9 Educational Toys To Inspire A Love For Nature

Children are inherently curious about the world around them. They are interested in the bugs, trees, plants, and even the weather. Educational toys can help to inspire and grow a love for nature, as well as teaching them how nature and the world around us works and thrives.

Whether it’s collecting insects, growing vegetables, or simply observing plants, animals, and trees, an interest and appreciation for nature can encourage children to look away from their screens and explore the outdoors. The hands-on aspect of these educational toys is especially enjoyable for the young scientist in the family. An appreciation for nature will hopefully lead to an interest in the environment and help children grow into environmentally conscious young adults.

Educational Toys To Inspire A Love For Nature

Nature Bound Critter Barn Habitat Kit with Light
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Nature Bound Bug Vacuum
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Live Blue Gel Ant Habitat
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Toysmith Garden Root Viewer
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Insect Lore Ladybug Land
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Educational Insights Nancy B’s Science Club Nature Keeper and Tree Diary
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1. Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden

Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden- educational toys

The Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden allows kids (and parents) to witness the wonder of metamorphosis, up close. The kit includes complete instructions, a reusable pop-up observation habit, easy to use feeder, and a voucher to send away for five live caterpillars. You can also purchase live caterpillars here. Watch the caterpillars transform into butterflies, enjoy feeding them for a few days, and then set them free! The excitement of watching the caterpillars grow, form into chrysalides, evolve and hatch is priceless. Your kids might miss thier butterflies they might want to nurture and raise some more, watch out!

2. Nature Bound Critter Barn Habitat Kit with Light

Nature Bound Critter Barn Habitat Kit with Light- educational toys

Children can observe insects and small animals with the Nature Bound Critter Barn Habitat Kit with Light. This critter carrier has some bells and whistles many of the other habitats don’t: a night light that turns off and on, a built-in magnifier, and a bug port that works with the Nature Bound Bug Vacuum. The port allows critters to be safely moved into the habitat. Great temporary habitat; you must provide them with the right environment and warmth and light, or not, with stones and moss or whatever they will require. As a teaching tool, it’s a really a wonderful way for children to experience and grow fascinated with the miracle of life and to learn to care and to preserve life. Observe and then let them free!

3. Nature Bound Bug Vacuum

Nature Bound Bug Vacuum- educational toys

Use the Nature Bound Bug Vacuum by itself or with the Nature Bound Critter Barn Habitat Kit with Light. Kids can safely catch bugs and observe them with the built-in magnifier. It has a night vision light for those after-dark backyard safaris. Very cool item for any wanna-be excited entomologists, or paleontologists. The gun-like thing has a reverse blower (vacuum-er?) that sucks bugs into the viewing chamber, where they can be studied and then released, unharmed.

4. Backyard Safari Storm Chaser Field Kit

Backyard Safari Storm Chaser Field Kit- educational toys

A weather themed addition to the Backyard Safari line of educational toys, the Backyard Safari Storm Chaser Field Kit allows young meteorologists to track rain, sleet, snow, hail, and wind. It includes the mobile weather pod for collecting data as well as a collectible patch and a pop-up field guide. Think like “Storm Chasers” and use this gadget to track wind speeds, temperature, and rainfall with this educational toy. This weather pod over is said to last well over a year of use and has held up very well to weather and moderately rough play.

5. Live Blue Gel Ant Habitat

Live Blue Gel Ant Habitat- educational toys

Based on technology used in a NASA Space Shuttle experiment, the Live Blue Gel Ant Habitat uses a clear gel for nutrition and tunneling. There is no need for food or water. Kids will love observing the ants, and live ants are included with the ant farm kit as well as a complete care sheet. Ants are fascinating creatures to watch, even in their new little home. Overnight, they will begin to dig from the surface toward the bottom. It’s really incredible to see how they work and tunnel.

6. Toysmith Garden Root Viewer

Toysmith Garden Root Viewer- educational toys

The Toysmith Garden Root Viewer allows kids to really see how a vegetable grows, above and below the earth. The kit has everything needed to grow carrots, onions, and radishes from seeds. An educational activity journal is included. Using this product at home or in with classes is a great idea. Kids will learn a lot about how a seed grows. These seeds grow in about a week which was very fast but the results were great.

7. Insect Lore Ladybug Land

Insect Lore Ladybug Land- educational toys

Insect Lore Ladybug Land allows kids to witness ladybug larvae metamorphosis. Send in the coupon for live ladybug larvae that is included with the kit. The larvae arrive, go through the pupae stage, and eventually become live adult ladybugs. Children can enjoy feeding and caring for the adult ladybugs, then let them free. You will never forget the joy on your children’s faces when they check on them and find actual ladybugs! This is a great toy to give to a child, it teaches responsibility, its educational and just downright fun for kids.

8. BrainBox for Kids – Nature Card Game

BrainBox for Kids - Nature Card Game- educational toys

Simple to learn and fun to play, the BrainBox for Kids – Nature Card Game encourages memory skills and an appreciation for nature. This game of concentration features interesting facts about the world around us. The cards are full of fun facts and pictures. What’s even better is there are so many different games you can create using these cards.

9. Educational Insights Nancy B’s Science Club Nature Keeper and Tree Diary

Educational Insights Nancy B's Science Club Nature Keeper and Tree Diary- educational toys

Part of the Nancy B’s line of science and educational toys, the Educational Insights Nancy B’s Science Club Nature Keeper and Tree Diary encourages kids to observe nature with the Year-Long Tree Diary. It includes tools to collect and analyze leaves, plants, and flowers. The color scheme is geared a little more towards girls, encouraging young women in STEM. Using this diary young children will be encouraged to notice so much more about the world around them. It gives them the chance to collect and preserve so many items too. Picking a tree to start observations will keep kids tuned in, and thrill you when you see their learning is continuing and meaningful even in the summer.

Educational toys geared towards the outdoor and the world around us can help to inspire a love for nature in children. Does your child have a favorite nature toy? Tell us about it in the comments below!


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, tillwe.

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