As a teacher who is passionate about creating engaging classroom environments, I love using bulletin boards as both a decorative element and a fun teaching tool. With Earth Day fast approaching, I’ve put together an amazing list of the best Earth Day bulletin board ideas that teachers can use during Earth Day week.

What Is Earth Day?

Earth Day is the world’s largest environmental movement. Since the first Earth Day birthday on April 22, 1970, more than 193 countries have celebrated, become more environmentally conscious, and are mobilized to take care of planet Earth. And it all started with Senator Gaylord Nelson’s concern for the environment and the January 1969 massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California. He purposefully selected April 22, a date between spring break holidays and final exams so that students could participate.

Today, preschool to high school students are learning the effects water pollution, plastics, waste, climate, and air pollution have on their immediate environment and the planet and how to recycle, reuse, be sustainable, and plant trees. Teachers teach their students environmental literacy using beautiful Earth Day bulletin boards, Earth Day science experiments, excellent writing assignments, and other teaching tools on how to take extraordinary care of planet Earth.

Which of these Earth Day ideas and themes will feature on your next classroom bulletin board or in your homeschooling room at home? You can easily incorporate a cute project, a subject lesson, and a classroom theme with one of these Earth Day bulletin board ideas.

Recycling And Reducing Water Waste Earth Day Board Ideas For Classroom Decorations

Litter Bugs Earth Day Bulletin Board Idea For Young Kids

Litter Bugs Earth Day Bulletin Board Ideas

The cutest empty crushed can I’ve ever seen! The teacher used recyclable materials like newspaper and cardboard for the background. The rest of this Earth Day bulletin board decorations are real things, including empty cans, cereal boxes, milk cartons, and paper. Don’t be a litterbug is a strong message of awareness using cute frogs and worms hiding inside the empty cans.

Reduce Reuse, Recycle Serious Sorting Bulletin Board Display

Reduce Reuse Recycle Serious Sorting Earth Day Bulletin Board

The adorable paper bag with its cute face is ready for serious sorting along with the other items on the tray. This bulletin board display teaches kids how to sort things for the recycling process in a straightforward way. Each recycling bin is a different color with images and name labels to identify the sorting categories. Using recycled paper for the bulletin board background is an effective and environmentally friendly idea.

Themed Earth Day Bulletin Board Ideas And Classroom Decor

Earth Day Superheroes Earth Day Bulletin Board Idea

Earth Day Superheroes Earth Day Bulletin Board Idea 2nd grade students in elementary school

These are the cutest superheroes in this 2nd grade or 3rd grade elementary school classroom; they are ready to save and protect planet Earth! Here is a great way to combine Earth Day classroom activities and craft projects and create adorable bulletin board decorations. Then, with this arts and crafts project, the second graders decorated their unique superhero costumes while learning about protecting the planet. With limited classroom wall space, the superheroes make great banners.

Give A Hoot Don’t Pollute Earth Day Bulletin Board Display

Give A Hoot Don't Pollute Earth Day Bulletin Board Display Idea With animals

This must be the most adorable owl to celebrate Earth Day. Combining a classroom owl theme with a powerful message for an Earth Day bulletin board is perfect. You can use this bulletin board idea with other animals related to your classroom themes, like zoo or safari themes. Lifting the owl’s tummy displays a creative writing exercise; it’s a fun way to inspire students to complete writing prompts about Earth Day. You can use the My Earth Day pledge or incorporate any other handwriting prompt activity with the Earth Day theme and lesson plans. Add labels with student names to the creative writing activities for easy identification.

I Can Help Save The Earth By…Lorax Inspired Earth Day Bulletin Board

I Can Help Save The Earth By Writing Prompt Activity For Earth Day Bulletin Board Ideas

An excellent idea for Dr. Seuss’s book, and more specifically, Lorax book fans! Reading the Lorax book about being responsible with planet Earth’s resources, teachers can incorporate vocabulary, reading, and writing lesson plans with a fun bulletin board class activity. Each Lorax represents a child and their favorite idea of how to help save planet Earth.

Inspirational Environmental Earth Day Bulletin Board Displays

Bee An Environmental Friend Earth Day Bulletin Board

Bee An Environmental Friend Earth Day Bulletin Board

I love the cute little bees and the colorful border with many cute insects. The message, Bee an environmental friend, reminds kids to protect the environment. Since Earth Day is in April, this bright Earth Day Bulletin board display can also be used as a Spring bulletin board idea.

Our Planet Is W’Earth’Y Of Our Love Earth Day Board

Our Planet Is W'Earth'y of Our Love Earth Day bulletin baord idea for second graders

This is one of the most creative and beautiful Earth displays for a classroom, and the inspirational slogan motivates students in all grades. This Earth craft bulletin board has everything related to environmental awareness. It features a recycling circle, the planet surrounded by colorful people drawings made by the second graders, and planet Earth cutouts with adorable hearts representing the students’ love for their planet.

Ways To Help The Earth Topics Bulletin Board Display

Ways To Help The Earth Earth Day Bulletin Board Idea

Excellent idea to write Earth Day message prompts with bright markers on old pieces of newspaper. The short notes accentuate the importance of the anchor charts and posters discussed during lessons. This Earth Day bulletin board design is inspirational and easy to follow. It summarizes all the essential ways to save the Earth, including the 3 R’s (recycle, reuse, reduce), gardening and planting trees, and fun ways to commute, like walking, riding a bike, and skateboarding. It’s things students relate to and can make part of their daily lives as students and adults.

Inspiring Watercolor Earth Day Bulletin Board Display

Water Color Earth Day bulletin board idea for inspiration to care for planet Earth

This watercolor painting artwork takes Earth Day bulletin board ideas to another level. The heart representing a flower is a powerful message, inspiring students to think about saving the planet. However, the entire painting makes you think about how precious the planet is and that taking care of Earth is essential. This Earth Day bulletin board is an excellent idea for an interactive bulletin board to show off students’ unique watercolor paintings. In addition, these posters make great decorations for an Earth Day bulletin board.

Cute Inspirational Earth Day Door Decorations With Student Handprints

We Can Change The World With Our Own Two Hands Door Decorations

We Can Change The World With Our Two Hands Door Display Earth Day Bulletin Board Ideas

This is a great message you can use throughout the year to inspire students to make the right choices for their immediate environment and, thus, planet Earth. The student handprints are an excellent way to involve students in the Earth Day display, helping them realize as young as they are, they can make a difference in protecting their planet.

I Can Change The World With My Two Hands Classroom Door Display

I can change the world with my two hands Earth day bulletin board ideas and door decorations

This is the perfect craft project you can combine with a pledge to take care of the Earth. Each student can make a set of handprints using craft paint or cutouts, symbolizing their commitment and promise to take care of planet Earth. The result is a colorful Earth Day bulletin board idea, and students are committed to the art project and actively taking part in friendly, social actions toward their environment.

Interactive Earth Day Activities Bulletin Boards Ideas For Classrooms

Earth Day Coffee Filter Activities Craft Bulletin Board Decorations

Earth Day Coffee Filter Craft Bulletin Board Idea

All you need is blue paint, green paint (or bright markers), and coffee filters for these cute decorations. Each student traces the continents of planet Earth onto the circles and then colors them to complete their coffee filters artwork activity. It’s a fun, interactive Earth Day craft activity for elementary students that are easily incorporated into a geography lesson.

Happy Earth Day Art Classroom Door Decorations

Happy Earth Day Art Classroom Door Decorations Ideas For Earth Day you can also use as a Earth Day bulletin board idea

A classroom door decorated with students’ art projects, an amazing Earth Day idea for Kindergarten and first graders. Kids made the planet Earth mosaics from recycled painted paper. Imagine how proud they must be to see their creativity displayed for all to see before they enter the classroom.

Earth Without Art Is Just EH Earth Day Bulletin Board Display

Earth Without Art Is Just EH Earht Dya bulletin board ideas and bulletin board decorations

If you leave out art, you’re left with the letters “eh,” which doesn’t say much. Likewise, the Earth is filled with its art, from flowers to animals to the beautiful sounds of the wind and water. The students created the planet using recycled materials, from a piece of newspaper to recycled magazines. Their craft project was accompanied by a language arts project celebrating the beautiful planet Earth; it can be any writing prompt idea teachers have or integrate other subjects like drama, math, social studies, life cycle studies, or geography.

Happy Earth Day Month Bulletin Board Activities Display

Happy Earth Day Month Interactive Earth Day Bulletin Board Idea

Brilliant Earth Day bulletin board idea for STEM classrooms; it’s a great way to inspire technology usage. Created with a QR code generator, the QR codes aren’t just decorations but a fun learning method. A student can follow the links to find more information about Earth Day themes. In addition, the sticky notes are there for kids to write their ideas on ways to take care of the Earth. This Earth Day bulletin board display is one of the best teaching ideas integrating classroom decorations and interactive participation by students in a fun way.

Celebrating Earth Day With Earth Day Letters Bulletin Board Decorations

Another excellent, educational, interactive bulletin board idea with an incentive to encourage students to pay attention and take care of the environment. The English language writing assignment is an Earth Day letter where students explain their understanding of taking care of planet Earth. Their letters are accompanied by their earth mosaic craft project and posted on the recycled paper background.

Whether you integrate Spring bulletin board ideas with Earth Day ideas or create separate bulletin boards and classroom door decorations, it’s always fun and a great learning tool teachers use to inspire student participation. Have you found your favorite school bulletin board ideas for Earth Day?

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