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In March, teachers don’t have to wait for the Read Across America Week to celebrate reading with fun Dr. Seuss posters. The Dr. Seuss bulletin board ideas are perfect for young children in Pre-k, Kindergarten, and elementary school classes. A teacher can decorate a room with Dr. Seuss’s quotes and bulletin board ideas at any time; there’s always an excuse for stimulating young minds with elaborate bulletin boards and door displays.

Favorite Dr. Seuss Door Displays

The Lorax Door Display

the lorax door display

Students proudly display their Lorax mustaches and eyebrows while holding their created Truffula Tree. Check the cute Lorax guy in the tree and Onceler’s window.

Favorite Dr. Seuss Books Door Display Decorations

favorite dr seuss books door display decorations

Inspired by Dr. Seuss’s book, students rotated from class to classroom, listening to a favorite book. The door decor displays the favored story of that particular classroom. Teachers can also use a Dr. Seuss classroom quote for the bulletin board.

Oh, The Places You Go Door Displays Decor

oh the places you go door decor

Amazing! A 3D hot air water balloon for each student. How fun to go places in those hot air balloons. It’s one of the most creative bulletin boards that work well as a classroom door display.

Valentine And Dr. Seuss Birthday Door Display

valentine and dr seuss birthday door display

A two-in-one bulletin board idea for the month of March. The 3D hearts represent Valentine’s day theme, and Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat celebrates the birthday.

I Can Read With My Eyes Shut

i can read with my eyes shut dr seus

Delightful Dr. Seuss bulletin board ideas for the classroom door or entrance to the library. All the students are reading, which is a great inspiration to read more.

We Are Here Door Display

we are here door display

My favorite! Find all your friends! Look closer, and you’ll see the teacher has the entire class in the flower! This powerful quote for Dr. Seuss week is an amazing way to decorate a room: “A person’s a person, no matter how small.

Think Outside The Hat Door Display

think outside the hat door display

An adorable spring bulletin board idea celebrating reading and books. This amazing display is excellent for an elementary classroom – a welcoming back-to-school whimsical display. 

Dr. Seuss Bulletin Board Ideas For School Library

Hats Off To Dr. Seuss Books

hats off for dr seuss books

A beautiful bulletin board idea to promote reading in elementary school. A hat and their favorite book represented the teachers. Instead of teachers, the bulletin board can show students names with their favorite books.

Truffle Trees For The Library

truffle trees dr seuss bulletin board

For the most fantastic truffle trees, you need pool noodles, floral wire, and tissue paper sheets. Teachers can decorate the Kindergarten classroom or the library with these fabulous truffle trees.

Dr. Seuss’s Birthday And Holidays Bulletin Board Ideas

Dr. Seuss Holiday Theme Bulletin Board

dr seuss holiday theme bulletin board

Five fingers holding a decoration is all that’s needed to say, It’s Christmas, Dr. Seuss! Every kid in the school will recognize those fingers, and the white frilled cuff and red jacket belong to a Santa.

Celebrate The World Of Dr. Seuss Bulletin Board Display

celebrate the world of dr seuss bulletin board

Oh, the wonderful world of reading. I love the idea of using actual curtains to decorate the paper window. Wouldn’t you love to be one of those kids?

And The Mess Is So Big And So Deep And So Tall

and this mess is so big bulleting board

A fun activity with watercolors and a cute quote to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday month. Elementary teachers can use the idea for a back-to-school display or a birthday party for Dr. Seuss’ books. The quick bulletin board features fun letters and favorite colors for the bulletin board background. 

Dr. Seuss Bulletin Board Ideas For Lesson Plans

Math Focus Board

dr seuss math focus bulletin board

It is a perfect way to remove the stress of what the math focus will be this week. Every day has a new skill. The Dr. Seuss bulletin board idea tells students to expect a math test and the math skills covered in the test.

Cause And Effect Dr. Seuss Bulletin Boards

cause and effect dr seuss bulletin board

Lesson planning is fun when combining a favorite story and a cause. The classroom bulletin board is decorated with students’ contributions to Earth Day week. An excellent environment theme is talking about the mistakes Once-Ler made and how the mistakes affected the environment. It makes kids in every grade level aware of the environment.

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss Dynamic Bulletin Board

happy birthday dr. seuss

A festive board to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday, Read Across America Week, and a whole-class guided activity with step-by-step instructions. The independent activity featured a writing assignment about an actual book a student read. Each child explained what they’ve learned from the books and what they give in return for this fun activity. 

Interactive Dr. Seuss Bulletin Board Ideas

There’s A Wocket In My Pocket

there is a wocket in my pocket activity

A cute bulletin board display with classroom wockets! Students create unique wockets in pockets for this early childhood classroom bulletin board. The Dr. Seuss book is a fun way to inspire creativity and imagination in little ones.

Rhyme. Rhyme. What Does The Fox Say

rhyme ryme what does the fox say

Hang adorable pairs of rhyming socks on the clothesline. The students made foxes and added two rhyming words for the socks. Cutest little foxes!

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Hands

one fish two fish red fish blue fish

Most adorable fish ever! A fantastic craft idea! Create posters from children’s hands and draw little fish faces. All the fish are there: one fish, two fish, red fish, and blue fish.

I Do Not Like Green Eggs And Ham Interactive Board

i do not like green eggs and ham dr seuss

Neither do I! But Green Eggs and Ham is a must-have for the class book collection and makes a fantastic board for interactive fun. So adorable, examining all the eggs and ham.   

Dr. Seuss Bulletin Board Ideas For Seuss Books

Oh, The Places You’ll Go College Inspiration

oh the places you go college inspiration

Exciting bulletin board idea for the future. Students take photos of college campuses to encourage them. Teachers can use the same idea for any grade classroom to excite them about something. It can be a picture of their favorite holiday, hobby, or dreams, whatever is fun for students.

Oh, The Places You’ll Go 3D Bulletin Board

oh the places you go bulletin board

What fun! The balloons are soaring out of the bulletin board to delightful and fun places.

The Cat Gets A New Hat

the new cat gets a new hat

An eye-catching bulletin board with lots of hats for the Cat. Although a classic book, it’s always a good idea to add the book titles to the bulletin board to inspire young readers. 

 What are your favorite ideas for room decorations inspired by Dr. Seuss’s books?

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