Did you know that one quarter of all the candy sold annually in the US is purchased for Halloween?

They might sound cheesy and gratuitous, but holiday-themed edtech tools really do get students excited and engaged with learning – so why not make the most of this exciting time to spice up your classroom?

From terrifying tools to wicked websites, your students can find freaky facts about Halloween like the one above, or try out ghoulish games as they get into the spirit of the season… Challenge them to introduce themselves to the thrills of Gothic literature by sinking their teeth into Dracula, or have them test out their xray vision with the exciting Halloween wordsearch. The History of Halloween website could lead to a whole class project and provides brilliant research practice, and the Halloween story factory will soon get their creative juices flowing. Have a horrifying Halloween!


1. The Dracula App

Truly proving once and for all that there really is an app for everything, this features music, illustrations and interactive animation, bringing the story to life – ideal for reluctant students who are struggling to get into the book! But beware, it is an adaptation rather than a word-for-word retelling, so students will need to read the real book too to be sure of a top grade!


2. Halloween Wordsearch

A great fun, simple way to get younger children in the spirit of Halloween, this free word search app will improve their spelling and vocabulary without being too spooky or scary for younger students! Perfect for BYOD classes or homework.


3. Halloween eBook

Specifically designed for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, this ebook focuses on teaching prepositions – such as ‘in front of’ ‘behind’ or ‘next to’ – using the question ‘where?’ It keeps children interested and engaged by focusing on the excitement and stories of Halloween!


4. The History of Halloween

From the History Channel, this fantastic website is ideal for students researching a Halloween project or simply wanting to find out more fascinating facts about the festival, with specific pages devoted to the history of the Jack o’ Lantern, Pumpkin facts, Halloween Around the World and more! Frighteningly fascinating!


5. A Halloween Story Factory

Great for working on students’ creativity and storytelling skills, this fantastic website has a tool to allow them to spin their own spooky Halloween tale of terror!


6. Halloween Games

Forget apple bobbing – these brilliant online games will keep kids entertained for hours! From Halloween themed Mahjong to online dressing up and colouring, it’s a riot of activities that will keep them occupied and engaged.


Have you discovered any frighteningly fantastic Halloween games? Share your top tips in the comments below!


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, torbakhopper.

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