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The teaching profession influences society in all areas. Yet, teachers and their role in forming the next generation are often not appreciated enough. All teachers need a sense of humor; these funny teacher memes keep teachers chuckling as they deal with unruly students, lots of paperwork, lack of respect, and not giving some kids what they deserve.

Here are hilarious memes for your entertainment and to remind kids and teachers of the main reason why you should go back to school. These teacher memes address all the aspects teachers deal with every day, from funny class incidents to dealing with the truth, life, parents, and remembering teachers are preparing children for the real world.

Teaching Profession Memes

Being A Teacher Is A Tough Job

who says teaching isn't stressful

Who said teaching isn’t stressful?

When A Teacher Waits For A Quiet Class

waiting for the students settel and be quiet

Waiting for the students to settle and be quiet.

There Is Always That One Parent…

oh no, it's that one parent again

Oh no, it’s that parent again!

Happy Teacher, The Kids Understood

when students finally get the lesson

When students finally get the lesson.

A Little Sarcasm

is my teaching interrupting you

Is my teaching interrupting you?

Classroom Teacher Patience

waiting for the to grasp the concept

The teacher is waiting for the class to grasp the concept. Oh, well, there’s always next year.

Children Taking Chances

no, then sit down

When a student has a lame excuse to leave the classroom, the teacher has many ways of asking the urgency, but there is always a reliable response.

Teacher: No? Then sit down.

It Was Only A Minute

when you turn your back

When teachers turn their back on the classroom for one minute.

Saying Out Loud What Teachers Think

after all why not

After all…why not say that 90% I never say out loud.

Back To School Funny Teacher Memes

Another School Week

it's monday morning

Teacher: It’s Monday morning

Get Ready For School

brace yourself it's a new semester

Brace yourself; it’s a new semester

Summer Break Privacy

When you see one of the kids' parents

When you see one of the kids’ parents during summer break.

Before The School Year And After…

teacher at the beginning of the year

The happy, energetic teacher at the beginning of the school year. If the teacher aged so much halfway through the year, will he be recognizable at the end of the year?

Middle School Teacher Memes

idreamt I was a middle school teacher

Elementary school teacher having a nightmare: I dreamt I was a middle school teacher. 

English Teacher Power

no teacher, teachers and english teacher

Who has the most muscle? Learning the English language is powerful.

Math Teacher Keeping It Together

Math Teacher Keeping It Together

One does not simply do one side of the equation and expect results.

Outer Space Wishful Thinking

write the geography test over there

Teacher to student: Write your geography test over there.

Do Science Teachers Have 9 Lives?

Do science teachers have 9 lives

Keep calm and pretend it is a science experiment; maybe it won’t explode and demolish the entire school.

Music Teacher Expectations

so no one showed up for rehearal

So, no one showed up for rehearsal?

A Normal Day in Math Class

a normal day in math class

Can you imagine the kids’ faces?

Teacher: You take the 2 and carry it over to the A+B/77[Dx441~31cI6=01/Gx4. Are you all getting this?

Teaching Logical Thinking Skills

logical thinking skill

Teacher: Gasoline is a fossil fuel made out of the decomposed bodies of animals. Vegans cannot drive.

Astonished English Teacher

and just like that they used complete sentences

And just like that, they used complete sentences.

Hilarious Teacher Memes

School Supplies

already spent too much on school supplies. oh look school supplies

I already spent too much on school supplies. Oh, look, school supplies!

Everyday Teacher’s Worst Nightmare

you have 3 siblings

You have three siblings!

A Lifetime Of Teaching Ahead Of You

you're only 37 your teaching career has barely started

You’re only 37; you’re teaching career has barely started.

That Look A Teacher Gives When…

i'm not going to say anything!

I’m not going to say anything.

When Students Pay Attention In Class

here's the plan. i teach you. you listen and. you listen

Here’s the plan. I teach you. You listen, and…you listen?

Forgot Your Password Again…

forgot the password...again

When the teacher has tons of work and forgets the password.

Do Students Ever Listen

after repeating instructions three times

After repeating instructions three times, a student asks what they must do.

Calling On Mr. T To Inspire Learners

read fool. it's your ticket to success

He has a way with words many teachers wish they had.

Time For Teacher Appreciation – An Attentive Class

when the loudest sound is shush

When the loudest sound in the classroom is “Shush.”

Students Hilarious Memes

Learning For A Test

my teacher telling me to study for my test. me when i made the math test

My teacher told me to study for the test. When I learn for the Math test.

Students Imagine Teachers’ Reaction

teachers discussing my grades

Teachers discussing my grades

Surprise The Teacher

what if i told you

Child: What if I told you I did the summer reading project.

Caught Leaving School With Friends

is that our teacher

Friend: Is that your teacher?

Me: Yes, and we’re late for school.

Hilarious Memes About Homework

Teacher Asking For Homework Assignments

Where is your homework

I am once again asking, “Where is your homework that the dog ate?”

When The Kid Discovers The Teacher Was Serious About Homework

no work done equals no credits

No work done equals no credits.

Always A Tough Choice Deciding When To Do Homework

do homework or play video games

Do homework first or play video games. Almost pressed the wrong button!

Student Face On A Friday

the teacher gave us homework

The teacher gave us homework!

Did You Do Your Homework?

did you do your homework

You did! Now, that is a surprise!

When Kids Disagree With You

the kid who reminded the teacher of homework

Why did I remind the teacher of homework…didn’t know I can run so fast

Silly Things Students Do

didn't pay attention

Trying to do homework when you didn’t pay attention in class.

Laugh At Deadline Extensions

when a student asks for a deadline extension

When a student asks for a deadline extension, it makes your day.

Grading Papers Funny Teacher Memes

Hardworking Teachers Grading Papers

grading papers

When the teacher is halfway grading papers.

Kid Asks For Extra Credit

you want extra credit

Teacher: You want extra credit! Really!

Teacher Showing Test Results

what comes before 360

Teacher: What comes before 360?

Student: 359

Teacher: Then why did you write Xbox?

Sometimes, it’s hard to keep a straight face when marking papers. 

Teacher Daydreaming

what if i give everyone a c

Teacher: What If I give everyone a C? Then I don’t have to grade papers. What fun the student reactions will be.

Papers To Grade – Caught By Surprise

papers to grade

No matter how much you’re in control, the number of papers to grade always catches you by surprise

Substitute Teacher Memes

Child Pranks Wrong Teacher

when you prank the teacher but it's the sub

When you prank the teacher, but it is the sub teacher

Organized Teachers Surprise The Sub

there's a lesson plan

There’s a lesson plan?

Haven’t Lost It, Yet

don't make me use my teacher voice

Substitute teacher warning unruly kids in the class: Don’t make me use my teacher voice.

Finding The Perfect English Teacher Sub

don't hesitat to start writing

It’s not always easy finding the perfect sub-teacher.

English Sub: Don’t hesitate to start writing; everything is edible.

All Types Of Teachers And Subs

can't trust the sub

When the sub teacher takes the children on a field trip.

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