Education Technology Tools

Education Technology ToolsMy favourite education technology tools for every letter of the alphabet!

Audioboo – for recording and sharing audio blogs. A great way to encourage kids to get interactive and spontaneous with blogging, particularly if old-school written blogs aren’t their style.

Bitstrips – interactive online comic strip creation. Easy to use for students of all ages with some supervision. Contains specialised education section for using comics in the classroom and dedicated cyber bullying action program.

CK-12 – great resources across a whole range of subjects, from information to flashcards to critical thinking challenges and videos.

Diigo – more than just social bookmarking – save lists of resources for students and annotate sites too with highlighters and sticky notes.

Edmodo – brilliant platform for teacher-student connection and engagement.

Fluxtime – instant, easy to use online animation site. Students can share their animations by e-mail.

Grouptable – create online tables for study groups or group projects, listing tasks and measuring individual student contributions.

Helipad – online note-taking platform with an interface for mobile devices allowing students to use it in classes and lectures. Also allows users to search, tag and share documents.

Issuu – create your own online magazine – perfect for student publications or end-of-year collections of best work.

Jing – brilliantly simple screen-casting software. Use it to create your own video tutorials – particularly useful for flipped classroom instructions.

Khan Academy – online video tutorials in almost any subject.

Lingro – brilliantly simple site for language learners – view any foreign-language website through its browser and it’ll translate any word at a single click. Saves your vocabulary to test you later!

Education Technology Tools A-ZMy Maths – used by thousands of teachers and millions of students, the site contains a wealth of learning resources, from ready-made lessons to online homework tasks.

NoteMesh – brilliant free service for collaborative note taking. Lets students contribute to one unified set of class notes.

Open Education Database – comprehensive information on school and college programs including rankings, features and detailed blog posts.

Poll Everywhere – simple poll-creating resource for student surveys or school study projects.

Qik – record and share video live from a mobile phone.

ReadWriteThink – brilliantly simple online tool encouraging students to create writing in different formats, from newspapers to flyers to brochures.

Studeous – allows teachers to create a private, secure social network for their class. All the benefits of Facebook with none of the distractions!

ThumbScribes – collaborative content creation site allowing students to work together to produce haiku, poems, short stories, flash fiction, novellas and songs, either in real time or asynchronously.

Udemy – free online resource allowing you to create online courses. Include presentations, video guides and articles or even host live classroom sessions.

Visual Thesaurus – fantastic tool using mind-maps and brainstorming to produce thesaurus-style definitions in spider-diagram form.

WingClips – downloadable clips from famous and inspirational films for use in schools and classrooms, to inspire debate or prompt creativity.

Xtranormal – easy, fun site for students to turn their own words into a 3D animated movie.

Yacapaca – a great online learning platform allowing teaches to create quizzes, set class work and mark assignments.

Zooblogs – safe online publishing, ideal for kids, families and students alike.


What are your favourite picks? Share your best education technology tools with us below!


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