Pi Day – celebrated on March 14 or 3/14 – is filled with challenges and activities celebrating the mathematical constant pi (π). Some schools focus on celebrating at 1:59 pm for a more accurate pi number of 3.14159. Pi-day is generally in schools where countries use the month/day format because it represents the first three digits of pi.

The idea is to have a better understanding of pi while partying with fun activities instead of a traditional math lesson.

Interesting Facts about Pi
Although Albert Einstein mastered differential and integral calculus at the age of 15, he didn’t invent pi. He did, however, share his birthday with Pi Day. In explaining the size of the bronze basin, one of the items in the temple King Solomon built, the Bible use pi in the ancient measurements of cubits (1 Kings 7:23). A cubit was roughly the length from the tip of your middle finger to the elbow, approximately 18 inches. More than 4000 years ago the Babylonians knew about pi. It was, however, Archimedes who did the first pi calculations.

In 1988, at the San Francisco Exploratorium Science Museum the “Prince of Pi,” Larry Shaw, started pi-day. In 2009 Pi-Day became a national event when the House of Representatives passed Resolution 224.

In addition to dividing pies before eating it, there are interesting Pi-Day activities math students can participate in.  I’ve broken them out by categories – if you have more ideas or resources, please leave them in the comments below.

Pi Songs and Lyrics

  1. Pi-Day Sing-Along. Song lyrics were written on the tune of familiar songs for all ages.
  2. American Pi. Based on the tune of American Pie. These lyrics won an international songwriting contest.

Pi Card Games and Puzzles

  1. Race To Pie Card Game. The object is to play all your cards in your hand by playing the next digit of the number pi.
  2. Pi Day Sudoku. Download the Sudoku or puzzles from previous years provided from Brainfreeze.
  3. Pi Day Scavenger Hunt. Solve geometry problems to get pieces of the pie.
  4. Pi-Day Investigation. Hands-on investigation for 4th graders to high school to discover the value of the number pi.
  5. Pi Day Trivia Game. Pi-related questions to test your history and mathematics knowledge.

Pi Day Art

  1. Pi Skyline Math Art. Create graphed skylines with any series of pi digits.
  2. Pi Day Art. Create pi art with dots and dashes.
  3. Happy Pi Day. Download a fun activity worksheet with multiplication to 20 colors.
  4. Spring Tree Coloring Page. Cover the tree with circles measuring 0.3 inches, 0.1 inches, and 0.4 inches.
  5. Pi Day Grid Art. Use 3 colors and design in 14 minutes 15 boxes.

Pi Day Craft Activities

  1. Pi Day Bracelets. Combine math and crafting by stringing colored beads according to Pi digits to create bracelets.
  2. Pi Day Belt. Make a belt with webbing. Two D-rings and transfer paper.
  3. Paper Pie Gift Boxes. Make gift boxes that looks like slices of pie and fill it with nice things to give to someone you care about.
  4. Pi Day Necklace. Use 100-300 beads to make a pi necklace using the pi digits as a guide.

Pi Day Foods

  1. Pi Themed Food. Bring pi-themed food to celebrate Pi. Pie isn’t the only pie themed food.

Online Pi Day Activities

  1. Online Pi Day Celebration. Celebrate Pi Day with online activities related to pi and its history.
  2. Pi Fight. Hit Okta, the octopus, by using radians and degrees. The app is downloadable on desktop and tablets.
  3. Pi Quest. The quest is to search for pi on this website by learning about its history and use.

Preschool and Elementary Pi Day Activities

  1. Introduction to Pi. A simple activity with yarn explaining pi to a 7-year old.
  2. Preschool Pi Day Activities. Five fun Pi-Day activities from tracing and cutting out circles to racing around and eating pies

Middle and High School Pi Day Activities

  1. Pi Day Pi Problems. A free download with five pi word problems that require students to find circumference and area.
  2. Pi & Fibonacci An interesting video on how pi appears in nature.
  3. Activities for Pi Mathematics. Problem solving activities for middle schoolers to learn about pi.

More Pi Day Activities

  1. Pi Day Contest School District of Philadelphia created Pi day contests for grade levels K to 12
  2. org Pi Day Activities. A list of pi day activities including crafts, contests, food, songs, and arts.
  3. Pi Day Comic. A Pi vs Pi comic with words and picture Grant Snider.
  4. Pi Day Activities. A list of activities and useful links about pi.


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