Girl Skateboards for Every Skater Girl

Skateboarding has long been thought of as a boys hobby or sport, but that is no longer the case. Girls are jumping on board, showing their skills at skate parks nationwide and like to skateboard as a fun way to play outside. The industry has recognized this change and now there many cool, trendy girl skateboards on the market to choose from. There are many different lengths, colors, styles and options to consider when purchasing your girl skateboards, but these are some of the coolest or most likable on the market. Your skater girl will thank you!

What’s Hot in Girl Skateboards?

1. Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard

krown-skateboardKrown Rookie Complete Skateboard is a standard sized board constructed of Canadian Maple and features a cool pink and purple flame design, a favorite for girl skateboards. The deck is covered in a non-slip, gritty black surface to help riders keep their footing while riding. This board is great for the beginner, since it doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, which more seasoned skateboarders look for. The entire deck measures 7.5″ x 31″ and the trucks are constructed of sturdy aluminum. A fun feature is the graphic, urethane wheels which are small enough to gain lots of speed as riders hit the streets.

Best For: Beginners or rookies

Price Point: Around $35 USD

2. Punisher Skateboard Butterfly Jive

punisher-boardPunisher Skateboards Butterfly Jive features vibrant, fun graphics that would rank this amongst the most beautiful girls skateboards. Since Punisher is a trusted brand in the skateboard industry, you can be sure this board will last. It is made of very sturdy Canadian Maple and boasts a slightly concave deck to give the rider more control. Along with that, the deck is covered in heavy duty grip tape to help riders stay on board. The board measures 7.5″ x 31″ and the pure ivory colored wheels are made from poly-urethane. This board was made for either skatepark or pavement use with some of the leading bearings available and alloy trucks. This can accommodate children to adult size riders.

Best For: Riders of all skill levels.

Price Point: Around $80 USD

3. Playwheels Disney Minnie Mouse Cruiser Skateboard

minnie-skateboardPlaywheels Disney Minnie Mouse Cruiser Skateboard is a fun, girly skateboard for beginners to get the hang of it all. The cute Minnie Mouse design features her signature polka dots and pink coloring. The deck of the board has non-slip grip tape to keep your little skater safe from slipping off. The decorative pink wheels are injected with PVC making a much smoother ride. The skateboard measures 21″ x 6″ and constructed of 9 ply maple wood. The single kick tail at the back acts perfectly as a brake or just to kick the board up into her hand. The weight limit for this skateboard is 100lbs.

Best For: Ages 5–10

Price Point: Around $30 USD

4. Rimable Complete 22″ Skateboard


Rimable Complete 22″ Skateboard in Flower Design is a retro all-plastic mini-cruiser board for a fun, fast ride. The penny board is very trendy right now, especially amongst the teen generation. The small size shouldn’t fool you, this board is super sturdy and features very strong trucks and bearings made of aluminum. The board is constructed completely of plastic and riders will feel secure on board because there are built in ridges on top of the deck. As far as girl skateboards go, its awesome floral designs make this board perfect for that flower power girl who loves all things floral and colorful. The multiple colored wheels only add to the fun, funky styling of this board and yet provide a fast ride. It measures 22″ x 6″ therefore a perfect little cruiser.

Best for: All ages and skill levels.

Price Point: Around $100 USD.

5. Globe HG Orange Chromantic Fluoro Cruiserboard


Globe HG Orange Chromantic Fluoro Cruiserboard is a brightly colored long board that riders of all skill levels will be sure to love because it is sturdy and stable enough for those just starting out. This board is a perfect candidate for one of the coolest girl skateboards out there with not only the fun colors, but also the longer length of 9.5″ x 33″ for smooth, fast riding. All trucks, wheels and bearings come with this board and are already assembled, making it super easy for your girl to just open the box and get out boarding. The risers are slightly tilted which will allow for a little more mobility in turning. The deck is covered in transparent grip tape so that the board colors are still visible and yet riders feel secure in their footing. Girls (and boys too!) will love this longboard.

Best For: All ages and all skill levels.

Price Point: Approximately $100 USD

6. Kids Skateboard & Protective Gear Combo


Kids Skateboard & Protect Gear Combo is a money-saving, safety option for your little girl. This board is made of a durable maple construction and measures 24″ x 6″—perfect for smaller feet! The double kicks allow for easy braking from either end of the board, giving parents extra peace of mind. The helmet, knee pads and elbow pads all comply with U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission standards, which means kids are safe with this equipment while learning their new skill. The trucks are made of durable plastic and wheels are PVC for smooth rolling. Additionally, it comes in a handy carrying bag for portability.

Best For: Ages 5–10

Price Point: Around $50 USD

7. Monster High 28″ Skateboard


Monster High 28″ Skateboard is the perfect sized board for your older child. The standard 31″ size skateboard may be just a little too big and the mini-style boards at 24″ too small, therefore the 28″ works amazingly. The other feature girls love about the these girl skateboards is that the graphic of the Monster High Doll appears on the top of the deck, which means they can always see the picture; the underside features the catchphrase “Be A Monster”. The wooden construction of the board means lots of stability for the rider, along with non-slip grip surface to give secure footing to the rider.

Best For: Ages 8–15

Price Point: Approx. $70 USD


Feature image courtesy of Flickr, CityofStPete.

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  1. My son loves everything about Spider-Man so I bought this PlayWheels Skateboard when I was browsing for a homecoming gift on my recent trip to the UK. There are actually five Spider-Man designs available, but I settled with the one with his face printed near the front deck. I was so happy when I saw the look on my son’s face when he first saw it.

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