Blocks are part of every adult’s treasured childhood memories. From wood to cardboard to plastic to foam, kids eagerly build for hours. Foam blocks now come in plenty of shapes and sizes to enhance children’s imaginative play. Modern blocks are lightweight and come in a variety of colors and textures.

Parents and educators alike often search for forgiving yet durable blocks. Foam blocks are soft and lightweight, so when towers fall, no one gets hurt. When so many toys involve sharp edges and dangerous components, soft blocks are a welcome reprieve for energetic kids, especially the preschool and under crowd.

Their versatility sparks kids’ inspiration for stacking, building, and of course, demolishing their creations! For all your children’s building needs, here are the top seven foam blocks for large-scale interactive play.

Giant Foam Blocks for Exciting Construction Play

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ECR4Kids SoftZone Patchwork Toddler Block Playset
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1. Edushape Ltd Giant Blocks Box

EduShape Foam Blocks

Edushape’s Giant Blocks Box is the starter set to beat all starter sets! It features 32 giant pieces in bright primary colors. Each block is 4 1/3-inch-thick and made of foam. Shapes offered are squares, rectangles, half circles, and parallelograms.

Building tall towers develops kids’ motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Exposure to colors and shapes helps them recognize that shapes are part of everyday life, found in objects around the house and out in the real world. When playing alongside other children, kids learn to cooperate to build bigger towers, solve problems, and communicate effectively.

Parents appreciate the range in size and shape of pieces and the fact that the blocks are forgiving when bounced off bodies, walls, and furniture. Easy to grip, these foam blocks are friendly to even the smallest builders, although parents note they are not ideal for toddlers who mouth on toys.

The soft properties of the foam mean that pieces may be torn off or bitten off, so use supervision when smaller children are playing with the blocks. Negatives include a slight odor from the foam, easily solved with airing out upon opening the box.

Top Features:

  • Soft foam for gripping
  • Primary colors
  • Basic shapes

Best for: Classrooms, multiple children, cooperative play

Ages: 0+ years

2. Constructive Playthings Lightweight Vinyl Soft Play Forms

For daring playtime, consider these soft play forms from Constructive Playthings. The Lightweight Vinyl Soft Play Forms set goes beyond building towers since it includes moveable shapes that kids can climb on. The five-piece set features two blocks, a ramp, a cylinder, and a large half-cylinder.

Build an obstacle course for beginning walkers to traverse (recommended age is twelve months and up), or let kids develop their own challenges. Expand kids’ minds and spatial abilities with these moveable blocks, and see what forts or obstacles they create on their own!

Parents appreciate the easy to clean vinyl surface, as well as the open-ended play that takes this toy beyond climbing and crawling. Smaller children enjoy rolling balls or cars down the ramp, and bigger kids engage their imaginations for endless make-believe play.

Downsides include an inability to attach the pieces to one another, so on smooth surfaces, the pieces will slide when stepped on.

Top Features:

  • Vinyl wipeable surface
  • Includes ramp
  • Can add small toys for interactive play

Best for: Toddlers, multiple children

Ages: 12 months +

3. ECR4Kids SoftZone Patchwork Toddler Block Playset

Image of ECR4Kids Patchwork Foam Block Set

Three color choices (contemporary, earth tone, and primary) let you customize your ECR4Kids Softzone Patchwork Toddler Block Playset. Twelve polyurethane foam cubes, upholstered with leather, are soft and resilient against toppling.

The reinforced phthalate-free polyurethane leather protects the inner foam, resisting bites and pinches from curious kids. Easily wipeable surfaces make cleanup simpler than with porous varieties of foam building blocks. Each cube measures 5.5 inches square, and this set best serves babies nine months of age and older.

Parents appreciate the environmentally friendly angle and the design of the blocks that allows for taller buildings before the forgiving foam structures collapse.

Easily stackable for infants, yet attractive to older kids for the endless open play component, Softzone blocks don’t just cater to one age group. While the lack of variety in shapes might give parents pause, kids don’t seem to mind the cube-shaped blocks. In fact, their versatility encourages thoughtful and creative independent play.

Top Features:

  • Greenguard Gold Certified for reducing chemical pollutants and improving air quality
  • Three color scheme choices
  • Twelve identical cubes

Best for: Toddlers, classrooms, multiple children, cooperative play

Ages: 9 months +

4. Click N Play Non-Toxic Foam Blocks

Image of Click N Play Non Toxic Foam Blocks

Click ‘N Play Foam Blocks is a massive set of 60 pieces that comes with its tote bag. With ten different shapes and sizes, there’s no limit to your child’s creativity in building or stacking the blocks. The blocks are waterproof for the toddler to play with during bath time.

The blocks come in red, green, yellow, orange, blue, pink, and purple. Each foam block consists of two colors. Depending on the shape, the blocks vary in size from 1-1/2 inch by 5-1/2 inch. Different sizes and shapes allow for impressive creative building.

The foam blocks are made of non-toxic lightweight, high-density EVA foam that conform to all US safety standards and regulations. The blocks passed the children’s safety choke test. The soft texture is designed for toddlers with sensitive skin.

Top Features:

  • 10 Different sizes and shapes
  • Waterproof for play in the bath
  • Each block is divided into two colors.

Best for: Multiple shapes, Waterproof for Bath Time

Ages: 3-8 years

5. Giant Foam Building Blocks

Image of GIant Foam Building Blocks

The 50 pieces Giant Foam Building Blocks come in a variety of colors and shapes that could stimulate a toddler in creating endless possibilities of forms and towers. Develop and strengthen the toddler’s logical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and motor skills.

The blocks vary in size from the large cylinder that’s 9.5 inches to 2-inch cubes. Blocks are large enough to avoid being a choking hazard and made from non-toxic and non-allergic material that won’t irritate a toddler’s skin.

The blocks are waterproof for easy cleaning or for playing in the bath. The dense, soft foam is made to last and withstand rough toddler play.

Top Features:

  • Non-toxic and non-allergic sturdy foam blocks
  • Wipeable surfaces that clean easy
  • Variety of sizes and shapes

Best for: Toddlers, Bath Time, Building and Stacking

Ages: 18 months +

6. Best Choice Products 7-Piece Kids Soft Foam Block Play Set

Image of Best Choice Products 7 Piece Soft Foam Blocks play Set

A seven-piece set from Best Choice Products offers polyurethane foam blocks encased in reinforced phthalate-free vinyl. The Best Choice Products Soft Foam Block Play Set include seven pieces ranging in size from four small cubes (8 square inches), two rectangular blocks (16 x 16 x 8 inches), and a large square block (16 x 16 x 8 inches).

The colorful block set includes green, orange, blue, purple, and yellow-colored blocks. Recommended for ages nine months and up, and ideal for collaborative learning and preschool settings.

Handling larger blocks encourages kids’ gross motor development while fitting together multiple sized pieces works out their logical brain. Kids can even build a spot to sit or take a break on a block while building. The sturdy foam is dense enough to withstand a preschooler’s weight, which also means stacking is solid.

As part of a child-directed learning environment, multipurpose foam block sets present a blank slate for inventive play. The smooth vinyl surface is easy to clean and ideal for indoors, outside, or school play.

Top Features:

  • Lightweight, stackable, made from safe material
  • Set of 7 blocks in bright colors
  • Small to large blocks of various shapes

Best for: Classrooms, multiple children, cooperative play

Ages: 2-7 years

7. Dream Tree Building Blocks With Numbers

Image of Dream Tree Foam Building Blocks with Numbers

The soft Dream Tree Building Blocks with Numbers may stimulate your toddler to learn numbers while playing with the blocks. Older kids can learn to solve basic arithmetic while stacking or forming patterns with the blocks. A set of 12 foam blocks are lightweight and easy for kids to handle during playtime.

Each block is a 5.5 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches square which inspires stacking the blocks as high as a child can. The material and lightweight blocks won’t harm when the tower topples over. The white numbers are easy to read on the bright colored backgrounds. Each block has different numbers or punctuation marks on each side.

The blocks are designed to be safe for kids’ playtime. The inner parts of the blocks are made from Polyurethane foam and are covered with faux-leather. It’s soft to the touch with no sharp corners or raised edges. The material is CPSIA (Consumers’ Product Safety Improvement Act)- compliant.

A spill or toddler slobber is easily cleaned with a damp cloth. The faux-leather is water-resistant and can tolerate accidental spills or enthusiastic toddler sticky fingers. The Dream Tree foam blocks have a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

Top Features:

  • PU Foam and Faux leather covers are CPAIA-compliant
  • Numbers and punctuations on blocks to encourage math
  • Flexible and wipeable surfaces
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty

Best for: Classrooms, multiple children, cooperative play, learning numbers

Ages: 3 months – 10 years


Are your kids passionate about their set of giant blocks? Share with us in the comment section below. We’d love to know what products are your favorite!

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