A rustic or modern farmhouse classroom is the perfect theme for school or homeschooling. Many teachers like the versatility, beauty, warm, welcoming learning environment, black-and-white effect, shiplap, and all the elements offered by a farmhouse decor bundle.

Those who love Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Fixer Upper series can easily incorporate a chic farmhouse classroom decor theme. And here is our list of farmhouse bulletin board ideas to get you started and transform your learning space into a spectacular farmhouse theme.

So, grab your teacher toolbox and farmhouse classroom decor bundle of resources, and create awesome farmhouse classroom bulletin boards and door decorations.

Back To School Farmhouse Classroom Bulletin Boards Ideas

Farmhouse Welcome Banner And Class Rules

Welcome Banner Classroom Rules Farmhouse Bulletin Board Idea

The white wood shiplap design gives the classroom a farmhouse feel and is the perfect background for the classroom management rules posters and the welcome classroom banner. Each letter is clipped with a clothespin to the rope. The green eucalyptus foliage garland accents create a unique effect on the farmhouse bulletin board decorations, perfect for a rustic or modern farmhouse classroom theme.

Welcome Back Burlap Farmhouse Bulletin Board Decorations

Welcome Back Burlap Farmhouse Bulletin Board Decor

Nice touch with the chalkboard welcome arrow. The burlap board background, chalkboard bulletin borders, and colorful welcome back lettering are the perfect farmhouse classroom decor for the beginning of a new school year. In addition, the blank burlap canvas is an exciting puzzle for curious students wondering what is coming next.

Welcome To 1st Grade Farmhouse Classroom Theme Door Decoration

Welcome To First Grade Door Decoration Farmhouse Style

When teachers decorate their classroom doors with the classroom theme, they usually cover the entire door but not with this farmhouse classroom decorations idea. Instead, the classroom door is part of the decor! The door is the perfect background for the black and white welcome banner, student name tags, and the fun flags at the top. The frame around the door window is perfect for this rustic wood farmhouse decor design.

Farmhouse Bulletin Board Ideas For Classroom Management Information And Classroom Rules

Chalk And Burlap Farmhouse Classroom Calendar

Chalk And Burlap Calendar Bulletin Board Idea For Farmhouse Theme in your classroom

It’s incredible how much information you can post on a bulletin board with neutral colors in the background. It’s the perfect theme if you have many school classroom management posters and limited classroom space. Teachers can add a border trim to a white wall creating the illusion of a bulletin board, or add the white bulletin board paper as a background. Adding farmhouse-theme decorative elements in the top corner and on the table in front of the bulletin board brings the farmhouse style to the forefront. And it contributes to the farmhouse atmosphere.  

Rustic Farmhouse Bulletin Board Motivational Quotes


It’s amazing how the ruffled burlap border and the pastel background transform into a rustic farmhouse classroom bulletin board. The teacher used farmhouse decor alphabet lettering on rustic backgrounds to create beautiful displays with quotes on posters. This is a great idea for displaying quotes from famous people as a STEM or history lesson discussion prompt. Alternatively, it could be a show of kindness or a gratitude exercise for students. Teachers can expand their classroom decor range with cork boards, sage greens, artificial plants, and throw pillows on the floor. And don’t forget the farmhouse classroom carpet!

Happy Birthday Farmhouse Classroom Bulletin Board

Happy Birthday Farmhouse Classroom Bulletin Board Idea

The most amazing birthday bulletin board idea with a farmhouse theme. Every item, from the colorful border to the alphabet letters spelling the months and the label with students’ names, creates a fun farmhouse effect. Even the birthday cake fits into the farmhouse classroom theme.

Farmhouse Bulletin Board Ideas For Elementary Classroom Designs

Growing Mindset Farmhouse Posters


The cursive and manuscript writing makes great farmhouse-theme posters and banners with motivational sayings and quotes. The soft green bulletin border contrasts nicely with the black background. In addition, potted plants bring freshness to farmhouse classroom decoration ideas.

Farmhouse Classroom Decor Elementary Students Love

Farmhouse Bulletin Board For Writing Prompts In Cafe Theme Background

These amazing farmhouse classroom decor ideas are my favorite. Although you will need extra time to prepare your farmhouse classroom ready for the new year, this is absolutely worth it! Stunning! The teacher transformed a classroom section into a farmhouse-style cafe with a large bulletin board against the wall and the alphabet above it. To create enthusiasm, she used a burlap background, sunflower yellow borders, and the simple word “write” above the vacant space. I love this colorful classroom with the brick wall and the plant accessories. 

Showcase Student Work In Farmhouse Classrooms Bulletin Boards

Student Spotlights Farmhouse Theme Classroom Bulletin Board

Student Spotlight Farmhouse Bulletin Board Ideas

It’s in the details. Check how the differently shaped spotlight cutouts face downward to draw your attention to students’ work. The black and white snapshots are great placeholders to showcase student success. The colors and style work great for the modern farmhouse-themed classroom ideas and also additional classroom themes should you want to change it the following year. 

Farmhouse Classroom Outstanding Work Wall Display

Farmhouse-Classroom_Writing-Desk And Outstanding Work Wall Display

Beautiful in its simplicity! A teacher doesn’t even need a bulletin board if they have wall space, and like this classroom, the wall fits perfectly with the farmhouse classroom decorations. It’s impressive how scrapbook paper is perfect for the farmhouse theme classroom decor. This teacher used Hobby Lobby scrapbook paper as a frame to showcase her students’ outstanding work. She laminated the shiplap, green patterned, black and white tile print, and black and white buffalo check sheets and used clothes pins to attach the students’ projects.

Beautiful Farmhouse Classroom Decoration Ideas For Learning

STEM Engineering Design Process Poster Farmhouse Classroom Theme

Engineering-Design-Process-Farmhouse-Themed-Bulletin Board

An astonishing bulletin board idea where STEM education meets the beautiful farmhouse classroom theme. I like how the eucalyptus garlands and black-and-white leaf borders point toward the engineering design process. Strategically placed, students are quickly reminded of the STEM engineering design process.

Rustic Farmhouse Theme Voice Level Chart


The colorful numbers on the voice-level reminder poster add fresh rainbow colors to the bulletin board without affecting this classroom farmhouse decor’s natural and peaceful effect. The shiplap background and lettering style used for the alphabet letters in the classroom wall sign complements the rustic farmhouse theme. This classroom bundle is perfect for the farmhouse look, woodlands, or shabby chic themes.  

When You Learn You Grow Farmhouse Bulletin Board


A string with clothespins displays and showcases any writing projects of your students or other information the teacher wants the classroom to see. With buffalo plaid, shiplap, and neutral paper flowers, the classroom farmhouse bulletin board is ready to showcase its content. The black paper creates a nice frame around the essay pages. Showcasing students’ work this way reduces classroom clutter and strengthens self-esteem when their work features on classroom bulletin board displays. 

Classroom Theme Farmhouse Math Interactive Bulletin Board

Interactive Math And Calendar Farmhouse Bulletin Board Idea

The cute interactive farmhouse theme bulletin board includes calendar and math activities. The black and white background is wrapping paper, and the white border inside and striped bulletin borders draw your attention toward the center where the action is. Creating farmhouse-style classroom bulletin boards is easy and worth it; the neutral and pastels of farmhouse classroom theme ideas create a calm, peaceful learning environment.

Which of these dream farmhouse classroom decorations will you be using for your farmhouse bulletin boards? What about your classroom door decor? And will you change the entire classroom theme to a rustic or modern farmhouse classroom? It’s easier than it seems; adding a few potted plants, sunflowers in a vase, a farmhouse carpet, and classroom display headers, and you are well on your way to a stunning farmhouse classroom. And the theme is perfect for preschool to high school classrooms.

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