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We all know and love Google Maps. But did you know that the Street View Pegman has few more tricks up his sleeve? Google Street Views takes some of the most amazing Street View imagery, as well as user submitted photography, and turns it into a unique platform where students can explore every corner of the Earth in full panoramic glory. From the top of the world’s tallest buildings to the depths of the ocean floors, it really is an immersive and awe-inspiring experience.

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A Quick Look


In Practice

1. Discover landmarks and natural wonders

Google Street Views has put together a series of collections that can give students the opportunity to explore some of the most amazing places on our planet. Have your class take a virtual field trip to UNESCO World Heritage Sites, The Pyramids of Giza or Brazil’s World Cup Stadiums. Visit the Galápagos IslandsAntarctica or take a deep dive into some of the worlds most amazing oceans.

2. Visit the world’s finest galleries

Not only does Google Street View allow students to travel to amazing locations from around the world, it also lets them tour some of the most famous galleries and museums. Visit the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), the Pergamon Museum or the Tokyo National Museum. Students can even take a walk through the halls of the White House and the Palace of Versailles.

3. Explore the planet

While the world’s most famous sites and locations are special to visit, there is a lot more to explore using the Street Views search. Students can type in just about any location on Earth and find 360 degree panoramic images to explore. Whether this is images from their local area or just panoramas from lesser known locations, it can be a great way for students to get a feel for different cultures around the globe.

4. Go behind the scenes

The technology behind Google Street View is absolutely fascinating. Help your students understand just how Google is accomplishing this amazing feat using their behind the scenes section. Students can learn about the vehicles, cameras and software being used, as well as take Virtual Treks where experts explain and educate using video, audio and written commentary.

5. Contribute to the project

Lastly, for students who are interested in doing more than just looking at Street View imagery, Google outline how they can get involved and contribute to the collection. Using either an Android or iOS device or a DSLR camera, students can take their own 360 degree photos and upload them to the Street View library for the world to see.


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Feature image courtesy of Flickr, donjd2.

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