Some teachers rave about education technology and suggest that it’s impossible to run a modern classroom without it. (Full disclosure – I’m inclined to be in this camp!) Others have suggested that it’s a fad – a trendy add-on that does little to change the fundamental basics of education. And some even think it’s a distraction, prone to waste time and money.

But just how far has edtech really infiltrated and transformed our classrooms? Here are some numbers that may or may not surprise you…


On Edtech Usage…

According to a May 2013 poll of teachers across the US by Harris Interactive

1. 86% of teachers think it’s “important” or “absolutely essential” to use edtech in the classroom 

2. 96% of teachers think edtech increases student engagement in learning

3. 89% of teachers think edtech improves student outcomes

4. 92% of teachers would like to use even more edtech in the classroom than they already do


5. Only 14% of teachers use digital curricula weekly

6. Only 19% of teachers use subject-specific content tools weekly

7. Only 11% of teachers are implementing 1:1 or BYOD programs


Ebooks and tablets…

According to a 2012 Infographic by …

8. Etextbooks cost on average between 33%-35% less than their old-fashioned counterparts

9. 350,000 textbooks were downloaded from Apple’s iBooks in its first 3 days of launching


Colleges and Universities

According to a June 2013 infographic by Online Colleges…

10. 100% of surveyed colleges had a Facebook account

11. 80% had a Twitter account

12. 70% had a YouTube or Vimeo channel

13. One Stanford University Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) had 160,000 participants from 190 countries


Social Media in Schools

According to a July 2013 oBizMedia Infographic

14. 96% of students with internet access report using social media

15. 59% of students who use social networking talk about education topics online

16. 59% of schools say their students use social networking for educational purposes

17. 35% off schools have student and/or instructor-run blogs

18. 46% of schools have students participate in online Penpal or similar international programs


Of course statistics can be misleading and misconstrued, and there are infographics abounding on edtech topics. But like it or loathe it, the figures suggest that edtech is successful and popular, and it’s here to stay…


Do you agree? Do you have any other interesting or new EdTech stats to share? Let us know in the comments below!


Image courtesy of Flickr, Håkan Dahlström.

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