st century.

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Pricing: Free
Compatibility: Browser / Mobile
Access: Email / Google signup
Privacy: Customizable (privacy policy)


A Quick Look


In Practice

1. Create a post-assessment discussion

In traditional testing we go to great lengths to ensure students’ answers are hidden. Try using Socrative to do just the opposite and take advantage of the learning that occurs when students can see and understand the thinking of their peers. Project the real time answers from a short test up in front of the whole class and use it as a discussion starter. You will find that students are much more engaged in discussion after seeing the thoughts of the rest of their class.

2. Think outside the test

Don’t just stick rigidly to the brief. Socrative is an assessment tool, but that certainly doesn’t limit it to just formal testing. Try using Socrative to aid class conversations that require buy-in from your students. Put together a short quiz on the rules and expectations you set in your classroom. Students will feel more involved and engaged from being part of the conversation and class directives will feel more collaborative than authoritative.

3. Word cloud of student responses

This idea comes from the Socrative Garden, where the Socrative team shares all sorts of different ways educators are using the tool. Create a set of questions that require students to give short written answers of three or more words (eg. What 3 adjectives best describe this sculpture?). Once students have completed the questions, import the answers into a word cloud tool such as Wordle or Tagxedo and share/discuss the result with your students.

Word Cloud

4. Progress visibility

With the ability to store and save students results, Socrative can be used to visualize student progress and assist in adapting learning material and instruction. Consider sharing progress views with your students so they can see where they may be having difficulty, and to provide motivation that they are continuing to improve.

5. Ready. Set. Go!

And, perhaps the most obvious, but guaranteed to be the most fun, the Socrative Space Race is a fantastic way to get your kids cheering on even the most boring subjects. Whether you choose to place you students into groups or have them to take part individually, just make sure there is some form of prize (read chocolate) for the winner.

Socrative Space Race Screenshot


Links and Next Steps


Feature image adapted from image courtesy of Flickr, Barrett.Discovery.

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