Video can be a very powerful tool to deliver messages, share information and catch the attention of even the most distracted students. But with high quality video often comes high costs and involved editing and production processes. Animoto strips all of that away by allowing users to create silky smooth, professional looking videos from photos and short video clips using simple drag and drop.

AnimotoName: Animoto –
Pricing: Free / $5 per month / $39 per month
CompatibilityDesktopiOS / Android
Access: Email/Facebook signup
Privacy: Customizable (privacy policy)


A Quick Look

With apps for webiPhone, iPad and Android, Animoto could not be simpler to use, making it the perfect tool for students of all ages. If you are keen to give it a try, sign up for a free Lite account and see if it fits your purposes. If you want to start using Animoto with your students, make sure to check out the free Animoto Plus account for use in the classroom.

Here is a great example of what Animoto can do with just a few photos, created by the Bellwood-Antis Middle School Tech Club.


In Practice

1. School events or milestones

At most school events or celebrations it would be quite commonplace to see students, teachers and parents happy-snapping the occasion. Try taking these photos and using Animoto to create a much more engaging and emotion provoking piece. Some easy ideas are time-lapse pictures, annual sports days or class field trips. It’s amazing just how much more impact a little animation and the right music track can make!

2. Digital portfolio or scrapbook

Over the course of a year or term, student create a lot of material in their learning. Posters, writing, artwork to name just a few. Through the year, have your students keep a photographic portfolio of all their work. By end of year, they will have a huge collection that they can feed into Animoto and create a stunning visual scrapbook of their work. Not only is this a great end of year exercise, it’s also a very rewarding task and final product for students.

3. Create your own TV advertisement

There is a lot of very interesting and important thinking that goes into creating a successful advertisement. Have your students use Animoto to create a short 30 second advertisement for a product they love, or if you are really feeling imaginative, a product they have invented. Use it as an opportunity to discuss certain elements of advertising, psychology and becoming an informed consumer.

4. A day in the life

Classrooms are very active places. We know this. Students know this. But often parents and others who just pass by do not. Choose a certain day where you try and capture the remarkable things that go on in your class on camera. Using Animoto you can quickly and easily turn these pictures into a wonderful montage that can be shared or presented to really show off the excitement that goes on every day.

5. Translate to film

Have your students take a piece of static work that they have created and use Animoto to translate the work into a visual story. They can use their own photos and clips, or find Creative Commons images that are relevant and visually engaging. This works best for short stories or poems, as they are generally short in length and conjure the kind of imagery that works well in film.


Links and Next Steps


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, christian.senger.

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