Educational Online Games

Danger Zone

Students are faced with serious global issues to tackle in this fantastic character-based game. They have to use different skills to solve a challenge like combating a deadly airborne illness using test-samples, note-taking and learning along the way!


The Blood Typing Game

This brilliant, prize-winning game from the Nobel Prize website lets students get up-close and personal with medical and biological processes, learning about patients, treatment and blood-types. Two settings enable students to choose between quick play or a longer mission-based game.



A fantastic innovation from Microsoft, Kodu introduces students to a new visual programming language made specifically for creating games. Designed specially to be “accessible for children and enjoyable for anyone”, it’s a great game-based way to introduce kids to programming and computer technology.


Climate Challenge

A great game from the BBC, this puts students into the shoes of the president of the ‘European Nations’, tackling climate change through a challenging combination of policy choices and diplomatic persuasion!



This virtual online game sees students create and manage their own company, giving them a great foundation in economic principles. Teachers can customise complexity to adjust the game for different classes and age groups.


Play My Code

A great way to make coding fun, this site uses a simple, user-friendly type of coding to introduce newcomers to the key concepts and ideas. Creating their own game from scratch is a great incentive to draw students into the world of coding. Code, graphics and sound can all be stored online, so development can continue across several lessons, or from home for flipped classroom models.


Wasteland Adventure

This game cleverly brings environmental issues such as climate change and preserving natural resources to life as it immerses students in a world where humans have destroyed the eco system and recycling has become a vital necessity rather than a choice…



A hands-on management style game, Electrocity puts students in control of their own virtual town or city. Helps them get to grips with geographical and social problems like spatial planning, urban development and ecological responsibility.


Virtual Surgery

This great medicine and biology-based game enables students to explore the human body in an exciting and interactive way. Virtual surgery puts students in the place of the surgeon, explaining how the body works and how it needs to be fixed when things go wrong. From the mechanics of joints and blood vessels to the details of the different tools used by the doctors, students will learn a plethora of important and exciting new skills and information.


Peace Doves

Another wonderfully immersive interactive game from the Nobel Prize website, Peace Doves combines puzzles and problem-solving skills with important concepts around peace-building and nuclear disarmament.


What are your favourite online educational games for students? Share your tips below!


Images courtesy of Flickr. Feature, avlxyz. Image 1, spcbrass. Image 2, Microsoft Sweden. Image 3, NMC Second Life. Image 4, Chiara Marra. Image 5, lednichenkoolga.


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