The Modern Classroom

Nothing speaks Internet better than animated gifs! Once relegated to the ‘Internet Hall of Shame’, Animated gifs are totally back, and actually a really easy way to inject some fun into lessons and material. Try using Giphy, the animated gif search engine, to find the perfect piece of animated silliness to put into your next lesson.

To get you started, here are 12 of our favourite EdTech gifs:

1. The Battle for Attention

The modern classroom

2. Why Look Elsewhere?

Smell the Internet

3. It’s The Answer to All Our Problems?

We have technology

4. The (somewhat) Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive whiteboard

5. Just Some Kids ‘Surfing’ The Internet!

Surfing the Internet

6. First World Problems

No Wifi

7. More Connected Than Ever

Online friends

8. Put That Away!!!

Put that away!

9. Who Ate Your Homework?

Homework deleted

10. The Modern Way to ‘Pass Notes’ in Class


11. You Win the Internet!

Win the Internet

12. By Internet Law We Must Include One Cat Gif

The Cat Gif

Hope you enjoyed that, and let us know how you go throwing a little bit of animated fun into your lessons!


All images courtesy of Giphy.

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