Artistic Classroom Flare with Moldiv Collage Photo Editor


It wasn’t too long ago that photo editing was the business of dedicated professionals and cashed up amateurs. It would take hours of work and a studio of expensive equipment to turn flat photos into creative and beautiful works of art. Now, all we need is the phone in our pocket! Moldiv Collage Photo Editor is one of the most popular free photo editing apps, and with its amazingly simple interface comes a powerful and fun tool that both teachers and students can use to create collages, patterns and unique designs.

MoldivName: Moldiv
Pricing: Free
Compatibility: iOS / Android
Access: No signup required
Privacy: Standalone app


A Quick Look


In Practice

1. Put some wow in your worksheets

Because it’s so quick and easy to put together a collage or collection of images using Moldiv, try using the app to add a splash of multimedia to add engagement and color to your teaching resources. Take a look at some of the examples created by History teacher and education blogger, John Mitchell who uses Moldiv to create fun exercises for his students.

Moldiv question example

2. Deliver your message in style

Let’s face it, most of us aren’t born with that flair for design and style. Thankfully tools like Moldiv take our average photos and apply them to templates designed by folks who have that magic touch. Try creating a classroom poster using photos that will get your students’ attention and then add your message using the text overlay. This could be a poster to highlight classroom behavior all the way to a flyer to sign up for the school Basketball team.

3. Celebrate events and activities

With a camera in every pocket, there is no shortage of digital imagery capturing school and class events. More often than not, these images are taken on a phone and stay on the phone though. Try using Moldiv to make use of all these images and create a collage with your students that captures the essence of the event. This can be a great artifact to share with parents and you school community in newsletters, blogs or even on your school’s social media channels.

4. Let your class create

If your class has access to their own devices, have your students plan a photoshoot with Moldiv in mind. They can take photographs of each other, outdoors, a field trip or anything that takes their fancy. The photos can then be combined in Moldiv where they can experiment and play to create professional finished pieces.

5. App smash

Moldiv does not have to be the end of the creative story. Try taking your finished collage into another tool or app to add extra dimensions to the collage. Try using Thinglink to add interactivity to the image. Or Halftone 2 to transform your collage into an engaging educational comic strip.


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Feature image adapted from images courtesy of Flickr, Waag Society.

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